Gifts For The Modern-day Dad For Father's Day

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Best Father’s Day Gifts For The Modern-day Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and so many dads all across the country are eagerly awaiting this time of celebration.

Fathers are one of the most important people in our lives, so you should be sure to show them just how much they mean to you on Father’s Day. 

Anyone from a new father, to an old father, or even the most famous dad out there can use a little extra help when it comes time for Father’s Day shopping.

This article will break down the different types of dads such as Father’s Day gifts for the modern-day dad and their specific interests so that you can find the right gift for whichever dad is in your life!

Whether he’s into sports or he loves watching movies with his son, there is something here for every type of modern-day dad. 

The New Dad

Let’s start with dad number one, the new dad. New dads are usually the ones who receive a lot of attention on Father’s Day, and it is for good reason!

Anyone who goes from being a parent of just one child to being a parent of two or more is going through a huge change in their life. 

This change may include things like switching family doctor practices or buying two car seats instead of one.

Being a new father is a very exciting time, and we want to make sure that these dads get something to kick-start this new chapter in their lives.

They are going to need a lot of help from the rest of the family, so why not start off his holidays with something special?

A diaper bag is a great gift for new dad for Father's Day
A diaper bag is a great gift for a new dad for Father’s Day

Get him a stylish multi-purpose, diaper bag. Or a sturdy baby carrier.

No matter if his family is full of girls or boys, he will love this gift when he sees it on his doorstep the morning of Father’s Day.

Gifts for The Tech-Savvy Dad

Next up we have the tech-savvy dad. This dad is always on the cutting edge of technology.

He enjoys his phone being as up-to-date as possible, and he doesn’t like it when he can’t get the latest and greatest smartphone. He might even have an iMac or MacBook at home.

He will love anything that helps him stay current with his new phone or computer. Maybe that includes a nice tablet for taking notes or sending emails. Or maybe it’s a new keyboard to help him type faster on his laptop. The possibilities are endless!

Let Dad listen to his favorite music with new earbuds
Let Dad listen to his favorite music with new earbuds

Get him a nice set of earbuds to take the place of those old headphones he used to listen to music on.

Or a nice Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to take the place of his old wired ones.

Or perhaps something to help him stay above the curve of technology. Like a smartphone data plan or cable internet, just to name a few possibilities!

The Dad That Loves Movies and TV Shows

Next up, we have the dad that loves to watch movies and TV series. Whether it’s watching football on Sunday afternoon or reading Harry Potter in their spare time.

Maybe they don’t have a lot of free time, but when they do, this dad is buried in his favorite show or film.

A great option for the movie or TV buff is a nice streaming service. While there are a lot of different options out there, you can’t go wrong with Netflix.

They have an extensive library and they also have an online platform to send gift subscriptions to your loved ones. 

The Sports Loving Dad

Now, we have the dad who loves to watch sports on TV in the evenings or on Sunday afternoons. Maybe he’s one of those dads that has a big enough TV that he can watch the big game while the kids play in another room.

Or maybe your dad spends his weekends playing in a softball league or going to watch his kid’s soccer game! Do a fun sports activity on Father’s Day!

A new pair of sunglasses he can use in the next family outing

A great idea for the sports-loving dad is to get him something that he can use when he’s out on the field. Such as an extra pair of sunglasses, a hat, some water, or even a nice portable grill!

You can really spend any amount on this gift because it will always be used and appreciated by this type of dad!

Get him some new cleats for his feet, or golf gloves for the golf course. Or get him something to take care of that tired body after all of those sports practices! A foam roller would be perfect.

If he is into golf, why not get him some new golf sweaters and jackets?

The Gourmet Dad

Up next, we have the gourmet dad. This is the dad that loves to cook and likes to entertain people with their food choices. Maybe he’s a chef at his favorite restaurant that everyone raves about, or maybe he’s the family dinner host every night!

A great gift for him will be something that he uses regularly in his kitchen. Like a new cutting board to go along with all of the other cutting boards in his collection. Or some nice, sharp knives to prep his food with.

If your dad loves to cook, get barbecue must-haves for the dad who loves to grill.

Maybe something to go with the coffee machine he’s been using for years. It could be a nice, new coffee maker or maybe some nice coffee beans!

A nice bottle of wine to end the day
A nice bottle of wine to end the day

For the Dad that likes to drink wine, a nice bottle of wine will always be appreciated. Maybe light red, or white! You can’t go wrong with some Bordeaux (link Bordeaux out).

Any member of this family will love these gifts, so buy them all at once and give them a great Father’s day gift that they can use again and again.

If your Dad is into personalized and unique gifts, this video is for you:

Wrap It Up

Now that you’ve read this list, you’re probably wondering what other gift ideas you can give your dad. We’ve listed a few more on our website, so be sure to take a look at our additional articles.

If your dad doesn’t have an age range for his gift, you could split it up into multiple gifts (at least one per year).

If you’re not sure exactly what he would like, check out the other suggestions from this article and see what sparks your imagination!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My dad has everything, where do I start?

We have put together this list of some great gift ideas for the dads in your life, but there’s no such thing as a perfect list. Why? Because every dad is different!

The best thing you can do is talk with your mom or his mom and discuss what type of things he likes or doesn’t like. This will give you even more options to choose from!

2. I don’t know what to get my dad for fathers day at his age, what should I do?

This is a tricky question that comes up often. If you’re not sure what men at his age would enjoy, we recommend checking out our article on Father’s Day gift ideas for an elderly dad.

We have multiple ideas on buying gifts based on age ranges from different areas of his life! Check out gifts for a younger Dad or gifts for men who like to wine and dine.

3. What if I’m on a budget?

If you are on a budget, that’s ok! All dads will appreciate the thought of getting something for Father’s Day. Consider making a DIY gift for Father’s Day that won’t break the bank. Pick what you like and find something from there! 

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