Top Movies To Watch On Mother's Day

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Top Movies To Watch On Mother’s Day

It’s almost Mother’s Day and you’re probably wondering how you’re going to celebrate this special lady.

However, most mamas will tell you that the best Mother’s Day gift is spending time with their children, whether they’re young or older.

One great way to bond with your mom on Mother’s Day is by watching one of the best Mother’s Day movies together. You can even prepare a Mother’s Day brunch before watching.

The experience of spending an afternoon watching one of these movies will make her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

There are so many movies to watch on Mother’s Day out there that celebrate moms and matriarchs from all walks of life, and this roundup has a little of everything.

Mother’s Day 

There could be no other obvious choice for Mom on Mother’s Day than Garry Marshall’s (Pretty Woman) holiday ensemble film. It’s the perfect movie to watch with your mom when you were in the mood for a feel-good rom-com.

Terms of Endearment

You can turn to Terms of Endearment for a good cry! The beloved film explores the complicated relationship between a mother (Shirley MacLaine) and daughter (Debra Winger) over the span of thirty years.


The film follows a mother’s (Susan Sarandon) and stepmother’s (Julia Roberts) journey through blended family life and the difficulties it can bring.

Akeelah and the Bee

An inspiring film about a young girl who turns words into words takes her to the National Spelling Bee, Angela Bassett, and Keke Palmer make a delightful mother-and-daughter-ensemble.

Lady Bird

Lady Bird explores the turbulent relationship between Saoirse Ronan’s Lady Bird and her mother Laura Metcalf. This coming-of-age dramedy is humorous and warm. 

Mamma Mia! The Movie

Starring Meryl Streep, this musical tells the story of a teenage girl’s quest to find her father. Set to the soundtrack of ABBA’s greatest hits, you will certainly get in the mood to sing and dance!


Brave is ideal for mothers who have little ones. It tells the story of a princess named Merida who must use her bravery and skills as an archer to save her mother, Queen Elinor, from a beastly curse.

Because I Said So

Diane Keaton plays a single mother who tries to meddle in the relationship of her daughter Mandy Moore — to hilarious effect! 

Soul Food

A family that eats together stays together. The Joseph family remains strong through all of their ups and downs because they eat their Sunday dinners together.

Forrest Gump

“Mama always said it was like a box of chocolates.” Sally Field proves the power of a mother’s love once again in the Tom Hanks film, Forrest Gump. 

The Sound of Music

In the beloved musical set during World War II-era Austria, Julie Andrews plays a nun who transforms into a nanny who returns home to her seven children. 

Freaky Friday

In this hilarious Disney remake, Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis play a mother-daughter duo who walk a mile in each other’s heels … and combat boots. 


The film is the true story of Philomena Lee (Judi Dench) 50-year quest for the child she was forced to give up for adoption.

Philomena’s charming relationship with the journalist who accompanies her on her quest will have you laughing and crying. 

Troop Beverly Hills

It’s a classic! Shelley Long plays a Beverly Hills housewife who gets in touch with her maternal side when she takes charge of her daughter’s girl scout troop.

The Farewell

Awkwafina plays a young artist who goes to visit her ailing grandmother for the last time. This will delight anyone who is related to their grandmother. We may well bond over this one for three generations. ❤️

The Parent Trap

Lohan is twice as nice as Hallie Parker and Annie James, the twins who scheme to get their divorced parents back together. 

20th Century Women

It explores a relationship between a young man and the women he is raised by, including his free-spirited single mother, who is beautifully portrayed by Annette Bening.  

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Here we go again! If you are looking for more music, merriment, and Meryl, then you need to watch Mamma Mia 2’s equally enjoyable sequel. 

The Joy Luck Club

Based on Amy Tan’s acclaimed novel, The Joy Luck Club is a touching ode to mother-daughter relationships in all their power. 

The Kids Are All Right

An acclaimed dramedy starring Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, and Mark Ruffalo focuses on two teenagers who discover their biological father. 

If you want more movie choices, check this video out:

Wrap up

Mother’s Day is all about spending time with the woman who raised you and sacrificed so much for you. There are many different types of movies that you can watch with your mom.

You could go see a comedy or action movie but don’t forget movies all about mothers. This will be a touching and fun way to spend time with your mom on her special day.

To make Mother’s Day extra special, greet your mom with sweet Mother’s Day messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is watching movies a good activity to do on Mother’s Day?

Movies are a great idea to spend time with your mom for Mother’s Day. Movies provide an opportunity for you and your mom to enjoy some quality time bonding.

You can watch any type of movie that you would both like, whether it be funny or heartwarming. And if your mother is more into romantic movies, go ahead and watch one of those too!

2. What are the best movies to watch on Mother’s Day?

Choose whatever type of movie you want to watch. This way it will be easier to pick plus it is a movie your mom truly enjoys.

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