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‘Will You Be My Valentine?’ Gift Ideas

Have you been building up the courage to ask a certain someone ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ this year? Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. If you want to give a truly memorable gift for Valentine’s Day, consider giving them something they really want. 

This could be anything from flowers to jewelry, spa treatments, or tickets to a concert. Your significant other might also like to receive a thoughtful card telling them how much you love them.

Knowing when the perfect moment is to ask someone to be your Valentine may not be as obvious as you would like it to be.

Here’s all you need to know about asking someone to be your Valentine, as well as some suggestions on how to approach them.

Here are also some other unique Valentine’s Day ideas for the people you love and care about that will make them go gaga!

When To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine

Asking someone to be your Valentine can be daunting but the best time to ask is at least a week or two before Valentine’s Day, it’s the best possible time to approach someone.

In certain cases, there may be a great deal of interest in your possible mate, depending on their popularity.

As a result, it may be worthwhile to check on their plans even earlier than a week before Valentine’s Day.

This is due to the possibility that someone else may ask them first.

Considering that Valentine’s Day is celebrated during the second week of the month, it is customary to ask someone to be your Valentine on the first day of the month before the occasion.

Not only does this guarantee that you are the first one to ask them, but it also offers you the opportunity to come up with a backup plan in the event that they deny your request.

Ways To Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine

1. A Letter or Valentine’s Day Card 

An envelope filled with heart candies

A Valentine’s Day card is a classic way to ask someone to be your valentine. You may have purchased them while at school to give to your classmates for that special day. 

The concept is similar to an adult. You may choose from an assortment of cards.

There are humorous cards, romantic cards, pop-up cards, and even cards that play music. The ideal card to use is one that is appropriate for the individual. You should know a little bit about them if you’re asking them to be your Valentine. Perhaps you are familiar with their favorite music.

In such an instance, consider a card that plays that music when they open it. Perhaps you’re aware that they have a terrific sense of humor.

Selecting a humorous Valentine’s day card might be an excellent choice. If you want them to take your request seriously, you should send them a traditionally romantic Valentine’s Day card.

No matter what the card says, a handwritten note should always be included.

The sentence should express how you feel about the individual. Then you sign it with your name and ask them to be your valentine.

This method is very simple and if it goes smoothly, you got yourself a date!

2. Say It with Something Sweet

A can filled with assorted chocolates

Candy is another nice way to ask someone to be your Valentine. Some candies actually ask that someone be your Valentine. You may even get unique Valentine’s Day candy boxes or bags that enable you to write on them.

If the candy doesn’t come with one of these spaces to write on, provide a message with it and ask them to be your Valentine.

If they’re funny, you may approach them with a pun or joke.

You may win them over with your romanticism, charm, and a little sweetness by making the message personal to them.

However, before you go out and purchase the candy, find out what kind of candy they like. No one wants to be given a treat that they can’t or don’t enjoy.

3. Treat Them To A Nice Dinner Out

A couple having a romantic dinner

Ask them out for dinner before asking them to be your Valentine.

It’s a fantastic approach to check whether they’re interested in engaging in a relationship with you and to gauge their level of openness.

If they say yes, it’s time to organize a romantic dinner date for the two of you.

This does not necessarily imply that you must remove them from the house. If you know that the person likes dining out, make plans to make reservations at either their favorite restaurant or a posh one to amaze them.

In the event that they are not especially fond of dining out, it is time to wear the chef’s hat and prepare a meal at home.

The internet has made it simpler than ever before to prepare meals at home. There are a plethora of instructional videos available on YouTube that walk you through the recipes.

You can discover a recipe for any meal you want to prepare on YouTube, no matter what kind of cuisine you want to create because you can see how they prepare and cook, it is much simpler to follow along with the video than it would be to read about it.

All you have to do now is copy them from there.

Serving a home-cooked supper to your intended partner might leave a lasting impression.

It demonstrates to them that you are prepared to put in the time and effort necessary to make them happy.

When preparing dinner, one of the most essential things to remember to do is to include some form of dessert in the meal.

If you want to ask them to be your Valentine, you should do it with a sweet treat.

They could be surprised to discover a hidden message baked into a cake or a cupcake when they open it.

Whatever you decide to do, take advantage of the chance to be innovative. Not only will you impress them, but they will also be moved by the amount of work you put in on their behalf.

Additional suggestions for creating a wonderful Valentine’s dinner scenario include keeping your home clean and having something to do to amuse your guests while you’re in the kitchen cooking.

Nothing is more inconvenient for them than having to wait in your living room while you’re in the kitchen preparing dinner.

4. Arrange A Scavenger Hunt

A map of a scavenger hunt

Understanding what your intended partner is interested in might make or break your proposal to be their Valentine’s Day present.

Creating a treasure hunt as an example, if you know that the person appreciates adventure and riddles, one of the finest ways to approach them about becoming your Valentine is to turn it into a scavenger hunt.

You should use relatively basic riddles to send them to specific locations, with each riddle directing them to a different area.

The places should either be at your house or at their home, or they should be someplace that you both are familiar with and like spending time in.

If the search does take place outside of your house, you’ll want to enlist the help of a few other persons to keep an eye on those places just in case anything goes wrong.

The last thing you want is for your puzzle or reward to be taken away by a sanitation worker or a good Samaritan who is only trying to keep the place clean and safe.

Testing the riddles on someone else is also a good idea to see if they are too simple or too difficult.

They should make your intended valentine think, but they shouldn’t be so blatant that it takes away the joy of the occasion altogether.

They should get some sweets or other little prizes at the conclusion of the treasure hunt if they enjoyed it.

If you want to ask them to be your Valentine in person, you may either send them a note or ask them in person at the end of the game.

A treasure hunt is a unique approach to demonstrating your interest in them.

It’s also entertaining and demonstrates to them that you’re prepared to put up a significant amount of work into the relationship.

In any case, you’ll leave a lasting impression on them.

5. Sign, Sealed, Delivered

A Valentine's day card that says will you be my valentine?

Most romantic moments in film history have individuals holding out a huge sign that they have written to express their feelings for one another.

If you want to ask someone to be your Valentine, you may do something similar.

A message may take on a variety of forms.

You may hire a skywriter to send a message to someone asking them to be your Valentine at a certain time and location.

Your message will be written from the smoke by the plane over the sky, where everyone will be able to view it.

A backup strategy should be prepared in the event that this approach is rendered ineffective due to weather disturbances.

You may even scribble the message on the sand before taking your intended sweetheart to the beach as an alternative option.

In order to guarantee that the message does not get washed away by the water or that it does not vanish before they arrive, you’ll want to dig it deep into the sand.

You may also just put the message on a banner and hand it to them while they are at their place of business, home, or any place else. (Keep in mind that this strategy necessitates your familiarity with the person in question.) If you just have a passing acquaintance with the individual, this is not the best way.

You may also utilize little objects to help you communicate your message more effectively.

It might be sweets, marbles, or even little pebbles to help you spell out your message. Whatever you choose, it will definitely be hard to miss.

6. Involve The Pets Or Family In The Process

A cute dog wearing red shades and biting on a rose taking a selfie

If you or your intended Valentine have dogs or children, you should include them in your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Create a command for your pet to follow, such as walking to someone with a tiny package in their mouth or on their back.

You should include a little message in the tiny box, inviting them to be your Valentine.

Not only can incorporating your pet or her family can make the event special, but it will also them feel at ease and comfortable the whole time.

Your message will undoubtedly go out to their hearts and bring them closer to you. You can even treat your pets and give them a Valentine’s Day gift for a job well done.

7. Bring Out Your Inner Shakespear

A couple having a cozy and romantic picnic date

And lastly, one more way for asking someone to be your Valentine is by writing a poem for them to read.

It may be as basic as a “Roses are red, violets are blue” sort of poetry, or as sophisticated as a sonnet or haiku, depending on the subject matter.

If you make the poetry uniquely about them, they will undoubtedly appreciate it.

Another advantage of asking someone to be your Valentine via a poem is that it may be done both in-person and online at the same time.

You may either read the poem to them via FaceTime or just send it to them as an email attachment.

A poem provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate how romantic you are and precisely what you think of someone.

Because reading poetry is unquestionably one of the most romantic and sentimental Valentine’s Day activities you can engage in, you may discover that it is sufficient to elicit a positive response to your question.

Are You In A Relationship or Dating If You Ask Someone To Be Your Valentine?

The short answer is, no.

At the very least, the two of you will be spending Valentine’s Day together, refusing to accept any other people’s invites to dates. 

Whether the two of you continue your romance beyond Valentine’s Day will be determined by how the date goes. 

Some individuals use this as a pretext for establishing a romantic relationship by asking someone to be their valentine.

People who have been dating for a while are more likely to be in this situation.

Asking them to be their valentine might be a way for them to take the first step toward being an exclusive couple.

Finally, it all boils down to the connection between the two of you and the current status of your relationship. 

In certain cases, it’s used as a stepping stone to a romantic relationship.

Final Thoughts

A week before Valentine’s Day or the first day of February is the best time to ask someone to be your valentine. 

It assures that you will be able to ask them first. 

In order to make your valentine’s day more memorable, you might apply any of the several suggestions above. 

If you’re going to ask someone to be your Valentine, be sure everyone understands where you stand and what your intentions are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning behind “Will You Be My Valentine?”

The name of one of the three early Italian martyrs is Valentinus. Claudius II, the Roman Emperor, is claimed to have killed them all on February 14th of various years in the 3rd century AD. 

Valentinus continued to marry young couples when the emperor forbade engagements and weddings for warriors. When Claudius II learned about it, he had Valentinus executed. According to legend, he left a message for his daughter that said, “From your Valentine.”

Some believe the celebration was inspired by the Roman hedonistic festival of Lupercalia, which took place from February 13 to 15. They claim that Pope Gelasius I joined Lupercalia with St. Valentine’s Day in the fifth century to combat paganism. Others argue that this statement is entirely false.

The two occurrences tend to blur together over time in any instance. The occasion had devolved into a drunken frenzy, and the shenanigans culminated in all kinds of matchmaking. The Normans eventually dubbed the day Galatin’s Day, which means ‘lover of ladies.’ 

Today, Valentine’s Day collects billions of dollars each year from markets throughout the globe. Chaucer and Shakespeare romanticized the holiday’s ideas in their poetry, which helped it grow. 

Early English gentlemen started a habit of delivering handmade cards to lovely maidens as a result of the holiday’s popularity. 

This amorous exchange had become ingrained in Western society by the early nineteenth century. February is now crimson, and chocolate hearts can be found everywhere.

What are some gifts that will make her feel special?

When it comes to gift-giving, it can be a minefield and we all want to pick the ultimate Valentine’s Day present for her if at all possible, right?

You want the person who will receive your gift to be thrilled with it, at the same time seem thoughtful.

But you also want to stay within your budget and avoid having to spend days wandering through hundreds of stores in search of the perfect item.

Although it is tempting to see something you like and assume that the recipient would like it as well, we are all different, and we should always consider that individual rather than ourselves when purchasing anything for them.

Personality and thoughtfulness are important at all times; knowing that someone hasn’t merely gone to the store and purchased the first item they see or bought something they love without thinking of you, goes a long way.

So, how do you go about doing this fast and efficiently each and every time you need to purchase gifts?

We’ve compiled a list of all of the most important questions to ask to make it easier for you to get the answers you need.

  • What do they like or, more importantly, what do they love?

This will assist you in concentrating on them rather than on yourself.

If they are close enough to you that you are considering purchasing a present for them, the odds are that you already know the answer to this question, but it never hurts to double-check with them. 

  • What about their dislikes?

The ability to rule out a large number of items that they don’t like is just as vital as knowing what they do enjoy, if not more so.

For example, I like neutral colors and despise pastel colors, so avoiding pastels in any shape or form would be ideal if someone were to give me Valentine’s day gift. Someone else may despise a certain color, a particular style of cloth, a particular dish, a particular type of thing, and so forth.

All you have to do is start paying attention to what they are talking about and you’ll have a solid understanding of their dislikes at the same time as their loves.

  • Do they have any allergies, phobias, or health issues that need to be taken into consideration? 

For example, can that individual genuinely benefit from the gift you’re planning to give them? It would be a shame if they couldn’t.

The following are some instances of things you should avoid purchasing:

Flowers are lovely unless she’s allergic, in which case avoid them.

Just remember to look at the present as a whole and make certain that they will be able to utilize and appreciate every aspect of it.

  • What is your financial situation?

When searching for the ideal Valentine’s Day present, it is also important to be aware of your financial constraints and to adhere to them. This will assist you in determining where to shop and what you should look at.

And keep in mind that you don’t have to go overboard in order to choose the right present. In reality, it is often the case that the reverse is true.

Gift certificates for items you can provide (time, money, etc…), especially if they are handmade, can be the nicest gifts ever.

If you are able to answer all of these questions, you will be much more likely to be able to find a gift that is absolutely right for the person you are purchasing it for without having to break the bank in the process.

What kind of gift would be appropriate for a first date?

We’ve all experienced the anxiety that comes with first dates. Everything is brand new, and it might be a little intimidating at first. 

Consequently, if you’re getting ready for your first date and are searching for something to help encourage interaction, have a look at our array of first-date presents! A little present can show your date that you are interested in her and gifts that will make a lasting impression

1. A long-stemmed rose, but only if you’re going on a formal date; otherwise, you’ll come off as overbearing, given that it’s regarded as the worldwide emblem of love. Alternatively, to be on the safe side, give her a bouquet of yellow flowers.

2. If you believe she is more sophisticated, choose something a little more unorthodox and give her a simple silk scarf instead.

3. If you know she enjoys a particular interest, consider giving her a Valentine’s Day gift box that will assist her in that endeavor. For example, if she paints, a set of new paintbrushes or a pot of paint may be appropriate.

4. For example, if she paints, a set of new paintbrushes or a pot of paint may be appropriate.

In addition, if she enjoys reading, you can never go wrong with a good book.

5. Alternatively, be more daring and give her something completely new, such as a bouquet of candy if she like sweets, a tiny plant if she enjoys nature, or anything else you think she could enjoy.

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