Activities To Do On Father's Day

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Fun Activities To Do On Father’s Day

You can celebrate your dad in so many different ways on Father’s Day. Giving him a thoughtful gift and sending him a handwritten card is surely important, but it’s also important to fill his special day with activities that will bring him even closer to his most important people: his children and his loving wife.

In fact, if you asked your dad, he would likely say that the best way to show your love is to spend time with him. That’s why we put together a ton of awesome activities to do on Father’s Day. 

Family Activities To Do On Father’s Day

Some of the most fun and memorable family activities that you can do this Father’s Day. Whether it be a rainy day, an outdoor adventure, or just a nice evening in the kitchen creating a new recipe together-we have some really fun ideas!

Family Workout

Father’s Day is the perfect day to do whatever your dad really loves — even if it’s working out. Skip the gym and take him for a walk around your community, or let him choose an at-home workout with the whole family.

Make Him Breakfast

The best way to start off Father’s Day? A table full of breakfast dishes that dad loves. Show him how much you appreciate him by making him a delicious spread of waffles, eggs, fruit, coffee, and orange juice.

A Trip To The Lake

Take a family vacation on Father’s Day to the lake or pond. Grab a fishing rod and some bait and the whole family can enjoy the water.

Whatever you decide, make sure to apply a generous amount of sunscreen for a long day out in the sun.

Grilling Session

Fire up the grill and get some great food cooked
Fire up the grill and get some great food cooked

It’s the perfect day to gather the family around the grill on Father’s Day and cook up a tasty meal everyone can enjoy. Show dad your own grilling skills or just watch as he serves up burgers on a plate and grilled veggies on a stick.

If your dad loves to grill, you should consider buying him these barbecue must-haves for Father’s Day

Picnic At The Backyard

Take dad out for a picnic and he’ll certainly enjoy the sunshine as well as some fun backyard games.

Host A Backyard Family Tournament

Take the Olympic games spirit to your backyard by organizing an afternoon of horseshoes, corn hole, croquet, and other games. If your father likes to be competitive, then tally up the points at the end to name a winner. 

Go Hiking

Hit the great out doors with dad and the family on Father's Day
Hit the great outdoors with dad and the family on Father’s Day

You and your family can enjoy the great outdoors by hitting the trail together or by driving to the nearest national park in your area. Let dad choose the path and be ready to take tons of photos.

Outdoor Movie Night

Because drive-ins are hard to find, set up a family movie night at home. Project a movie on a blank wall and pick one of dad’s favorite movies to watch on Father’s Day.

Go For A Swim

Father’s Day coincides with the start of summer, so what better way to celebrate than with a fun day at the pool?

Let him pick out his very own pool floaties, or read his favorite summer book — it’s his choice and day!

Go Camping

Camping in your backyard or setting up a tent on the weekend, dad will love roasting marshmallows and telling scary stories around the fire.

Indoor Activities You Can Do At Home On Father’s Day

What better way to spend Father’s Day than with some enjoyable indoor Father’s Day activities with the family? 

Take A Virtual Cooking Class.

For Father’s Day, sign up for a virtual cooking class with the whole family. This is a great and fun bonding moment and at the same time, you get to make some delicious food together. Try other virtual classes that dads would love to do.

Watch All Of The Marvel Movies 

There’s one more thing you can cross off your dad’s bucket list: Put together all the Marvel movies and prepare for a marathon movie-watching session. There is 24 Marvel movies total, so it could take a while to watch all.

Karaoke Night 

Sing your hearts out on karaoke night
Sing your hearts out on karaoke night

Watch your dad’s karaoke skills go wild as you turn on his favorite tunes. Bonus points if he busts out his dancing moves while he’s on stage in your living room.

Family Craft

Encourage everyone to get artistic by making crafts on Father’s Day. You may choose something suitable as a gift for dad, but we’re confident he’ll enjoy getting his hands dirty, too by having a painting session.

Family Game Night

Play some classic games like Jenga, charades, or Monopoly during a family game night on Father’s Day to bring out dad’s competitive side. If dad has a knack for trivia, you can even host a family trivia night!

Have A Spa Day With Him

Everyone deserves to be pampered

Put on soothing music and light candles to turn your home into a relaxing spa. If you or your kids aren’t great at giving messages, gift him a Father’s Day gift basket with shaving cream, lotion, and soap.

Give Him A Steak Dinner

Get dad what he really desires for Father’s Day: a fine steak dinner served with his favorite whiskey. Practice the recipe in advance to make sure the steak gets seared just right or how he likes it.

Father’s Day Activities For Adults

There are some Father’s Day activities that can only be enjoyed by adults, such as wine tasting, golfing, and many others. 

Beer Tasting Session

Serve dad a tasty pint of his favorite brewski on Father’s Day. Plan a beer-tasting trip with a variety of local ales, lagers, and IPAs. He might just find a new favorite, and he will thank you for it.

Do A Wine Tasting

If your dad’s a wine lover, the ultimate gift on Father’s Day is an at-home wine-tasting event. Provide a platter of cheese, grapes, and snacks, along with a notepad to keep track of all the wines he’s tasted.

Play Some Golf

Ask dad what he’d like to do for Father’s Day and golf will most certainly be at the top of the list. Make his wish come true with a tee time at his favorite golf course. Feel free to arrange his gear and transportation before he gets there.

If you haven’t done anything for Father’s Day yet, Here are three ideas for you!  

Let’s Wrap It Up

Father’s Day doesn’t always have to be about presents. Sometimes it’s just as good to celebrate by taking your dad out on a trip or celebrating with a weekend getaway. What matters is dad enjoys his special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of the different ways that we can show our love for fathers? 

  • Surprise him with breakfast in bed, or take care of breakfast while he’s still sleeping. 

2. What are other ways to greet your dad on Father’s Day?

  • Make a Father’s Day video greeting and upload it to social media. Remember to make sure that the video is private so that only those with a link can view it.
  • You can make a slideshow and use photos of your family or even share your thoughts about your father or husband on Facebook in honor of Father’s Day.
  • You can send him an email if he doesn’t have any social media accounts.

3. What can I do for Father’s Day with no money?

There are many things that you can do for Father’s Day with no money. You can buy your dad a personalized card, and write a nice little message inside. It’s true that it may not cost you anything to do this, but it could mean the world to him.

You can also write about how much he means to you and the amazing father he is.

4. Is Father’s Day always June 21?

It is not always June 21. Father’s Day is in the United States on the third Sunday in June, but may vary day and month depending on where you live. In Sweden, for example, it is November 18.

5. How can you surprise your dad for Father’s Day?

For Father’s Day, you could go out of your way to make a special meal for your dad. You can also ask him what he enjoys eating during this whole time, and try something new that you learn about from him.

If he enjoys seafood, maybe you could get some fish to cook it with? Or maybe you could try a new drink or wine. It doesn’t need to be expensive at all- just something that would mean the world to him for Father’s Day.

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