High Quality Wallets For The Classy Man

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5 High Quality Wallets For The Classy Man

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When shopping for a gift for your guy, you know he’s tough to shop for. Sure, there are easy options like ties and suits, but those are the same places most men tend to purchase their clothing from already.

So when you’re looking for a wallet that your guy will definitely love this year it’s imperative that there’s something on the list of features he’ll appreciate. So we’ve put together a list of the top wallets that have the best features.

Look for wallets that are tough, well-built, have a few different options for you to choose from, and have design features that appeal to your man. So let’s take a look at our top 5 picks for the best wallets for men!

AT A GLANCE – OUR TOP 5 High Quality Wallets For The Classy Man

1. THE SLIM AND SIMPLE: Bosca Men’s Front Pocket Leather Wallet


? 100% Leather

? Leather lining

? Magnetic closure

? 100% ITALIAN LEATHER Our unbelievably soft Italian Nappa Vitello Leather will last a lifetime and wear in beautifully. Every piece of leather that goes into a Bosca wallet is inspected by the owner himself to ensure that our leather is nothing less than the world’s finest.

? STAY ORGANIZED the front magnetic money clip and top loading currency pocket are designed to keep your currency safe and secured so there’s no fumbling when it comes time to pay the check.

? SLIM & SPACIOUS Each of the 3 card pockets are built to withstand all of your everyday wear while maintaining a thin and sleek construction.

? Measures 4.25 inches tall x 3 inches wide


Bosca’s front pocket leather wallet is a great choice because it’s slim, simple, and you can find it in a variety of different colors. It offers great protection for your cards, has an ID window on the flip side for your driver’s license or state identification card. The leather is hand sewn so that it will last for years to come and be a great functional wallet for your guy to use every day.


“I first switched to a Nappa Vitello wallet about 10 years ago when I received one as a gift from a friend who liked to tease me about my “George Costanza wallet”. Once I eliminated 75% of the crap I used to carry around in my wallet, and really got down to the essentials, I loved this wallet. My first one lasted nearly a decade. I had stretched it out over a bit as I added some things back in, but it held up remarkably well. I finally broke down and replaced it with a new one. To me, $60+ for a wallet seems expensive, but the design and quality are something I didn’t want to lose. If this one lasts another 10 years, I’ll be happy.”

“nice leather- great magnet for your bills.”

“This is a terrific car holder/wallet. It’s swank and quality made. It’s my third one; I’ve bought and had two others. They last a long time, don’t take up much pocket space, and look rich. I’ve also bought and given one to my son. He really likes it, too.

Be sensible with the number of cards you put into it. If you want to carry 20 cards, get a book.”


✅ Slim and compact


❌ Magnet may be too weak for bills but don’t put too many either

❌ Can only hold 3 cards


? EASY ACCESS – Instant card access at the click of a button. Stores 10+ cards in total; the built-in aluminum cardholder stores 4-6, depending on the number of embossed cards, and the pocket strap holds 4 additional cards + cash.

? PREMIUM MATERIALS – Handcrafted from premium top-grain leather, tanned under gold-rated LWG-certified protocols, and 6063 T5 Aluminum, anodized in space grey.

? RFID PROTECTION – The integrated RFID blocking technology safeguards your cards from scammers, keeping you protected against the growing risk of electronic pickpockets.

? MAKE IT UNLOSEABLE – Perfectly fits the Ekster Tracker Card to make sure you never lose your wallet again. Misplaced or lost your Ekster? Ring it from your phone or see where you last had it on a map. Tracker sold separately.

? 100% GUARANTEE & DISCLAIMER – Not satisfied? Return the product with a money-back guarantee within 30 days. This wallet is not designed for people who carry a significant number of bills.


One of the more creative-looking wallets for men out there is the Ekster Senate Leather Card Holder Wallet. It has a very unique design that doesn’t feature your typical bi-fold. Instead, it features a tri-fold design that offers much room in the wallet even though it doesn’t look like it would because of its smaller size. This wallet is handmade from premium Italian veg-tanned leather and has RFID blocking to make sure your cards are protected.


“This isn’t the cheapest slim leather wallet out there, but was well worth the premium. I bought it around Black Friday, and Amazon was matching their own Black Friday deal, which was about 25% off, plus added free Prime Shipping to seal the deal.”

“Great wallet! Wife got this for me after I was complaining about how stiff and difficult the release trigger is on the Fidelo. Definitely worth the price and a major upgrade. No issues with the release, cards are easily accessible and don’t fly out. I’d say size comparison it’s about the same size as an iPhone 4, which I don’t mind, but getting used to a smaller wallet after carrying a bulky one for a while it’s easier to have an oh *sugar honey iced tea* moment and think you may have forgotten it somewhere simply because of how compact it is. Comfortably fits 6 cards and my only*** complaint is that cards with raised numbers or lettering will. fall. out. with enough force applied i.e. toddlers violently shaking your wallet upside down. There’s a leather slot that can fit one more card very very tightly and the band I’ve been able to keep about 5 bills in there without them moving at all. Great purchase if you’re in the market for a new wallet, even if the price point is a little higher than others, you definitely get what you pay for.”

“This wallet isn’t exactly inexpensive. Let’s get that out of the way.

This wallet is sleek and stylish, sharply eye-catching, slim and compact, surprisingly durable, and makes you feel like Somebody when you whip it out to pay.

Personally, I’ve tried a few card combinations and it seems to work well with 4-5 flat cards + 1 card with raised text (i.e. debit or credit). 6 is the absolute maximum without risk of putting unnecessary strain on the ejection mechanism. However, once they’re in the tray and retracted inside, it’s almost impossible to shake them out.

The Ekster Senate edition is a solid wallet that does exactly what it should and does it very well, which is why I recommend it.”


✅ Quick access to cards with button

✅ Easy access to cash with strap

✅ Premium materials

✅ RFID protection

✅ Slim design


❌ Can only hold 4-6 cards

❌ Quite expensive for a wallet with limited capacity


? LIFETIME GUARANTEE – We chose our military-grade materials for their durability and, in turn, created a wallet that’ll last a lifetime — guaranteed. If you ever feel your wallet isn’t functioning properly, you can make a claim and we’ll do our best to make it right. This includes the replacements of elastic, screws, money clip, and cash strap plate. Each purchase of The Ridge is just the beginning of many years of you carrying a better wallet.

? RFID BLOCKING – Breathe easy because your cards will be surrounded by the metal body of this wallet protecting them from even the most powerful RFID Chip Readers.

? FUNCTIONAL & SLIM – Holds 1-12 cards without stretching out. The slim wallet is ideal for carrying business cards, credit and debit cards, bills etc. The outside notch allows you to push out the cards easily.

? INTEGRATED CASH STRAP – The cash strap allows you to secure several bills to the outside of your wallet with a proprietary plated-elastic design. The metal plate is designed for enhanced security and aesthetic. See our other listing for options with the Money Clip.

? SPECIFICATIONS – RFID-blocking materials – 6061-T6 aluminum | anodized gunmetal plates – 2 oz | 86 x 54 x 6 mm frame – Interchangeable elastic and screws.


The Ridge Wallet is a great option because it’s very durable and will last your guy through years of heavy use. It features an elastic strap for holding cash and cards and is handmade from designer leather so that you can purchase one that’s completely individualized for the man you’re shopping for. It’s a great option because it comes in several different colors and styles, so no matter what he prefers there will be one that suits him.


“When I first began using this wallet, I was skeptical. It >felt cheap< — two pieces of aluminum held together by an elastic band did not seem to warrant the price. It also felt awkward to use, as I was unable to get cards out of it as quickly as my previous “slider” wallet. But after weeks of use, I have changed my mind.

After time, the wallet has grown on me. It is SLIM, which makes it easier to carry in front and jacket pockets. I recommend getting the band and not the clip to maximize flatness. I have also become accustomed to removing cards from it and can do so much faster than when first purchased; it just took practice. Finally, this little wallet can hold quite a bit — I carry seven cards and some cash and hardly notice.

It is expensive, and that is a difficult hill to climb for many. But as an EDC item that is going to see a lot of pocket time, and with the protection it brings, it has been worth the investment.”

“I purchased two knock-off similar wallets before purchasing this one because I just wanted to get rid of my dad wallet. I wish I would’ve just purchased this from the beginning because I totally wasted my time and money. The other wallets were cheaply made with screws falling out/weak elastic bands and sharp edges. This wallet is solid and built like a tank. I heard the titanium one can even stop a bullet but I don’t think I need that much strength for now lol.”


✅ Sturdy construction

✅ RFID blocking

✅ Easy access cash strap

✅ secure

✅ Slim design


❌ Expensive

❌ Need to remove all cards to find the one you need

4. THE CLASSIC AND SIMPLE: Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet


? Leather lining

? Bifold closure

? Slim profile with a classic aesthetic, this billfold is a great starting point to slimming your pocket

? Fits 5-12 cards, coins and flat bills and features RFID protection in the lining

? Hidden bill section stores spare cash

? Made from environmentally certified leather and backed by a 3 year warranty

? Measurements: 3.3 inches x 4.5 inches / 86mm x 117mm


Our 4th choice is a very simple wallet that will get a lot of use out of your guy. The Hide & Seek wallet is made from full-grain leather and features an RFID pocket for keeping your cards safe. It’s a great option because even though it’s very simple, it offers the perfect amount of space to store credit cards, IDs, and cash with plenty of room left over for whatever else you want to include in there as well. It’s the perfect size for those who don’t like wallets that are too big or too small.


“I had been muddling along with a designer branded wallet that had become loose over time. All of my cards would fall out whenever I put the wallet down or took it out of my pocket. Added to that it was just plain bulky and left a large in my back pocket.

I had seen ads online for the Bellroy range and saw that their pricing was toward the upper end. I wondered if the product was a result of slick advertising and nothing more or if there was substance behind the spin. Anyway, I decided to take a chance and treat myself and am delighted I did.

The product is a revelation. It holds more cards, more securely in less space than my old wallet. It has plenty of space for European sized bank notes. It seems well-made and durable (though I’ve only had it for six weeks so far so I’ll update if that’s not the case in six months). It looks stylish and the orange thread makes for a pleasing contrast to the brown tone of the wallet itself.

This would make a really delightful Christmas present for a gent you really like or a close relative.”

“I looked at these wallets for ages and I’m glad I bought one. With the same amount of cards in it as my old wallet it’s less than half as thick. Excellent quality leather, very well finished and a pleasure to won and use.

The hide part isn’t obligatory, you can simply fold the leather into the wallet and there’s two banknote spaces. Or use the hide bit as designed.

Thoroughly recommend this.”


✅ Classic and simple bifold design

✅ Slim profile

✅ High quality leather

✅ Hidden pocket


❌ Expensive

❌ Fairly simple design for the price

❌ Bifold design means it can get thick if packed with a lot of cards, cash or receipts


? leather

? Made in USA or Imported

? 100% HAND-STAINED ITALIAN LEATHER Our handsomely hand-stained Italian Old Leather will last a lifetime and wear in beautifully. Every piece of leather that goes into a Bosca wallet is inspected by the owner himself to ensure that our leather is nothing less than the world’s finest.

? PROTECT YOURSELF With seamlessly integrated radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking technology, cards and wallet contents will be safe from potential data theft, leaving you worry free in crowded spaces like airports or that rush hour train ride home.

? STAY ORGANIZED the clear ID window and top loading split well currency pocket are designed to keep your cash safe and secured so there’s no fumbling when it comes time to pay the check.

? SLIM & SPACIOUS Each of the 5 card pockets are handcrafted to withstand all of your everyday wear while maintaining a sleek and compact construction.

? Measures 3.5 inches tall x 4.625 inches wide


Our last pick is for the man who might not need practical, just a good-looking wallet to show off. This wallet from Bosca gives your guy that luxury look and feel he’s been looking for. It’s made from genuine old leather that makes it look and feel like an antique even though it was created yesterday! It has a great number of slots for credit cards as well as a place to keep his cash in an easy-to-access spot. The design is classic and features handmade craftsmanship so you know it will be something he holds onto this year and the next.


“It is getting hard to find a wallet this size wtih 2 compartments and especially with a view window for your ID. I must be old fashioned and probably nobody cares about an ID window in a wallet anymore because ALMOST EVERYBODY makes you now take your ID out of your wallet to look at it. So I kind of understand it’s rapidly dwindling presence in modern billfolds. I love the utility of this wallet with 2 slots for currency and several for cards. Great utility. We will see if if lasts as long as my last COACH wallet however. So for so good!”

“I purchased my first Bosca wallet five years ago on a visit to Charleston, SC. After five years, it was just starting to show its age so I decided to replace it. In my mind, five years of daily use shows really outstanding performance and durability.

Before discovering Bosca, I had been using another brand that was very popular in the 90s. Unfortunately the quality of that brand’s product declined to the point was I was barely getting only one year before they would wear out. The leather on the old brand would become stained after only a few months and the wallet just didn’t look nice. The Bosca leather holds up and still looks very good.”

“I wanted a thin wallet that would easily slip into and out of my jeans pocket. This is perfect in addition to being a truly nice looking wallet. The leather looks great and the stitching is straight and well done. Overall, a nice design, quality materials and reasonable price.”


✅ 100% Genuine hand stained Italian leather

✅ Simple and classic bifold design

✅ Slim

✅ RFID Protection


❌ Expensive

❌ Bifold design means it can get thick if packed with a lot of cards, cash or receipts

We’ve got you covered with more of these amazing gift lists:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the key features of a wallet I should look for?

Customizable Design & Colors – These wallets feature a lot of customization options like tanned leather or crocodile skin patterns in a variety of colors. Often, you can order them in a solid color, but the patterns are gorgeous and show off more personality than a simple black or brown.

RFID Blocking – While this isn’t a must-have in a wallet, it’s great to have because it helps prevent thieves from stealing your information. All credit cards that are made now come with RFID chips in them to make purchases easier.

But that also means that it makes your cards easier for thieves to steal from you without you noticing until later on when you see charges on your credit card bill for items you didn’t buy.

2. Why do I want to get an RFID blocking wallet?

RFID is a technology that allows credit card transactions over thousands of miles away no matter where you are. So if someone tries to purchase a big-ticket item online and your card isn’t swiped, it will not go through because it’s blocked by the chip in the credit card.

Now, there are ways around this, but the best way is by getting a wallet that has RFID blocking in it. And since there’s so much money involved now with online purchases, a lot of people just don’t have their cards anymore because they’re worried about having them stolen.

3. Are wallets still relevant in today’s age?

Yes, wallets are still very relevant and will be for a long time. We always recommend that you pick the one that’s right for you, but we do like to keep it simple and remember that if a wallet is too big it’ll just get in your way when you’re trying to go out or do anything else.

The best size to find is one that is small enough to fit in your front pocket so it doesn’t feel bulky or uncomfortable but also large enough that you can have plenty of space for the things you keep in there like cash and receipts. It also helps to go with something stylish and attractive to remind us why we love wallets so much!

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