Christmas Party Decoration Ideas for Your Home

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The Best Christmas Party Decoration Ideas for Your Home

The best and easiest Christmas party decorations are LED string lights or fairy lights. You can decorate a tree, a pumpkin, a wreath, the mantelpiece, and even your front lawn with these. 

They’re inexpensive and can be found at any department store, hardware store, or even online. Snow globes are also nice to add a festive flair to your holiday decorating. Here are some other examples to help your holiday party decorating going:

• Hanging ornaments 

• Santa hats for each of your guests

• Garland table runner

• Red and green candles

• Candy canes

Need some activities to do during Christmas? Take a look at what we have in store for you:

Many people are trying to get into the Christmas spirit this year by throwing dinner parties for friends and family. 

If you’re looking for some new ways to decorate your home for a festive Christmas party, here are some ideas that will impress your guests with your homemaking skills this holiday season.

Front Porch Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

It doesn’t really feel like Christmas if the porch of your house or the front door to your apartment isn’t decorated for the holidays. 

This can be as simple as a few lights and a wreath attached to the front door, or it could be as elaborate as an entrance to your very own winter wonderland. 

The more elaborate, the better because it shows that you have invested time into making this a pleasurable and welcoming experience for your guests.

Your Christmas porch decorations will be the first thing your visitors see when they arrive at your home, so you’ll want to make a good first impression. 

With nice porch decorating ideas for Christmas garlands, DIY wreath ideas, Christmas trees, and more, you’ll be able to do just that. 

We believe that you can never have too many seasonal details, whether you have a wraparound or a smaller porch.

Another fantastic feature of these Christmas porch decorations is the fact that they can be used all year long. 

They don’t have to all be from the store. In fact, many of them are do-it-yourself, which gives them a more personal touch. 

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite holiday decorating ideas that will make your home festive and impress your Christmas party guests.

Front Porch Decorating Tips

1. Visitors will be drawn in by a vertical wreath arrangement on the front door.

2. Ribbons, bows, and poinsettias on a porch add a splash of bright color! It creates a soft frame for a lovely holiday porch vignette.

3. Make the most of your porch swing if you have one. Add some festive Christmas pillows and a throw blanket to your front porch to create a warm and inviting seating area.

4. If you have the space, add a table to give it a more homey feel.

5. Take your decorations outside and suspend them from the ceiling! A simple arrangement adds a touch of holiday elegance to any front door.

6. Don’t be afraid to fill your porch with plants! Your front door feels like the perfect holiday cabin, thanks to the delicious evergreen swag, holly berry wreaths, and ivy.

7. Ice skates, chalkboard art, and a woodpile ready for the fireplace complete an adorable and inviting holiday entrance.

Windows Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

There’s no denying the coziness and joy that comes with decorating your home for the holidays, regardless of your design aesthetic. Christmas decorations never fail to impress visitors and give them a taste of your personal style. 

Despite the fact that windows provide the ideal opportunity for a festive glimpse into your home, they are frequently overlooked during the holiday decorating process. 

So this year, take things to the next level by finally giving your windows the attention they deserve; window decorations are a great way to show off your creativity while also celebrating the beauty of the holiday season, both on the inside and out.

Window Decorating Tips

1. Hanging glistening, metallic ornaments in your windows will brighten them while also reflecting light around the room.

2. For those who believe that less is more, a festive border of colorful lights can be kept simple.

3. You can pretend there are inches of snow outside by adorning your windows with paper snowflakes, regardless of the actual weather forecast.

4. For the ultimate dose of holiday cheer, deck your windows with all of your usual Christmas tree trimmings.

5. If you don’t have a mantel, hang your stockings in the window frame for a festive look that is both functional and beautiful.

6. Another option is to place miniature snow-covered houses on each windowsill, similar to these. It’s a particularly cute way to brighten up an often-overlooked space.

7. If you want to go for a unique look, line your windowsill with all-white decorative branches.

8. Fill your window ledge with a variety of bottle brush Christmas trees for a festive look. They’re small detail that can make a big difference in your holiday décor.

9. Jingle bells are as traditional as it gets when it comes to Christmas decorations. They’re a standard and tasteful touch that can easily boost holiday cheer.

10. Turn on the lights. The windows of this home are a focal point for the holiday season, with a mix of warm white and multicolored lights, as well as a tall tree.

11. Even during the holiday season, a touch of greenery can brighten up any neutral space. Green wreaths, which aren’t just for the front door, can be used to add character to your windows.

Foyers Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

A lot of people like to add lights and wreaths to their foyer or entryway in order to make it more festive. 

Christmas garland is also a nice touch, and the best part about wrapping your foyer in Christmas decorations is that you don’t need to worry about distracting from other parts of your home because this will be the first place that your guests will see when they enter.

Your Christmas entryway should be festively decorated with greenery, garlands, wreaths, and ornaments to greeting visitors. Because the foyer is where guests are greeted, it should not be overlooked when planning your holiday decorations. 

Even if your entryway is a small space, it can make a big visual impact with Christmas decorations. So gather some of your favorite decorations and use your imagination to decorate your space. 

Dazzle your guests with your creative style, from trees and garlands to cozy throws and holiday pillows, string lights, and glittering ornaments.

Foyer Decorating Tips

1. Begin by creating a vignette. A foyer table is an ideal spot to display your most beautiful Christmas decorations. 

2. Make a Mobile Christmas Tree. A mini tree on wheels will add natural holiday flair to your foyer. After your guests have settled in, you can move the tree to the dining room or other small areas for the rest of the evening.

3. Store Extra Gifts. These days, there isn’t much room under the tree. By storing wrapped gifts in decorative groupings on one side of your staircase, you can add holiday cheer to your entryway while also freeing up space in your living room.

4. Twig-Embellished Mirror. For a winter update that lasts all season, make a DIY twig mirror to hang above your entry table or other wall space.

5. Complement the rest of your home’s decor—coordinate entryway decorations with your everyday decor for a simple, elegant look. Mercury glass candle holders, a small potted tree, and fresh flowers perfectly complement the home’s neutral palette for your small foyer.

6. Put up a display of Christmas cards. Stack your family’s Christmas cards on top of varying-height gift boxes and arrange them around a small entryway tree.

7. Countdown to Christmas. A DIY Advent calendar, like this adorable creation made from upcycled sweaters, will add vintage charm to your foyer table vignette.

Staircase Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

Your Christmas decorations are likely to include a stylish tree, an eye-catching mantel, and even a standout entryway, but there’s one place you shouldn’t forget to decorate: your staircase. 

Don’t throw away any extra garland, lights, ribbon, ornaments, or even DIY crafts you may have lying around the house. Make the most of them by sprucing up your stairwell. It’s a quick and easy way to make a statement that won’t take up much of your time.

Do you want to find out how to make a jolly, holly staircase? Read on.

Staircase Decorating Tips

1. Add a string of hanging bells and rope to a simple eucalyptus, pine, and twinkle light garland. This will add a rustic feel that your guests will enjoy.

2. If you have a bookshelf beneath your staircase, a nice touch is to wrap some of the books in holiday gift paper for striking staircase decor. Everyone’s attention will be drawn to this creative holiday decor. 

3. If your home’s theme doesn’t go well with traditional holiday decor, try something different, like this one-of-a-kind nautical garland.

4. If your staircase has an under-the-stairs area, you should decorate it as well. A mini Christmas tree or reusable advent calendar on a hutch beneath the steps is a great idea.

5. If you’re not a big fan of stocking stuffers, skip the socks and go with coffee mugs instead. Fill them up to the brim with candy and other trinkets and hang them on your stairwell.

6. Make your garland display more dramatic by letting the ends of the boughs fall gracefully to the floor. A matching wreath and seating nook complete the look.

7. If your stairwell also serves as an entryway, you’ll have an extra incentive to make it as welcoming as possible. Stockings, bows, ornaments, and wrapped presents combine to create a Christmas extravaganza in this one.

8. Decorate your stairwell railing with garland and twinkle lights. For a classic Christmas scene, finish it off with red bulb ornaments.

9. If you prefer traditional Christmas decorations, go with something simple like this red-and-green garland. Simply weave ribbon, lights, and an artificial bough together to make it.

Living Room Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

This is one of the most important areas of your house to decorate, so you shouldn’t skimp on the amount of time that you spend decorating it. 

After all, it’s the space in your home where the Christmas tree is in full display everyone will be spending most of their time, so it should be the best and most comfortable place to sit. 

There are a hundred ways that you can decorate your living room for Christmas, and we’ve even included some of our favorites.

Living Room Decorating Tips

1. Join the advent calendar craze by making your own, complete with holiday trinkets and paper tags.

2. Wrap stacks of books in graphic paper to transform a plain bookshelf into a striking holiday display.

3. If you don’t have room for a Christmas tree, don’t worry. Simply fill oversized clear jars with decorated pine, fir, or spruce branches and place them on your living room mantel or bookshelf.

4. Instead of a traditional fireplace, a cloth mural, and colorful stockings can easily be hung to capture the spirit of the Christmas season.

5. Add ornate ribbon and eye-catching buttons to any glass candle holders you have lying around the house.

6. Use plaid stockings and throw pillows to add coziness to your space. The look is finished off with a lavish garland and floral arrangement.

7. Hang a mix of paper, metal, and wood stars in various sizes and designs along a window frame with twine to create a three-dimensional gallery wall.

8. Once back-to-school is over, you don’t have to put the chalkboards away. The wreaths and banners elevate this chalkboard to a new (holiday) level, and the erased chalk gives it the appearance of snow.

9. Use a non-traditional color scheme, such as a rust and gold theme, and add a few fun elements, such as a ceramic tree and a wreath, to give it a holiday feel.

10. The wreaths on the window and the collection of candles on the coffee table are small details that add to the festive feel of the room.

Dining Room Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

You should also make sure that you decorate your dining room for the holidays. The best part about table decorations is that you don’t really need a lot, so it’s easy to make your dining room pop with holiday cheer. 

There are countless ways to decorate a Christmas table, whether you’re hosting a big group this Christmas season or just want to add a little festive cheer to your dining table. 

There’s an easy holiday table for every taste, from beautiful modern looks to sparkle and glam.

Dining Room Decorating Tips

1. Use the miniature candy canes that didn’t make it onto your Christmas tree as place cardholders. For a fun look, use a variety of colors.

2. If you adore a good holiday shaker, this simple craft project is for you. To add a festive touch to your table, fill basic salt and pepper shakers with everything from mini trees to reindeer.

3. This time, give the place cards you use year after year a break. Instead, layer gingerbread cookies on top of cloth napkins and tie a matching ribbon around them.

4. For the holidays, give your dining room table a log cabin feel. A few flea market finds—think wooden crates, vintage sleds, and snow-covered trees—are all it takes.

5. To make a statement, your Christmas table setting doesn’t have to be extravagant. For a simple yet elegant look, replace placemats with folded tea towels and red tumblers as vases.

6. Don’t toss your broken Christmas bulbs in the trash just yet. Consider making festive napkin rings out of them. Simply hot glue a loop of red and white baker’s twine to the bottom of each bulb. Then, using colorful rolled napkins, tie your new creations together.

7. Add some festive skewers to your guests’ drinks to add even more holiday cheer. Cut your drink skewers to about 3″ long, then top each one with a mini bottle brush tree in a fun color. This project can be completed with just hot glue.

8. For your tablecloth, use chalkboard paper and write the names of your guests above the plates. Napkin rings can be made by stringing cranberries on a thin wire and tying it into a circle with a eucalyptus sprig.

9. For a subtle aroma that will have guests reminiscing about past holidays, use real pine cones and fresh flowers.

Table Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and you’re probably already thinking about your Christmas table decorations. 

The key to any festive Christmas table is to stock up on the right accents and statement pieces ahead of time, so you’ll be ready to set an elegant and festive table when all of your party guests arrive.

In honor of the upcoming holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of classy table-setting ideas to inspire your holiday table, whether you’re hosting an in-person feast or using it as a festive background to make your virtual celebrations feel extra special.

Table Decorating Tips

1. An instant dose of holiday cheer can be added with a little origami napkin work.

2. Are you looking for something other than the traditional red, gold, and green? For a more tranquil holiday, consider a pretty blue and silver palette.

3. Use a colorful moss table runner to add a touch of nature to the bleak winter months.

4. A holiday table isn’t complete without some festive crackers to crack open while you eat. Prepare for hours of entertainment once your guests open their Christmas crackers, which usually include a crown, a joke, and a small trinket.

5. Pewter table linens provide an unexpectedly lovely backdrop for gold and crystal accents.

6. Place a whimsical take-home gift instead of a traditional napkin across the center of the table, such as a small candle or a festive place card holder inspired by reindeer.

7. When going for a more minimal look, simple tabletop trees such as those you might encounter in the woods on a midwinter night can provide a charming, pared-down effect.

8. Another way to dress up your table is to use a festive napkin ring. To add to the holiday color scheme, choose a gold patterned design, such as the napkin ring shown here.

9. Avoiding a face-height floral arrangement at a holiday dinner is the worst thing you can do. You could opt for a low-lying setup, but why forego the drama? Fill a tall, slender vase with lovely branches and seasonal blooms instead.

10. Use raw wood chargers to add a cozy rustic touch to your table.

Kitchen Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

It’s important for your kitchen to also be decorated for the holidays. There are all kinds of ways that you can decorate the kitchen in a way that is festive and practical. 

Even though your kitchen is the most utilitarian room in your home, it is also the heart of your home, where you’ll be spending a lot of time this holiday season, from baking holiday treats and meals to catching up with your loved ones all over the island, so make it festive! 

Think of Christmas centerpiece ideas and a cute spot to display your best gingerbread houses on the kitchen table. Fill the shelves with fresh Christmas garlands, countertop trees, and accessories that can be tucked away. 

Don’t forget about the less obvious places to add a little holiday flair, like the cabinets, where a DIY wreath is always welcome.

Kitchen Decorating Tips

1. Bring out all of your vintage collectibles to liven up an otherwise dull kitchen. Some cheerful accessories will brighten any room, from white and red tins holding tree clippings to a group of Santa mugs with brush trees.

2. This holiday season, put Christmas china on full display. The hand-crafted hutch houses holiday dishes as well as a collection of copper vessels. Above an antique kitchen table with a runner, candles, and magnolia leaves, a scrolly chandelier (with greenery and berries tucked in) hangs.

3. Stripes are always in style, especially if they’re candy cane stripes! If you have green cabinetry, the look is even more festive.

4. Simple touches of fresh greenery, such as garland, wreaths, and mini trees, help to “Christmas up” this otherwise uncluttered space without going overboard.

5. What better way to adorn your kitchen than with the man himself, the man in red! For a fun and festive look this year, scatter small Santa figurines throughout your kitchen.

6. For an elegant Christmas kitchen design, a garland is a star, with hints of red from the antique Santa, a bowl of apples, a Dutch oven, and a ribbon.

7. This Christmas, let your gingerbread houses take center stage in your kitchen. Sprigs of holly and extra tree branches from your Christmas tree add a touch of greenery to the kitchen. For a subtle pop of color, hang dried citrus rings in the window.

Bathroom Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

When it comes to holiday decorating, there are a few rooms (and areas outside) that are a no-brainer—for example, the living room, dining room, kitchen, and front porch. But, hold on a second, aren’t you forgetting something? 

The bathroom is one of the most overlooked rooms when it comes to holiday decorations, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from filling up your home with some holiday spirit. 

While your bathroom may not be the most glamorous room in the house (unless you have a multi-head shower and a gorgeous bathroom vanity), it can be downright festive with a little extra decor. This is where these adorable Christmas bathroom sets come in handy.

Decorating your bathroom for Christmas is more than just finding matching towels and washcloths (though we love those too!). 

Instead, keep an open mind and consider adding other Christmas bathroom sets to your cart this holiday season, in addition to matching baths and hand towels. 

Consider bathroom accessories such as soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and cotton swabs, as well as festive toilet mats and shower curtain rings to tie the room together.

Bathroom Decorating Tips

1. A soap dispenser with a festive pattern will brighten up any bathroom, plus two matching hand towels.

2. It’s sometimes entertaining to decorate not only your shelves and racks but also your bathroom. You’ll love a fuzzy Santa set if that’s your thing.

3. Just like your tea towels, you can change out your bath accessories for Christmas. A fun snowman tumbler, toothbrush holder, soap dish, and soap dispenser are all excellent choices (and could be given as a gift too).

4. Consider getting a furry critter Christmas bathroom set if you have a sense of humor this holiday season (or simply think squirrels are adorable).

5. We don’t know about you, but we find Christmas elves to be magical and nostalgic. (Even more so if you have an Elf on the Shelf!) Consider using a festive soap dispenser and toothbrush holder during the holiday season to spread holiday cheer.

Final Thoughts

It’s that time of year once more. We’re talking about the most wonderful time of the year, right? It’s time for frantic last-minute shopping, gift wrapping, and card writing. It’s time for eggnog by the fire and quiet nights listening to gentle Christmas music. 

Aside from giving, one of the most important aspects of Christmas is home decoration. 

For some, decorating the Christmas tree and house means having fun with the whole family; for others, it means impressing and outdoing the neighbors in a festive competition; and for some others, it simply means brightening up the house in an elegant way to parties and gatherings.

Whatever goal you set for your home’s decoration, it’s always a good idea to have some new, fresh ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure how I’m going to decorate my small porch for Christmas.

If you have even the tiniest of chairs or benches on your porch, drape a soft blanket, scarf, or piece of Christmas fabric over them. 

Fresh greenery and two small decorated urns dress up even a small stoop. A tiny container filled with lush greenery and Christmas ornaments can easily be tucked into an empty spot.

How can I make my stairwell look festive for the holidays?

Choose a garland with Christmas lights woven into it to create a traditional holiday atmosphere in the room. 

Vintage-inspired marquee letters will add some holiday drama to your stairwell. For a simple holiday accent, fill a simple white stocking with ornaments and hang it from the end of your banister.

What is the best way to decorate a Christmas party hall?

Christmas Decorations for a Party Venue

  • Make use of festive lighting.
  • Add a touch of elegance to the lighting
  • Decorate the ceiling with candles as well.
  • Make use of festive linens
  • Keep the centerpieces in mind
  • Make the venue decorations for the Christmas party a little sweeter.

What is the best Christmas party theme?

Party Themes That Work For Everyone

  • Joys and Comfort 
  • Open House 
  • Movie Theme Party
  • Fireside Roasting and Toasting
  • Christmas Luau
  • A White Christmas 
  • A Wonka Christmas 

Which Christmas decoration is the most popular?

  • Candles
  • Garlands
  • Roping
  • Swags
  • Ribbons
  • Poinsettias
  • Christmas tree ornaments
  • Wreaths

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