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Trendy Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

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One way to make your home feel festive this year is by personalizing your Christmas tree with our Christmas tree decoration ideas. It’s an awesome way to add some color and character to your home for the holiday season. 

Even if you want a more natural look or something a bit more extravagant, there are lots of varieties of trees, colors, and simple ornaments that you can incorporate into this yearly family tradition.

There’s always been something about holiday decorating that keeps people coming back year after year – the anticipation of seeing how everything will turn out. 

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Whether it’s with our own decorations or by adding some new ones in, we’re always looking for ways to make things more personal.  

Your Christmas tree’s holiday aesthetic is entirely up to you and your preferences, but if you need some help, we’ve compiled a list of Christmas tree decoration ideas to get you started. Continue reading to find out how to decorate a Christmas tree.

Classic Christmas Theme

Image from Pinterest

Stick with gold and green-and-red jewel-toned Christmas tree ornaments, pops of bright white accents, white lights, and a classic star if you prefer a traditional look. 

Simple balls or teardrop shapes can be used as Christmas tree ornaments. Pops of white can be made from homemade paper snowflakes or candy canes – but be careful; little hands can quickly clear the lower branches of candy canes.

Monochromatic Theme

A monochromatic Christmas tree theme is modern and sophisticated, and it will mature your holiday decor. 

Monochromatic themes are usually built around one central color and supported by whites and metallics, so deciding on a central color is a good first step.

On white, the monochromatic decor is especially striking.

Coastal Theme

Image from Sand & Sisal

Coastal Christmas tree decorations are an easy-to-master unconventional decoration style that is becoming increasingly popular. Stick to white, light gold, and ice blue for a coastal color scheme. 

Light blue and gold ball ornaments, as well as nautical accents such as starfish, anchors, and seashells, are ideal. Use a burlap garland, white or light gold ribbon, and a giant starfish to tie everything together.

Silver and Gold Theme

Image from Mrs. Simply Lovely

Metallics are an awesome way to add a little glitz to your holiday decor. Choose between silver ornaments and gold ornaments (or both on the same tree!). 

If you only want to use gold, go with warm colors like red; if you only want to use silver, go with icy blues. Pair silver and gold ornaments with bright white garlands or ribbons for a more glamorous metallic look that will make your entire tree look like wintertime magic.


For rustic-style homes, a silver and gold theme works well. Simply add burlap garland, pine cones, and natural wooden ornaments for a rustic tree.

Eclectic Theme

Image from Kelly Elko

It’s all about being creative when it comes to decorating an eclectic and elegant tree; don’t worry about sticking to a color scheme or using traditional decorations. 

Flowers of all kinds (or poinsettias for the Christmas season); natural elements such as sprigs of holly, feathers, or pinecones; pom-poms, paper, or tassels; or quirky carved characters of all kinds can be used to decorate your eclectic tree. 

An eclectic tree is ideal for displaying children’s homemade ornaments. Colored tree lights help to complete the look. Nothing is off the table or the tree when it comes to an eclectic theme. 

Merry Minimalist Theme

Image from Apartment Therapy

If the simple but elegant look is your thing, keep it minimal. Choose your ornaments with care. You don’t want to overwhelm your simple tree with too many decorations in one section, or you might end up losing some of that visual impact. 

It’s best to go for more subtle touches that will still give you a blanket of color without crowding out everything else. 

Winter By The Sea Theme

Image from Ocean Blu Designs

If you’re a fan of the beach, how about taking that holiday cheer and combining it with some Christmas colors?

Instead of bringing in some big and bright ornaments, pick out something that has more of a subtle effect. Seashells and starfish can be used to decorate your modern tree. 

These little accents will bring in that style that you love but, at the same time, look festive for the holidays. 

Sweet Candy Cane Theme

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, then this one is right up your alley. This design theme can get monotonous rather quickly, so pick out something that you know will look good with your decorations. 

If you already have some decorations that are in red and white, colorful rainbow candy canes could be a great way to spruce things up. 

Gold Winter Theme

Image from Canadian Log Homes

If all that glitters is gold, then this is the design for you. This look is perfect if you want to add some newer decorations to your current ornament collection – but don’t want to throw them all away. 

Gold baubles and glittery ornaments are easy to find for the holidays, so try adding some that stand out when you put them on your stunning tree. 

Santa’s Workshop Theme

If you’re more into the cute and cuddly side of the holidays, then why not use that theme for your tree? 

You can always try adding some stuffed animals or toys around the themed tree, but it’s best to stick with simple colors. Don’t take away from the focus of your tree by using too many different elements at once. 

French Country Christmas

Image from House Beautiful

If you’re looking for a classic tree, then French country is the way to go. 

White ornaments and tree lights against a dark backdrop give off an elegant feel while still making everything look festive at the same time. 

Rockin’ Rustic Christmas Tree

Image from Canadian Log Homes

Imagine you’re in a cabin, snowing outside, sipping hot cocoa in front of the fireplace. Then this rustic design will definitely give off that vibe. 

Instead of using bright ornaments, try to stick with darker, more neutral colors.

Craftsmanship really comes out in the way that your ornaments are put together, so try using mostly antiques and aged decorations. 

Christmas Tree Decorating Guide

Final Thoughts 

Choosing a Christmas tree theme is never easy, no matter how hard you try.

You can play it safe with a traditional tree decorated with basic ball-shaped ornaments, twinkling tree lights, and a red tree skirt, or you can branch out with a modern white tree adorned with colorful ornaments and velvet bows.  

Another fun idea is to decorate a plain green Christmas tree — real or artificial, your choice — with anything from candy and retro-inspired ornaments to dried citrus and faux cranberries.

To put it another way, there’s no shortage of ways to show off your holiday decorating style.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How many Christmas ornaments do I need? 

Try to place only two ornaments per square foot of surface area on your Christmas tree as a general rule for a full but not too crowded tree. 

Place three or four smaller ornaments per square foot if you have them. Make sure that the ornaments are evenly spaced for the best results.

The number of average-sized ornaments to put on a tree that is 4′ – 5′ wide is outlined below:

  • 50 ornaments on a 5′ tall tree
  • 65 ornaments on a 6′ tall tree
  • 135 ornaments on a 7′ tall tree
  • 150 ornaments on an 8′ tall tree 

Tip! Cut these numbers in half or two-thirds if your tree is against a wall or in a corner; you won’t need to decorate parts of your tree that aren’t visible!

2. How many string lights should I use?

We recommend using 100 lights per 112′ of your Christmas tree’s height, but you can use 100 lights per 1′ of height if you want yours to sparkle even more. 

For an easy way to figure out how many tree lights you’ll need, use the chart above as a guide. To make it to your liking, you can always add or remove a string.

Wrap your lights around the tree in a 2″ –3″ spiral for complete coverage “dissimilar. Begin at the bottom and work your way up to the top. 

If you want to save money on string lights, zig-zag them across the exposed surface area of the tree and cut the above amounts in half.

Make sure your lights can reach an outlet from the bottom of the tree or have an extension cord just in case. 

3. How much garland do you need? 

Garland is a great way to give your tree some texture and color. It can make your tree appear more lush and full if it appears sparse.  

Garland should be added to your tree after the lights but before the ornaments. Garland can be hung vertically or wrapped around the tree. 9–10 feet of garland per foot of the tree is a good rule of thumb. 

If you have a small tree, however, you can use less.

4. What is the dimension of a Christmas tree skirt? 

A Christmas tree skirt is still an essential part of the holiday tree decor. Choose a Christmas tree skirt that complements your tree while remaining unobtrusive.  

It’s also crucial to get the right size. Keep in mind the size of your tree. We recommend choosing a skirt that is slightly larger than the diameter of the bottom tree branches but slightly smaller than the diameter of the tree stand. 

5. What is the size of the tree topper? 

Christmas tree toppers complete the look of any tree. Keep in mind the height of your ceilings. At the very least, five people should be present.

There should be plenty of space between your ceiling and the tree topper. 

It’s also a good idea to keep track of the weight of the topper you’re considering. A heavy topper can cause a tree to fall over or lean to one side, especially on slender trees.

Choose a tree topper made of plastic or fabric if you need something light.

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