Reasons Why We Give Easter Presents

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Easter Gifts: Top 5 Reasons Why We Give Them

Finding the Perfect Easter Present: Delightful Gift Ideas for the Holiday

Basically, the reason for giving Easter gifts is tradition. It’s a cornerstone of our culture and an absolute requirement for most people in America.

You can’t have Easter without baskets full of chocolates and miniature toys. So go ahead and give your loved ones something special this time.

Remember that it’s not about the packaging or the price tag — it’s about showing how much you care.

When you think about it, Easter is a tricky holiday. It’s about the resurrection and the promise of eternal life, and it happens in springtime — also called “the season of rebirth.”

So you wouldn’t be too far off if you thought that Easter baskets were all about new life. The egg on the other hand is symbolic because opening one will reveal something special that’s been hiding inside and it also symbolizes new life.

It’s All About New Life

Springtime is usually associated with fresh starts and new beginnings. But it’s also a time when people are eagerly anticipating changes.

Whether that involves a new place to live or the arrival of baby chicks, there’s really nowhere better than springtime to be reborn. And there’s no better way to symbolize this than by sending Easter gifts!

Easter Is About Eternal Life

Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus

Easter is all about resurrection and eternal life. Easter baskets, on the other hand, represent hope. Some people think that hope is the central theme of Easter, but in fact Easter is all about resurrection.

It wouldn’t be an authentic Easter gift if it didn’t come with a basket full of chocolate and treats.

Easter Is About Rebirth

Some say Easter comes from the goddess Eostre. She symbolized the dawn of the day and the return of spring.

The arrival of spring was celebrated right around the world before the Christian meaning became associated with it.

Eggs Are the Easter Gift Spirit

A symbol of life, eggs have been used since ancient times to symbolize fertility, and the Romans even threw them at death omens.

We understand why eggs are important, but Christians take it one step further by stating that the hatching of an egg symbolizes Jesus Christ’s rebirth.

Eggs Are the Easter Gift Spirit

easter gifts Eggs portray the idea of rebirth
Eggs portray the idea of rebirth

Today, it is common to give eggs as gifts at Easter, especially associated with the remembrance and resurgence of nature. An egg portrays the idea of rebirth and regeneration, with no beginning nor end.

The Reason We Give Easter Gifts Is Simple

It may seem strange that you should give anything at all for Easter, but the reason why we give Easter gifts in the first place is related to the idea of rebirth — or “resurrection” — and it has to do with eggs hatching which mean new life.

If you want to learn more about how the Easter egg originated, watch this video:

Do You Think It’s Necessary To Give Gifts & Baskets At Easter?

Easter baskets and gifts are one of the things that many Christians cling to in the name of tradition, but other Christians don’t agree. 

They feel that it’s ridiculous to give anything at all for such a secular holiday. But there are some good reasons for giving Easter gifts.

For one thing, most people consider this a Christian holiday, and so it’s important that they know they’re celebrating Christian traditions. Giving Easter gifts is also supposed to be part of the process of spiritual renewal.

There are three basic ways to approach why we give Easter gifts, and which one is right really depends on your own personal point of view.

Some people believe that it is important to give Easter baskets because it shows honor for our Christian heritage. 

It’s a way to show others around us that we are Christians — and it’s also an opportunity for those of us who aren’t very religious to celebrate the holiday with them in a way that honors their God.

But some people really believe that giving Easter baskets is just a part of our culture, and not related specifically to Christianity at all.

The Case For Easter Gifts

Some Christians feel that giving Easter presents is a good idea because it’s our tradition.

In addition, there are still people who celebrate Easter as a way to renew their faith. So giving gifts is supposed to be part of the process of spiritual renewal. 

Either way, giving gifts is supposed to be connected with our Christian heritage in some way, so it’s important that Christians acknowledge this by participating in what they see as part of the holiday tradition.

The Case Against Easter Gifts

Other Christians believe that giving Easter presents is not necessary at all. To them, it’s just a part of our culture, and has nothing to do with anything Christian at all.

It’s not necessary for Christians who don’t celebrate Easter.

And there are many people out there who aren’t Christians — and might even be offended if they received an Easter basket. 

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the reason we give Easter baskets is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s a holiday that’s near and dear to our hearts, but it’s also steeped in thousands of years of tradition.

So show your family how much they mean to you with an Easter basket full of chocolate bunnies and colorful foil eggs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we try not to celebrate any birthdays at Easter?

In Christian tradition, Easter is all about rebirth and new life. And there’s no better symbol for renewal than the egg, which symbolizes new life and the promise of more to come. So while birthdays might be about a single person’s unique life, Easter is meant to celebrate the world as a whole— and that doesn’t happen just once.

2. Why do people start eating chocolate eggs on Ash Wednesday?

On Ash Wednesday most Christians fast from meat or dairy products, so they’ve got room for something else in their stomachs (chocolate!). Here’s an article about Best Easter Gifts That Are Not Chocolate for the non chocolate eaters.

3. How did Easter baskets become significant?

Originally, Easter baskets were actually sewn from reeds. They were made from the same stuff that Jesus’ cross was made of. But people eventually stopped using them for religious reasons.

Baskets are now used to hold all sorts of goodies, from chocolate to stuffed animals to candles to jewelry. The possibilities are endless!

4. Why do people give Easter gifts?

Because the gift of life is the most awesome present anyone could receive! And because it comes from God, you can’t get closer to heaven by giving anything else such as treats.

It’s been said that you can judge a person’s character by the kind of gift they give. So when you give someone an Easter basket, you’re telling them that there’s no greater gift than eternal life!

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