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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Single Friends

Valentine’s Day is all about love, doesn’t mean that it should only be celebrated with your sweetheart. Everyone including your single friends deserves some love on this special day. You can show them how much you care about them by giving them honorary Valentine’s Day gifts for single friends. 

In addition to your closest friends and family members, you probably have a slew of other special people in your life, such as your hip aunt or any former teachers with whom you’ve maintained contact over the years.

Friendships are among the most rewarding aspects of one’s life. Is there anyone else who has been there for you through the good times and the bad? 

If you haven’t already established a Valentine’s Day custom of honoring your best friends, now is the time to do it. In order to express your gratitude for their presence in your life, a thoughtful present might go a long way (without breaking the bank!).

 Here are more gifts for the people you love that they will surely love:

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Single Friends

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Best Single Friends This Valentine’s Day 

This Valentine’s Day, show your best single friends how much you care by giving them one of these thoughtful but mighty gifts.

On Valentine’s Day, there’s a lot of love to go around. Yes, Valentine’s Day is mostly about romantic love, but it’s also a time to honor all the people who make your heart sing. 

The people who have been by your side through the good, the bad, and the ever-so-complicated times should be at the top of your priority list.

We’ve chosen items that can simply be divided up, saving you time and money. For your long-distance friend who is missing you terribly, or for a thoughtful and perfect gift to thank your closest friend for their unending support. 

There are a lot of options here that can be personalized with images or writing, but if your friends aren’t particularly sentimental, consider something that appeals to their interests rather than your own: wine, sleep, and self-care. We’ll leave it up to you — after all, you’re the one who knows them best.

Wine Delivery Subscription

Valentine's Day Gifts For Single Friends - Wine Delivery Subscription

If you’ve had enough wine nights with your pinot group, you know their preferences nearly as well as your own. 

Don’t simply buy them a bottle of wine for Valentine’s Day; give them a variety of fresh and fascinating bottles to taste every month.

When you sign up to become a member of the service, they will deliver a selection of hand-picked wines to your door each month. Whether you’re looking for something rich and full-bodied, crisp and refreshing, or simply want some new flavors to try.



❤️With 26 years of expertise and 1,000s of wines tasted, we deliver a great tasting wine, every time!

❤️Quality assurance is our top priority, we want you or the recipient of your gift to be delighted!

❤️ 100% “No Bad Bottle” Guarantee. We stand behind every bottle of wine we sell.

❤️ Enjoy wines of all varieties from all wine regions of the world.


Cellars Wine Club ($49 and above per month) has four separate wine clubs that you may swap between depending on your tastes. Every month, a wine specialist sommelier team tastes and selects the handpicked wines for the clubs. Ultimately, these sommelier professionals draw from the same pool of wines, but each sub-club caters to different preferences and classifications.

The majority of these sub-clubs mail a wine box including two wine bottles per month. Themes such as 90+ point wines, sparkling wines, and even a sweet wine club are used to create clubs. Unlike other services, particularly those centered on palate, Cellars allows the wine lover to be experimental from wine shipment to wine shipment without sacrificing quality.


“We just renewed. This had originally been a birthday present for my husband, but now it will be a gift for me too! The service has been wonderful and I love the variety of wines we are getting to enjoy – we have loved them all.”


✅Customizable wine subscription

✅Offers four different wine clubs that you can switch between

✅Varieties from all wine regions of the world


❌Quite pricey

Pottery Starter Kit

To relax and express yourself creatively, pottery-making is an excellent choice. 

A pottery starter kit is a great gift for your bestie because they may make whatever they want, as well as paint their creation in whichever colors they choose to do so. (Though it’s marketed toward children, many adults may enjoy this activity too)



❤️11" Aluminum Alloy Wheel: 11" / 28 cm large aluminum alloy turntable allows users to draw large pieces quickly. 

❤️Flexible Operation: This pottery wheel comes with a foot pedal and a speed manual handle, rotating smoothly with low noise

❤️Security Protection: Single-phase three-wire connection with earth leakage protection device for secure and reliable operation.

❤️Practical Shaping Tools: We considerably offer you wood shaping tools for quickly refining your designs. 

❤️Versatile Application: The ceramic molding machine supports the complete throwing and shaping process that can meet the majority of both professional and amateur ceramic enthusiasts. 


This little pottery wheel machine has a small footprint and a compact structure with a gorgeous aesthetic. It also has high-quality aluminum alloy turntables and a strong motor, allowing the ceramic wheel to run continuously and quietly, which is ideal for school teaching, pottery DIY shops, home DIY, and so on.

It also comes with a complete carving kit to help you finish the pot. Boxwood potter's rib, sponge, needle tool, loop tool, metal scraper, wire clay cutter, boxwood modeling tool, rib tool, and other tools are included.

This professional ceramic wheel machine with a big wheel is ideal for novices and ceramic production enthusiasts. An excellent tool for throwing and shaping ceramics.


“After taking a pottery course for a year, I wanted to get a wheel for home use. So I searched. After testing out four almost identical wheels in construction online, boxed kind, all from Amazon, this is my conclusion. This was not a straightforward purchasing process. It seems the same items are priced differently depending on whom you buy from. I bought one that cost around $200, $170, or $130. The more expensive ones gave me more problems, believe it or not. I started with the $200, thinking that it might have better motors or something. Nope. They look identical if you flip them and look at the mechanics below. It was a bewildering buying process.

This is the best machine of the bunch, and I am delighted with it for the following reasons below. I have used it for over a month.”


✅It is detachable for easy cleaning

✅It can be switched clockwise or counterclockwise

✅Offers wood shaping tools

✅For both professional and amateur ceramic enthusiasts


❌Quite large to store

Face Mask

Valentine's Day Gifts For Single Friends - Face Mask

A face mask set is perfect for your BFF who is obsessed with all things skincare. This is perfect for your next face masks and movie-watching night. Face masks can come in different scents and benefits for your face. 

Regardless of what type works best for you, there are some important things to consider when choosing a face mask. 

Insulated Wine Glass

Insulated wine glasses with splash-proof lids mean that your wine-drinking best friend will never have to worry about spilling again. 

You may get her a pair that matches her personal style and take her on a picnic or to the beach. Don’t forget to include a bottle of her favorite wine to round out your present!

An ideal and classic gift for any wine lover, these glasses can come in different styles and colors so you can easily coordinate with their taste and decor. 



❤️Great minds drink alike, the Rambler Wine Tumbler 2 Pack set is ideal for those who like to sip back and relax with good company by their side

❤️Durable no-rust- Stemless

❤️Double-wall vacuum insulation keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot until the last sip.

❤️DuraCoat Color that is built to last - no fading, peeling, or cracking here.

❤️YETI Wine Tumblers are dishwasher safe. Each measure 4. 5 in high and 3. 5 in wide.


The YETI Rambler 10-Ounce Wine Tumbler is composed of food-grade stainless steel and comes in various colors. This vessel is designed to be frequently used indoors or outdoors because it is made to endure almost everything (including the dishwasher).

The color and durability of this Yeti tumbler were our favorites. The Yeti Rambler is heavier in hand than comparable tumblers. The brand-name appeal and craftsmanship are what you'd expect for the higher end of the price. We recommend this favorite tumbler for a picnic or outdoor event where lids may not be required, as it does not come with a lid, so be sure to get one separately if needed.


“If you’re reading reviews, why? It’s a Yeti. You know what it is.

You know you can drop it off at a building, and it’ll be totally fine. It will just bounce and laugh at you. You know it’ll keep your drink cold for like five days even if you forget about it in the bed of your buddy's truck. You know you can gift it to your sister-in-law - she’ll love it and still not think you’re good enough for her sister. And you KNOW you’ll be the hero of the grade school talent show when you pull out that Yeti full of cold, hard liquor.

Just buy it already.”

“Great product and such a beautiful color,

Take them on trips, and work well when traveling, a cup for me and a friend, our tradition is to bring a bottle of wine or two to enjoy in the hotel room, and these ramblers are more than a step up from a plastic or coffee cup from the hotel room.”


✅Dishwasher safe

✅ Durable

✅ Attractive



❌ Lid is sold separately

Essential Oil Diffuser

Valentine's Day Gifts For Single Friends - Essential Oil Diffuser

What better way to show your friend or family member that you care about them than by giving them an essential oil diffuser? 

You can even get them a smart diffuser that they can even use her virtual bestie Alexa or Google to control it. These devices let people enjoy aromatherapy with relaxing scents.

Elevate your massage experience with an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. With just a few drops, it can transform your home into a spa. 


❤️  A great addition to your smart home that is powered intelligently and wifi compatible. Use it like a normal diffuser or download the companion app to control features like LED color, mist intensity, timer settings, scheduling, and more directly from your phone. 

❤️Our smart diffuser is also Alexa and Google Home compatible and can be used with echo/tap/dot to control simply by using your voice. 

❤️ Our smart diffuser works by creating 360° ultrasonic frequencies that instantly atomize water and oil molecules into the air. 

❤️ Our smart diffuser allows you to create regular schedules in the app so you can get your diffuser to work at your scheduled times each day or on certain days that you choose.

❤️ Use our included quickstart guides to connect to the app and then either to your existing Alexa or Google Home accounts


The Sierra Modern Home Smart Ultrasonic Diffuser is a Wi-Fi-enabled essential oil diffuser that is compatible with smart home technologies such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. As a result, you may operate the gadget remotely via voice control. It also communicates with a smartphone app for time management, scheduling, RGB lighting, and mist mode selection.

It includes a water tank with a capacity of 400 milliliters. As a result, you can effortlessly fill your house or business with scent mists for up to 12 hours. Its lightweight and durable construction make it an excellent choice for bedside tables, workplaces, and kitchen counters. In contrast to outmoded heat diffusers, its ultrasonic diffuser provides healthful mists.

The ultrasonic technique rapidly vaporizes water and essential oils into nano molecules, which disperse equally around the space. It adds style to your interior decor by using soothing RGB lights. Choose from seven different lighting settings or build your own with the eWeLink - Smart Home app. With so many functions, purchasing this gadget will undoubtedly increase the value of your investment.


“I went through no less than three diffusers prior to finally getting this one...I'm hopeful this review might save those looking to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy the pitfalls. Nebulizers are more expensive, but possibly have better-achieving benefits, might want to look there to start. I like the humidifier aspect of these, for now, works great for me. Turns out at least 80% of the essential oil diffuser/small humidifier market at the common price point of around 30 garbage. Tiny little hard-to-read function buttons on the side, small reservoirs that leak into these buttons causing them to fail, delicate yet pretty (sort of garish) glass or thin cheap plastic covers that make filling an overly delicate or annoying procedure, little plastic remote controls that randomly beep/respond to your TV or other media/appliance remote commands, questionable moisture and condensation isolation from electronics that may result in a short circuit, the list goes on. It's pathetic bridging on manufacturer scam really. Previous units to this one either failed entirely or partially within 4-6 months due to cheap, lazy, thoughtless mass production.

Skip to something good, just start with this one! It's thoughtfully well designed and has everything you'll likely ever need from this type of product, here are the details to support that...

The Goods:

>Wifi all good, up in a minute or three with free TUYA app (generic appliance platform app that does a ton of different device controls, look for "Small Humidifier BLE" device in the list, thumbnail looks like this diffuser), log in, enter wifi password info, good to go. Once you've done this for appliances, it's all the same.

>Confirmed Google assistant syncs (although I rarely use this for appliance control, don't need to chat with this stuff, prefer the apps).

>Functionally great, effortless lift on/off the cover, large flat reservoir makes it easy to fill, measure oil, and clean (you need to clean them periodically, they clog and work poorly if you don't, nature of water added diffuser technology, a bit of isopropyl alcohol tends to make short work of this).

>Simple physical design with large buttons. Robust plastic looks to last many years and survive those woops over tile floor moments (unlike pretty glass light shows), but they are way less likely to happen with this unit.

>App has scheduled for light and mist/strength individually (surprised by this dual functionality actually), with an easy-to-grasp graphical interface.

>Lighting is discrete but visible for status, not only in LED band around the base, but also lights up where the mist is emitted.”


✅ Covers up to a 430-square foot area for aromatherapy

✅ Suits well to all kinds of interior design because of its elegant look

✅ Uniform diffusion of essential oil by 360 degrees ultrasonic vibration


❌ It offers only two mist modes, strong or weak.

A Journal for Two

Truly, the topics for conversation are endless. Even so, keep a journal to help you and your best friend have fruitful and often amusing discussions regarding your relationship. 

When you need a reminder of the wonderful relationship you have with your significant other, write down your thoughts in the journal.

This will help you remember each person’s special qualities and remind you why you love them.

“Reasons Why We’re Friends” Poster

To make this gift, you only need to think of 50 reasons why they’re your closest friend. Wait for the tears to flow as you list all of their best attributes, such as their excellent karaoke talents or for being the best listener when you are down.

Bestie Hoodie

Valentine's Day Gifts For Single Friends - Bestie Hoodie

Matching black and white hoodies are a great way to show your support for your best friend. 

You can even personalize it by putting something funny or sweet on them that represents your friendship or you can even put your favorite celebrity or band. It’s up to you to pick what to put on the hoodies. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts to Celebrate Your Single Status

Even if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to miss out on the opportunity to celebrate in style with some great Valentine’s Day gifts.

For some folks, Valentine’s Day is all about cards, candy, and a pricey bouquet of flowers. The question remains, though, for those of us who relish the romanticism of being single. 

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, we’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s Day gifts that will let you enjoy your single status. This Valentine’s Day, give a gift to the most deserving person in your life: You!

A Whiskey Gift Set

Valentine's Day Gifts For Single Friends - A Whiskey Gift Set

Is it time to raise a glass to your single status? 

Get yourself personalized heavy-bottomed rocks glasses, ice-sphere molds, slate coasters, a whiskey diary, and a blend of nuts make up this crate’s impressive collection of whiskey-themed trinkets, which is sure to delight any whiskey connoisseur. Cheers!

Try out this one-of-a-kind whiskey gift set by Rocksly. It will rock your socks off with its premium quality whiskey and accessories. 


❤️All-In-One Whiskey Stones Gift Set The whiskey stones set with everything a whiskey lover could ask for. 

❤️This handsome whiskey barrel includes 2 whiskey glasses (10oz), 8 granite whiskey rocks, stainless steel ice tongs, a velvet carrying bag, and whiskey cocktail cards.  

❤️The unique twisted whiskey glasses included in this bourbon set really do make drinking more enjoyable. 

❤️No dilution - These granite whiskey stones will chill your drink without watering it down! Our granite bourbon stones quickly cool your whiskey without affecting its flavor!


Using only the finest ingredients, the Rocksly Whiskey Sets have been created since 2018 with a dedication to fine, unadulterated whiskey.

This brand was created by two whiskey lovers who sought to blend stunning looks with outstanding quality. Their wish was to give someone a special present.

For every customer, a perfect Rocksly Set is created using high-quality materials and meticulous inspection. Since you only want the best for your loved ones (or yourself), they strive for perfection in everything we do.

They put all of their energy into honing the craft of whiskey sipping and providing top-notch entertainment for their guests.

The essentials for your whiskey adventure: Perfectly sculpted granite ricks cool your drink without diluting it, making for a stunning show.

It is the ideal present for friends and family, or just for yourself. Rocksly's goal is to be the best, providing you with products of the highest possible standard of quality. With its magnificent design, the Rocksly Set will look great in any room of the house, whether it be the kitchen, living room, or bar. Rocksly beautiful design transforms any space!

The Rocksly Set is an excellent gift for friends and family because it's well-made, uncompromising in quality, long-lasting, and safe to use.


“This set came well packed and it was super easy to install. It looks great in my place, it's a nice ornament and it has a high-quality feeling. It looks and feels just like a barrel. But besides the looks, the set is perfect for me. I love my bourbon neat and cold and the stones that come with a bag for the freezer, just do the job. They cool the bourbon without diluting it or adding unwanted extra taste.” 

“The set is great and was just what I was hoping for. Solid glasses and a great looking barrel to put on display. Even better is their customer service. They got back to me immediately and made sure everything was right. I would definitely buy from them again!”


✅It comes in a nice and unique whiskey barrel

✅No dilution because the granite whiskey stones will chill your drink

✅It comes with two 10oz whiskey glasses

✅Whiskey stones are made from all-natural granite


❌The barrel is a little fragile, so make sure the seller packs it well before shipping it

Solo Cookbook

Engaging your creativity via cooking may be therapeutic for many, but finding the drive to walk into the kitchen is a completely different undertaking when you’re doing it solo. 

Get yourself a cookbook that will give anyone the confidence they need to cook for one, with recipes that are simple to make but offer deliciously intriguing results—all without producing too much for one sitting.

An Eye Mask

Valentine's Day Gifts For Single Friends - An Eye Mask

No matter how long you’ve been on the singles table and no matter how recently you’ve been unattached, everyone needs R&R from time to time. 

Then why not take a quick nap to ensure that you receive it? Taking a “mental vacation” is as simple as donning a silky smooth eye mask and drifting off to sleep.

There are a variety of great uses for wireless headphones and earbuds, such as listening to music or soundscapes while exercising or meditating. The only problem is that headphones may be cumbersome, and earbuds can come dislodged. SleepPhones, a headband-like gadget, aims to eliminate these problems.


❤️ A family physician co-created SleepPhones because she couldn’t find any comfortable sleeping headphones to wear in bed after taking late-night patient calls. 

❤️ The ultra-thin, flat speakers are comfortable enough to wear while lying down or sleeping on your side, while the module’s built-in volume and play/pause/skip controls easily let you control your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

❤️ Enjoy up to 12 hours of playtime and fully charge in 2 hours. These sleep headphones’ Bluetooth connects up to 15-30 feet (5-10 meters) away. 

❤️ The AcousticSheep herd has helped more than one million people sleep better, and a key part of that is ours is friendly and efficient service team.


Headphones meant for use in bed must be comfortable on your back, front, or side. So, the AcousticSheep SleepPhones combine flat speakers with just enough cushioning.

It is stitched into a cloth patch and then into the headband. Others have flat speakers but minimal cushioning. So the extra cushioning here makes a significant impact.

Acoustic Sheep's SleepPhones are perfect for anybody who loves falling asleep to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or ambient sound without disturbing anyone. The SleepPhones are machine washable and suitable for all sleeping positions, even side sleepers. They'll block out some external sound, but heavy snorers' roommates will require something that plugs the ear canal.


“This is my 4th purchase of SleepPhones. After a period of 4 or 5 years, one of the sides of the "ear speakers?" will die on you, and they will have to be replaced. They are SO soft. They do not hurt my ears, and they work flawlessly, except for the issue I mentioned. I love them so much. I bought a pair for a friend whose husband snores. She sleeps much better now. They aren't noise-canceling, but the speakers sit right over your ears, so outside noise isn't a problem. The sound quality is good. Great battery life! They are usually still working when I wake up! You can wear them as a headband during the day and pull them down over your eyes at night to block out light. I bought a different brand because it was cheaper and the cheap brand hurt my ears. "Learned my lesson and will buy SleepPhones from now on!”


✅ A natural sleep aid device invented by a doctor

✅ Great for side sleepers

✅ It can be enjoyed for up to 12 hours

✅ Very comfortable to wear while lying down or sleeping


❌ As a person moves throughout the night, the earphones inside tend to shift around and fall off.

A Custom Pet Portrait

This gift is for single pet lovers out there. If you have a furry family member that has a special place in your heart, gifting a personalized pet photo to yourself who is single but not completely alone on Valentine’s Day is an excellent idea. 

There is no limit to the number of pets you can include if your fur family is a large one.

Wine-Based Face Mask

At the end of the day, everyone knows that drinking wine is an excellent method to relax, but what would happen if it could also improve your skin? 

To brighten, elasticize, repair the damage, smooth, and soothe your skin, this face mask uses wine extract, blueberry fruit extract, and allantoin. As a bonus, it’s a great reason to kick back, relax, and binge-watch!

A Self-Guiding Book

Valentine's Day Gifts For Single Friends - A Self-Guiding Book

Introspection can be a game-changer if you’re single and have trouble connecting with your feelings. It’s not something that comes easy to everyone. 

A self-guiding book may assist anyone to navigate their thoughts and emotions, allowing them to uncover what causes them to experience highs and lows in their emotional state. 

As a bonus, it explains how to break free of limiting beliefs and energy patterns, so it’s a great Valentine’s Day present for anyone who is spending the day solo this year.

A Bath Bomb Set

Valentine's Day Gifts For Single Friends - A Bath Bomb Set

Valentine’s Day presents that inspire you to spend some quality “me time” are the most thoughtful. 

Whether you’re a singleton or not, you’ll enjoy soaking in the tub while non-staining bath bombs transform your bathroom into a spa-level experience. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to buy a gift for a single friend this year, you need to think carefully about what they like. Do they prefer practical things, or do they appreciate beauty? 

Are they looking for something unique, or would they prefer something similar to what everyone else is getting? 

Think about what kind of person they are, and then choose a gift that reflects that personality. Valentine’s Day is not only for couples! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you get your single friends a Valentine’s Day gift?

Yes, why not! You should always go above and beyond to show someone you care. 

Even if they’re single right now, they still deserve to feel loved and appreciated. This holiday is also the chance to let your besties know you value them and that you’re thinking about them.

What should I get my single friends?

You should consider what your friends like. Do they like beautiful gifts, or practical ones? 

Or maybe they love something more creative, such as art, music, or fashion. Whatever your friend likes, make sure you know before buying a gift.

What can I do for my friend on Valentine’s Day?

Setting aside some time to spend with your dearest friends on Valentine’s Day is an excellent way to show them how much you care about them. 

You can send a card with an old photo or go on a weekend vacation. Whether you’re seeking to spend a laid-back evening around a campfire sipping hot cocoa with your friends, hit the bike trails with your group, or spend a day crafting or taking a class together, there are so many options.

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