Father's Day Gift Guide

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Father’s Day Gift Guide For Every Type Of Dad

Father’s Day is just a little over a month away, and you’re still unsure of what to get for dad. No need to worry, we have compiled a Father’s Day gift guide that will help you give dad the perfect Father’s Day gift based on his personality and type. 

The Dad Who Loves to Cook

If dad is a master in the kitchen, look for any cookbooks or new utensils he may need. If he has already mastered this hobby, then you may consider getting him new apparel for the kitchen. For the dad who loves to grill, get him the best barbecue must-haves for Father’s Day.


Nothing beats the smell of cooking the perfect meal. Pair your cooking gift with some nice-smelling aprons to make your father feel like he is in culinary heaven.

Nonstick Frying Pan

This Father’s Day gift is perfect for any dad who loves to cook. There are so many types of nonstick frying pans that cater to different cooking needs.

They are even safe for the dishwasher, so dad can cook up the most delicious dishes without having to worry about cleaning them manually. 


Try a new dish on Father’s Day

At this point, dad has probably got his favorite recipe memorized. After all, there’s been so many recipes that he’s tried and liked! Just give him a new cookbook that will inspire him to test out new recipes or better yet, make him a Father’s Day lunch that he will never forget.

Knife Set

If your dad enjoys cooking, purchasing a new knife set is the ideal gift. The set will include everything from paring knives to long slicing blades.

All in all, this is a unique gift that will allow him to create delicious meals for you and the rest of the family!

The Baseball Dad

Your dad likely has a favorite team that plays in the National Baseball League. If this is the case, look for any memorabilia online or at your local sporting goods store.

You can get everything from baseball hats to mitts, t-shirts, and even bobblehead action figures of his favorite players.

Baseball Cap

They’re a must for the baseball dad. This is the perfect Father’s Day gift for any age. Whether he needs a new cap or would like to add to his collection, this can be found at just about any sporting goods store.

Baseball Jersey

Giving dad a jersey will be sure to make him feel like he is part of the game with every pitch thrown up in the air! Besides stripes are in this year. 

Baseball Mitt

Play catch with Dad on Father’s Day

You can get your dad’s mitts that are made of the most comfortable materials and can withstand any inning thrown. The leather takes time to break in, but once it does, it will feel as if he never had to deal with getting a hard-hit ball.

Bobble-Head Action Figure Of His Favorite Player

This one is hard to pass up for any baseball fan. It can be a bust of his favorite player or even an action figure of himself. Either way, your dad will be sure to love this gift and he can also display it proudly on his bedside table.

The Dad Who Loves Video Games

If your dad is a modern-day dad who enjoys video games, look for any of his old consoles or handhelds online or at your local gaming retailer.

This is an ideal gift for dads who enjoy retro games such as those based on the old-school Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo.

Retro Video Game Consoles

Dad will be glad that you got him his favorite game console when he was a kid. You can always add games by getting him his old favorites like Final Fantasy, Super Mario, Mario Kart, and more.

Classic Video Games

There are many classic games that your father may have loved in the past. This is a unique Father’s Day gift that you can add because it will allow your dad to relive some of his past gaming memories. You can also get him games to add to his collection.

Video Game Accessories

Sometimes dads don’t even need the actual game. They just want the accessories to go with their favorite games. Remember, you can always find accessories like headsets, controllers, and memory cards that are easy to find at any gaming retailer!

The Geeky Dad

If your dad is looking for comics, check out the incredible offer at local comic book stores in your area.

You can find more than just the popular Marvel and DC comics at these stores. Look for any of his favorite characters like Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, etc!

Vintage Comic Books

If your dad has a love for vintage comic books, this is the perfect gift. He’ll get a great appreciation of how much some of these comics are worth. This will also get him in touch with his childhood years. 

Action Figures

This is the perfect gift for any dad who loves action figures. Get him an action figure of his favorite character. This gift will definitely put a smile on his face.


This is the perfect gift for any dad who loves collectibles. You can get him a gift to add to his collection for example if he is into collecting coins, why not get him a piece he’s trying to get a hold of?

The Outdoorsman Dad

A Father’s Day gift guide for outdoor enthusiasts and dads who love to be outdoors.

Utility Knife

Getting him a good utility knife set may be something you want to consider. You can also consider getting him a pocket knife or an all-purpose blade for outdoor use. He can also take it with him on a family vacation on Father’s Day.

Trekking Poles

Trekking poles are a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts and dads who love to hike. Trekking poles can help them carry up to 50 pounds of weight and also help to keep them steady and secure on uneven terrain. 

Hiking Boots

A hiking boot is a great gift for dad. Trekking poles can be bought together with them for a more complete gift set.

Hiking boots are very essential for an outdoorsman who hikes and backpacks. They not only provide better traction and stability but also keep his feet from getting sore and getting blisters while walking long distances.

Camping Gear Set

Enjoy the outdoors with Dad on Father’s Day

One of the best Father’s Day gift ideas for dads who love to camp is a good camping gear set. Camping gear sets usually include tents, sleeping bags, camping chairs, and many more. The set includes everything he would need to go on camping trips.

Lightweight Sleeping Bag

A lightweight sleeping bag is also a good addition for an outdoorsman who loves to sleep outside. Lightweight sleeping bags are easy to carry and also provide protection from cold weather. They are also budget-friendly.

Fitbit or Garmin GPS Watch

With new technology, a smart watch is a great gift for the dad who loves to hike. A GPS watch tracks his heart rate, distance, and speed. He will appreciate the technology for its accuracy and easy to use.

The Active Dad

If your dad is the type that loves staying active and fit, you can give him a gift for his fitness lifestyle. These gifts will help him stay healthy and active. Here are some ideas for a Father’s Day gift guide for him:

Running Shoes

Dads who love running will appreciate a new pair of running shoes. Running shoes are designed with different types of technology that can help your dad run further and faster.

It is very important to get him the one that’s suitable for his feet. Researching and getting the right one will be very helpful to keep his feet comfortable and safe.

Cross Trainer Shoes

A good pair of cross trainers can be another gift idea. Cross trainers are designed for leisure and fitness. They usually have a rubber sole that gives the shoe a good bounce while walking or running.

They are also made with lightweight material to make it easier for the shoe to be comfortable when walking or running.

Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is a great gift for Father’s Day

A fitness tracker is a great gift idea for the active dad. He will appreciate it since it tracks his steps, heart rate, and calories burned during workouts.

It is also used to keep track of how many calories he has consumed each day. It can be downloaded to a smartphone so that he can monitor his progress.


Men’s athletic socks are designed for comfort, support, and moisture-wicking to keep dry feet on the go. Socks are also a perfect Father’s Day gift he can’t refuse because they can be used on a variety of occasions such as playing sports.

Trunk Organizer

Dads who have a lot of gear that they need to carry with them when playing sports will love a  trunk organizer.

A trunk organizer can be used when hiking, backpacking, or playing any outdoor activity. It is designed with a lot of compartments for keeping all the stuff organized.

Sports Gift Card

Giving him gift cards to the sports retailer of his choice is an excellent idea. Sports gift cards can be a great way for a dad to buy his sporting needs without you worrying about what he likes and dislikes.

Road Bike

If your dad is the type who loves cycling, you can also get him a road bike. Road bikes are designed with lightweight materials and have flexible tubes and steel frames.

Your dad will love this Father’s Day gift because it will help him go places faster and more conveniently.

Bicycle Helmet

A bicycle helmet is a great gift for your dad. If he is the type that loves cycling, this is a must-have item. It provides protection for the head when he is riding. 

Yoga Mat

If your dad loves yoga, you can also get him a yoga mat as a Father’s Day gift idea. This will help him to continue his yoga practice at home.

For The Techy Dad

There are a lot of tech gifts for dads, so you are sure to find one that he needs for his work or to upgrade his workstation. Here are ideas for Father’s Day tech gifts for him:


If your dad is always looking at his phone or is on it all day, he might really enjoy a smartwatch.

The best smartwatches for men serve more of a function for fitness tracking, not so much as a fashion statement. There are countless options out there, so you will most likely be able to find one that he will enjoy and that suits him. 

External Hard Drive

If your dad is constantly working on computers or likes to take pictures and videos, he might enjoy an external hard drive. You can fill it up with your pictures of family, vacations, and other special memories and give them to him for Father’s Day

Portable Power Bank

If your dad is always on the go or likes to be prepared, he will enjoy a power bank.

This is a gift that he can use every day. It will give him the ability to charge his phone whenever he needs to so that he will always be able to make important calls.

Headphones / Earbuds

Give Dad headphones so he can listen to his favorite tunes

If your dad is always listening to music, he might like new headphones or earbuds. There are tons of different kinds, so you can definitely find the ones that fit him best. You can pick his favorite color to add a specific touch to the gift. 

Bluetooth Speaker

If your dad loves music, he can listen to his favorite tunes through a Bluetooth speaker that connects straight to his smartphone.

He can use this speaker at home, in the car, or at the gym. It is easy to take along with you and doesn’t need to be plugged in. Your dad will be able to hear his favorite music wherever he goes.

Wireless Earbuds

If your dad loves to go for a jog every day, wireless earbuds are a great option for him. You can connect his phone to his wireless earbuds without wires getting in the way. 


If your dad drives a lot, he might enjoy getting a car GPS. This device will show him how to get where he is going and show him turn-by-turn directions. It will also let him know what traffic is like on the road and adjust his speed based on that. 

If this list is not enough, check this video out:

Let’s Wrap It Up

Now that you have some ideas of what to get dad for Father’s Day, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort by knowing exactly what he will want best on his special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to shop for dad this year on a budget?

The best way to do Father’s Day shopping on a budget is with the help of Amazon. On Amazon, you can find Father’s Day deals that are perfect for any dad!

  • Buy him something he needs (such as his phone charger or headphones)
  • Buy him something he wants

2. Can I give him a gift card for Father’s Day?

A gift card is the most popular Father’s Day gift, but make sure you get your dad something that he needs and wants. He might need a new pair of shoes or want a new pair of headphones, so try to think about what will be the most useful for him.

3. What to get a dad who wants nothing?

Best way to get a gift for a dad who wants nothing:

  • Make it personal, such as scrapbooks you made of years together, printed photos from his favorite vacation spots on canvas, or a sketch he can show off.
  • A gift card always works as well. Plus, they’re available in most shops and stores these days!
  • Consider tailoring a personal experience or outing together instead of an object.

If this article is not enough, you may check our article about Gifts For Dads Who Say They Don’t Want Anything

4. What if my dad doesn’t like his present?

If your dad doesn’t like the gift, you can always get him something else! Some great ideas are to do things such as take him out for a dinner or buy him flowers.

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