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How Much Do Valentines Day Gifts Cost?

How much do Valentine’s Day gifts cost? Valentine’s day is the most romantic and celebrated festival of love in this world, but because of inflation, this year may be a heartbreaking one. It is expected that each individual shopper would spend an average of $175 on Valentine’s day gifts this year, an increase of more than $10 from the previous year.

Heart’s day brings with it the temptation to dig into our wallets for lavish romantic gestures and presents for our loved ones.

Fortunately, there are other ways you can show your love and affection without burning a hole in your pocket.

In order to give us an indication of what to anticipate in 2023, first, let us look at some of the facts and numbers from Valentine’s Day in the United States last year.

Interested in seeing what else we’ve got?

Valentine’s Day in the United States cost $23.9 billion in 2022

V-day is a day dedicated to treating our significant others with breakfast in bed or a great meal, as well as giving them chocolates, flowers, and other thoughtful presents. 

For merchants, it’s the first major spending spree after the flurry of activity during the Christmas season. Despite the fact that the epidemic is still ongoing, Americans are anticipated to spend a significant amount of money on the holiday this year.

According to the American Floral Endowment, the financial impact of the pandemic may mean that this year’s expenditure may not be as spectacular as some businesses had anticipated. Even yet, folks who are eager to pamper their special someone are unlikely to be deterred by their limited financial resources too much.

Given the fact that the year in question was 2022, this isn’t all that shocking. Whether couples were pulled closer together or were driven away, they all learned valuable lessons about love as a result of their experiences.

American consumers spent more than $23.9 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2022, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). The amount spent was $3 billion more than the $21 billion they spent in the year 2021.

When considering that consumers in the United States spent $20.7 billion, $19.6 billion, and $18.2 billion in 2019, 2018, and 2017, respectively – a clear growing trend that came to a stop in the year 2021 but increased significantly in 2022.

One possibility is that this was caused by the disturbance of the worldwide epidemic. Nonetheless, we won’t be shocked if the overall amount spent on Valentine’s Day in the United States increases in 2023.

In 2022, the average American spent around $175.41

You’re undoubtedly wondering how much the typical individual spent on Valentine’s Day if the overall expenditure was more than $23.9 billion.

According to the NRF, the average expenditure was $175.41 in 2022, an increase from the previous year’s record of $164.76 per person. In 2020, that figure was $196.31. The rise comes as many people plan to spend more money on their spouses or significant others.

More than half (53%) of US consumers intend to celebrate the occasion in 2022, up from 52% in 2021. Considering the current state of the pandemic, more than three-quarters (76%) of those celebrating believe it is important to do so.

Gifts Aren’t Just for Partners Anymore

In spite of the fact that Americans spent a lot of money on Valentine’s Day in 2022, they didn’t necessarily spend it all on their significant other or spouse. 

A significant other received 54% of the total; family members received 17%; friends received 7%, and the children’s classmates received 6% of the total budget.

Will there be a comparable outpouring of goodwill on Valentine’s Day in 2023? Alternatively, would tighter purse strings throughout the United States result in lower spending per individual, with the majority of the money going to partners or spouses? 

Pets Enjoy Valentine’s Day Too!

Couples, families, and friends aren’t the only ones who will be lavished with gifts and affection on Valentine’s Day in 2022. 

According to the National Retail Federation, 27 percent of buyers purchased presents for their dogs, resulting in a record-breaking $1.189 billion in spending on gifts for animals.

According to National Pet Owners Survey Statistics, we spent $123.6 billion on our pets in the United States in 2021 — and 70 percent of U.S. households own a pet.

In addition, more people have become pet parents as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), one in every five households acquired a cat or dog when the COVID-19 pandemic began on May 21, 2021.

Reasons Why Shoppers Are Going All Out To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Spending A Lot Of Money To Make It Special

Throughout the pandemic’s long years and months, Americans embraced chances to celebrate special occasions, from Mother’s Day to Halloween and the winter holidays, spending at record levels in many cases. Despite the fact that COVID-19 has seemed to be entering an entirely new phase, these holiday events are as impactful, if not more, than they were previously.

Considering the current state of the pandemic, 76% of those celebrating Valentine’s Day last year say the holiday is important to them, up from 73% in 2021. While Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate many different kinds of love, partnerships are the focus for many consumers this year.

A Girl’s Best Friend Is Diamonds

In addition to the traditional gifts of candy, flowers, or a greeting card, more shoppers than ever before are planning on giving jewelry this Valentine’s Day. Jewelry spending could reach a high of $6.2 billion.

Men are twice as likely as women to plan to give jewelry this year, but women are also driving this trend. More women now plan to give something sparkly this year, and they anticipate spending twice as much as they did last year.

Returning To The Subject Of Going Out

Despite the continuing effects of the omicron variant, consumers are much more at ease with activities such as going out than they were two years ago.

That is reflected in their Valentine’s Day plans. Gifts of experience, such as tickets to a favorite concert, or a spa day, or thrills such as sky diving for the more daring, are also popular this year. Unsurprisingly, younger consumers are driving both of these trends.

Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Within Your Budget 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to give a memorable gift.

We’re sure you already know that buying expensive gifts for your loved ones is not always necessary. 

There are plenty of inexpensive ways to show them how much they mean to you. From homemade treats to thoughtful presents, there are a lot of cheap Valentine’s Day gifts you can give.

Here are some of our favorite affordable valentines day gifts that won’t break the bank.

Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $30

If you want to get something really special this year, look no further than these five gifts under $30. They’ll make any recipient feel special.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $25 - Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes are the perfect way to say “I love you.” And if you’re looking for a sweet treat that doesn’t cost too much, these chocolate cupcakes are the best option. 

You can find them at most grocery stores, but you also create your own because they taste so much better when they are made from home and from the heart. 

All you need is to buy a few ingredients from the grocery and you definitely will not spend more than $25. 

Personalized Candy Hearts

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $25 - Personalized Candy Hearts

These candy hearts are perfect for anyone who loves sweets. Simply choose from dozens of different designs, then personalize each heart with a message. 

This sweet way to say “I love you” is sure to bring smiles to everyone’s face. These candy hearts can be purchased in candy stores. 

Personalized Photo Mug

Personalize a mug with a photo of someone special in your life. Choose between black and white or sepia-tone options for a classy look and feel, then add a message to the photo. This is a fun way to show off your love for someone without breaking the bank.

BEST PERSONALIZED MUG UNDER $30 : Personalized 11oz White Ceramic Mugs


❤️ Full-color personalization, and you can choose from 6 bright colors. 

❤️Easy to personalize your mugs by adding a photo, logo, or your favorite image  

❤️Digitally print on one side or two sides. 

❤️Upload your favorite photos and give them to your friends and family.


This set of four personalized 11oz ceramic mugs with a colorful inside is ideal for hot beverages and is especially useful if you want to sip your beverages on the go. With this drinkware set, you can make meaningful, attractive, and useful presents for a wide range of people, from busy mothers on the way to school to college students racing late for class to Dad - or anyone, anywhere.

Gifts that can be customized with photos or text are ideal for any occasion. What counts is that your friends and family will appreciate the effort and time you put into making this one-of-a-kind photo gift, whether you use a single photo or a collage photo mug design.


“They perfectly executed the mug that I had envisioned. The inside color was correct and the pictures on either side were just precious. It made a very special gift for my grandson!”

“Love these cups. My sister/friend husband passed and I thought it would be nice for girls.”

“Product received exactly as ordered. Nice quality photo transfers.”


✅You can choose from 6 different colors

✅It can be fully personalized 

✅It can be printed on two sides of the mug

✅A great Christmas gift to give to your 

family, friends, and coworkers


❌It would be better if it could hold 16 oz

Bath Bombs

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $25 - Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a great way to relax after a long day. You can get bath bombs from department stores or online stores that are infused with lavender oil and peppermint oil, making them perfect for soothing sore muscles and relieving stress. 

You can even get a gift set allowing you to enjoy relaxing baths more than once.

Make your bubble bath extra special by adding in a luxurious bath bomb. With the Lovery Bath Bomb Spa Set, they can really indulge. A variety of bath bombs will hydrate your skin and help them relax. 

BEST BATH BOMBS UNDER $30: Bath Bombs Gift Set by Lovery Store


❤️This spa gift basket has everything a woman needs to feel pampered and loved. It includes 17 bath bombs in many colors, shapes, and styles, each unique scent and fragrance. 

❤️Soak it up in a relaxing and soothing bubble bath as you drop a fizzy ball into the tub. The fizzy bomb dissolves to create relaxing and soothing bubbles rich in moisturizing and all-natural skin healing properties.

❤️Each bath bomb has its own flavor and scent and is wrapped individually. The set has Magnolia, Lavender Jasmine, Honey Almond, Sunflower, Vanilla, Strawberry Sandalwood, Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, and Ocean Bliss Fragrances. 

❤️Experience a luscious and lavish detox as the bath bombs exfoliate and nourish your body.  

❤️These enriching beauty products are made with moisturizing Shea Butter and nourishing Vitamin E.


Enjoy this luxury spa bath basket. The bath bombs melt into a soothing and energizing bubble bath. They include natural chemicals that hydrate and exfoliate her skin. Colors vary, each having its distinct smell and aroma. 

Pamper her like a princess. The invigorating fragrance will awaken her senses and make her feel like she's in a spa. Aromatherapy is a great way to relax. It's just what she needs for any occasion.

The beautiful gift basket completes this set. Also, it may be used to store other household items, such as fruits in the kitchen or a place to store your other toiletries.


“I bought this as a gift, and it looked amazing! Although I didn't use it, I asked the recipient a few days later how she liked them. She had used three at that point and said they smelled wonderful, and she enjoyed just sitting in the tub, relaxing until the water got cool after adding more hot water several times. If you are looking for a gift, this is it. Heck, if you want it for yourself, go ahead. Enjoy.”

“This was supposed to be a gift for a friend, but after I opened the box, I decided to keep it. The presentation was beautiful, and before I opened the packaging, I could smell the bath bombs. Each one is individually wrapped and very fragrant. I would recommend this product!”


✅Great for dry skin, these bombs are moisturizing and can help revitalize your skin

✅It does not stain the bathtub

✅Made from premium quality ingredients

✅Every Lovery product is 100% paraben and cruelty-free

✅They are safe on sensitive skin


❌The colors of the bath bombs are different from the photo, but the scent is heavenly

Scented Candles

Scented candles are perfect for Valentine’s Day. They come in different scents like vanilla, citrus, and even spicy ones. 

They also come in all shapes and sizes, including votives, pillar candles, tapers, and tea lights. You can purchase them anywhere from specialty candle shops to department stores. The best part about scented candles is how affordable they are. 

BEST SCENTED CANDLE UNDER $30:  LA JOLIE MUSE Blooming Gardenia Scented Candle


❤️Created to capture the intoxicating scent of gardenia, the notes of this candle include lily of the valley, star jasmine, and ylang-ylang, all ready to drift you away to an island in the South Pacific where the warm breeze dances through the tiaré flower in voluptuous bloom.

❤️This beautiful candle sits in a delicate glass jar with embossed hobnails and arrives in stylish gift packaging. A perfect home decor piece or a brilliant gift for any occasion.

❤️The fragrance diffuses quickly for an almost instant indulgence with a guaranteed clean and even burn.

❤️10oz/285g. Featuring natural wax and a lead-free cotton wick, our vegan and cruelty-free candle sends you on a pleasant sensory journey for 65-75 hours. Paraben-free and paraffin-free.

❤️Experience thoughtful customer service and full refund & return if there are any problems upon receiving the product.


This candle by La Jolie Muse has such a wonderful scent! The fragrance has a strong presence and quickly permeates large spaces. Like most candles, you'll only get a faint fragrance except for this one. Aside from that, it's well-packaged and would make a wonderful gift.


“This candle has been so amazing! It has a really nice scent that makes my whole house smell good without being overpowering. When I use the candle, the scent fills the room much quicker than other candles I have used. It’s been so nice to get such an instant result from the candle because I feel like having to burn a candle for a long time before it smells just wastes the wax. This candle also looks really good as decor. The jar has a sleek and classy design that looks beautiful. I have just been leaving it out on the coffee table in my living room and I love how it looks in the space. The jar is made of a really good quality glass and has a super high end vibe. When I’m done with the candle, the jar and lid will make a super cute storage container! The candle is a pretty good size so I know it will last me a long time. I have been using it a lot since I got it and it hasn’t used up much of the wax. Overall I’m very impressed with the quality of this candle. I’m so glad that I picked it up and I will definitely be getting more!”


✅The candle is lead-free

✅It comes in different scents

✅It comes with very nice packaging

✅The scent is amazing


❌Smell Is a bit overpowering for some

Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $60

The holiday season has officially arrived, and you probably already have a plan in mind for the day. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or romantic, these gift ideas will surely please your significant other.

Whether you’re shopping for a new love interest or planning to surprise your current one, here are five great ideas for affordable gifts under $60.

Lounge Set

A thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift under $60 is to give a pajama set as a gift. A simple pair of high-quality sweatpants and a T-shirt can make an excellent present.

If you know someone who likes to lounge around on the couch watching movies, this is an ideal gift idea. Pick out some comfy slippers, too.

Gift Box

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 - Gift Basket

A gift box is a wonderful way to express your appreciation for someone. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to do it. 

For example, you could pick up a bunch of fresh fruit and vegetables, along with a bottle of wine or two. Or, perhaps you’d prefer to go with flowers. 

If you’re going to use flowers, consider getting a bouquet of mixed varieties. That way, you have a variety of colors and smells to offer as well as a nice selection of greenery. Your recipient will appreciate having such a thoughtful gift. 

BEST GIFT BOX UNDER $60:  Spa Gift Box By Ayphesman


❤️A great present of relaxation for your wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter-in-law, best friend, coworker or girlfriend. This curated gift box is sure to make that special lady in your life feel cherished and loved.

❤️his birthday gift baskets for women contains 4 gifts beautifully packaged, one 12 oz Rose Gold insulated stainless steel tumbler, one pink rose bath bomb, one pure manual diamond soap, two Soy Wax flower and fruit scented candles , one pink ribbon and a greeting card.


Their gift baskets are elegantly designed and expertly crafted. Avoid the humiliation of cheaply packaged gift boxes stuffed with unappealing dollar-store things. A wonderful way to pamper your wife, mother, grandma, sister, daughter-in-law, best friend, coworker, or lover. This carefully designed gift box will make that special lady in your life feel appreciated and adored.

This is an ideal present for making someone feel special. Imagine her surprise on her birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or your anniversary. In the fresh aroma ambiance, she may relax and indulge herself with a luxurious flower bubble bath while savoring her favorite drink for the big occasion.

Rose Gold Tumbler - Tumbler is constructed of food-quality vacuum-insulated stainless steel to keep your favorite beverage hot or cool.

Flower Petal Bath Bombs - Drop these lovely bath bombs into the tub to relax while surrounded by the gentle fragrances of rose and lavender petals.

Diamond Bar Soap - This premium soap is handcrafted with natural floral essential oil to transport you to a cloudy dreamland.

Natural Soy Candle - Luxurious and all-natural fragrant candle that instantly transforms your home into a quiet and pleasant floral garden.

A comprehensive spa gift package will delight and pamper her!


“My mom loved it she said she loved the smell. I gave it to her for her birthday and it got delivered the next day!. So If you're in a bind and need something quick you can't go wrong with this. I love you Ma!!!..”

“Beautiful presentation. Nice scent. I bought ads a birthday gift for a coworker so the verbiage on the top of the card front wasn't appropriate. I just cut off the top of the card. Easy fix.”

“I got my mother-in-law this surprise box and it comes exactly as pictured. Everything is perfectly placed and organized. Great gift.”


✅ Very affordable

✅ High-quality and natural products

✅ Highly rated gift basket

✅ A perfect gift for any occasion


❌ Candle is light-scented

Travel Kit

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 - Travel Kit

When traveling, it’s always good to have a travel kit handy. A travel kit is a practical gift to give on Valentine’s Day. 

This type of gift will definitely be appreciated by those who love to travel and explore new places. 

You can even include things like lip balm, hand sanitizer, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, and lotion.  You can also include things like a good book, a journal, or a pen.

BEST TRAVEL KIT UNDER $60:  Samsonite Large Toiletry Kit 


❤️ Great travel pieces to make any trip a breeze. These travel bags are filled with many different packing compartments for all your travel needs.

❤️900D poly/nylon

❤️Internal packing compartments

❤️Internal wetpak pockets



A toiletry bag can be more than just for cosmetics - this one by Samsonite is large enough to hold a full-size hair dryer, a pair of jeans, and some small gadgets. It features mesh panels on both sides, an exterior pocket with an interior organizer panel for toiletries, and a luggage pass-through to slide over your suitcase handle. The interior elastic straps help keep things in place and prevent spillage and leakage during travel. It weighs approximately 1.05 lbs.


“I bought this bag for my husband. It is a very large toiletry bag that replaces the two bags he was using. He loves it because it fits all of the items he uses while traveling. It is good quality and will last him for a long time. He likes that he can hang it up for easy access. !”

“Just received my bag, and it's perfect. I'm using it as an overflow bag for shoes, jacket, etc., to go with my samsonite small wheeled under seater. It's the exact width of the other bag and fits over the handle with the trolley strap. Very clean looking and easy to manage when traveling. Can pack for 4-5 days no problem, no checked bags...perfect!!!”


✅ A lot of storage space

✅ Fits bigger items like hair dryers and curling irons

✅ Luggage pass-through adds versatility to carry this on your suitcase instead of inside it


❌ Might be too big for some users

Luxury Bath Products

You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to provide a luxurious experience for your loved one. You can also choose to spend a little less and still provide a great experience for them. Consider picking up a few bath products that are made from natural materials and contain lovely essential oils. 

You can use these products to create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere in your home. These items are sure to delight your partner.

This Premium Deluxe Bath & Body Gift Basket by Purelis will surely make their Valentine’s Day evening extra special. With the power of aromatherapy, start a relaxing routine that will help your partner sleep peacefully.

BEST LUXURY BATH PRODUCTS UNDER $60:  Premium Deluxe Bath & Body Gift Basket


❤️Purelis Chamomile & Lavender Spa Basket will give her a crash course in the Three R's Treatment. Renew, Recharge, Rejuvenate.  

❤️Sensational Spa Goodies with Beloved Roman Chamomile & Lavender Essential oils nourish the skin & body and soothe the soul.

❤️We also offer lavender shampoo, lavender body wash, lavender aromatherapy bubble bath, bath salts, bath caviar, soy aromatherapy candles, and handmade soap containing therapeutic chamomile and lavender oil, all in a delightful lavender fragrance.


Spa Bliss is delivered to your doorstep in a basket. Everything you need to create the ultimate at-home spa experience is included in this Purelis premium bath hamper. Their handcrafted bath and body gift baskets are wrapped and trimmed with a bow with attention to every last detail. The Purelis All Natural Collection features high-end spa goods included in this gift.


“My wife & I sent this as a birthday/Christmas gift to our dear friend who loves quality bath & body products. She was very delighted by this gift basket and told us how much she loved it and will be using all the many lovely spa products included in the basket. I would order this again for someone who loves bath & body spa products and would highly recommend it!” 

“My wife loves the variety and quality of the lavender bath gift basket. It is a very high quality gift for a great price.”


✅Made from premium ingredients

✅A one of a kind deluxe spa package

✅A complete set

✅Comes with a bath pillow


❌ It looks bigger in the picture but is still worth getting

Spa Services

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50 - Spa Services

Another option is to take advantage of a local spa service. It can be a great way to relax and unwind. 

Many spas offer couples’ packages where you can both receive massages at the same time. It can be a great way to relax and unwind together. 

Some spas even offer couples’ facials. It will be a great way to pamper yourself. This is a great opportunity to show your partner just how much you care.

Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $100

Whether you want to treat your sweetheart, Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your affection. 

And don’t worry about spending too much, because our selection of gifts under $100 is guaranteed to impress your loved ones. These unique gifts are perfect for showing someone they mean the world to you.

Heated Throw Blanket

A heated throw blanket is a great gift for anyone who loves to curl up with a good book or movie. 

The best thing about a heated throw blanket is that it warms up quickly so it won’t get cold before your loved one has had a chance to enjoy it.

A heated throw blanket is a perfect gift idea for any occasion, including Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to find a heated throw blanket online, but make sure you buy one that is made out of high-quality materials. 

Look for a product that is made of 100% polyester or wool. Heated throw blankets should also come with instructions on how to care for them properly. If you don’t know what kind of material your blanket is made of, ask the seller when you place your order.

BEST HEATED THROW BLANKET UNDER $100: Beautyrest Plush Electric Throw Blanket


❤️It is made from 100% Polyester.

❤️In order to ensure a constant flow of heat, our heated throw uses state-of-the-art Secure Comfort heated technology, which adjusts the temperature based on the overall temperature, spot temperatures, and ambient temperature of your room. 

❤️These oversized 60*70 ultra-soft Plush heated throws come in a variety of patterns. It's also easy to care for. When it's time to wash, simply unplug it and toss it into the washing machine.  

❤️Our electric blanket is engineered for the lowest electromagnetic field radiation possible.

❤️All Beautyrest heated products are UL certified. This throw also contains a 2-hour auto-off for added safety. 


Isn't it funny how you may be chilly one minute, then cover yourself in a blanket and feel as warm as the desert sun? The Beautyrest Plush Electric Throw Blanket combines the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort. It looks and feels like a typical plush blanket, but it has three heat settings to increase the level of comfort even further.

When dealing with the cold, this blanket knows the difficulty; its intelligent technology modulates the heat intensity according to the user's body temperature. It's available in seven different colors, all of which are undeniably sumptuous in appearance.


“So, I had one of these blankets a couple of years ago, and it finally quit working. I tried to find another to replace it, and no one was selling these. I have been using another brand since then and lamenting the loss. Other electric throws that I have used are not as soft, not as large, and not even close to heating up as much. I am currently snuggling with my 3-year-old with the blanket on high and am feeling totally warm and cozy. I don't know how long this one will last, but I just bought a second one so that I won't be without it again! Shipping was great! I ordered my blanket on 10/10 and received it on 10/13 with just the free standard shipping. Nothing but positives from me tonight.”


✅It emits no electromagnetic field emissions

✅It comes in different styles and patterns

✅The heating element is designed with an evenly spaced pattern, which enables even warmth distribution

✅There are three heat levels to help you find the perfect temperature


❌You can feel the wires inside the blanket, but they are not so stiff

❌The highest heat setting is very warm, so be extra cautious

A Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 - A Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for a gift that is sure to please your significant other, consider giving him or her a coffee maker. 

There are many different types of coffee makers available today. But if you want to pick something that is sure to impress, then look no further than a cold brew coffee maker.

Cold brew coffee has become increasingly popular over the past few years. It’s much easier to make than regular brewed coffee. 

In fact, it takes less time and requires fewer ingredients. And when you add ice cubes, you end up with a refreshing drink that is perfect for the summer months.

 BEST COLD BREW MAKER UNDER $100: Vinci Express Cold Brew Electric Coffee Maker 


❤️ Makes homemade cold brew coffee in just minutes instead of waiting the traditional 12-24 hours.

❤️ 4 Coffee Brew Strengths to Choose From

❤️ New Technology - Vinci's patented Circle Flow brewing technology ensures a Fast, Bold, Delicious Cold Brew with a Smooth, Clean, and Virtually Sediment-Free finish.

❤️ Compact for easy storage in the refrigerator for up to 10-days. 

❤️ Self Cleaning Function


A cool and distinctive-looking coffee maker that makes a whole lot of sense given its price. The Vinci Express Cold Brew Electric Coffee Maker makes cold brew coffee in less time than you can imagine. It gives you the fastest, most flavourful cold brew method available. This device makes cold brewed coffee as fast as 3 minutes. This is the only cold brewer which thoroughly infuses every drop of water with ground coffee to produce a smooth, bold cup of cold-brewed coffee that will be full of aroma and flavor. The whole process takes only 3 minutes, making it one of the fastest brewers available in the market today for iced coffees.


“What a great product. I don’t have the patience to wait for the full cold brew process. The design is well thought out and no piece is irrelevant. I almost exclusively drink iced coffee and cold brew. Tried Lavazza Clasico medium roast coffee on x-Bold setting and it’s super smooth and rich compared to the regular hot brew. The glass carafe is well made and fits perfectly in my low rent apartment fridge.”  

“I've now been using it myself for about two weeks, and I think I might be hooked. The product is pitched as smoother and less acidic than hot brewed coffee and that's absolutely true. I usually set mine to a "medium" brew (I'm naturally jazzed and don't need any more caffeine than that) and with just a small splash of cream, it is *very* smooth and, frankly, delicious.”


✅ 1.1-Liter (37 Oz) capacity

✅ Brews crystal clear cold brew coffee

✅ Made from long-lasting borosilicate glass

✅ Select from 4 brew strengths

✅ Express Cold Brew Coffee Brewing in as little as 5 minutes

✅ Built-in Clean Function for hygienic brewing

✅ New Circle Flow Brewing Technology

✅ Electric Cold Brew Coffee Maker


❌ Quite Expensive

Crystal Anti-Aging Eye Mask 

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 - Crystal Anti-Aging Eye Mask 

Okay, so not everyone understands why we’re supposed to charge certain crystals and stones under the full moon or whatever—but we can all agree that putting cold, smooth stuff on your face feels great, which is where this type of eye mask comes in.

It can’t predict your future or the whims of the planets, but it can help you feel better after a night of heavy drinking by reducing puffiness, dark circles, and headaches. 

Flower Subscription Boxes

Subscriptions are always a great gift idea, especially during Valentine’s season. You can choose from dozens of subscription boxes that include everything from candy to flowers.

There are plenty of popular flower subscription packages. Their monthly bouquets feature fresh-cut flowers delivered straight to your door each month. 

They even have an extensive collection of roses, lilies, tulips, daisies, sunflowers, carnations, and more.

There are even some companies that can send a box of beautiful blooms every week, along with a sweet message or personal message from you. 

An Engraved Ring

Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 - An Engraved Ring

Engraving a ring is a special way to express your love for your partner. A personalized engraved ring will be treasured forever. You can choose a design that features two initials intertwined, or create a romantic message using a poem or song lyric. It’s a very thoughtful gesture that will last a lifetime.

You can purchase an engraved ring at most jewelry stores, as well as online retailers. You’ll need to provide what you want to have engraved on the ring. 

Then, you’ll need to specify the font style, size, color, and type of material such as sterling silver and engraver used.


❤️ Solid Stainless Steel


❤️Custom Engraved

❤️Thin Ring Sizes Available: 4-10

❤️Thick Ring Sizes Available: 6-15


Stainless steel rings are exceptionally lightweight and long-lasting. You are free to wear it every day. The lightweight construction makes it a sporty and easy-to-wear style. This stainless steel ring is an excellent choice for daily use! Their custom engraved stainless steel rings are made from the best quality of stainless steel available in the jewelry industry, High Polish 316L Surgical Stainless Steel. It is extremely resistant to fading, flaws, and corrosion. It is completely corrosion-resistant. It will not fade, alter color, or discolor your skin. It does not require any upkeep to keep it looking new. The stainless steel we utilize for our high-quality rings is the most worry-free and low-maintenance jewelry material.


"We randomly Eloped so needed these super last minute. They arrived perfect! I got creative tonight and wanted to share a pretty pic for attention. Quality product and awesome price! We needed to order a 1/2 size bigger and was worth every $. I’ve been wearing it for over a month and a half now and the only frustration I have is I’m too OCD and the ring will spin, but I want the chip on top. Haha I know I won’t care with time but others might find it annoying it’s not like the man’s band. <3”


✅ Made of high-quality stainless steel

✅ Can be engraved 

✅ Nickel-free

✅ Elegant design


❌ Easily scratched

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year when you want to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. 

But finding the perfect and special gift can be challenging but with the right budget, it is possible. This year, take some time to plan ahead and get the best gift ideas for your special someone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do men or women spend more on Valentine’s Day?

Were you ever curious about whether men or women spend more money on Valentine’s Day? 

According to statistics on NRF in 2022, males are more likely than women to buy Valentine’s Day gifts for more than one romantic relationship, the average expected spending on males is $235 while for females is $119

How much money does Valentine’s Day bring in?

According to the National Retail Federation, roughly half of American adults plan to spend $23.9 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2022, up from $21.8 billion in 2021.

More than half (approximately 53%) of U.S. adults planned to spend and celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2022. 2022 is now recorded to be the second-highest spending year since the NRF’s first spending survey in 2009.

What do people spend the most money on Valentine’s Day?

The important consumer spending trends for Valentine’s Day in 2022 have been prepared by the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Last year’s Valentine’s Day, candy (56 percent), greeting cards (40 percent), and flowers (37 percent) are still the most popular gift items.

Nearly one-third (31%) of respondents gave an “evening out” this year, up from 24% in 2021 and just slightly lower than pre-pandemic levels, for a total of $4.3 billion.

Almost a quarter (22 percent) chose to give jewelry as a gift to someone special. Total jewelry spending was $6.2 billion, up from $4.1 billion in 2021 and the highest in the survey’s history.

Demand for experience gifts, such as tickets to a concert or sporting event, has also returned to pre-pandemic levels, with 41 percent saying they would love to receive a gift of experience, up from 36 percent in 2021.

While traditional Valentine’s Day gifts like candy and flowers never seem to go out of style, gift givers and recipients alike are more comfortable heading out for a special meal or participating in a new experience than they were a year ago. This is particularly true for younger age groups.

Last year, 41 percent of Valentine’s Day shoppers went online, followed by 32 percent who went to department stores, 28 percent who went to discount stores, 18 percent who went to local small businesses, and 17 percent who went to florists.

The survey of 7,728 adult consumers in the United States was conducted from January 3 to 11, with a margin of error of 1.1 percentage points.

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