25 Fun & Unique Gift Ideas For Father's Day

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25 Fun & Unique Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

There are many ways to celebrate father’s day without breaking the bank. Some of the best gifts are actually free, or could be very inexpensive.

If you’re looking for unique gift ideas for Father’s Day for your dad, you’ll want to read this article and check out the list of 25 fun and unique fathers day gifts that will show him just how much he means to you.

Fun & Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

A “Dad” Car Window Decal 

Even if your dad doesn’t have a car or drive it often, it’s still a great Father’s Day gift.

A Gift Certificate To His Favorite Restaurant 

A gift certificate is always a nice choice.

A Photo Collage Frame

This is another great gift idea for any dad.

A Scrapbooking Kit

A homemade scrapbooking kit can be a great DIY Father’s Day gift idea, and your dad will love flipping through it whenever he wants to reminisce about old times.

New Golf Balls And Tees

Golfers love new golf balls and tees. Nothing makes them happier than getting new clubs, so why not surprise them with some? This is also a good gift if your dad’s unhappy with his current set of clubs.

A Nice Pair Of Shoes Or Boots

Show your dad that he’s not just the “dad” he is – he’s also “a guy”. A nice pair of shoes or boots can go a long way in showing him that.

A Repair Tool Kit

Dads love fixing things, especially their tools. If your dad’s like that, a gift like this can be very well appreciated.

A Homemade Card

A simple homemade card can make your Dad's day
A simple homemade card can make your Dad’s day

Again, a homemade Father’s Day card is a great gift option for any dad. Your dad will love it, appreciate the time you took to put it together, and might even be proud of you for doing so.

A New Coffee Mug

Always a nice idea and many dads love their coffee mugs.

A Personalized Leather Wallet

Here’s another great gift idea for dad. Men have so much stuff to keep track of, they’ll appreciate a personalized wallet for keeping things in order and in place.

A Remote Control Helicopter

Don’t be surprised if Dad gets up each morning at the crack of dawn to go fly his new remote control helicopter around outside, before starting his day.

It’s an exciting toy, fun to play with and also teaches your kids how to think strategically and plan ahead.

A Gift Card To His Favorite Store 

For the dad who loves shopping.

A Framed Photo Of The Family 

Nothing beats a nice picture of the family, especially if it’s one where everyone is wearing their Sunday best.

A New Home Improvement Tool Set

For the dad who likes to fix things around the house.

A New Tie, Pocket Hanky Or Cologne 

For the dad who likes grooming and looking good.

New Binoculars 

If your dad absolutely loves going outdoors and looking around at nature. He’ll love this gift.

A New Backpack 

For the dad who likes to go hiking, fishing and camping.

A Puzzle or Book 

A nice gift for the dad who loves puzzles and books.

A Watch 

Give Dad a new watch on Father's Day
Give Dad a new watch on Father’s Day

Another great gift idea for husbands and dads. Especially if he’s always losing his watches, a nice watch can be a huge help.

A New Set of Family Photos 

For the dad in your family that’s never happy with his old pictures.

Pocket Knife 

For the dad who loves sharpening and using pocket knives.

A Cooler 

If he loves to go to football games, this could be a great gift to take on a Father’s Day trip.

A New Fishing Rod 

For the dad that likes to go fishing.

Personalized Family Recipes 

For the dad who loves cooking.

New BBQ Grill Utensils And Accessories 

For the dad who loves to BBQ.

For more Father’s Day gift ideas, check this video out:

Wrap It Up

Father’s day is a time to show your dad that you appreciate all that he does, and that you love and respect him. Some of the best gifts for dads are actually free or could be very inexpensive.

So next time you’re looking for a gift idea for your dad, don’t settle for something generic – give him something really great!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What should I buy for my dad for Father’s Day if I don’t know what he’s into?

That’s a good question, and the answer is usually that it depends on who your dad is. We’ve given you a list of 25 ideas, but of course, there are many other options. 

If he has a special hobby your father likes to do, get him something related to that hobby. If he seems stressed out, maybe a massage would be a nice gift. 

The idea is that if you don’t know what to get your dad for Father’s Day, then look at the type of things he likes to do and enjoys in his life and go from there.

2. What should I get my dad for Fathers Day if he has everything?

Well, that’s a good question too. Obviously fathers are hard to buy for, because you’re buying for a dad who already has everything.

You might want to get him something that will make his life easier, or something that will make him feel like he is the best dad ever. 

If this is the case then a humorous gift like a light-up dad shirt would be fun, and perhaps a personalized mug saying “I’m the best dad ever” with your family photo on it could put a smile on your dad’s face whenever he sees it every morning. You can even consider getting him a Father’s Day gift basket with everything he likes.

3. What do I get my dad for Father’s Day if he’s a single dad?

Well, this is a tough one. If he’s a single dad then it’s especially hard to get him gifts for Father’s Day because he doesn’t have anyone else to spend it with.

A gift like a ‘My Dad Rocks’ shirt would be great to get him for Father’s Day, that way he can wear the shirt around the house and show off his awesome father skills whenever someone asks him “Who’s your dad?”

If you know your dad is single and there are no kids involved then maybe consider giving him something that will encourage his hobby of cooking, like a new cookbook or a cookware set.v

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