Bridal Shower Gifts

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Unique Bridal Shower Gifts For Every Type Of Bride

Weddings are a joyous occasion for both the couple and their friends and family. Therefore, a bridal shower is often arranged to commemorate a significant upcoming event. While it is conducted in the bride’s honor, bridal shower gifts are intended to assist the lovebirds in their new life stage.

This means that wedding keepsakes, charismatic household furnishings, and experiential gifts that bind the couple effectively promote their marital status. So when it comes to wedding shower gifts, give something that neither the bride nor the groom (or the other bride) will forget.

Which Bride Are You?

In the world of weddings, there are many different sorts of brides, but which one best describes you? Unfortunately, this is a question that many brides make fun of before they become engaged. It’s easy to stereotype other brides as terrible, cheesy, obsessive, or simply cruel, but it’s possible to turn into a bridezilla.

We’ve compiled a few descriptions of the most frequent bride types so you can figure out which one best suits your personality. Don’t worry; you have the right to be a little grumpy, cra-cra, bossy, and downright unpleasant at times, but is it true? Are you the bridezilla you pledged never to be? Which type of bride are you?

The Adventurous Bride

Traditional weddings have evolved significantly in recent years, giving rise to destination weddings. Some travel companion brides may still choose to marry in a church but in a different city or country.

Travel buddy brides will spend hours researching the most unusual wedding destination or the most popular among the travel buddy bride population.

Feng Shui Bride

Pseudoscientific practices are not limited to Chinese people. The “Zen Bride,” or Feng Shui bride, will plan everything according to Sheng Chi (Good luck).

So you’ll be debating the luckiest day to get married, calculating your wedding date, the fortunate color for your wedding motif, and everything in between, right down to the lighting during the ceremony and celebration. You can now include the consultation price of a Feng shui expert in your wedding checklist if you are a Feng shui bride.

The DIY Bride

Here comes the most challenging wedding planner opponent, the… Brides, do it yourselves! The name is self-explanatory.

Whether or not she has the money to spend on all of the wedding necessities, this bride will do everything herself – with maybe a little help from her maid-of-honor, who will just agree with her selections and provide moral support. 

She will very certainly alter her mother’s wedding gown and wear it on the wedding day. In addition, she will design her wedding invitations with love, and if time allows, she will personally present them to each guest.

The Thrifty Bride

She is not as competitive as the do-it-yourself bride, but she is the type to test every wedding planner’s imagination. This bride will often request the lowest possible price and may even offer personal items in exchange for wedding necessities. 

She will establish a budget, and there will be no way for you to go over that limit. “Save as much as you possibly can.” The most crucial aspect of a wedding is being able to live comfortably after the big day.” This is her catchphrase.

The Organized Bride

Do you want your wedding to be easy to arrange, quick, and without drama (at least after the ceremony)? This bride has been patiently planning. She waited long enough to have enough time to arrange everything she needed for the most anticipated day of her life. She has practically taken care of everything! 

The only thing left is the execution and the groom. This bride may be described as the wedding planner’s ideal client. They only need to sit down, sign the cheque, and wait for the big day.

The Entertainment Bride

You’ve probably seen a lot of YouTube videos featuring wedding dance teams. The bride and/or groom are most typically singers or dancers.

So they usually begin with a flash mob proposal, and the dancing continues on the wedding day. If you happen to meet a singer bride, look into her bridal bouquet; there might be a hole in there for a microphone.

The Perfectionist Bride

This is the sort to which the obsessive-compulsive bride can be compared. Because you only get married once, she wants everything to be perfect. So she will go through everything on her wedding checklist at least three times, and she may even request a few changes here and there. 

She wants everything perfect on her special day in her not-so-perfect existence. She’s been fantasizing about her wedding since seeing The Wedding Singer. So double-check that you have the song “I want to grow old with you” on that music loop, or we’re doomed!

The Indecisive Bride

This is the most indecisive and fearful bride on our list. This kind of bride can’t make a final decision without contacting the groom, her parents, her in-laws, her bridal party, and so on.

Gossip and recommendations from others heavily influence her actions. She has a habit of changing her opinion from time to time. 

She is unsure of her own choices, is uncertain of what she truly desires, and will almost certainly leave everything to the wedding planner. The only thing she has going for her is that she isn’t quickly disappointed.

The Too Good To Be True Bride

She understands precisely what she wants and how to achieve it. It doesn’t matter if some wedding necessities necessitate her physical exertion; she’ll do it. She collaborates with the groom and is willing to make sacrifices to fulfill the budget and have their dream wedding. 

She is likely focused on marrying the right person, and everything else will fall into place after that. She will consider her personal tastes and those of her groom and their parents. If the scenario necessitates a difficult decision, she will make it while attempting to explain her reasoning to both parties. 

There’s no reason to be concerned if the groom is preoccupied. She will just keep him updated on the status of their wedding preparations and will provide room for changes if necessary.

The Bridezilla 

This list will never be complete without mentioning the infamous bridezilla. In the wedding industry, they are known as control freaks. She is a demanding customer for most wedding planners, a force to be reckoned with for wedding suppliers, and the Alpha for wedding party members. 

She will not hesitate to chastise you if you do not comply with her wishes. She’ll probably have a tantrum if you can’t make the wedding the way she envisaged it. She isn’t interested in your excuses, especially if it’s part of your job (or not). Nothing, not even the groom, comes in the way of her wedding.

Top 5 Bridal Shower Gifts for Every Type of Bride

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Final Thoughts

Don’t be hesitant about finding a one-of-a-kind present for the bride! Getting married is a huge thing, and so is buying a gift for the bride. So which gift are you going to get her? You can make yours stand out from the crowd!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of gifts are given at a bridal shower?

Traditional bridal shower gifts should focus on what the bride likes, wants, or needs. Vases, cookware, champagne glasses, sleepwear, luxury linens, picture frames, and home decor items are present popular selections. This category includes things indicated on a bridal shower registry.

Is it customary to bring gifts to a bridal shower?

Yes, if you’re invited to a shower in addition to the wedding, you’re required to bring a gift to the bridal shower as well as give a gift to the wedding. However, you should not spend more than you are comfortable with (see the next answer), and you can divide your budget between both gifts.

What is a reasonable price for a bridal shower gift?

Many individuals pay $50 to $75, but close friends and family may spend up to $100 or more. However, the amount of money you want to spend is entirely up to you. Regarding bridal shower gifts, it’s crucial to remember that there are no set rules for gift-giving, and prices can indeed vary.

Do you purchase a bridal shower present if you are unable to attend?

Buying a present is not required if you can’t attend the shower, but it’s a nice gesture if you know the bride. Include a card in which you express your regret for not being able to attend the wedding.

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