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You Can Celebrate Bosses Day In Ten Awesome Ways This Year

Boss’s Day, also known as National Boss Day, is a holiday observed in an increasing number of nations around the world, including the United States, Canada, and Romania. 

Celebrate Bosses Day

This annual event, which takes place on October 16th, was established in 1958 to promote the relationship between companies and employees. Employees get the opportunity to express their gratitude to their employers or supervisors, which is often well earned.

Employees don’t always appreciate their supervisors’ hard work and dedication, as well as the problems they encounter on a daily basis. Bosses Day is a wonderful occasion to recognize and thank management for everything that they have done for their staff.

On Boss’s Day, here are ten wonderful methods for employees to demonstrate their appreciation for their bosses or supervisors:

Prepare a Cake

You Can Celebrate Bosses Day In Ten Awesome Ways This Year

Let’s go back to the first rule of Gift Giving 101: make a heartfelt gift — bake a cake. Baking a cake does not have to be a time-consuming endeavor for one person. As a team building exercise, you can get together with the rest of your coworkers and bake a cake together.

It cultivates teamwork and basic team bonding, in addition to adding a personal touch that everyone enjoys. It gives you an excuse to encourage employee participation, and it allows you to get to know your coworkers on a more personal level. A cake may appear simple, but what matters is the care and effort put into it.

Make a Card From the Team

As a result, no one has the courage to prepare a delectable cake. Another approach to commemorate Employer’s Day is to give your boss a unique present. Another approach to communicate “We appreciate you” is with a simple card signed by the employees.

Choose a card that reflects the supervisor’s personality, and then hand-write a statement describing the supervisor’s contributions in detail. Gather a party and send the card to the boss once everyone has had a chance to sign it.

Create A Magazine Cover

This is so much fun! Use a service like this to produce a magazine cover using a photo of your boss (a nice one, nothing embarrassing!). Then get it printed with a handful of their favorite sayings or something amusing. You may frame the print for a few dollars more and use it as a fantastic keepsake for bosses day this year.

Give A Present

Giving a gift is another way to commemorate Boss’s Day. Gifts are a great idea, especially if they are given by a group of coworkers. Make certain that all of your coworkers have had the opportunity to contribute to the present fund. The greater the gift, the more personal it is.

The following are some examples of gift ideas:

  • A gift basket filled with several types of tea leaves and a cup is ideal for your employer who enjoys tea (rather than coffee!).
  • A gift ticket to her favorite sporting goods store could be just the thing to say “thank you.”
  • A talented boss merits a canvas painting or a pottery lesson ticket.

Don’t give extremely personal gifts because they could produce awkward moments, office rumors, or other problems you don’t want to deal with.

You may also want to check this article out for more National Boss Day gift ideas

Host an Award Ceremony

Even bosses and managers deserve a pat on the back now and again for a job well done. During a scheduled tea or coffee break, take a break from your desk and hold a small award ceremony. Hold a private team meeting with just your coworkers and no supervisors present, and vote on which supervisors should be given certain titles.

Make lighthearted trophies or badges for bosses with unusual awards like:

  • Boss with the Best Outfit
  • The Most Amusing Boss
  • The record for the most coffee consumed per day belongs to The Funniest Boss Company.

After Work Get Together

Get out of the office and socialize with your employers and coworkers after work. You can plan an activity-packed night out with your boss and the rest of your coworkers. Begin with a casual supper where the rest of your coworkers may socialize and get to know one another outside of the office.

After dinner, go somewhere fun or have a minor competition with the bosses or management team over a game of pool or bowling. Going out as a group fosters employee involvement in a more relaxed setting, and it’s also a great opportunity to bond with coworkers and get to know them better on a personal level.

Keep in mind that any scheduled event should always center on the supervisor or bosses, but it is also an excellent opportunity for employees to relax, socialize, and spend time talking with one another.

Make A Video To Express Your Gratitude

In our pockets, we all have the power to make a video — most phones have excellent video cameras! Wait until the boss is gone one day, then walk around the office and have the team record small thank-you messages for her. Then upload it to YouTube, with the option to make it private if desired.

On your boss’s birthday, publish the link to your intranet or corporate chat — she’ll appreciate the care and effort you put into making a short film, and will no likely remember it fondly in the future.

Potluck Gathering

Another fun idea to celebrate Boss’s Day is to throw a modest workplace party and have everyone bring in a food to share. It may not be called teamwork, but it does provide opportunities for employee participation and team bonding. 

Invite some of your coworkers to share a hilarious or witty experience they had with the bosses, and then invite your boss to give a speech at the end of the celebration.

Potlucks are simple to organize if all of your coworkers actively participate. Send out an email with a list of dishes that people can contribute, and don’t forget to include a list of things to avoid for those with allergies.

Make A Wacky Voucher Book

This is a free and enjoyable way to express gratitude to the boss. Request ideas and volunteers from the team, and then develop a voucher book with things the team will do for her. 

Let’s assume you want someone to “prepare you a homemade meal,” “clean your coffee cup,” or “wash your automobile.” If you think about it, there are a million alternatives, and it’s a great and undoubtedly unique way to say thank you and show gratitude on your boss’s birthday.

Set Up A Picnic Lunch

On bosses day, why not walk to a neighboring park and enjoy a picnic if the weather is nice? Everyone may contribute a dish, or you could simply bring your regular lunches and sit on the grass. Your boss and the rest of the team will enjoy the time away from your typical work environment.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the many ways to honor Bosses Day. Put your thinking cap on and I’m sure you’ll think of a few more.

It’s also appropriate to wish your boss a “Happy Bosses Day!” As you pass your boss in the corridor, say, “Thank you for everything you do.” Even if the gesture seems casual, your supervisor will recognize and appreciate the overture if the sentiment is genuine. Even a simple email is preferable to no recognition at all. 

Take the initiative to tell your boss how much you appreciate what she does and how you can help him get the job done more efficiently.

Whatever way you and your coworkers choose to commemorate Boss’s Day, remember to have a good time and get to know your bosses and coworkers better.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can you think of something kind you could do for your boss?

Swap out your store-bought cards and cakes for these one-of-a-kind ideas:

  • put a gratitude scrapbook together.
  • do something good for others on the company’s behalf show your undaunting dedication
  • get unconventional gifts for them and be creative.
  • cook for your supervisor

2. How can I celebrate National Boss Day by surprising my boss?

Placing an order at your employer’s favorite restaurant or the sandwich guy, if that’s his/her favorite, should be on your list of surprise ideas for boss. If you don’t have time, prepare a pot lunch. 

Allow each employee to bring something unique from home to share with the rest of the team during lunch.

3. On National Employer Day, how can I make my boss happy?

5 ways to brighten your boss’s day

  • Demonstrate some data success. Data is something that bosses adore.
  • Find a solution to an issue. Solve a problem without first informing your employer.
  • Make a graph out of it. Bosses adore data, and they adore data that has been transformed into charts and graphs even more.
  • Give her or him a recommendation
  • Inform him or her of any fresh developments

4. How much should I spend on my boss’s gift?

A $50-$100 gift card is ideal for upper-income earners; less is “cheap,” and more is not required. The value of a present should not exceed $150.00 while purchasing or making one. It does not imply that you must spend $150 on a gift, but rather that the item’s worth should not exceed $150.

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