Upgrade Your Kitchen With These High Quality Knife Sets

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Elevate Your Culinary Game: High-Quality Knife Sets for Your Kitchen Upgrade

About Knife Sets

A sharp knife is the secret to a successful cook. Without a good knife, you’ll spend more time hacking away at your vegetables with a dull blade than actually cooking them. Read on for our list of recommended kitchen knives that will make chopping easier and faster than ever before! 

Knife sets can be a great investment for your kitchen — you should consider buying one if you’re new to cooking or if your current knife set is becoming old and rusty. We found some of the best-rated sets out there, so let’s take a closer look at them.


1. PROFESSIONAL CHOICE: Japanese Knife Set, Imarku
2. THE BASIC CHOICE: Basics 14-Piece Kitchen Knife Set
3. BUDGET-FRIENDLY: Ginsu KIS-KB-DS-014-4 Kiso

4. MOST PRACTICAL CHOICE: Home Hero 17 Pieces Kitchen Knives Set

5. PREMIUM CHOICE: Knives Set for Kitchen, Vestaware

1. PROFESSIONAL CHOICE: Japanese Knife Set, Imarku


? Complete Knife Set: This professional stainless steel kitchen knife set includes 8″ chef knife, 7″ cleaver knife, 8″ bread knife, kitchen scissors, knife sharpener, knife block, cutting board and 4 pieces of 4.5″ steak knives. 

? Superior Stainless Steel Material: Each knife is forged from 3cr13 high carbon stainless steel blades for precision and accuracy. 

? Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle: Kitchen knife based on ergonomic design to ensure a minimization of use fatigue and a maximization of cut efficiency. 

? Wooden Knife Block: Knife holder has individual slots, all knives and cutting board are store safely in the block for space efficient storage.


Another knife set, made by the Japanese company Imarku. It’s a 12-piece set made from high-quality stainless steel (high carbon steel) that’s been professionally sharpened and has quality handles. The blade is made from high-quality stainless steel with a hardness of HRC58, which makes it strong enough for daily use, as well as long-lasting. But it’s not just about cutting — the included cookbook comes with over 100 recipes for every occasion.


“I needed a complete set of Imarku knives where I have been collecting their top grades for some time now. I found this set, where the top grade handles match these and I had to get this set. Out of the box, I was not dissapointed, these knives are the same top grade I had expected. Very sharp, balances well in the hand, and the whole set just looks fantastic. I believe completly in German steel where the metal lasts, stays sharp for a very long time without sharpening, where I have never sharpened mine, and it will slice through anything. The block is really nice too, where i love the cutting board, small board which I was missing, and it work perfectly too. I really like the juice groove where that helps a lot with meat and fruit. No cons, very well made knives, where I am very happy with the purchase.”


✅ All-In-One Complete Set

✅ Made of High carbon stainless

✅ Ergonomic handle for an easy and comfortable grip

✅ Easy care and storage-All knives


❌ Quite Expensive


? 14-piece knife set includes: 1 Pine wood block, 1 pair of scissors, 11 knife( 8-inch chef’s knife, 8-inch slicing knife, 8-inch bread knife, 5.5-inch utility knife, and 3.5-inch peeling knife)

? Also includes (6) 4.5-inch steak knives, kitchen shears, sharpener, and wood block

? Superior high-carbon stainless-steel blades for precision results

? Triple-rivet POM handles ensure a comfortable, secure grip


A seriously great knife set from the brand Basic, it’s definitely one of the best all-around models out there. The knife set has an ergonomic design with a storage container for the included knives — you won’t have to worry about cleaning them or keeping everything in order. Plus, it comes with 12 unique knives that are made from high-quality stainless steel. It comes in a dark blue color and is ideal for everyday use and any kind of cooking.


“I’ve had these for 6 months. They’re still the sharpest knives I’ve ever had and I haven’t even had to sharpen them since I opened them. They arrived almost scary-sharp. Like, the paring knife can easily cut a tomato in seconds without squishing it. We love these knives. Love love love love love. Didn’t expect the quality to be anywhere near as good as it ended up being.


✅ Basic but complete

✅ Great quality knives

✅ Long-lasting

✅ Very affordable


❌ The look is too basic

❌ Finishing of the wood could be better

 3. BUDGET-FRIENDLY:  Ginsu KIS-KB-DS-014-4 Kiso


? Dishwasher safe

? The composite handles are comfortable to hold, easy to clean, and make cutting a breeze.

? The sleek Black handles look at home in any home!

? The patented Ginsu serration pattern means these knives will be forever sharp!

? The Black wood block is an easy way to keep your knives organized and looking


This knife set is specifically designed for the American market, but it’s not necessary to be concerned with that — the Ginsu KIS-KB-DS is an outstanding knife set that contains a 12-piece set of kitchen knives which is both affordable and easy to use. The steel used in these knives is high carbon stainless steel that’s hard enough to cut through many different kinds of foods, while still being flexible enough to cope with any kind of cutting.


“I still have a couple ginsus from 20 yrs ago still going strong.Just received these today and even though there are fewer teeth per inch nowadays they are still very sharp.The negative reviews on here that say otherwise must never have used a knife like this before.You can run your finger from handle to tip all day long without getting cut(I assume no liability if you do though) but it will slice the dickens out of you if yo go from tip to handle with a little pressure. The quality appears to be there better than the original with the blade going the the full length with the handle pinned to hold it together.The old ones did not have that as far as I know. If things change I will update but not expecting any issues.”


✅ Easy to use

✅ Built to last

✅ Ultra-sharp cutting performance

✅ Dishwasher safe

✅ Complete set


❌ Scissors could be better



4. MOST PRACTICAL CHOICE: Home Hero 17 Pieces Kitchen Knives Set


? All-in-one complete set – a specialized set of kitchen knives for all your chopping needs. 

? Professional quality at its best – the best materials to update your cooking! 

? A multi-purpose kitchen décor must – a perfect mix of design & practicality, featuring knives for all purposes: carving knife, utility knife, cheese knife, pizza knife, chef knife, bread knife, paring knife, steak knives. 

? One of a kind stainless steel knife set – Home Hero brings together a unique mix of quality sharpness, great value, durability & professional crafted accuracy.


The Home Hero Kitchen Knife Set is one of the highest-rated knife sets for sale out there. The knives come in a durable plastic material that they are well-protected from dirt and bacteria, making this a perfect set to have at home. They’re made from stainless steel, so you can cook with confidence without worrying about your knives breaking or losing their edge after a while.


“I did hours of research on affordable knives, that also had an aesthetically pleasing look to them before *finally* committing to a purchase! Boy, was I glad that I did! These have been fantastic! I haven’t had to use a sharpener at all yet (Though it is recommended after so much use)! I have nothing but good things to say, honestly, but I don’t want to be a cliche, so let’s get down to the basics.”


✅ Premium Quality

✅ Includes premium sharpener

✅ More than a regular knife set

✅ Premium stainless steel knives are carefully coated with a non-stick paint


❌ Knives are a little too light

❌ Handles are made out of plastic



? PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN KNIFE SET – 16-piece knife set is designed for the personalized kitchen to meet all the needs of kitchen tools.

? PREMIUM QUALITY – Knives set is made of superior german high-carbon stainless steel for precision and accuracy.

? PERFECT DESIGN – Classic knife block design is easy to store and take out the knives, which greatly saves counter space. T

? EASY CARE – kitchen knife set is easy to clean, and keep it dry after washing. In order to protect the sharpness and gloss of the knife, please do not put it in the dishwasher!


The knife set comes in a beautiful wooden presentation box. The main advantage of the wooden box is that it’s more durable than cardboard (and easier to wash) — but don’t think that this is going to take away from the quality of your kitchen knives. As you can probably tell by the name, these are made from high-quality stainless steel, and this means that they are durable enough so that you won’t have to worry about sharpening them all the time.


“Absolutely impressed with the quality of this knife set, it went beyond my expectations! Of course I had to test out every knife in the set when they arrived so I made a video while I prepped for dinner which is posted above. However, I didn’t film every knife because I tend to favor chef knives. I used to work in a gourmet kitchen at a hotel & have missed working with amazing knives like this set. As I said, the chef knife is always my go-to favorite & the one in the set does not disappoint, even the smaller one is impressive.


✅ Exceptional corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

✅ Crafted from the premium german steel

✅ High-Carbon stainless steel blade with Ultra-Sharp

✅ Ergonomic colored wood handle, anti-slip and labor-saving

✅ Impeccable full Tang design, safe and durable.

✅ Luxurious wood kinfe block, elegant and space efficient.


❌ Quite expensive







We’ve got you covered with more of these amazing gift lists:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a knife set and a knife block?

A knife block is a collection of knives — it usually contains some kitchen knives and they’re usually stored in a decorative container. When you get one, you usually pay more than just buying the knives individually. A knife set on the other hand, contains all of the necessary knives that you’ll need for your home. They’re priced reasonably low as there are only some basic knives included, but there’s no denying that they provide an excellent value for money!

2. What is the difference between an 8-Piece and a 12-Piece set?

The number of pieces included in a set can have a huge impact on the price. It is important to note that 8-piece sets may sound appealing because they are cheaper, but you’ll notice that they will be missing some useful knives like a pairing knife or vegetable peeler. On the other hand, 12-piece sets always include all of your basic essentials (like paring knives or chef’s knives) and are usually more durable as well — they name themselves after their number of pieces, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best value for money.

3. What makes a knife set good?

There are different reasons to choose one brand over the other — we chose some of the best knives sets out there that could really make your cooking experience better. The most important thing that you should be looking for in a knife set is durability. You want your knives to last and only need to sharpen them from time to time. Otherwise, you’ll notice that they only work great when you first get them but not after a few months. Moreover, pay attention to their ergonomics — this will increase your confidence in using them and make it easier for you to avoid any potential injuries.

4. How many knives are required in a knife set?

This is where you need to think about what kind of cooking you’ll be doing. For most people, a standard 8-piece set should be enough. This includes the basic essentials that they’ll use most frequently — like an 8-inch chef’s knife and an 8-inch bread knife (although some sets may include them as 2 separate items). A 12-piece set will contain more knives, often including some that you might not need regularly. Make sure to choose based on your needs!

5. How long do good kitchen knives last?

High-quality kitchen knives will last for many years — at least if taken care of properly. However, if you notice that yours are not cutting well or have started to rust, it is time to get them sharpened. As previously mentioned, they have a razor-sharp edge when you first purchase them — but after a year or two, it can become dull and start to cut poorly. It is important to take care of your knives and keep them clean; this means that you should use oil regularly (in addition to a sharpener) and avoid putting any abrasive substances on their surface. If you plan on using your knives every day for years, it’s worth investing in some good ones!

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