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National Boss’s Day Gifts For Your Badass Boss Lady

In the spirit of being your actual authentic self, we set out to find goods with attitude for  the lady bosses who don’t take no for an answer. These are perfect gifts for National Boss’s Day for the boss lady in your life who refuses to bend under pressure.

Your boss would absolutely adore a good shirt with a clear statement since they can be incredibly humorous and fantastic conversation starters, especially when they run into someone who shares their badass viewpoints. 

Besides, if they’re good at something, they should be proud of it, which includes flaunting their #GIRLBOSS attitude.

For those who don’t know, a #GIRLBOSS is someone who recognizes what they want in life, works hard to attain it, and ignores anyone who tries to cast shadows their way. Amber Rose, Beyoncé, and Tina Fey are just a few examples.

So, the next time they are attempting to project a “I don’t care” attitude (because, hey, they don’t! ), why not do it with a set of sardonic pencils, a “SLAY” hat, or a yoga mat that displays their new mantra? 

There are a plethora of goods with attitude that can demonstrate to everyone that you don’t take crap from anyone in a sarcastic, fun manner. People will begin to notice their inner boss woman.

The Most Fashionable Fitness Kit Ever

Do you need a cute reason to exercise? Try this compact case containing 15 fitness basics, including headphones, a hair band, deodorant, blister balm, and more, all in a case so small it can fit in your purse while not in use.

When you remove it, it serves as a reminder to everyone at the gym that you don’t sweat, you dazzle.

This Hat, Which Demonstrates How Much You Slay

Show the world that you’re a badass lady who slays all day, no matter what you’re doing, and make Beyoncé proud.

The Ideal Mug for Any Boss Lady’s Workspace

Drink coffee from this lovely blue “Boss Lady” mug. While you’re done, leave it on your desk so that everyone knows how much of a boss lady you are, even when you’re not in the office.

Who Is The Most Powerful #Girlboss Than Khaleesi?

Whoa, talk about a person that won’t accept no for an answer! This lovely pink v-neck displays a list of Daenerys Targaryen’s daily “tasks,” including feeding the dragons, reclaiming her rightful throne, bleaching her hair, and sipping a good ol’ cup of wine – perfect for Game Of Thrones fans and aficionados of soft clothes alike. 

Is there anyone you can think of who is a more powerful woman than Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons? You guys, she’s literally in command of dragons.

Because all boss ladies are movers and shakers.

If you like to “mix things up,” chances are you don’t give a damn about the status quo. You go off the beaten path when you want to and speak your mind when you need to, so why not flaunt your attitude with this daringly glittering phone case?

For the Yogi Who Follows Her Heart

“Namast’ay in bed,” says this cozy tank, for the yoga enthusiast who has it everything (but still wants more). Who says you can’t be a yogi while also being a little snarky?

Keep A Record Of How Much Time You Spend Slaying.

With this gorgeous blue agenda that says “I AM Really BUSY” right on the cover, everyone will know you’re very busy since you’re moving up the ladder and killing the game.

A Travel Mug That Expresses Your Opinion

Pick up this mug and advise everyone to read it on those days when you can’t even deal with the people around you. I believe they will understand.

A Doormat That Expresses Your True Feelings

Is there anything more welcoming than a “Go Away” welcome mat? I don’t believe so.

A Yoga Mat with Your New Mantra Printed On It

This motivational exercise mat states, “Think It, Want It, Get It.” After all, being a true badass entails deciding what you want, refusing to listen to anyone who says you you’re not good enough, and achieving your objectives regardless of the circumstances.

For the Sparkly Girl Who Can’t Get Enough

The ideal makeup case with the phrase “I Glitterally Can’t Even” on it. Because, let’s face it, even the most glamorous women get tired of it all.

Get Away In Style from It All

I’m a firm believer in the “I’m outta here” mentality, so this baggage tag is ideal for when you’ve had enough of where you’ve been and are ready to move on to somewhere (or something) better.

Are You Sarcastic And Snarky? A Punny Match Made In Heaven

The correct mix of clever and snarky results in a wonderful product, and that’s exactly what this “Bitch, Peas” racerback tank is: funny, just like badass women are so often.

The Ultimate Pencil Set For Those With A Sense Of Humor

Do you consider yourself a badass writer? Every utensil, after all, requires a little attitude, and these sassy pencils surely have it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What gift can I give my badass lady boss on National Boss’s Day?

Purchasing a flower arrangement is the traditional gift for a boss on National Boss’ Day. However, if your boss is especially tough and doesn’t wear flower power, you might want to give something with more of an edge. Here are some other gifts to consider:


It is no secret that boss’s love their coffee. Instead of buying the usual plant, it might be fun to get an actual coffee cup! The gift recipient can have lots of fun with this!


If you know someone who has a dry sense of humor or is known for being a “suit and tie” type, you might want to give them one of these ties. These necktie types are called: “Bruno Necktie”, “Shark Tie” and “Star Wars Tie”. Anyway if they don’t like the tie, it comes with a free t-shirt.


Any boss will appreciate a fancy six pack of beer from their favorite brewery. If you are really looking to have a good time, a case of beer would be awesome.

Dinner Gift Card

It is no secret that bosses enjoy going out to lunch or dinner. So if you know what type of food they like and can afford it, this could be an awesome gift!

2.  How did National Boss’s Day come about?

The origins of National Boss Day may be traced back to 1958, when Patricia Bays Hirosaki, a State Farm Insurance Company employee from Deerfield, Illinois, thought that a holiday dedicated to bosses was needed. 

On the 16th of October, she registered it with the US Chamber of Commerce. This is made even more intriguing by the fact that it was also her father’s birthday.

Patricia Bays Harosaki declared Bosses Day a national holiday not only to honor her own boss, but also to honor the bosses of many others. 

She was also convinced that this holiday would prove to be a game-changing tool for bonding and building relationships between leaders and their subordinates and coworkers.

3. Why should you celebrated your boss on National Boss Day?

Celebrating boss’s day, on the other hand, has its advantages. For example, it’s an ideal setting for bringing leaders and subordinates together on a joyful level. As a result, a healthier working environment is created.

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