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The Best Christmas Decoration Ideas
For The House

The coming of Christmas is symbolized by many different items and decorations you can use to decorate your home. Here are some examples of the best Christmas decoration ideas for the house:

• Red & Green Color Scheme

• Christmas Tree

• Santa Claus

• Pine Cones

• Gingerbread House

• Gingerbread Man

• String lights

• Christmas presents

• Bows and Ribbons

• Snowflakes

• Sleighs

• Reindeers

• Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

• Tinsel

• Mistletoe

• Candles 

• Star Tree Toppers

• Candy Canes

• Christmas Stockings

Let us help you plan your Christmas activities with the special people in your life with some of these ideas:

Everyone knows that Christmas is not complete without festive decorations to celebrate the season’s joy.

The evergreen trees, bright colored lights all throughout your home, and colorful garlands are sure to brighten your holiday spirit. 

Here’s a comprehensive list of Christmas decoration ideas for every part of your home during this season!

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Outdoor Christmas decorations are sure to bring joy and excitement to anyone who passes by your residence. 

After all, it’s a way of welcoming the upcoming holidays. If you have a small yard or balcony, you’ll still be able to add festive decorations in order to accentuate your family’s holiday spirit.

Lighted Angels Christmas Decoration

Image from Lowes

It’s not all about sleighs and elves at Christmas! This idea is a hit if you really want to make an impression on your neighbors this winter. 

These types of outdoor lights are beautiful and bright, resembling three angels, each holding something special—an attractive way to ring in the holiday season.

Christmas Santa Sleigh and Reindeer Set

Image from Collections Etc.

A delightful sleigh and reindeer set is the ideal way to make a simple yet effective statement this holiday season. 

They are white in color and have a lovely design that will stand out on your lawn! You can even add to your collection by getting more reindeer to complete Santa’s helpers.

Candy Cane Pathway Markers Set

Image from Tolgac

This Christmas, light the way to your door and make it easy for Santa to get in if the chimney is blocked. Line up some candy canes that light up.

They are a surefire hit with everyone, including the mailman, because they are colorful, festive, and full of fun.

Hang or set up these candy cane lights on pathways, driveways, trees, and other areas to celebrate the Christmas season in style.

Snowfall Christmas Projector Lights

Image from House Mix

Even if it doesn’t snow in your town, you’ll be able to have a white Christmas thanks to a fantastic projector. 

That’s right, this ingenious piece of equipment was created to make it appear as if snow is falling all around your house.

Christmas Reindeer Family

Image from Amazon

With a Deer Family, you can show off your Christmas spirit to everyone. Your yard will sparkle with a Deer Family set!

Reindeer are one of the most iconic holiday symbols; they are majestic and play an important role in Santa’s plans. Take a look at some stunning glittering gold reindeer with that in mind. 

You’ll have the entire family on your front lawn with a buck, doe, and baby included.

Santa Hanging From Gutter

Image from Ebay

Festive can also refer to something amusing. This type of decoration is for you if you’re looking for some fun and festive decorations to hang around your house this holiday season! 

A fun Santa decoration can be hung from gutters or doors and will make a great addition to your home, whether out or inside.

Holy Family Shimmering Nativity Set

Image from Absolute Christmas

Many people believe that Christmas marks the birth of Jesus himself. With some outdoor lights, relive the beautiful and special moments of the nativity. 

They depict Mary, Joseph, and, of course, baby Jesus and are sparkly and colorful enough to fit in on any front lawn.

Window Christmas Decoration Ideas

Make your home’s windows come alive with these festive Christmas decorations! Hang a small wreath and add to the look by draping garland along the bottom of your windows if your style is maximalist.

Make the garland even more striking by adding red ball ornaments. Even during the holiday season, a touch of greenery can brighten up any neutral space.

Lighted Frame

Image from Liven Casa

For those who believe that less is more, a festive border of colorful lights can be used to decorate all your home’s window frames. 

It won’t only be appealing from inside the house. It will also look festive and bright outdoors. 

This decoration will look great, especially at night. If you want to stick to a white Christmas theme, go for plain white Christmas lights. 

White Christmas Window

Image from Matchness

You can pretend there are inches of snow outside by adorning your windows with paper snowflakes, regardless of the actual weather forecast. 

These are easy to do by simply printing some snowflakes and cutting them up, and sticking them on your windowpane. 

Tree Trimmings

Decorate your windows with all of your usual Christmas tree trimmings for the ultimate dose of holiday cheer if you want to go all out. 

All you need to do is get some loose trimmings from your fresh pine tree and decorate your window by making them dangle. 


Image from Dominique

If you don’t have a mantel, hang your stockings in the window frame for a festive look that is both functional and beautiful. 

You can even personalize each stocking with every member of your family, including your pets. 

Kids’ Crafts

Don’t know what to do with all those holiday crafts you made to keep the kids occupied? Simply place them on the windowsill for a low-maintenance decorative touch. 

These are great ways to showcase your kid’s talents and appreciate their hard work. 

Christmas Decoration for Doors

Door holiday decorations are sure to make you feel merry upon entering your home.

Head outside after you’ve finished trimming the tree to decorate your front door for the holidays. Our front door decoration ideas range from traditional to contemporary, but they’re all simple to put together. 

You’ll have the prettiest house on the block with Christmas wreaths, lights, and garlands.

Evergreen Porch Decor

Image from HGTV

Do you want to go for a more neutral look? Working with browns and greens, especially if your home is white, will keep things simple. 

To frame the doorway, fill galvanized planters with tabletop Christmas trees. A collection of wrapped-up gifts and a festive chalkboard sign complete the display. 

Arrange greenery, flowers, and a big, layered-ribbon bow instead of a traditional wreath. And secure with florists wire to a shovel. Use a removable exterior hook to hang it.

Make a corner by wiring greenery to boards that are attached at a right angle to each other.

Northern Inspiration

Image from Hayneedle

For a northern holiday look, combine Scandinavian-inspired Christmas decor with evergreen branches and red berries. A snowflake-shaped wreath stands out against the dark gray home, while deep red lanterns add crisp holiday color.

Because of its clean lines and calming simplicity, the Scandinavian style has been in the spotlight for quite some time. 

With these ideas, you can extend your minimalist design to the holidays. White and one other color make up a traditional Scandinavian color scheme.

Rustic Wreath

Image from Pinterest

Deck the halls with some lovely Christmas wreaths, which will add a festive touch to your winter decor. Christmas wreaths are commonly made of fir, but you can also make creative DIY wreaths for anyone looking to make their own this season.

This type of rustic wreath is made from precut wood slices and will add a touch of rustic charm to your winter look. Simply glue wood slices to a flat wood wreath, then finish with a pinecone and berry bow.

Monochromatic Christmas Decoration

Image from Brit+Co

This year, go all out and create a winter wonderland right outside your front door. Make paper snowflakes with the kids and hang them from light strings. 

Spray faux trees with white paint and place them on each side of the door in galvanized buckets. Finish by spray-painting wire baskets white, then filling them with sparkling silver orbs and hanging them.

Light Evergreen Arches

Garlands are a traditional Christmas decoration that looks beautiful on mantels, banisters, exteriors, and other surfaces. 

Whether you use real or fake greenery, it’s important to hang a garland safely and securely without causing damage to your home.

To create a welcoming Christmas display, drape a garland wrapped in Christmas lights above your doorway. Adding evergreen to your traditional holiday lights will give your Christmas curb appeal an extra sparkle.

Living Room Christmas Decorations

Spread the Christmas spirit to your guests from your living room with festive decorations!

Find Solace and Happiness

A living room with a luxe look soothes the soul, especially when there’s a touch of wood to bring it back to a country vibe. 

Natural tones help to create a relaxed and effortless look. A dark and nice backdrop for select gatherings is created by a black wall, graceful furniture, and refined details.

Use Paper Crafts to Decorate Your Home

A great way to get the whole family involved in papercrafts is to make your own paper decorations. Homemade paper decorations are a fun and inexpensive way to finish off any Christmas decorating scheme. 

From tree toppers and stars to playful honeycomb balls to place around the base while there are no presents, there’s something for everyone. 

With paper, the possibilities are endless. There are many ways to add a homemade touch to paper crafts, including paper chains, garlands, and more.

Use Pastels to Add a Feminine Touch

Image from Tidbits

Match your decorating scheme to the colors on the walls to make a style statement. This method of seasonal decorating allows a subtle scheme to stand out without overpowering the rest of the decor. In 2021, pretty pastels will be a big trend in Christmas decorating.

Hang a Statement Wreath Above the Fireplace 

Image from Pinterest

Wreaths aren’t just for the front door; they also look great hanging over fireplaces or on a feature wall. 

With foliage woven with fairy lights, dried orange slices, eucalyptus, and berries, this supersized copper version makes a statement. It will not only make the space look lovely, but it will also make it smell lovely.

Decorate the Alcoves

The alcoves serve as a focal point for the rest of the living room’s decor. The use of shelving on either side of the mantelpiece helps to balance the decorations on the mantelpiece. 

Taking advantage of the extra space to add simple decorative touches to tie in the focal Christmas decorations prevents the decorations from looking out of place. 

You don’t have to go all out with this concept; it’s amazing how much of a difference a few simple lights and hints of foliage can make.

Make a Curated Christmas Sideboard Display

Image from Angela Marie Made

Sideboards are an excellent place to express yourself and create a landscape or display. For a cozy glow, a sideboard has been adorned with house-shaped candle holders, as well as a scented candle and dried orange for added scent.

Use Jewel Tones to Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Decorate with warm spiced tones and jewel colors to enhance the ambiance of a roaring fire. Warming shades of seasonal clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg enhance the look and add sophistication to your living room’s holiday decor. 

Adding hints of precious metals enhances the color reflection. The use of brightly colored furniture anchors the entire scheme.

The colors pop even more against a fashionable backdrop of brooding dark paint.

Use Foraged Foliage to Keep Things Natural

Bring the outdoors in with fragrant evergreen branches and pine cones to make the most of a rustic living room. 

Consider where the focal point of the room will be – the tree, fireplace, or coffee table – and plan around it when placing your decorations. 

The coffee table, which is laden with foliage, baubles, and a pillar candle, is the focal point of the room.

Add a bowl of homemade potpourri to the mix. Tying bundles of cinnamon sticks and placing them in a bowl with pine cones and a sprinkling of cloves for a festive potpourri.

A Golden Glow can be added to a Dark Room

The only Christmas touches in this room are the tree, candles, and cut glass champagne glasses, which, while sparse, are more than enough to give the space a festive feel. 

To match the dark grey walls, the tree was placed in a streamlined black pot. Warm white fairy lights cast a soft yellow glow on the tree, bringing out the golden yellow tones in the sofa cushions.

To create a tree that is dripping in texture, paper decorations have been layered with glass baubles and silver-dipped pine cones. 

The gold and navy wrapping paper have been color-coordinated to fit in with the rest of the decor.

Create a Focal Point with a Simple Centerpiece

You don’t need a large display of decorations to make an impression; a simple display on a coffee table can do the trick. 

With the addition of some twinkling lights and a cluster of rustic pine cones, simple items you may already have on display, such as a hurricane lantern, can be made to feel festive. To complete the look, a small tree ornament can be added to the display.

Staircase Christmas Decorations

Surprise your family and guests with a beautifully Christmas-decorated staircase!

Glam Candles

Image from Pinterest

Candles have a way of elevating a space. For a festive and welcoming look, line your steps with a variety of white flameless pillar candles.

Flameless candles can be used without the worry of a flame, there are no fire hazards or risks of burning, and they are safe for families with pets or small children.

You can have the perfect ambient evenings with peace of mind with this amazing flameless candle set. These flameless candles look so real that they’re almost indistinguishable from real candles.

Classic Stockings

Image from Pinterest

Stockings aren’t just for the fireplace anymore. Consider draping them with garland and twinkle lights along your stairwell.

Wrap garland and twinkle lights around your staircase railing to achieve this elegant look. For a classic Christmas scene, finish it off with red bulb ornaments.

Nature-Inspired Look

Image from Pinterest

To dress up faux garland with pops of real greenery, grab pine cones and thick ribbon. Interested in learning how to keep it all together? Zip ties are an excellent option.

Paper Tree Garland

Use a pink, red, and orange color palette in the form of paper trees for an unexpected arrangement. A few pine cones and red bows complete the look.

Berry and Ornaments

Image from Pinterest

Don’t worry if you can’t fit your entire ornament collection on your Christmas tree. 

Instead, gather a selection to use as garland for your staircase. To add even more visual interest, finish the arrangement with some berries.

Christmas Decorations for the Dining Room

Dining room decorations can certainly light up any holiday evening.

Dramatic Reds

Image from Veranda

When in doubt, base your tablescape on a stunning floral arrangement. A stunning arrangement of red roses in a gleaming gold vase highlights both the red in the rest of the room goblets on the table, roses on the mantle, vases for candles on the mantle, and red tones in the magnolia leaf garland—and the gold accents in the tablecloth, chairs, valance, and curtains.

Ribbon Table Runner

For a cheerful Christmas tablescape, use shades of red. Instead of a traditional table runner and placemats, these designers used silky red and light blue ribbon that is layered lengthwise, widthwise, and underneath each plate. 

Rather than the traditional red and green, your table can incorporate an unexpected blue hue, which keeps the Christmas spirit alive while also adding a dose of freshness to the color palette.

Classic Christmas

Image from Hallstrom Home

Incorporate traditional elements such as deep red and greenery into every room. Red taper candles and table runners are incredibly easy to incorporate—and incredibly festive. Nothing is overdone, and the design makes the most of every opportunity—the table, the windows, the mantle, the tree, and the bookshelves. 

Everywhere you look, there are holiday touches, and the overall effect is thoughtful and festive.

Central Candle Glow

Image from The Happy Housie

Rather than using traditional Christmas decorations, a tablescape uses everyday decor and only adds a cluster of collected candlesticks to the dining table’s center. 

Choose a variety of candle sizes, but make sure they’re all the same color to make this mixed-and-matched design work for you. 

For a coastal feel, white or taupe-colored neutrals are ideal. In the evening, light the candles for a festive dinner by candlelight.

Winter Wonderland

Image from MW Designs

Keep your tablescape simple, understated, and a little frosty this year by sticking to taupe tones. This design is beautifully symmetrical, with three wreaths made of rope hanging in each of the three windows. 

The dining table is decorated in beige hues, with assorted greenery clustered low on the table and tall vases of gorgeously unruly branches strewn across the ceiling. 

The proportions here allow guests to enjoy the centerpiece design while still conversing across the table.

Christmas Decoration Ideas for The Bathrooms or Powder Room

This year, add an extra touch of winter wonderland to your bathrooms.

Holiday Scent Diffuser

If there are children present, you may not feel comfortable leaving a lit candle in the powder room during the Christmas party. However, having a pleasant holiday odor in the space is a thoughtful touch.

Set a scent diffuser near the sink or on a nearby shelf in a subtle Christmas fragrance. Without the flame, you’ll get all the good holiday vibes.

Festive Orchids

Orchids are a smart choice for the powder room because they last longer than a bouquet of flowers and are undeniably elegant.

While rare orchid varieties can be costly, you can often find inexpensive potted orchids at your local grocery store.

Orchids prefer bright indirect light, so a sink near a window that is shaded would be ideal.

Holiday Scented Nice Soap and Hand Lotion

Replace your standard no-frills hand soap with a pretty matching Christmas-scented liquid soap and lotion set. It’s such a small thing, but it makes a big difference to guests during the holidays.

Choose a scent that is inspired by the season, such as apple cider or pumpkin spice in the fall and peppermint or pine in the winter.

Wreath for the Holidays

Image from Driven by Decor

Adding a wreath to the powder room during the holidays can make the space feel especially festive. 

Hang a wreath made of fresh greenery, preserved olive branches, magnolia leaves, or winter berries over the mirror.

Monogrammed Festive Linens

A welcoming personal and festive touch is placing fresh cloth hand towels with your monogram on them. Choose a single-letter monogram for a more affordable option. 

Final Thoughts

Christmas, more than any other holiday, is the ideal time to showcase your creativity and design aesthetic. 

There is so much Christmas decor that can bring your space to life for the holidays, whether you love finding the perfect spot to hang festive lights, pinpointing fun crafts to amplify your living room mantle, or settling on eye-catching table settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I decorate my home for the holidays on a budget?

  • Use pine cones and twigs from a Christmas tree to surround candles.
  • Adopt and root a Christmas tree
  • Use candles and empty glass bottles to create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Upcycle Memorabilia to Transfer Evergreen Trees
  • Branches, pinecones, and wooden boxes
  • Paper Can Be Repurposed Into Christmas Ornaments

2. Which Christmas decoration is the most popular?

  • Candles
  • Garlands
  • Roping
  • Swags
  • Ribbons
  • Poinsettias
  • Ornaments for Christmas trees
  • Wreaths

3. How do you decorate a window for the holidays?

Simply use a wide red-and-white ticking striped ribbon to hang wreaths. On the top of your window frame, tuck a small nail or hook out of sight. 

With these simple ribbon corner pieces, a simple window swag with greenery gets an upgrade. Tie a knot instead of a traditional bow for a more understated look.

4. What is the best way to make a Christmas window?

Get some large plastic snowflakes from any local store. If desired, spray paint them and then hang them with twine. 

Using a large beaded garland, add festive swag to your window treatments. Drape a few garland strings over the curtain rod and secure them with tape on the rod’s back.

5. What should I put on my dining room table for the holidays?

Always begin with the centerpiece if you want your Christmas table to have a big impact. Start with a table runner as a foundation, then layer on stunning pieces for your table setting. 

Add garlands and fairy lights for a more traditional look or flowers for a more modern look.

6. What is the most popular Christmas color?

Although red, green, gold, and silver are the most popular colors for Christmas decorations, almost any color can be used to create a festively decorated home. 

Gather ideas from a variety of sources, then carry the theme throughout your home to make it look as festive as possible.

7. What should you put on your Christmas table?

Pick a theme.

To create a dramatic effect, theme your table. Begin by matching the colors to the rest of your decor, such as your dining room.

Create a focal point with a simple tablecloth and a decorative table runner. Look for dramatic candelabras, lace napkins, and antique napkin holders if you want to go for a vintage theme.

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