Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriends

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriends

As the day of love (Valentine’s Day) is fast approaching, you’re probably feeling the tension of what to give your sweetheart. So, you’re desperately tapping gadgets, keyboards, and smartphones for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriends.  

It is important to pick the best gift for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day to let her know how important she is to you. And the gift should be something she will appreciate year after year, and would remind her of you and the special time you spent together whenever she sees the gift. 

Women of all ages love getting flowers and chocolates. It also marks the end of the carnival, when women flaunt their sensuality and their love. The exclusive beauty products are ideal choices to surprise your lover on Valentine’s Day and make it extra special for her as well. Exquisite perfumes, delectable chocolates, and other romantic treats are a must-have on this special day. 

There used to be a time when gifts were a very personal affair and actually meant something to both the giver and the receiver, and we should aspire to return to these romantic roots.  

When choosing a Valentine’s Day gift for her, always give something that is useful and somewhat related to your girlfriend’s hobbies. If she loves to work out and go outdoors, below are a few practical Valentine’s Day gift suggestions that we think will be appreciated. 

Coffee Addict 

If your girlfriend cannot function without their coffee. And whether they’re the type who heads out to their favorite coffee spot for their usual order or the kind who’s always researching the best and latest coffee makers so they can’t make a fresh cup at home, these gifts for coffee lovers are sure to please. 

From the espresso fiend to the black-coffee hound, we have you covered for your last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts, whatever kind of coffee aficionado they are.  

For the Romantic Foodie 

When it comes to buying gifts for your girlfriend, do not forget that her favorite thing to cook is food. Gourmet food baskets and her favorite wine makes a great combination and are sure to please any woman.

A variety of gourmet food gifts such as gourmet cheese, chocolate, deluxe popcorn, and gourmet nuts will definitely be loved and appreciated. You can also consider sending her a few cookbooks written by well-known chefs and celebrity authors. She will definitely be delighted with these gifts that will help her learn how to cook the most delectable dishes in the world.  

Personalized Gifts for Girlfriend 

If you are thinking of something more personalized, you can send gifts that she will cherish for years to come. Personalized gift boxes and photo frames are excellent Valentine’s Day gifts for a girlfriend. You can find the ideal Valentine’s Day gift boxes that will suit any budget as you get to choose from a range of beautifully designed products.

When it comes to photo frames, you get to choose from a wide variety of styles including square, round and rectangular shapes. And you can even choose from a simple photo frame or one that has an engraved photo on it.  

Girlfriends love to keep pictures of themselves with their partners as well as pictures of them in different settings. For this, you can either choose from a variety of photo frames available online or order personalized Valentine’s Day gifts such as photo frames with personalized photo engravings. Engraved photo frames and photo albums make for the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for a girlfriend. They also make great wedding gifts. 

Traditional Teddy Bears, Flowers, and Chocolates 

A teddy bear Valentine’s Day gift for her is something that your girl will treasure for years to come. The best teddies are made of cotton fleece so that your girl can snuggle up with them and feel warm and cuddly.

You can choose from a range of different teddy bears including pink teddy bears and cute teddies with ribbons. For the more adventurous, there are teddy bears with a variety of different options such as hot pink, light pink, baby pink, and grey. When you are buying gifts for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day make sure you get her one that you know she’ll love and use year after year.  

Some of the best Valentine’s gifts for a girlfriend include flower delivery, chocolate truffles, chocolate-covered strawberries, and heart-shaped tea sets. Amongst some other gifts, flower delivery is one of the most popular ones preferred by women. Women in general like receiving gifts from their men, especially on Valentine’s Day. So, when you are looking for some unique and exclusive Valentine’s gifts for your girlfriend, look out for flower delivery and gift wrap ideas and treat her to a wonderful bouquet of flowers. 

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes! 

Other great Valentine’s gifts for girlfriends include leather stilettos and high heels. Your girlfriend will love the comfortable style of the stilettos and will have fun wearing them all day long.

The same goes for high heels. If you want to make your Valentine’s Day perfect, treat her to the latest in designer shoes. There are a number of high-quality shoes that you can buy online and that are suitable for giving as gifts for Valentine’s Day. Make sure you check out the website of some of the top brands so you know what you are getting. 

There is a lot of hype involved with Valentine’s Day, but I guess it’s like that for most holidays. Before you know it, Valentine’s Day will be here, so you can start deciding what gifts you want to get for your girlfriend! Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and create wonderful memories with your loved one. 

Still on the lookout for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend? We have a lot of ideas for you that will fit the bill for the women in your life. But honestly, we believe that everyone, regardless of gender, will be happy to receive anything on Valentine’s day. If you’re trying to save or willing to be a “baller”, there’s a price point for you, too.  

With that said, we have prepared a list of thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts that will help you show your girl that you care about her. 


1. COFFEE ADDICT: Fellow Stagg EKG+ Bluetooth Connected Electric Kettle
2. FOR THE ROMANTIC FOODIE: Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven  
3. PERSONALIZED GIFTS: Initial Disc Necklace

4. TEDDY, FLOWERS, & CHOCOLATES: I Treasure You, Gift Basket

5. SHOES, SHOES, & MORE SHOES!: Panasonic Shoes Deodorizer


  • Volume: 0.9L 

  • Dimensions: 11.5″x 6.75″x 8″ (292mm x 171mm x 203mm) 

  • Weight: 2.75 lbs/1,274 g (includes kettle base) 

  • Material: 304 stainless steel kettle body and lid, plastic base 

  • Temperature Range: 135-212 F/57-100 C 

  • Product Certifications: ETL compliance, FCC certified 

  • Guarantee: 1-year Warranty 

The Fellow Stagg EKG is meant for those coffee lovers who really want to control all factors to make the perfect coffee. It will also magnificently serve you well if you are the type of person who is always busy to take coffee as soon as the kettle is done. This is because the pour over kettle will give you just enough time to finish your business by keeping your coffee at the exact temperature. All in all, any coffee enthusiast who has a thing for great coffee, Stagg EKG is exactly what you need to improve your coffee experience. 


✔Chic design. 

✔Has an incredible 1200-watt quick heating element. 

✔It comes with an interactive Hi-Res LCD screen. 

✔Enables you to select your temperature and maintain the temperature for 60 minutes. 

✔It comes with a precision pour spout and does not allow back drip when you are pouring. 


❌The price is a little bit high. 

2. FOR THE ROMANTIC FOODIE : Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven  


  • Ooni pizza ovens are designed for outdoor cooking and our new gas pizza oven

  • Convenient: Ooni Koda 12 can fire up in 15 minutes and cook 13" pizzas simply by turning a dial

  • Gas-powered: the built-in gas ignition means instant flames, with an adjustable heat control dial for effortless cooking

  • High heats: the insulated steel shell means optimum heat retention, so Ooni Koda is ready to go within 15 minutes

If your special someone is a pizza lover and would love cooking outdoors, then this is the best pizza oven for her. If you wish to cook outdoors and would like to have the authentic wood-fired pizza taste, With the Ooni Koda makes it possible! Portable and convenient, it only weighs 9.25 kg and is fired up by turning a dial. Because of how easy it is to use; parents often have their children help with pizza recipes. A family-friendly option, there is fun involved for everyone! 



✔Ready to cook in 15 minutes 

✔High temperatures up to 500°C 

✔No assembly required 


❌Only works on gas 

 3. PERSONALIZED GIFTS : Initial Disc Necklace


  • This custom necklace is solid gold 9k,14k,18k, (hallmarked accordingly 375-585-750) 

  • Many fonts are available and any engraving: letter, number, symbol

  • Available in all gold colors and many chain lengths.

  • Great for layering effect with other dainty necklaces 

  • This tiny personalized necklace for women will arrive carefully packaged in a gift box. 

Want to surprise your girl with something she’ll love without breaking the bank? This minimalist heart necklace will do the trick.  If your girlfriend loves statement jewelry pieces, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful initial necklace. Add her initial to this dainty necklace, which comes in gold, rose gold, or silver, making it an instant standout.  Have your name monogrammed on the disc as well. Now she can wear your name around her neck, too! Pretty sure she’ll be wearing this around her neck every day! 


✔Absolutely gorgeous

✔Matches with anything!

✔Chic and trendy


❌Can't think of any!



  • The adorable plush in this basket is going to be a treasured favorite

  • She'll know that you put all your heart into this one when she sees all of the thought we've put into it 

  • Our gift baskets for women have been designed with her every desire in mind, from charming keepsakes to gourmet goodies, everything she wants is inside

  • Gift baskets usually ship the same day the order is received

Imagine her excitement when each month a new Glam Box with a large selection of personal care items arrives at her door! What a great way to send her a monthly reminder that she is loved and appreciated! Whether she loves the beach or enjoys gardening, Gift Basket Village has one for every type of woman out there. They are sure to treasure this newest award-winning gift basket, both for the absolutely stunning presentation it will make and for its large collection of wonderful gifts, keepsakes, pampering spa products and delicious gourmet sweets! This is a new favorite around here, so order early before someone else steals your treasure! 
What a beauty! This large and extravagant collection of gifts is set in a treasure box style handcrafted basket, complete with brass latch and fold down top, it can later be used as a sewing/keepsake box, planter, or a very nice decoration for display! We have used it to hold the most incredible collection of gifts and indulgent gourmet treats designed to make her feel very, very treasured! 
This special gift basket for her features: 
?A Very Fancy Plush Bear 
?A Restful Eye Mask 
?Scented Bath Salt 
?Ocean Purity Body Wash 
?Ocean Purity Body Scrub 
?Exfoliating Gloves 
?A Large Box of Assorted Chocolate Cookies 
?A Collectors Tin filled with Assorted Danish Butter Cookies 
?Indulgent Chocolate Truffle Cookies 
?Chocolate Covered Almonds 
?Hazelnut Biscotti 
?Chai Tea 
?Swiss Chocolate Almond Gourmet Coffee 

All this is adorned with silk designer ribbon and stunning silk flowers, this gift basket is one gift that she will truly treasure forever! 


✔Beautiful presentation 

✔Has everything any woman would love 

✔Has a little bit of everything 


❌Not everyone has the same taste in smell, flavor, etc. 

5. SHOES, SHOES, AND MORE SHOES! : Panasonic Shoes Deodorizer


  • Nanoe X technology with textile-penetrating particles (5-20nm each) 

  • Ideal for use with sneakers and other shoes and footwear 

  • Weight: approx. 480g (17 oz) 

  • Cable length: 2.5m (8.2 ft) 

  • Color: light gray 

  • Power: 100V (50/60Hz)

  • Power consumption: approx. 2.9W 

  • Includes AC adapter, cable, storage case 

Stumped on what to get your shoe-crazed loved one for her birthday, Mother’s Day, or Valentine's Day? You’ve come to the right place for shoe lover gifts! We’ve got the perfect solution (or should I say “pair”) for you! The Panasonic MS-DS100, a new household gadget that may be used to dissolve and eliminate the unpleasant footwear odors that plague many active consumers. 

The shoe deodorizer uses nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles or as Panasonic calls them, "nanoe X,” to remove unpleasant smells. The device offers two different modes, normal and long, which run for five and seven hours respectively—as such, the gadget is ideal for using overnight so that one may wake up to a fresh pair of shoes the next morning. 

The technology used in the Panasonic MS-DS100 gadget can also be found in a high-tech hanger that was previously released by the company for the purpose of removing odors from articles of clothing. 


✔Amazingly removes odors instantly!

✔Does what it's supposed to do



Valentine’s Day Gifts FAQs:  

What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift for my girlfriend?  

There are so many unique Valentine’s day gifts for her that you can get the special woman in your life. But I guess the best way to make her feel special is to give her multiple gifts, a few big ones and a number of small gifts.

Being her special someone, you would be the best person to know what she would love the most. Chocolates and roses are alright, but then you also need to give her something that catches her by surprise.  

What could be a very cool valentine’s day gift for my girlfriend that won’t cost me much money either?   

If you want to gift your girlfriend, wife, or special friend something cool and creative but have a tight budget, there are a number of budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts that can make her feel special. You can gift her something of interest like if she likes reading novels, you can order some novels online which are really affordable.

If she likes watching movies, then just invite her home and watch her favorite movies together. If she loves coffee, you can get a coffee mug for her. If you are creative enough, then make a valentine’s day card for her and let her feel how special she is.   

In love, the price of the gift doesn’t matter, what matters is the effort and thought you have put behind it just to make your special one feel loved.  

What can I gift my wife on valentine’s day?   

There are so many amazing Valentine’s Day gifts you can give to your wife on Valentine’s day like a framed picture of both of you together, a nice watch, or some cool unique valentine’s gifts. But the best way to make her feel special is to give her the experience to remember along with some gifts. Dedicate the day entirely to her.

Start the day by making her breakfast, take her to a movie followed by a dinner at some romantic place, and then end the day with a long drive. And when you both reach back home, surprise her with your gifts. Make her feel special all throughout the day and let her know how much you love her.   

What could be a good valentine’s day gift for my girlfriend who lives in a different city or overseas?   

Being in a long-distance relationship on Valentine’s Day might be hard, but it is much stronger than any other type of relationship and so, on Valentine’s Day, you need to make sure that you gift him something really special, something that can remind him of you every time he uses it.

Something like a coffee mug or a water tumbler can be unique as well as useful. If you are living in a different country, you can easily purchase some cool valentine’s gifts for her here at GiftWonk. 

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