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Father’s Day: Best Gifts For Dads Who Say They Don’t Want Anything

There’s something about shopping for a dad which is just, frankly, hard. That’s usually made worse by the fact that dads make gift-giving even more challenging by insisting they want “nothing” this year. 

So, what can you do for the dad who doesn’t want anything? Here’s what you can buy dad that he’ll love and want for Father’s Day:

Sports Watch

A sports watch is something that dad would definitely like, especially if he loves to go jogging around the city. Buy him a sports watch for Father’s Day and he’ll be very happy indeed. 

These are often priced anywhere from $15 to $50, suitable for any budget, so you can get something nice without breaking the bank.

Casual Watch

You can also buy him a nice casual watch, but this time a leather or metal strap one. This will go with practically any kind of outfit and will look classy, yet not appear too expensive. 


The Kindle is a must for reading and great gift for Father's Day
The Kindle is a must for reading

A Kindle is a great gift to give dad for Father’s day as he can read and listen to his favorite books all in one gadget. Kindles are now available on the market for only $10! 

Kindle books are loaded with one push of a button. He can also download many of his favorite books for free with his new kindle.


Smartphones are very popular, and your modern-day dad will likely love getting one or upgrading to a newer model. 


Your dad might also need a nice new wallet. He probably has one that’s falling apart from years of heavy use, and he’ll be appreciative of a really good new one that he can use to hold all his cash and credit cards in. 


Your dad might be more of an old-school type of guy, so a robe is perfect for him. He’ll also like getting some slippers, as these go with pretty much every pair of pants out there.

Simple Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dads don’t have to be tough guys, you know. Father’s Day is not just about the guy who taught you how to drive or fixed your bike when you got a flat tire. In his day-to-day life, Dad can be pretty simple and humble. 

Here are simple Father’s Day gifts you would want to consider giving: 


You can buy him a simple tie, something that will go with almost anything he wears. These are often priced around $10 to $20 and are a great way for dads to look presentable without really spending a lot of money on clothes. 

It’s also an item of clothing that he will use often because it goes with anything.

Treat Him Out

If you want to get something simple but thoughtful without spending too much money, think about treating him out to his favorite restaurant.

It may sound like a simple idea but it will show that you have put some thought into this day and that you appreciate his fatherly role. You may even make him lunch on Father’s Day if you want to spend time at home.

Outdoor Gift

Get him an outdoor gift. If you want to make Father’s Day extra special, buy him a gift that has nothing to do with technology and get him something that can be used outdoors. 

There are plenty of great gift ideas for dads out there in the market and it’s important to look into things like hiking boots, fishing equipment, or even a utility knife.

Gift Card From a Store He likes

Get him a gift card to a store that he likes. If your dad loves shopping at a particular store then getting him an e-gift card may be the best option for you.

For example, if your dad is a sports enthusiast then you can get him a gift card to the sports store where he buys his gear. 

If your dad really enjoys going out to eat, think about getting him an e-gift card to restaurants that he likes going to.

Shaving Kit

The shaving kit is a great gift to give on Father’s Day because it is affordable and will be used often. You may also get your dad other shaving essentials such as shaving cream or gel to add to your shaving kit gift.

Unique Father’s Day Gifts From a Loving Daughter

A generic Father’s Day gift won’t do for all that your dad has done for you. It’s really a reminder to reflect upon all that your father (or another father figure in your life) has done to help shape you into the amazing woman you are today. 

For this reason, choose one of these thoughtful and unique Father’s Day gifts that any daughter would be delighted to give.

Engraved Wallet

If your dad still carries a wallet, it’s probably something old and faded that has been sitting in his pocket for years. Replace it with something nice and sleek that he can carry around town. 

Not only is this gift functional, but it will always remind him of you every time he sees his old wallet sitting in his dresser drawer.

Gold Necklace

The classic gold necklace is a simple and elegant gift that can be customized based on the person. Just select a chain, an initial, or a birth year pendant. There are so many possibilities with this gift to suit any dad.

Customized Golf Club Set

All dads love a new set of clubs

If your dad has a membership to a golf course, or he just plays with his friends on the weekends, he’ll love to get his hands on a custom golf club set that is personalized.

He can pull out this set whenever he feels like it’s time for some friendly competition.

Engraved Glass Set

Drinking glasses are always handy for enjoying a cool drink or cup of tea while reading. If your dad is always drinking something, a personalized glass set is the perfect Father’s Day gift to give him.


A classic briefcase is something that can be used for years on end. Regardless of what kind of work your dad does, a functional briefcase with his name on it will be handy for work.

Father’s Day Gifts From a Thoughtful Son

Your dad is the one who has sacrificed his time, money, and energy to make sure you are growing up with opportunities and adventures. He should always be recognized on Father’s Day for being a wonderful father. 

Here are some ideas on what to give him from a thoughtful son:

Give Your Dad A Massage

Dads need pampering, too! A gift card for a massage is the perfect way to let him unwind after a long day.

Go Fishing With Dad

Fishing can be a great father-and-son outdoor activity. Choose a day when you do not have to worry about schoolwork and surprise your dad on a fishing trip with just the two of you.

Just make sure to bring along some snacks, drinks, and other treats for Dad.

Get Him New Golf Clothes

If your dad loves to golf, get him a set of new golf clothes for the next time he goes to his favorite course, or better yet, you can join him for a father-and-son golf day.

Take Him On a Trip

Pack up and go hit the open road with your dad

Give your father the gift of travel! Head out together for some mellow father-son bonding time in a destination your father would like to visit.

Father’s Day Gifts For Dad He Can Actually Use During The Pandemic

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, the way we used to celebrate special days has changed. Now, we cannot go out to eat at restaurants or watch movies.

The ways in which we celebrate things may have changed, but the intentions remain the same. 

Father’s day is around the corner and we all know it’s very tough to get your dad a gift during this crisis. Luckily, we have compiled the five top gifts dads can actually use during the pandemic. 

Power Tools

After months of isolation and distancing, there are going to be a lot of things around the house that need fixing. Power tools are great Father’s Day gifts for dads who want to get work done around the house.

Grilling Tools

Time for dad to get grilling! You haven’t been to a restaurant in months. Grilling tools are the perfect gift to cook up some of your favorite barbecue or a nice juicy steak to enjoy with the family. 

Grooming products

Dad will want to maintain his appearance even though there’s hardly anywhere to go nowadays. You can get him grooming products like electric clippers, trimmers, shaving cream, and hair gel. 

Home Brewing Kit

It would be so cool if dad brewed his own beer at home, and we suspect you would love it too next time you visit him.

Golf Items

This classic Father’s Day gift needs an update for the COVID era. How about a golf putter, golf shoes, or golf clothes? A golf day will keep dad busy and at the same time enjoy some outdoors for a change. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best gift for Father’s Day?

A gift for a father needs to be a bit different from something for a mother.  A father wants something he can use—whether it’s tools, clothes, or electronics. You could also get dad some of his favorite foods as a present.

2. What is a good Father’s Day gift idea for someone who won’t give any tips/hints as to something they’d want?

The best gift idea for someone who won’t give any hints or tips would be a card. The theme of the card could be either funny or sweet depending on the person’s personality.

3. What would be a unique Father’s Day gift

A unique Father’s Day gift idea is to make a personalized mug or coffee cup a gift.  One could buy an inexpensive mug and use some markers and fabric dye to decorate it.

This would be a much more personal way of giving someone a present than buying them something that they will forget as soon as they open it.

Check out our article for more DIY gifts for Father’s Day.

4. What’s a great, unique Father’s Day gift idea that doesn’t cost too much money?

One gift that isn’t too expensive but is always a hit is a personalized coffee cup. Something he can use every morning when he drinks his morning coffee before he starts his day.

5. What are the best Father’s Day gift ideas for under $50?

The best Father’s Day gift ideas for under $50 are family photo frames or a Father’s Day gift basket with all his favorite things.

For someone who has a family that has always been there for them, this would be a lovely gift. For others, they are a gift of family memories as they sit in the house and look at the pictures.

6. What’s your best last-minute (day of) father’s day gift idea?

Choosing a last-minute Father’s Day gift idea can be quite stressful.  There are just so many things to choose from. But there are last-minute Father’s Day gifts that don’t cost anything and are easy peasy to make.

  • A handmade card
  • Make a poem
  • A box of chocolates
  • A gift card 

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