Creative DIY Gifts That You Can Make for Father's Day

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Creative DIY Gifts For Father’s Day That You Can Make

Everyone loves a Father’s Day gift that tugs at his heartstrings — even Mr. Tough Guy.

Since it can be hard to find an item with just the right amount of practicality, personalization, and heart, try making one of these creative DIY gifts for Father’s Day this year. 

This list of homemade gifts varies in skill level, but the majority of them are easy enough for children (with mom’s supervision of course), teenagers, and adults to make themselves. 

Many of these DIYs are things your dad enjoys most such as grilling, cracking open a beer with his buddies, and going on adventures on Father’s Day with his family.

We tried to find ideas for everyday use, but you will definitely have fun making these.

Homemade Gifts For Dad From Toddler

A dad likes a homemade gift from their toddler because it has genuine joy and honesty to them. It is a personal item that shows the child’s love for the father.

Trinket Bowl 

Your dad will love a dish for storing the trinkets you’ve gathered during your outdoor adventures.

Artwork Koozie

For this DIY, you’ll also need the help of your kids: Ask them to draw a picture of their dad on some craft foam, which you’ll later wrap around a beer can like a koozie. 

Wrap a length of craft foam around a can and cut it short enough to overlap itself. Let kids draw a picture on the foam with fabric markers. Attach a piece of velcro to the back to close it. Don’t forget to add a sweet Father’s Day message to top it all off.

Paper Mache Bowls

Make dad a crafty bowl for Father's Day
Make dad a crafty bowl for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to get crafty. Design a tray to hold Dad’s keys, wallet, and other treasures so that he’ll remember how much he’s loved every time he walks in the door.

Personalized Spatula

The kids will love painting a special message on the wooden handle of his personalized spatula. This is a barbecue must-have for Father’s day.

You can put #1 Dad, Best Dad Ever, and anything that describes your dad to remind him why he’s the chosen one to man the grill on family occasions.

Father’s Day Coupons

Make him a Father’s Day gift filled with the things he’ll love. Make personalized coupons for special events like a homemade Father’s Day lunch or golf outing, or a bike ride for ice cream. You’ll be amazed at how thoughtful your gift is this year.

Watercolor Art

You don’t have to be an artist to try a simple watercolor design. Leave Dad a stunning gift he will treasure this Father’s Day that he will be proud to display at home or in his office.

His wall decor will be even more meaningful knowing it was made especially for him.

Homemade Grilling Apron 

Let the kids choose from a variety of fabric markers and paints to transform a plain white apron into something special for the family’s grill master. If your dad loves to grill, you may want to consider getting these barbecue must-haves for Father’s Day.

Homemade Father’s Day Crafts

Dad likes homemade Father’s Day crafts because it allows him to spend time with his kids. There are a lot of things you can do for a Father’s Day DIY project that will make his day.

Creative Pillow

Whether he’s grilling with friends or lounging, these pillows will remind him of the times you’ve spent hiking in the woods or enjoying summer events.

He can even place them outside on a deck or patio since they are made to withstand the weather.

Handmade Soap

Dad can begin and end each day in total relaxation thanks to this homemade and unique Father’s Day gift idea. Using freshly brewed coffee and walnuts, you can make artisan soap bars.

Homemade Jerky

You will have Dad savoring every single bite with some homemade jerky, which is a combination of teriyaki and Worcestershire flavors.

Custom Poster Calendar

A custom calendar will make Dad happy on Father’s Day

You can create a photo poster for Dad that’s personalized and easy to make. Just choose photo images from every season of the last year and pick a poster backdrop that matches it.

Photo Cube

Give Dad a photo cube to fill his desk with meaningful memories of his life for Father’s Day. Choose from childhood snapshots, recent family outings, and formal family portraits.

Homemade Citronella Candles

Make his favorite candles from paint cans for a masculine touch. He’ll simply love how well they repel mosquitoes next time he goes camping or grilling. 

Homemade Gifts Dad Can Use

Dads appreciate receiving gifts that he can actually use every day because they are thoughtful, and practical, and help him while cooking or doing other things around the house. 

Grilling Apron

Let him show off his khakis in style with an apron made specifically for him. This will come in handy for your next family cookout  

Homemade Pre-Shave Oil

Make him some homemade pre-shave oil using a nourishing blend of grapeseed oil, olive oil, and an essential oil of his choice. Most dads love sandalwood. 

Drink Sleeve 

Put on a leather drink sleeve to remind him of his tough guy roots. It’s a better option than a store-bought mug that says, “World’s Best Dad!”

DIY Herb Garden

An herb garden will be used often by dad for his dishes

Choose a Father’s Day gift that he will definitely not refuse and will be used all year long. A garden made from a wood pallet can hold herbs like parsley, rosemary, and sage. It will help keep Dad’s cooking fresh all year.

Homemade Shaving Cream

Dads and sons will love this homemade shaving cream made just for them. This natural homemade shave cream from Mommy Potamus will be gentle on their skin and smell divine.

Remote Organizer

A remote caddy is a perfect gift for Dad. He’ll always have this by his side since it’s great for remotes, small notepads, and pens.

DIY Coat Rack

This DIY coat rack is practical and stylish, especially for a farmhouse, cottage, or country home. Put your crafty skills to use with this custom wood coat rack for Dad.

Custom Smartphone Case

Build a unique smartphone case for Dad that shows off his favorite memories for Father’s day. This gift is suitable for iPhones and Android devices. Match it with Dad’s phone size and personal style.

Cord Organizer

Make Dad’s life easier by designing a cord organizer box. Select colors that match his style and label the box so that finding things is easier.

Custom Bow Tie

Give dad a bow tie for every type of event

Make Dad’s Father’s Day extra special with a custom bow tie. For formal events, birthdays and holidays, or everyday wear, Dad can wear a gift that was specially designed just for him. 

Cookout Kit

Build your dad’s own cookout arsenal with brand-new tools, top-of-the-line condiments, and his own apron for the next grill out.

Tie Rack 

After years of giving him ties for Father’s Day, surprise your father by coming up with a unique way for him to keep them organized.

DIY Father’s Day Gifts From Daughter

There’s nothing like a father-daughter relationship. A little girl can’t help but love her doting dad, even when she’s a teenager.

On Father’s Day, it can be hard to show dad how much you care and appreciate his hard work and love for you. Here is a list of DIY gifts your dad will love from his daughter. 

Cozy Photo Blanket

Get Dad a custom photo blanket gift he will treasure for Father’s Day. Choose a picture of your family that represents their love and happiness.

Photo Coasters

Customize your own photo coasters for Dad with memories from last year’s vacation or childhood funny moments. He can put them in all corners of the house, like the den, living room, or his office.

Unique Picture Mug

This Father’s Day, give Dad a personal touch with a custom mug designed just for him. He will love looking back at your memories and the quality time that you spent together.

Mounted Wall Art

Give dad a wall art for his office for Father’s Day

Make your Father’s Day gift last forever with mounted wall art pieces that he can hang in his office, workshop, or favorite room at home.

You can choose pictures with or without a frame, and choose photos he’ll want to look at again and again.

Personalized Photo Album

You can give Dad something he will treasure for many years to come. From family trips to sporting events, an album of Dad’s favorite photos will touch his heart and be treasured for years to come.

Instagram Photo Frame 

This wooden frame is a great way to remember a milestone year in your family or father-daughter memories, and dad will also love looking at it in the future.

Beer Bouquet

A basic six-pack can be made special by dressing each bottle with a paper flower. After all, he really just wants a case of his favorite beer.

Custom Playing Cards

Take his poker nights or game nights to the next level with a custom deck of playing cards. Use recent or old family photos. Your gift will make his poker face fall off as he sees it!

Easy Father’s Day Gifts

If you are not crafty, here are easy Father’s Day DIY gifts that you can make and give to your dad. Why spend time, effort, and money on a gift for Dad when you could just make one easily with this list of easy DIY gifts?

Custom Bottle Tags 

Get his favorite after-work drink of choice and print out punny messages on card stock and attach them to the bottles. 

Memory Jar About Dad

Get your kids involved by having them write down things they’d like to do with their dad or what they love about their dad. When dad receives this gift, he will for sure shed a tear or two. 

Custom Photo Card

You can stamp your heart right on top of this year’s Father’s Day gift with a customized photo card. Think of memories of trips to the beach or music festivals you attended together.

He’ll love it that you customized the card with a sweet and loving Father’s Day message, rather than buying a standard one.

Golf Theme Cupcakes

Bake dad some delicious golf themed cupcakes for Father's Day
Bake dad some delicious golf-themed cupcakes for Father’s Day

These golf-themed cupcakes are the perfect gift for dads who like to be out on the greens. Use the recipe from Easy Baked and use your own creativity to decorate them.

Hanging Planter

This June, bring nature’s fresh energy and aura to Dad’s home with a hanging planter made out of old t-shirts. It makes a one-of-a-kind gift for Dad. Add a succulent or herb plant to the pot before giving it to Dad.

Father’s Day Q&A Game

Feel free to print out some questionnaires for your dad and grandpa this Father’s Day. Kids and grandkids usually have the funniest answers and questions.

Here are last-minute Father’s Day gifts you can do:

Wrap up 

With any one of these meaningful, homemade gifts for Dad, you’re sure to make his day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Father’s Day DIY Gifts? 

Father’s day is an occasion when you get to let your dad know how much he means to you.

This year, instead of buying those cards for him, why not make him something that he can display proudly on the mantel or in his room? 

You can make a wooden sign with his name on it, or a personalized beer mug that really suits his personality. It is also possible for you to make him an artwork that depicts how happy you are with him in your life. 

2. What should I write for my Father’s Day DIY Gift?

Even though Father’s day is a great occasion to express your gratitude for all the love and support that he has given you throughout the year.

It is also an opportunity for you to show him how deeply you care about him and appreciate his presence in your life through these heartwarming Father’s Day messages and quotes.

3. What DIY gifts can I make for Father’s Day?

I would like to suggest that instead of buying your dad something, why don’t you create something that reflects his personality and puts a smile on his face?

4. What can I make my Dad for Father’s Day homemade?

It is a good idea to make something that is appropriate for your dad’s personality. For instance, if he is a tech-wiz or someone who loves music, then make something that is related to his interest or passion. 

If he has a love for art and color, then why not make him something like an oil painting? It will be nice to show your dad how much you care about what he likes with gift ideas like this.

5. What kind of gifts do I have for Dad on Father’s Day when I don’t have any money?

If you are looking for some affordable gifts, then check out the ideas below:

  • Homemade beer mug
  • 5 in 1 tool key ring
  • Bottle opener key chain
  • Key tag
  • Beer holder

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