Gift Of Memories For Father's Day

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Give Dad The Gift Of Memories For Father’s Day

Every father wants to be able to look back on his children and share those memories with his family. Unfortunately, he may be growing older and the memories that he has left become fewer and further between. This is your opportunity to give dad the gift of memories For Father’s Day and also the chance to go down memory lane with him.

What can you do for your dad this fathers day? Make him a gift of his favorite memories. You can use old photos, or tickets, or record the story of your father’s life in front of a video camera. It’s the perfect gift for any father that he will treasure.

Look For Your Dad’s Mementos

Visualize your dad’s life in photos and home movies. Old pictures can be cherished for years and passed on to your children as a legacy of your father’s life.

Your family may not have any pictures of your dad as a kid, but you can put together a collection of images that show off his personality throughout his life. 

Try scanning old photos into digital formats so they can be stored easily, or if you have enough time, you could print them out and create an accordion-style photo album with scrapbook paper. Include photos from his childhood, young adulthood, first kiss, first car, first home purchase… the works!

In the world of technology, it’s actually easier to put together a digital photo album (with pictures or pictures on discs) than an old-fashioned DIY craft for Father’s Day.

Write It Down!

Don’t let the lack of physical presence stop you from giving him memories. Write down a narrative of your dad’s life that he can someday read over and over again.

Write about his college education, marriage, family, children, travels abroad, work accomplishments… anything that will be useful for later generations in understanding your father growing up.

Having his life story recorded, plus photos and videos, will be of great value to your children and grandchildren. You can even add a simple Father’s Day message and tribute.

Photo Albums Are Still “IN”

Family albums are a great way to preserve memories for the future. Your dad is sure to cherish all the photographs that he will see when he looks back on his life.

He will also remember the people who stand by him in each photograph, from his college friends and teachers to his kids, grandchildren, and grandkids. These photos are treasured for their authenticity, not their physical appearance.

But equally important is the information they contain about your dad’s life: birthdays of children and grandchildren, major events in his life, and pictures of him with friends or family members.

Get Him A Video Camera

Make a video greeting for Father’s Day

A great way to give dad his favorite memories is with a video camera. Record your dad’s life the way he remembers it. He will be delighted to see that video of his life through the years.

His grandchildren and children can watch over and over, laughing at good times and remembering sad times with fondness. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you gave him something that truly touched his heart.

Not only can a digital video camera preserve memories for your father’s lifetime, but it also can document events in a family history album.

Actors and directors use such equipment to create movies, documentaries, news reports… anything that needs to be recorded on film. And it’s really simple to hook up a digital video camera.

Make A Video Greeting 

For a truly unique gift, consider making a video greeting for your dad. For example, you can include family members and friends in the video, or create an audio greeting only that can be played at various times throughout the year.

These videos are great for those father’s day gifts of thanks that everyone will appreciate. 

Get The Video To A Professional

If you are really serious and want to go all out on giving dad something special this Father’s Day, get your dad to get some professional help. Your dad may not appreciate sitting down to make his own videotape or DVD. 

Your dad could benefit from an experienced photographer who can capture his personality in photos that are meaningful to him. Or if you have a video camera, you can get him to sit down with your camera operator and let him make his own movie.

If you want to make Dad a personal and creative photo frame for Father’s Day, watch this video:

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to make dad happy this Father’s Day. Don’t you want to give him the perfect Father’s Day gift that he will be able to treasure for years?

A video greeting for Father’s Day is a great way to give your father an opportunity to share his favorite memories. If you have the time, and the resources, consider putting together something really special like what we have listed above.

There are just so many ways that you can make your dad’s life a true gift to him. Whatever you decide, we hope that you will have a wonderful Father’s Day celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to wrap gifts for my dad?

It’s completely up to you. Dad may love the gift the minute you give it to him, or he may be so overwhelmed by his new purchase that he won’t even bother to unwrap it.

If your dad likes it and doesn’t have any other ideas, this could be a great opportunity for him to relax and enjoy a special experience!

2. What is the best gift for my dad?

Most of the time, dad just asks for something simple. Like a new pair of sneakers or a sweater.

Other times, they want meaningful Father’s Day gifts that are connected with important events in their life like holidays or events that might be coming up.

3. Can I give my dad something that he already has?

Most people don’t want to duplicate things that are already in their families. But if you give your dad something new, it’s a gift that he’s never had, and it has some special significance to him. In other words, it can be a unique gift for Father’s Day.

4. What about buying my dad items that we use together? That’s not really a gift; it’s more like “buying him things”.

Dad can use the same types of Father’s day gifts you might buy for yourself. Besides, he might even appreciate the idea of you two having so much in common. 

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