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Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

Thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for couples would be an item both of them can use. You might also consider getting them something they can both do together. 

An example is to have a couple’s cooking class where they can learn how to cook and prepare meals as a couple. 

This could be a wonderful way for them to bond and create memories while at the same time learning something new. You could also purchase a gift for the home they share. 

Whatever it is you give them as a couple, they will appreciate the thought you put into their present.

The holiday season is the perfect time to show your favorite couple how much you love them. And it doesn’t have to be expensive either. 

These gift ideas may help find the right Christmas gift that is the right kind of special:

To help you get started on your gift list, we put together a few ideas! Whether it’s as simple as a night in at their favorite restaurant or an activity they’ve been dying to try, there’s something for every couple on this list. 

Without further ado, here are some thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for couples.

The Romantic Couple

For the couple who can’t get enough of each other, there are so many gifts you can get from your favorite couple that will keep that spark alive between them. 

Pillow to Cuddle

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - Pillow to Cuddle

When you’re falling asleep together, spooning is one of life’s pleasures, but it can cause pins and needles and a ‘dead’ arm.

A cuddle pillow allows couples to sleep snuggled together while also providing a non-pressure tunnel for ‘big spoon’s arm to pass through.

It’s a pillow with love and intimacy in mind. It has a brace design system that prevents your arm from being squashed by the weight of your cuddle partner’s head. 

That arm will no longer fall asleep or become numb. During bedtime or couch time, cuddle for a longer period of time. This makes a great Christmas gift for parents too.

Lock Bracelet and Key Necklace

A set of these accessories is a little unusual but makes the ideal gift for couples who enjoy unique jewelry.

His necklace has a tiny key, but her bracelet is locked on her wrist until he uses the key to open it. 

This type of couples jewelry is a romantic gift for girlfriends, boyfriends, and on Christmas or any occasion because of the unique design. 

It’s a one-of-a-kind and romantic way to declare your undying love. It means you’ll be together for the rest of your lives.

What I Love About You Today Pad

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - What I Love About You Today Pad

With an amusing memo pad, they’ll have something to smile about every day. ‘What I love about you today is a pad that includes a checklist of things to appreciate about each other, an awards section, and a space for additional notes.

Checking a box and scribbling a few words is an easy way to express your fuzzy feelings. Complete just one line, or go crazy and complete several. This makes a great Christmas gift idea for sentimental girlfriends out there.

The love you share today will be 99% guaranteed to all come back to you, according to the laws of physics (and romantics).

Weighted Blanket

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have been shown in numerous studies to reduce anxiety, relieve tension, and simply help people sleep soundly. 

This type of blanket is soft, cozy, comfortable, and a great aid to insomnia; it’s also a great Christmas gift for friends. It’s filled with premium quality glass beads.

Even with the influx of new brands on the market, Gravity remains the industry leader in weighted blankets!


????It is made of microfiber.

????Gravity is a premium-grade weighted blanket that uses lightweight on the body to improve sleep quality. 

????Available in 15, 20, and 25lb options, we recommend selecting the one that’s about 10% of your body weight. Do not simply choose the heaviest option as "heavier" does not equal "more effective."

????Gravity is sized 72” x 48”, providing a grounding experience for ONE USER at a time.

????The exterior duvet cover is made of super-soft micro-fleece. The interior of the weighted blanket is made of cotton and fine-grade glass beads. It is held in place inside the duvet cover by our new, upgraded zipper system.


Using a weighted blanket has been shown to reduce anxiety and increase sleep duration, helping the user to obtain better sleep every night. And although we've covered a variety of linens to make sleeping more comfortable, including the finest duvet covers and sheets, the Gravity Blanket is unquestionably the best on the market. 

The inner layer is made of cotton fabric, and it comes with a synthetic outer cover that is detachable and machine washable, just like other weighted blankets. It stands out in particular because it offers a wide variety of choices for usage, whether as a night blanket or as a throw blanket for naps. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from and weights ranging from 15 to 35 pounds.

The Gravity Blanket is suitable for practically any person, whether they are children, adults, light sleepers, or frequent travelers. This makes this weighted blanket a perfect gift for Christmas.


“These blankets were gifts for my daughter and granddaughter. They absolutely love 'em, use them on the couch, in the chair, as well as in the bed. Security, warmth, comfort, are the words they use. Me, I'd have little use for them. If I needed more weight I'd get another blanket and throw that on the bed. Why, then, did I give it such a high rating? When you have daughters and granddaughters and you make them happy, and they feel the warmth and safe and secure? That deserves the highest rating of all, my friend.” 

“I was skeptical about this product to help with sleep, especially for the price, but I swallowed my pride and paid the $200 for a blanket and have come to the conclusion this was well worth the money and more, because of how it has helped me sleep is priceless. To anyone who is skeptical and hesitant about paying the price for this, trust me I was one of you, and having it now makes me regret not getting it sooner. I have had trouble sleeping for years and this has been a godsend. I absolutely guarantee you would not regret it, even for those people who aren’t happy about anything including going to the happiest place on earth Disneyland. WORTH IT!!!!!!!! 25 lbs or 35 lbs size only!”


✅It is very comfortable and cozy

✅It can improve your sleep quality

✅It comes in different sizes and weights

✅It comes with a duvet cover which is machine washable


❌The internal blanket is hand-wash only


❌The weight does not stay equally distributed through the blanket

Personalized Wooden Keepsake Box

Many couples keep mementos of their relationship, which frequently end up in a shoebox under the bed. 

Give them a special wooden box that has been personalized with their names and/or a special message engraved on the lid, as well as additional personalization inside.

A one-of-a-kind personalized wooden keepsake box to hold all of your exciting memories.

For the upcoming holiday season, surprise him with this adorable couples memory box! Perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend and for you to share as a gift!

The Trendsetters

If your favorite couple is always up to date with the latest styles and trends, why not get them something stylish? 

Personalized Song Lyrics Print

Whether it’s their first dance or a song that was playing when they first met, there’s always one special song that a couple connects to. 

Have the lyrics etched into a vinyl record, then finish it off with a personalized label that includes names, dates, artists, and more.

People’s memories of a wedding, birthday, event, or even a person can be triggered by song lyrics that have a deeper meaning for them.

Date Night Bucket List

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - Date Night Bucket List

Date nights are fun, but they can quickly become difficult to plan! If you know a couple who spends their date nights planning activities, this is the gift that will change their lives. 

With this couples-only bucket list kit, you’ll never have to wonder, “What should we do for date night?” 

The date night-invigorating prompts are printed on tiny wood sticks and range from romantic reverie (pack blankets and pillows and go stargazing somewhere secluded) to intellectual stimulation (attend a lecture at a local museum or university). 

Once you’ve shared each experience, use the official bucket list pencil to write the date on the back of the stick. If you don’t have a gift for your makers yet, this is a nice gift idea for parents for Christmas.

Stylish Chess Set

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - Stylish Chess Set

A game of stylish chess set for the trendsetter couple you know will love this set. This type of set has an ash wood base that neatly stores all of the pieces when not in use, as well as cast zinc pieces that glide smoothly across the board.

A set like this creates a timeless effect, allowing your home to look and feel well-curated and designed for today, regardless of how many decades pass.

With this Metal Gladiator chess set, you can relive a fascinating period in history. With intricate pieces and a one-of-a-kind board, you can bring the thrill of the cheering and jeering audience, the sharp sound of clashing steel, and the gritty combat of these celebrities of yesteryear into your living room or home. If your lover likes the game of chess, give this type of Christmas gift for him.

BEST STYLISH CHESS SET: Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set


???? An incredible glass chess board is suspended over the Coliseum.  

????Fun for the whole family!  

???? The base is a highly detailed resin replica of the iconic amphitheater.

????Board dimensions: 13.5L x 13.5W inches

???? Square size: 1.5 inches 


The distinguished Metal Gladiator 3D chess set is ridiculously cute. If you're the kind of person who pays attention to the more minor details while shopping for Christmas gifts, this is a set you wouldn't want to miss out on.

It is constructed in such a way that can inspire enthusiasm from the crowd's hooting and hollering. The clashing swords of the dozens of pieces adorned with details on the one-of-a-kind board are breathtaking.

The Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set is a wonderful gift for collectors, youngsters, amateur historians, and for sprucing up the living room. Instead of looking at the TV, the stunning chess set is great for entertaining friends who have come to see you.

Because each piece on the board is original and has such intrinsic details, deciding the most invigorating aspect of the entire game might be difficult. The chessboard stands out owing to its massive Colosseum walls that hold a glass playing surface.

The magnificent board is around 16 x 16 x 4 34 inches, while the playing area is 13 58 inches square with 1 12 inch squares. The measurements create a 3D representation of the board. If that weren't enough, the chess pieces are cast from pure metal that has been delicately painted with a silver and bronze finish.

The king piece is the most eye-catching on the board, with a height of 3 inches and a base diameter of 1.25 inches.

The chess set's design is based on some of the iconic figures seen in the ancient Colosseum, such as lions, emperors, and gladiators. You may experience a taste of gladiator combat right in your living room with this gift set!


”Beautiful Chess Set indeed, great detail on the pieces and board. Definitely catches your eye when you first see it in person. As I expected, it is a heavy chess set so you just have to take some precautions when moving it. It would make a wonderful gift and even a great decorative piece in a room. Beautiful set.”

“If you like the Roman era, Pompeii, gladiators, amphitheaters, swords, and chariots you will love this chess set !!! The nicest one I have ever seen, even nicer than the one I bought in Rota, Spain when I was in the Navy Seabee’s. Thanks to all the great reviews, videos, and photos from everyone I had to get the set. It beats anything I’ve seen for chess sets and I’ve been all over the world. My favorite pieces are the lions & tigers (rooks). If not for the great ''Chuck Norris” packaging my set would have been broken. The box was badly damaged, pieces laying all over, no broken pieces or thank god no broken glass board.....whew! The box is very heavy so shipping people tossed it around I’m sure. I’m displaying mine on the kitchen table for all to see. You have to, it's too nice. I like the detailed, heavy pieces, and go great with the amphitheater. If you want beautiful chess set from the Roman era don’t hesitate to get this one.”


✅ Made from high-quality material

✅ The chessboard is made from glass which gives it an elegant and premium look

✅ The chess set is high detailed


❌ The rook and knight pieces look similar

Wall Art Cork Holder

What are you going to do with all those corks from the bottle of wine and champagne you and your lover opened on special occasions? If the couple is wine connoisseurs, they are unlikely to discard the corks. 

Provide the happy couple with a way to display all those cool corks instead of keeping them in a box in the closet with this wall art cork holder.

Tabletop Fireplace

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - Tabletop Fireplace

The tabletop fireplace is a great choice whether the couple prefers to entertain outside or you want to give them a little indoor pizazz. 

This is a liquid-fuel portable fireplace that sits on any flat surface and gives off the color, charm, and warmth of a wood-burning fire without the smoke, odors, or sparks.

A fireplace or fire pit is a terrific addition to any home, both for heating and setting the atmosphere. Still, not everyone has a fireplace or an outside area large enough to hold a firepit. This makes a lovely Christmas present for friends who recently moved into their new home.

This is where the Colsen Fire Pit comes into play.


???? This portable fire tabletop fueled by smokeless, odorless, rubbing alcohol can be used indoors or outdoors. This fireplace will make any space the place to be.  

???? Use Only 70% and 91% Isopropyl alcohol as fuel. DO NOT use biofuel. 

???? It is light and easy to transport so you can move it anywhere. You could use this small personal fireplace to add warmth and ambiance to your desk, side table in your living room, the centerpiece for your main dining table, or anywhere outdoors. 

???? Quick and easy to use with no mess or clean-up. Easy to light and extinguish. No better way to spend time with family and friends than sitting around a real fire. 

? This flame lasts approximately 40 – 50 minutes (depending on room temperature and climate).


It gives the right amount of coziness to any house and is also safe to toast marshmallows for s'mores since it contains no chemicals.

Its lightweight design makes it portable, enabling you to carry it anywhere you desire. Place it on the porch during a party or on the dining room table when you have guests around for some nice meals and a fun ambiance.

It's simple to light and extinguish, and it makes little to no mess. The flame will last around an hour. After that, just refill, and you're good to go. This present will undoubtedly make someone's Christmas extra special this year.


“Love this! I have cancer and freeze all the time due to the type of chemo I take. This fire pit is warm, burns clean, and heavier than just 5 lbs. so don’t worry about it easily tipping over. I’ve only ever used it indoors. Great buy!!” 

“Love this indoor fireplace. ? There is no assembly, all you do is open, pour the 70% + alcohol into the center, and light it (carefully). It is easy to use, and the kids love it. We've cooked marshmallows on it. The only downside is it doesn't burn for a long time, filling the entire center will burn for about 45 minutes. We have been running through alcohol like crazy.”


✅ It can be used indoors and outdoors

✅ It uses alcohol fuel 

✅ It is portable and easy to transport

✅ Quick and easy to use with no mess


❌ Recommended to only use 70% and 91% Isopropyl alcohol 

❌ It would be best if it came with a cover to put out the flame

❌ It doesn’t burn for a long time but having it indoors, it may be best if it doesn’t last long to prevent any fires

The Foodie Couple

Foodies are everyone’s favorite! I mean, who doesn’t love that couple who’s always up to date with all the yummy places to eat?

Mr. & Mrs. Aprons

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - Mr. & Mrs. Aprons

Encourage the couple to spend more time in the kitchen with a Mr. and Mrs. apron set because a couple who cooks together stays together. This type of set can include oven mitts and a potholder.

Whatever the occasion, these gifts are ideal for couples who have everything, including Christmas gifts for parents, wedding shower gifts, and anniversary gifts.

This will be a gift that they will use and appreciate long after their special day has passed!

Personalized Cutting Board

Any recipient of this gift would consider themselves extremely fortunate to receive it on Christmas Day. 

This brilliant chopping board is handcrafted and will feature the family name of their choice hand cut along the top of the board; both useful and a wonderful addition to their kitchen.

This type of cutting board adds a personal touch to your prep work and presentation, whether you’re preparing cheese and vegetables or displaying homemade hors d’oeuvres. 

A tasteful keepsake that is bound to bring any party together and also makes a handsome accent on your kitchen counter when not in use, making it ideal as a Christmas gift.

The Newlywed Cookbook

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - The Newlywed Cookbook

Cooking for each other can be a difficult task when you’re married. A cookbook, written specifically for newlyweds, contains both simple and more elaborate recipes for intimate meals for two, as well as dinner parties for friends and family.

This book aims to motivate you to take your relationship’s love and express it through the food you prepare together. Give this friend Christmas gift to your best friend who just got married so they can make a beautiful and delicious dish for their partner.

Nesting Bowls Set

A set of colored nesting bowls will add a splash of color to your kitchen. This type of set includes two bowls, a sieve, a colander, and five measuring spoons, all of which nest neatly into one another when not in use.

Individual pieces can be stacked neatly together, thanks to the space-saving nesting design.

A mixing bowl isn’t something we consumers would go to lengths to test and write a review about. However, this set definitely is an exception.

BEST NESTING BOWL SET: Bamboozle Nesting Bowls Set


???? Includes seven assorted and pastel-colored mixing bowls.  

????Sizes to suit any of your cooking, baking, or serving needs; bowls measure up to approximately 11 x 11.5 x 6.5 inches.  

???? Made of biodegradable and durable bamboo fiber.

???? The set is packaged in beautiful craft paper boxes for easy gifting and storage.


The largest and most unexpected feature of Bamboozle mixing bowls is their height. It's a minor change, but compared to the typical nesting set, it's tremendous. The depth of Bamboozle bowls helps emulsify mayonnaise and properly blend mix-ins into cookie dough without overflowing over the edges.

Like its plates and compost bins, Bamboozle bowls are constructed of bamboo fiber, a fast-growing perennial plant. Bamboo can be harvested often without harming the landscape or soil, making it an eco-friendly cookware material. Bamboozle mixing bowls are dishwasher safe, moisture and heat resistant.

Bamboozle's bowls come in a few color combinations, like pastels, achromatic, and a blue and purple mélange —that is stunning but not too bright. They're robust yet thin, so we feel comfortable using them as serving plates.


“I got these less than a week ago and have already used 6 of the 7. They're so versatile. They look amazing in person! And they are tougher than you would think; bamboo is serious material. This isn't like a melamine or plastic bowl which I used to buy and replace OFTEN. I will have these for a long time! So worth the spend. I'm sick of wasting money on other materials that break. Oh, and the colors are beautiful. They all mix and match. But also stand-alone, they're pretty. Cleaning them is easy peasy... I just can't recommend these enough.”


✅ Made from biodegradable and durable bamboo material

✅ It is dishwasher safe  

✅ The bowls are colorful and vibrant

✅ They are versatile and lightweight


❌ They stain and scratch easily

Glass Tube Spice Rack Set

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - Glass Tube Spice Rack Set

A spice rack will hold ten different spices in a sleek, chrome base. It saves space and looks great on your kitchen counter. 

Each spice holder is shaped like a test tube and comes with a natural cork stopper to keep the contents fresh, making it ideal for the foodie couples out there.

You can place it on the counter or mount it on the wall. A wire rack keeps ten of your favorite spices and herbs close at hand. 

The Office Couple

If you have a couple who works together, why not get them something they can use in the office or that can help them get through the day? Here we listed down the best Christmas gift ideas for your coworker couple friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mugs

Couples will be overjoyed to receive a lovely set of mugs with which to share their morning coffee. 

His gray one says ‘Mr,’ while her pink one says ‘Mrs,’ and both come with long gold spoons and convenient lids.

Get them these personalized coffee mugs and customize them as Mr and Mrs. This makes a the perfect parents Christmas gift to give them this year.


???? Full-color personalization, and you can choose from 6 bright colors. 

????Easy to personalize your mugs by adding a photo, logo, or your favorite image  

????Digitally printed on one side or two sides. 

????Upload your favorite photos and give them to your friends and family.


This set of four personalized 11oz ceramic mugs with a colorful inside is ideal for hot beverages. It is especially useful if you want to sip your beverages on the go. With this drinkware set, you can make meaningful, attractive, and useful presents for a wide range of people, from busy mothers on the way to school to college students racing late for class to Dad - or anyone, anywhere.

Gifts that can be customized with photos or text are ideal for any occasion. Your friends and family will appreciate the effort and time you put into making this one-of-a-kind photo gift, whether you use a single photo or a collage design.


“They perfectly executed the mug that I had envisioned. The inside color was correct and the pictures on either side were just precious. It was a very special gift for my grandson!”

“Love these cups. My sister/friend's husband passed and I thought it would be nice for girls.”

“Product received exactly as ordered. Nice quality photo transfers.”


✅You can choose from 6 different colors

✅It can be fully personalized 

✅It can be printed on two sides of the mug

✅A great Christmas gift to give to your family, friends, and coworkers


❌It would be better if it could hold 16 oz

Coffee Maker

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - Coffee Maker

Would you like to find a way for the coffee lover in your life to have delicious, hot coffee all day? 

A portable pour-over coffee maker not only allows you to make the best coffee but also keeps it warm for hours.

With a portable pour-over coffee maker, you’ll never have to settle for subpar or under-heated coffee again—a perfect Christmas gift for workaholic couples. 

With Nanopresso, you can enjoy outdoor espresso coffee brewing in the snow this holiday season.


????The Nanopresso works best with finely ground coffee that is tamped hard. Nanopresso will help you brew perfect cups with a nice and dense crema layer every time, thanks to its innovative construction and easy operation.  

????No battery/electricity needed. Manual operation only! Experience the pleasure of drinking high-quality espresso, from the first sip to the last drop, wherever you are. All you need for your next shot is ground coffee, hot water, and the Nanopresso machine.  

????Nanopresso S-Case is made of durable EVA material and soft fabric interior lining (185x77x72mm / 7.23x3.05x2.85in). 

????After each shot, Nanopresso maintenance takes only a few seconds. When necessary, all components of the portafilter are easily separated for deep cleaning. 


Presenting our favorite portable espresso machine! It's lighter, smaller, and faster than comparable gadgets. The piston is whisper quiet and a joy to use. The build quality is excellent, and the design is spot-on. Portable and resilient, it's ideal for travel or outdoor use. Most importantly, it makes great espresso.

To use the Nanopresso, you must first boil water. But you wouldn't go camping or climbing without a stove or at least good fire-starting gear. You'll also need finely ground coffee or a pre-filled coffee pod. This equipment requires only hot water and coffee to make a delicious, fresh cup of espresso.

This case is great for taking Nanopresso on travels. It's small, light, and perfectly designed to hold the device.


“I have all kinds of coffee makers because I love a good cup (Try Front Porch French by Vashon Island Coffee Roasters). Have a Krups Moka Brew-steam vacuum extraction, pour-over, siphon, cold brew, and an Aeropress with the adaptor from Stagg. Needed to give this a try for traveling, trail running, or ultras. The first couple of shots surprised me. Quick and easy to use. You're not going to pull a shot as you get from a $1000 plus machine but what you do get is surprisingly good. Easy to use. Very portable. Cleans easy. Love it so now I'm going to order the double shot accessory. Note: the single shot that comes with it seems kind of wimpy. Me? I'll take a double shot any day. So impressed, I'm taking it to work tomorrow to show some of my Java-loving co-workers. Can't go wrong with this little bad boy.”


✅It brews the perfect cup with a nice and dense crema layer every time

✅No battery or electricity is needed

✅It comes with a protective case

✅It is easy to clean


❌It only makes a decent single shot, although the water tank will hold enough water for a double

Neck and Shoulder Massager

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - Neck and Shoulder Massager

A shiatsu neck, shoulder, and back massager uses infrared heat and kneading massage nodes to relieve stress. 

This type of gift is great for a couple who works too hard and also needs some downtime. 

A shoulder and neck massager can help them relax. They can relax each and every muscle in their body! It is a wonderful and simple gift for your couple friends.

Is there a greater present to give during the busy holiday season than the gift of tranquility and comfort? No, we don’t believe so. The TruMedic InstaShiatsu+ is one of our favorite items from this year’s gift recommendations!


????Enjoy a wonderful, deep-kneading shiatsu massage with heat anytime, anyplace with the newest self-shiatsu back and neck massager. Just slip your arms or hands through the wrist supports and tighten your grip to experience an invigorating shiatsu massage that will deeply knead and loosen your muscles.

????The shiatsu neck and shoulder massager will target the specific areas of your body that need relief the most. While it works great as a shiatsu back massager, it can also ease tension in the neck, shoulders, legs, and more. 

????The well-constructed control panel of your shiatsu neck massager is so simple and easy to use. 

????The shiatsu neck massager with heat has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides hours of cordless shiatsu massage relief with just a single charge.


The TruMedic InstaShiatsu+ is a portable massager that can be used at home, in the office, or on the road. It has numerous settings and is very versatile, allowing it to ease achy muscles all over the body. With its internal rechargeable battery, the device can be used for many hours at a time. Its self-adjustable settings allow users to choose the best pain treatment for them. InstaShiatsu+ is always ready to help massage that hard-to-reach spot in the middle of your back or to provide you with an intense, deep-kneading, heated massage where you need it most.


“I spent a little more on this than other massagers and boy am I glad I did. It feels great and there are a lot of options on how to massage your body. This has 3 speeds, heat, and a reverse option. The reverse option is kind of stupid (IMO) because it feels exactly the same to me it just rotates in the opposite direction. I did not get paid to write this ( I wish I did, however I did not). I would definitely get this again.”

“This thing is a life changer for me. I have neck problems and this works great to totally relax my upper back and neck. When I’m done I feel like I had a professional massage. I love this thing.”


✅It is adjustable to control the intensity of the massage

✅It is easy and simple to use

✅It is rechargeable and cordless

✅It has different heat and speed functions

✅It comes with an auto-shut-off feature


❌It is a little bit pricey but totally worth it

Scratch Off 100 Movies Bucket List Poster

There are some couples who focus on work too much. With this massive scratch-off movie poster, they can watch a movie every Friday night or weekend after a long week of work. 

They don’t even have to worry about deciding what to watch next. Each of the panels is imprinted with the title of a classic film, which can be scratched off to reveal movie-themed artwork beneath once it has been watched.

Organized Reader’s Bookstand

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - Organized Reader's Bookstand

It can be difficult to stay organized with all the other work stuff that gets in the way. With a book stand organizer, you can give them a practical Christmas gift they will love

It can not only keep important books at hand, but it can also organize important documents and magazines.

A bookstand helps to keep things tidy by holding enough newspapers, magazines, and books to keep even the most voracious reader occupied.

The Outdoorsy Couple 

If your couple loves to travel, this is perfect for them.

Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier

If you’re looking for unique gifts for special people, look no further than a tote table set. A portable picnic table is both functional and beautiful, and it doubles as a wine carrier, allowing the recipient to not only serve but also transport the wine! 

The best memories are made outside, with food and friends. You can just simply extend the legs of your tote to turn it into a table. It’s a lovely Christmas gift for a couple who understands that fresh air makes any meal more memorable.

Smokeless Fire Pit Grill

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - Smokeless Fire Pit Grill

A smokeless wood-burning pit will be right up any BBQ king or queen’s alley! It’s a high-tech way for someone in your life to get their grill on, with a full view of the fire. Give this great Christmas gift for your husband who loves to grill.

It can be used as a smokeless grill, a BBQ grill, or simply an outdoor fire pit. It’s ideal for when you’re on the go or in the backyard.

No holiday get-together is complete without a bonfire. The main disadvantage of roasting s’mores or talking over a fire is the smoke on your face and the lingering smoke smell hours after the fire has gone out. With Solo Stove, those will be a thing of the past!

BEST SMOKELESS FIRE PIT GRILL: Solo Stove Yukon with Stand Fire Pit


???? Coming in at 27", the Yukon out measures all other Solo Stove fire pits, creating the hottest and most effective fire.

???? The double wall design maximizes airflow and the burning process. Bottom vent holes allow oxygen to feed the fire from below while simultaneously channeling warm oxygen up between the walls of the stove and back into the fire.  

???? A complete burn means little to no smoke. It also means no more half-burnt logs to deal with.  

????Since Yukon burns with almost no smoke, you'll spend less time dodging smoke, and your clothes won't smell. You'll spend more time enjoying the fire! 


These really one-of-a-kind fire pits are made possible by the 360-degree airflow technology found inside a Solo Stove. To enjoy and maybe even to be charmed by the way a fire burns in a Solo Stove, you don't have to be a happy camper. If you cannot stand the smoke produced by a fire pit, or if you find yourself having backyard bonfires weekly, a Solo Stove may be an option worth exploring. Having said that, a Solo Stove is well worth the investment.


“You may think this is too expensive, so ask for it as your birthday or anniversary present! It is worth every penny. Get it on sale if you can. It takes about an hour to get the fire burning hot enough to reduce the smoke but once you get there, this fire pit cannot be beaten. The flames are mesmerizing and hardly any smoke to mention. We never smell like smoke even after 4-5 hours of enjoying the fire. You can safely visit friends and family outdoors, which was why we asked for this for Christmas. For the most part, you will not need a screen, but it is good to have one on hand when the fire occasionally pops sparks. Awesome heat output and burns wood efficiently. Start out with smaller pieces to build a good base, then we put very heavy half logs on the fire and they burn hot and keep everyone warm and cozy!”


✅ It is a very large solo stove

✅ Efficient burn and low smoke

✅ No need to dodge smoke  

✅ It can be used on heat-sensitive surfaces like wood decks


❌ It could use handles to move it around more easily

Picnic Backpack

Eating outside is a fantastic experience that people all over the world enjoy. A picnic backpack is an ideal companion for the couple you know who enjoys eating outside. 

An insulated bag that is comfortable and has so many pockets that it can even come with a complete place setting for two people.

A stylish picnic backpack makes dining alfresco for two a breeze. This is the perfect Christmas gift for couples who enjoy the great outdoors. 

Summer food tastes much better: charred burgers with all the toppings, ice-cold beer beneath a beach umbrella, toast with eggs fried over a bonfire. And it’s never too early to start preparing!


????Deluxe fully equipped picnic cooler for four on wheels. Great for trips to the park, outdoor concerts, sporting events, beach, camping, and boating.  

???? Coordinating melamine plates & napkins, stainless steel flatware, acrylic wine glasses, cheese knife, combination corkscrew, and removable wheeled cart  

????Spacious leak-proof cooler compartment to keep food and drinks cool for hours. The cooler has separate sections for food and two bottles. It features a pass-through opening in the lid for bottles.  

???? Adjustable shoulder strap and carry handles. It is constructed with a 600 denier polyester canvas for long life. It measures 14.5" wide x 10.5" deep x 12.5" high without a wheeled cart. 


We searched everywhere for an easy-to-store picnic basket. After weighing various options, we believe the Picnic at Ascot Original Insulated Picnic Cooler with Service for four on Wheels is the finest choice available.

The basket's metal frame and strengthened sides hold it upright even when empty, making it easy to fill. Sophisticated but functional, this one-of-a-kind Thermal Shield insulated and waterproof, partitioned cooler compartment keeps beverages on ice while keeping food cold and dry.

A corkscrew, hardwood cutting board with juice groove, cheese knife, wooden salt and pepper shakers with non-spill caps, acrylic wine glasses, matching melamine plates, stainless steel silverware, and cotton napkins are included in the basket. The serving equipment is durable, and we like that the acrylic glasses will not shatter like glass. With it, salads and grapes will stay cool for several hours, and it can carry a decent-sized lunch for two or a modest picnic for four.


“A lovely present for myself and my family. 🙂 I checked out many of the more "romantic" wicker hampers but they seemed very heavy and the contents looked cheap. Finally settled on this as a more ergonomic and portable choice. A wise decision. Have used it for two picnics so far - it packs a lot and is very easily transportable- and much admired by all! The hamper slides on and off the wheels easily so you don't have to feel bound to using the wheels. That said it's easy (and fun) to wheel around.

The plates and cups are nothing to write home about but do the trick for an outdoor picnic. The cooler portion is capacious and includes a handy divider for a few bottles of sparkling water/wine. A little pricey perhaps- but durable and really attractive. I chose the blue and white pattern.”


✅ It is spacious and leak-proof compartments 

✅ The straps are adjustable 

✅ It is easy to transport and move around

✅ Great insulation


❌ The wheel mechanism looks cheap

Portable Cooler

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - Portable Cooler

Who wants to drink warm beers? Drink coolers are an essential part of life. A portable cooler is made to the highest standards and is extremely durable, even in the face of bears! 

This type of cooler can simply have everything one could want in a cooler, especially if they travel frequently.

A portable cooler is armored to the core and virtually indestructible, so it will withstand the rigors of the journey wherever you decide to take it.

Whether you and your partner are going on a long drive or planning a long adventure in the mountains, a decent cooler can keep your food and beverages cold for days. And everyone knows that YETI produces the greatest coolers in the business!

BEST PORTABLE COOLER:  YETI Hopper Portable Cooler


???? The Hopper Flip 12 has Cold Cell Insulation, a closed-cell foam that offers superior cold-holding to ordinary soft coolers, with a capacity of up to 12 cans plus ice.

???? It features a 100% leak-proof HydroLok Zipper, and the wide-mouth opening means great accessibility and visibility to contents.  

????Its DryHide Shell is waterproof and resistant to punctures and abrasions, so it will hold its own when faced with the hazards of the wild.  

???? The only personal cooler that’s game for full days in the tree stand, early mornings in the duck boat, or afternoons on the water.


Yeti has condensed all of its legendary performance and durability into a tiny, portable container, the Yeti Hopper Flip 12. An ideal travel companion. We like the fact that it provides excellent insulation for a small cooler of this size. It is easily accessible with a zipped box with a strap that makes carrying it around so much fun. If you're seeking the highest-performing, longest-lasting personal cooler on the market, go no further than this.


“Use the crap out of this for travel. Great product and awesome that it comes in a black gray color. I don’t know how many times I get stopped by people, especially flight attendants, on how they didn’t know that this color existed.” 

“Everything about this Yeti Hopper 12 is superb! It’s perfect for one or even two for a day at the beach or even for a road trip to the Keys! I’m so happy that I got it! Also, I bought the Yeti 4 lb ice pack for the bottom of my cooler and it helped tremendously! Love it! #TreatYourself”


✅ You can choose from different colors and designs 

✅ It is completely waterproof

✅ Resistant to punctures and abrasions 

✅ It can hold 12 cans with ice


❌ The zipper is difficult to open and close. It is best to apply zipper lube.

Inflatable Hot Tub

A hot tub is a Christmas gift idea everyone wants, and they’re not as costly as you might think. This could be the ultimate inflatable hot tub you’ve been looking for your couple friends! 

It can accommodate up to six people at a time and comes with an electronic control panel that allows you to adjust the temperature and other features.

Nothing beats sinking into a warm, bubbling Jacuzzi after a long, hard day while jets massage your back, neck, and shoulders with bubbles.

There is nothing better than the Intex PureSpa Portable Spa Set when it comes to a reasonably priced inflatable hot tub.



???? Pampering yourself is easier than ever with 170 soothing high-powered jets that give you the ultimate spa experience in relaxing water up to 104 F (40 C).  

????A built-in hard water treatment system makes water gentler on your skin, clothes, and the entire spa system.

???? Ready for water in about 20-minutes and can be deflated for easy storage or transport; Extra durable Fiber-Tech Construction stands up to plenty of use all season.

???? Provides relaxation at the touch of a button for up to 6 people with the easy-to-use, wireless control panel.


The level of luxury and relaxation that these spas provide is well worth the investment. With the exception of chlorine, the package has everything you need. It's simple to assemble and quite durable. It's beautiful to look at, and it performs well.

It's quite easy to use. To activate the high-powered Bubble Jets, just switch on or off the simple control panel on the side of the unit. Even your grandmother, who is unable to deal with technology, could run it with ease.

With its stiff three-ply build and what Intex refers to as Fiber-Tech Construction, it is both sturdy and long-lasting. You can even sit on the walls since they are so robust.


“The Intex portable hot tub is a great purchase and I highly recommend it! I’ve attached a quick help video to make (first time) set up a little easier. The directions are poorly written which makes it a little frustrating. But don’t be discouraged because it is actually super easy to set up once you know how.” 

“Very easy to install. Sturdy and solid. The pump and blower are not too loud and the pump alone is very quiet. Temperature control maintains water temp but running the air blower function does slightly cool the water but only a degree or 2. The cover helps greatly keeping water warm.”


✅ It can fit up to 6 people

✅ Assembly is fast and easy

✅ It is made from extra-durable Fiber-Tech Construction

✅ It has a built-in hard water treatment


❌ The filters need to be replaced often

❌ The diagrams in the instruction manual are hard to understand

The Adventurous Couple

If you have a couple that loves all types of adventure, why not get them something they can do together? This will show that you are thinking ahead and will be very thoughtful.

WiFi Touch Vibrating Bracelets

When you’re in a relationship, time apart can be difficult, but a pair of Wi-Fi-enabled bracelets can help them reconnect. 

When one of them touches their own bracelet, the other’s lights up and vibrates, signaling that they’re on their lover’s mind.

By simulating the natural vibration of their touch, it allows you to stay connected and always stay in touch with your loved ones while you are apart. You can choose the color that will light up your bracelet to brighten your day. 

Your partner’s bracelet will light up in the color of your choice when you send a touch. You can send your touch to someone you care about. You can feel them whenever you want, no matter where they are. Give this sentimental Christmas gift for your boyfriend and for you.

Outdoor Complete French Press Set

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - Outdoor Complete French Press Set

Hiking and other outdoor activities are wonderful ways to spend quality time with your partner, but what if they want a cup of coffee in the middle of nowhere? 

An outdoor espresso machine allows them to take freshly brewed espresso with them wherever they go, and it all fits into a backpack.

It has everything you require. To make a great espresso, simply combine hot water with your favorite ground coffee or coffee pod.

A French Press is a fantastic way to drink coffee on the go. If your partner despises automated drip coffeemakers, you should consider getting them a French Press. If they are always on the go, a travel French press is your best bet.

BEST OUTDOOR FRENCH PRESS:  Stanley Classic Travel Press


???? Designed with double vacuum insulation, this French Press not only allows you to make an amazing cup of Joe, but it also doubles as a travel mug and can keep drinks hot for up to 4 hours to enjoy as you go.

???? We designed this with two layers of naturally BPA-free 18/10 stainless steel walls to provide superior insulation. 

????The last thing you want to do is spend time cleaning – that’s why every piece of our French Press is dishwasher safe.  

???? Place your favorite coffee grounds in the French Press, add boiling water and give it about 5 minutes to brew, then press the steel plunger once you’re ready to have a great cup of coffee to start your day.


Enjoying your coffee without the temperature fluctuating too much is what this Stanley French press mug offers. Will such a guarantee stand up in varying weather? The cup contains a distinct vacuum that acts as insulation, preventing the contents from losing or gaining heat for many hours.

Stainless steel construction ensures the mug's integrity and prevents rust development. This mug has no or less BPA due to the lack of plastic. The difficulty with French press mugs is that the press is difficult to remove and clean, but not so with this one. The vacuum press mug is also dishwasher safe, so cleaning it is a breeze.

It's hard to find a French press cup that can handle travel, but this vacuum press mug could do the trick. The fantastic design involved in the mug's construction includes a cover that keeps the content intact.

Despite its various features, its base is still a conventional cup, so your cup holder still works. This French press mug is a must-have for your travel needs.


“I'm an FA, I hate hotel coffee and airplane coffee. The thought of some people using the hotel coffee machines to wash pantie hoes etc and cook food freaks me out too much. I fill this up with water from a bottle or fountain. And heat the water with my little immersion heater wand. Throw my grounds in close and give it time to do some magic. Put the french press part and put in my fixings. BOOM ? coffee. That does not taste bad. I love how durable it is. And yes I have already dropped it a few times. And it fits in my bag easily. Or on the outside with a D clip. It's super easy to clean. Also! Ice coffee works well with this as well. It saves you so much money. Black coffee from Starbucks that's grande is 3$ (it's about 16oz) and you have to wait in a stupid line forever! If you use this 10 times not only did it pay for itself, you got to make your coffee and not had to wait for the one barista serving 100 people. All in all, best purchase. 100% recommend.”


✅ It is tough and very durable 

✅ Designed with double vacuum insulation 

✅ It can keep drinks hot for up to 4 hours

✅ It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe


❌ It can only hold 16 oz of liquid

Picnic Backpack Set

After a long hike, nothing beats a picnic, but bags full of food can be cumbersome to transport.

With a stylish picnic backpack, it’ll be a breeze. This type of bag is insulated to keep food cool and comes with a bottle holder and a picnic blanket attached to the side.

Picnics are a great way to unwind, especially when you’re with someone special.

While still enjoying the impromptu charms of the great outdoors, a picnic tote makes it easy to pack and carry a proper picnic. 

Adventure Wine Tote

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples - Adventure Wine Tote

Picnics will be perfect every time you use your adventure wine totes. This will keep wine chilled, and it can even come with a folding table among other accessories, making it ideal for couples who enjoy a tall glass while out and about.

You could drink that crisp Riesling from a canteen and eat your cheese spread on a tree stump, but why not be prepared by going Boy Scout on your next outdoor adventure?

Plan the most romantic picnic of your life with this picnic basket of your dreams!


????The Corsica Wine and Cheese Picnic Basket by Picnic Time is a 2-bottle wine carrier picnic set with wine and cheeseboard accessories.

????This wine and cheese basket tote feature a durable woven wicker and polyester canvas exterior with an insulated interior.

????Great for travel, this wine and cheese picnic wine bag set includes a 6" cutting board, cheese knife, and stainless steel corkscrew in an exterior pocket for a romantic picnic for two.