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Find The Perfect Tool Set

About Tool Set

This list is to help you find tools for a Handyman in your life. A Handyman is someone who fixes and repairs things around the house, such as doing small, quick jobs like fixing a leaky faucet or replacing a cabinet door. It also has larger, more involved jobs like installing new cabinets or re-wiring an electrical outlet. This list contains some of the best toolsets for the handyman in your life to help them work on these different types of projects without skipping a beat!

We have compiled this list of tools so that the person in your life can choose what’s best for them depending on their skill level.


1. TOP PICK: Coleman Gas Camping Stove | Triton+
2. COMPACT CHOICE: GasOne Camp Stove Compact
3. FOR THE GLAMPER CAMPER: Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

4. SIMPLE YET PRACTICAL CHOICE: Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove

5. BUDGET-FRIENDLY CHOICE:Coleman Portable Butane Stove


? COOKING POWER: Up to 22,000 total BTUs

? PUSH-BUTTON IGNITION: For matchless lighting

? 2 ADJUSTABLE BURNERS: For precise temperature control

? WIND-BLOCKING PANELS: Shield burners from wind and adjust for various pan sizes

? PRESSURE REGULATOR: Pressure-control technology for consistent performance, even in extreme conditions

? EASY TO CLEAN: Chrome-plated grate and rust-resistant aluminum cooktop


The Coleman Camping Stove is a good option for solo backpackers because it is lightweight and easy to use. It cooks everything from beans and oatmeal to biscuits and eggs quickly. The stove is fueled by propane fuel which is highly flammable so make sure you have adequate ventilation around where you are setting up camp. Overall this stove is a great addition to your next outdoor adventure and will be used for many years to come.

What We Like Most About The Coleman Camping Stove:

This stove is easy to use, compact, lightweight, highly fuel-efficient, and durable.

It has a powerful flame that allows it to burn through most foods without having to be tended often.


"This propane stove can do it all, when you take the time to cook on it. There is a learning curve people! That being said, it's a short one, if you know how to cook and have experience cooking with fire. Different pots and pans give you different results. So I use aluminum for water based cooking, also some frying. For every thing else case iron. Here my review. I get 5 to 6 hours on a 1lb of propane. There has never been a reason for me to run the stove at full tilt. "


✅ Adjustable Burners

✅ PerfectHeat Technology

✅ Instastart Matchless Ignition

✅ PerfectFlow Pressure Control

✅ WindBlock Side Panels

✅ Heavy-Duty Clasp


❌ Quite Expensive

2. COMPACT CHOICE: GasOne Camp Stove Compact


? CONVENIENT PORTABILITY – A portable butane stove with versatility and easy portability in mind.

? QUALITY MATERIAL AND DESIGN – The Spyder Stove has a durable brass burner head, an easy-to-clean enamel coating, as well as ventilation holes to keep user’s stove safe and reliable. 

? EASY SETUP – Gas One’s Spyder Stove can be easily set up with minimal directions.

? AUTO IGNITION AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL – Gas One’s Butane stove has an electric piezo auto ignition along with a durable push and turn control knob so users can fully manage their cooking experience

? PERFECT IN THE YARD OR ON THE GO – Easily fitted in any bag and easily stored in small spaces,


The GasOne Camp Stove is the heaviest stove on our list, but it is still lightweight. It weighs around 2 lbs., which makes it perfect for solo backpackers. The stove can be used for camping, backpacking, and emergency situations in your home. It will boil a pot of water in under 4 minutes using one canister of propane fuel. And, it comes with a windshield that allows you to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about your stove catching wind and blowing out.

What We Like Most About The GasOne Camp Stove:

It is lightweight and compact which makes it easy to bring along on any outdoor adventure.


"It folds up so small! I put it into my camping kit and we had a dinner that just couldn’t be beat. No I didn’t test how fast it boiled water, but it made curry chicken In no time. I’m somewhat tempted to get another one so I have two to work with. I did get a windscreen on Amazon. Highly recommend this to anyone 

’ve never owned a butane stove before but I’m so impressed that this stove is HOT HOT HOT! I could never get a good sear on a steak on my regular stove and this one gets it done ✅?. I love that’s it packs up easy and I did the boil test and in 60 seconds exactly it had 8oz of water boiling. I can’t wait to take it camping but I’ve set up a cook station in my backyard with this and our mini charcoal and I can cook full dinners with it as it fits full size pans and has the power for it!"


✅ Portable and compact

✅ Automatic Safety Shut Of Device

✅ Foldable Body Structure


❌ The wind can easily get to the flames because it was no wind block panels

 3. FOR THE GLAMPER CAMPER:  Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven


? Matchless Ignition - use 1lb propane tank - can be adapted to use 20lb tank

? Stainless steel construction - 7,500 BTU's per burner, Oven 3,000 BTU's

? Nonstick enamel cooking surface - Top oven heat: 400 degrees

? Oven thermometer and two oven racks

? Inside Oven dimensions W 16" x H 8.5" x L 10 - weight 35 lbs


The Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven is a good choice for large groups. It has the ability to cook a meal for 6-10 people at one time. This stove is a semi-portable stove that weighs 36 lbs. It is easy to use and won't take you long to figure out all of its convenient features. One feature we really like about this stove is its ability to cook biscuits in 15 minutes, which is unheard of with any other camping stove on the market.

What We Like Most About The Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven:

It can cook up large meals with ease and will hold enough food to feed a large group of friends or family members.


"Got this because our power goes out throughout the winter, sometimes for days or weeks. I boiled pasta and melted homemade cheese sauce on the range and then baked the mac and cheese and cookies in the oven on out first trial. A separate thermometer for inside the oven is a must-have. I learned to cook as a kid on a stove with an old oven you had to guess at the temp, eyeball the food, and manually re-adjust the temp knob as food baked, so cooking with the Camp Chef was not completely foreign. It took a bit longer to bake things, the cookies were somewhere around 20 minutes, but it gets there eventually. Totally worth it to have hot food when the electricity is out. A quarter sheet fits in great."


✅ Outdoor Oven with 2 Burner Camping Stove

✅ Comes with an oven

✅ Fully adjustable heat-control dials

✅ Matchless ignition

✅ Built-in oven heat gauge

✅ Removable oven racks

✅ Convenient carry handles

✅ Stainless steel construction

✅ Insulated, efficient oven box


❌ Expensive

❌ Bulky and not compact for a quick camping getaway

4. SIMPLE YET PRACTICAL CHOICE: Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove


? Two 20,000 BTU burners - Total Output 40,000 BTU

? Stainless steel drip tray for easy clean up

? Matchless ignition

? Convenient carry handle

? Dimensions: 13.5" L x 23.5" W x 4" H - Weight: 12 lbs


The Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is a very popular choice among those who camp. It comes in a range of different sizes, from 1 burner to 3 burners. We recommend it for groups of 2-8 people, which will accommodate most light trips. The stove is easy to use and has an automatic ignition system that allows you to start your cooking within seconds.

What We Like Most About The Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove:

It is easy to set up and won't take long before you are all settled in and ready for cooking dinner.


"I waited a full month to post this review, in order to let my husband (whom is a Chef De Cuisine) put this stove through its paces. We are full time RV'ers now, so our stove is used on a daily basis. I have to say first off, the build and performance is top notch! The cooking surface is a few inches wider than our old Coleman two burner camp stove, nice! You can fit, two 10 inch skillets on there easily (I just measured). The second day we had this, hubby decided on Fried Chicken cooked in a cast iron skillet. Turned out beautifully! No scorch marks on anything, impressive! "


✅ Two high-pressure 20,000 BTU burners

✅ Matchless ignition systems

✅ Nickel-coated steel cooking grate is strong

✅ Lightweight and compact 

✅ New Dual Latch System.


❌ Wind block panels could be better




5. BUDGET-FRIENDLY CHOICE: Coleman Portable Butane Stove


? Instastart ignition for matchless lighting; 7,650 total BTUs of cooking power

? Fits up to a 10-inch pan

? Lasts up to 1.25 hours on high on one 8.8 oz. butane gas cylinder (sold separately)

? Adjustable burner gives precise temperature control, and large base offers stability for easy stirring

? Durable porcelain-coated grate is easy to clean, and aluminum burner is rust-proof for years of use

? Carry case included


The Coleman Portable Butane Stove is the lightest stove on our list at only 1 pound. It is a great choice for backpacking groups of one to three people as it can be used almost anywhere. The stove comes with a windshield that helps prevent the flame from being blown out by any gusts of wind so you don't have to worry about starting over again. It uses butane fuel and can burn for about 6 hours on a single refill, which makes it ideal for longer trips where you might not be able to replenish your fuel supply while out in the wilderness.

What We Like Most About The Coleman Portable Butane Stove:

It is lightweight and easy to store which makes it perfect for backpacking.

It has a flame indicator allowing you to visually see when the stove is burning low.


"I used this at two music festivals last year and it was awesome. One of the best festival items I have bought in awhile. Also the butane cans last quite awhile. I probably did not even get one of my canisters half gone, using it for 5-6 total meals."

"This stove works great, easy to use, easy to install the gas cylinder, very safe. The temperature can be controlled, unless you're out in the wind, which would cause the temperature to drop. This isn't rocket science when using this Stove, Flame on, Flame off and adjust to whatever temperature is desired based on the type of pan or food being prepared. I would suggest investing in a set of Pans made specifically for outdoor camping stoves, it will decrease your cooking time and use less Gas. Coleman 8.8 oz Butane Fuel works great."


✅  Adjustable Heat

✅  Easy to Clean

✅  Comes with a case 

✅  Compact and travel-friendly


❌ Metal is quite thin




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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why get a tool set instead of buying individual tools?

There are many affordable tool sets available for the handyman in your life. The set, as a whole, gives you the best ability to tackle any job. There are some niche tools that only certain toolsets have – such as pre-fabricated cabinets that come with their own door hardware.

2. What are the best tool sets for the handyman in your life?

We can’t pick one set. We’ve assembled more than 5 different sets in this article, each tailored to tackle a certain type of project. 

3. What should I look for in a tool set?

The most important thing is that they have all of the basic tools you would need around the house, and then some extras. The nice thing about these options is that they are all very affordable, so you’ll be able to choose a set that is best for your budget and skill level.

4. What’s the difference between the budget options?

The main difference is the quality of the tools. For example, in one set there are plastic tools while in another there are metal tools, both are great but it’s important to keep in mind when you’re deciding which one fits best for your own or their needs.

5. What should be in a handyman’s toolbox?

To be honest, every handyman is different so it’s hard to recommend a set. A huge advantage of the sets we’ve assembled here is that you can buy one without sacrificing quality or quantity. You can’t go wrong with any of them! What you need to look for is a set that has the tools you need (and may not think to include on your own).

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