Father’s Day Virtual Party Ideas He Will Actually Enjoy

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Father’s Day Virtual Party Ideas He Will Actually Enjoy

Even if you are unable to be with Dad in person this year because maybe he lives in a different state, you can still throw him a Father’s Day virtual party.

Father’s Day usually meant throwing a backyard barbecue, a surprise party with friends, golfing in the sunshine or watching movies with Dad on Father’s Day.

There are several virtual Father’s Day ideas to choose from, so you can show Dad just how much he is loved and appreciated, even from a distance.

If you’re far apart, or right down the street, there are many ways to reunite your family to celebrate the father figures in your family’s life, including grandfathers, stepfathers, single mothers, and other father figures. 

You can easily host a virtual party to celebrate Father’s Day from the comfort of your own couch in addition to sending a Father’s Day message or letter or a personalized gift.

Getting your family together to chat over FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or any other telecommunication app is relatively easy if you have a device with internet access. 

Get everyone familiar with whichever platform you’re hosting the party on before you begin the party.

People may need to download apps they’ve never used or use features they’re not familiar with. A practice run the day before can prove beneficial.

Plan some Father’s day activities everyone can do on the call once everyone is comfortable with the platform and your internet connection is secure. It feels more like a special occasion if there is a fun activity planned.

Here are some fun ideas for what you can do together on a video chat for a virtual Father’s Day celebration:

Watch A Movie Together

With extensions like Netflix Party and Meta stream, you and your dad can watch the same film, even if you’re far apart. Don’t forget the popcorn! For a list of must-see movies with Dad, check our article about Movies To Watch With Dad On Father’s Day.

Cook Or Bake Together

You and Dad can cook a special meal together if Dad likes to get his hands dirty in the kitchen. There are plenty of cooking videos available online that you can watch, virtually, together. You can even prepare him a special Father’s day lunch.

If you prefer something a bit more personal, chefs from across the world offer virtual cooking classes through Airbnb Experiences

Order Your Dad’s Favorite Dish

Takeout may be a solution for Dad if he doesn’t cook much himself. Find out if his favorite local restaurant is offering delivery, and schedule your order to be delivered shortly before your scheduled video chat.

Go Down Memory Lane 

Go down memory lane with Dad on Father’s Day

Give dad the gift of memories for Father’s Day. Get friends and family to send you digital copies of their favorite photos of dad or with Dad beforehand, then assemble them all into a Dropbox, Google Photos, or other virtual file services. 

During the video call, you can look through all your photos and share your screen with everyone on the call while reminiscing about some of your best family memories and sharing embarrassing memories.

Visit A Virtual Museum

If Dad is a history buff or art enthusiast, you might consider taking him to a museum for Father’s Day. Several world-renowned museums such as the Louvre, the Museum of Natural History, and the Getty Museum all offer virtual tours on the internet. 

If your dad is always looking to the stars, you can explore NASA‘s research centers or use The Space Center’s Houston app for a virtual experience he’ll love.

Play Online Games

No matter what your dad likes to play, there’s probably a free online version available. Whether it’s Scattergories or Texas Hold ‘Em, you can play a few rounds from home. 

Play some online games — Jackbox offers a number of fun online games that the entire family can enjoy.

Some games require all players to use the same website or app, so make sure to discuss the details beforehand so no one is left out.

Go On A Virtual Tasting

All guests of your virtual Father’s Day gathering should be old enough to drink and of course, have a good time, so you might want to send him a few new whiskeys (or wine, or craft beer, or whatever he likes) to drink while you video chat. 

All of you can enjoy a few glasses of your dad’s favorite drink and discuss your thoughts as you swirl, smell, and sip.

A few bottles can be mailed ahead of time, or he can have alcohol delivered on Father’s Day using an alcohol delivery service.

Watch A Livestream Concert or Band

You don’t have to be physically present to enjoy a concert this Father’s Day. Famous Artists such as Jon Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, and Brad Paisley have participated in Livestream events.

Many June events have not yet been announced, so check to see if your dad’s favorite musician will perform at any events during Father’s Day weekend.

To keep the fun going, watch this video for fun online games to do on Father’s Day:

Wrap Up

You can still throw Dad a virtual Father’s Day party, even if you aren’t able to be with him in person this year.

Just choose one of these virtual party ideas to do on Father’s Day so you can show Dad just how much he is loved and appreciated, even from a distance. Even if you cannot see your Dad in person, it shouldn’t stop you from getting him a Father’s Day gift he will love and treasure. Besides, it is the thought that counts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of holding a virtual Father’s Day Celebration?

This is an alternative way to celebrate by extending the experience to your loved ones who live far away or even those loved ones who may not be with us on this day. 

Celebrating online can be done in many ways, with website programming to create a customized site and social media channels for communication. 

You can also use various technologies such as video chat or even text messaging to communicate with those who are not available on-site.

2. How is it different from traditional Father’s Day events?

Instead of attending a face-to-face Father’s Day event, you can now virtually host events that celebrate the love and devotion of a father to his children and family. It is also an alternative way to enjoy your loved ones at home in your own quiet space.

3. What are good online tools I can use to host a virtual party?

You may use the free online tools that are available such as Google Hangouts, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Zoom, etc.

4. How much does it cost to do a virtual party for Father’s Day?

There is no charge for any virtual Father’s Day Celebration event.

5. How does virtual partying work?

You will have a site or pages assigned to each of your family members. You can invite them to join any of these platforms. 

Then they can celebrate on their own terms by using various tools and platforms for communication, or by simply chatting using the free messaging tools that are available online.

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