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Top Spooky Gifts For A
Terrifyingly Haunted Halloween

Spooky gifts are not your typical presents. They’re more of a Halloween-time kind of gift. They can include anything from bone and skull decorations to bloody slasher films or props that look like dead bodies.

Are you ready for Halloween? The time of year is fast approaching! That means it’s time to start planning for your spooky Halloween gifts! Take a look at some other Halloween gift ideas!

These horrifyingly unique presents are just too cute and cute to be scary. This list will help you find the perfect gifts to give to your friends and family this Halloween.

Creepy but Cute Halloween Gifts for Babies

Halloween is the perfect time to spoil your baby with cute and creepy Halloween gifts. No matter how old they are, they will love these Halloween-themed gifts. If you are worried about your baby getting scared, we have some recommendations that will keep them calm and a few that will scare them.

Rainbow Stackers

Montessori-inspired rainbow stacker toys are one of the most popular toys of the decade, thanks to their bright colors and open-ended playability. It was love at first sight when Halloween-themed stackers were discovered. These are the best Halloween toys money can buy!

Rainbow stacker made of silicone with fall colors. Those specific contrasting colors give it away. This stacker is only for use during the Halloween season. 

Consider how imaginatively toddlers can stack and sort the rainbow stripes, such as by color or to match with other Halloween decorations for your home.

Kids and adults shouldn’t be the only ones enjoying the spooky holiday! Let the babies get in on the fun!

BEST HALLOWEEN RAINBOW STACKERS: Stacking Rainbow by Bessentials


???? Children need to stack each piece of the rainbow and combine them into different shapes, making it the perfect toy for developing hand-eye coordination and critical thinking - as well as early concepts such as counting, colors, and gravity

???? With bright and pretty colors, kids can build a bridge, tunnel, or combine to form a cow, bear, cock. Exercise children's color recognition ability and color matching ability. 

???? It's an excellent interactive game. Parents can also join in and play with their children. We provide some examples and we also welcome everyone to show and share your child's beautiful combinations.


No matter how much sweets we are unable to serve to our babies, that doesn't mean they will miss out on all the fun this holiday season has to offer! The rainbow-shaped silicone stacker toy helps you to teach your baby about colors and shapes while simultaneously improving their hand-eye coordination. Talk about early trick-or-treat training!


“This product is fabulous. I love how safe it is for my baby to chew on & the fact that I can sterilize them in boiling water is a huge plus. Highly recommend it!”

“I bought this for my one year old’s birthday and she loves it! It’s very durable for when she bends them, or bites on them! The silicone is great and doesn’t mold.”

“This item makes great shelf decor in the nursery, works well as a teething and building toy, and is so cute!”


✅A great educational toy that can develop hand-eye coordination and critical thinking

✅Made of food grade silicone. Different from the wooden stacking toy, this stacking rainbow is without any paint or thorns, safe for children.

✅It's an excellent interactive game

✅Endless combinations and shapes


❌Since it is made from silicone, the toy can be a little flimsy

Halloween Peg Dolls

halloween gift

Painting peg dolls is a personal art form, and the level of creativity that professional peg doll makers brought to the table for Halloween is astounding. There are so many different artistic styles and Halloween inspirations. Here are some friendly, and some frightening, but all excellent examples of the Halloween spirit.

Halloween Monster

A set of wooden peg dolls with Halloween monsters. With its smiley Halloween characters, this type of set is on the not-too-scary side.

A mummy, a ghost, a skeleton, a pumpkin head, a Count Dracula — and one costume-less party-pooper (but at least is wearing a Halloween striped sweater).

A set like this is your best and most adorable Halloween gift for a friendly bunch of wooden Halloween play pals!

A Set of Zombies

halloween gift

Wooden peg dolls of zombies. Because of some scary blood smears on their clothing and mouths, this type of set of peg dolls is rated PG-13.

After all, it is Halloween, and zombies do eat brains! It isn’t suitable for young children, but it is ideal for older teens and adults during this spooky holiday.

Do not be afraid. Be frightened. They’re on their way to get you!

Frankenstein Peg Dolls

Peg dolls in the style of Frankenstein. A one-of-a-kind wooden Halloween play figurine based on a horror film classic. The incredible level of detail painted into Frankenstein’s facial expression truly brings him to life — or, to put it another way, “It’s alive!”

Pumpkin Clowns

halloween gift

Peg dolls with pumpkin clowns. Monsters with pumpkin heads are already terrifying. When you dress them up in a creepy clown costume for Halloween, they’re downright frightening. Clowns are scary to some people. (Coulrophobia is an actual condition.)

These figurines’ menacing grins are enough to give anyone nightmares. Do you have a fear of the dark? After playing with these creepy wooden peg dolls, you will be.

Coloring and decorating these engraved wooden peg dolls to transform them into your favorite Halloween monsters will be a hit with both kids and adults alike!

BEST HALLOWEEN PEG DOLL: Halloween DIY Wooden Peg Dolls


???? Coloring tips: Many different types of products can be used to color the peg doll (crayons, markers, water color, paints, colored pencils, etc.).

???? Eco-friendly: Sustainably sourced birch wood peg doll. Peg dolls are packaged and shipped in eco-friendly packaging. A percentage of each sale plants trees. We choose our suppliers and materials carefully with sustainability in mind.

???? Made in USA: We are proud to live, design, and make Pegsies in the USA. We work hard to work with suppliers in the USA to make our products.


These are the cutest peg dolls we've ever seen! They are extremely well-crafted, and we particularly like the foundation on which they are mounted. The laser etched pattern offers exceptional outlines for coloring your own as well as a plain finish for a more natural wood appearance, depending on your preference. The company will even accommodate special requests such as different skin tones in a single set with no questions asked.


“My kids love these. They are very smooth and easy to paint. The kit has nice and bright colored acrylic paint. Love the varnish that's included."

“Loved this set! Had a hard time finding painted peg dolls so bought this kit to try to make our own. Impressed with the quality. I do recommend getting better quality paint brushes. I would definitely buy this kit again!”


✅The designs and characters you can make are endless

✅Great toy for kids to better understand emotions

✅This set has everything you need

✅Made from safe, non-toxic, non-BPA and lead free materials


❌Recommended for 6 years old and up due to small pieces in the set.

❌ It would be better if the set came with better quality paint brushes.

Baby Teethers & Rattles

Don’t forget about your tiniest one! Halloween-themed baby toys are made with eco-friendly materials that are both safe and non-scary, so your little one can sleep even on the spookiest holiday of the year. Even before your little one is old enough to eat big-kid candy, they will be able to join in on the Halloween fun with the older kids.

Teethers and rattles in the shape of Halloween figures for babies. There are teethers that are delightfully shaped into Halloween figures — a ghost, a pumpkin, a skull, or a piece of candy corn — and are usually made from silicone to ensure top-notch safety standards. 

Your baby’s fangs are on the way! So before they can start munching on some delicious Halloween treats, here’s something they can chew instead!


???? Our chewable necklaces for kids are made from 100% pure silicone and do not contain any lead, latex, BPA, PVC, or phthalates. Satin nylon cord won’t irritate skin or pull hair and the clasp of the link chew pendant is breakaway to prevent choking hazards.  

???? Our baby teether toys help your kids chew when they need oral fixation, calm, or focus.

???? Our chewing kids necklaces are the perfect texture for chewing. The teething necklace is smooth on one side and has soft smaller rounded bumps on the other. It can provide even better oral sensory awareness.

???? The chew pendant is approximately 4 x 3 inches for a complete tactile experience. Created specifically to be the right size to stimulate the jaw for a soothing feedback


Designed to promote sensory, visual, and motor development, these adorable Halloween silicone teething toys are the ideal Halloween gift for any baby girl or baby boy on your list this spooky season. Each Halloween teether is fitted with a detachable, non-metallic safety clasp to help keep it safe from accidentally dropping it.

Each baby teether, which is available in three spooky designs, is crafted from non-toxic materials and will offer immediate teething relief. Not to mention, how extremely simple it is to clean and disinfect them.


“My 6 year old was just diagnosed with ADHD at the beginning of the pandemic. I have tried a variety of chew toys and they either get lost or chewed through. My younger child is a teething almost 2 years old and he expressed an interest in this necklace too. It has a more flexible feel than some of the thicker ones I have tried. I am hopeful that this will not get lost and chewed through. I have had it since yesterday so I can't speak to durability yet but I will update this review if it ends up getting chewed through.”


✅Made from 100% safe material

✅Fun sensory motor aids for babies and those with special needs

✅Durable and soft texture design

✅Fun and easy to use


❌The toy could be bigger for the kids to grasp on it well

Beaded Wooden & Silicone Toys

Halloween-themed beaded wooden baby toys. Soft silicone beads and natural wooden rings are used to make these beaded teethers and rattlers. Choose from the Halloween-themed “candy corn” or “witch, please” color schemes to match your baby’s style. You can add a pacifier clip to your order as a bonus for parents so that dropping the toy is one less thing to worry about during all the other Halloween chaos.

Looking for a unique, natural, and safe teething solution that still has that spooky Halloween flare to it? Keep on reading!



???? They are BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free and CPSIA certified, suitable for babies of all ages. Silicone beads are food-grade and have no taste or smell. Simply clean with pacifier wipes or wash in warm water.

???? Material: The teething beads are made of silicone and they are washable, durable and soft.

???? Clips with plastic teeth hold tight and will hardly damage baby's clothes or discomfort the baby. The plastic teeth are so strong that it is hard for your baby to pull off.

???? Multifunctional Usage: These clips work with most of the pacifier styles like Soothies, Nuks, MAMs, etc., also can be used for burp cloths, teething rings, toys, and drool bibs.

???? Packing List: This set includes 2 different colors and fits baby girls which are designed to soothe, massage, and reduce fussiness & discomfort, making it a perfect baby shower gift.


With the spooky season upon us, this pacifier clip may be just the thing you are looking for! 

All of the components of the teether clip as well as the beads are made from food-grade silicone.

This set of two Halloween pacifier clips is carefully packaged in a beautiful gift box, making it a terrifying yet adorably charming baby shower gift or Halloween gift idea.


“Our child took to throwing their pacifier out of the stroller as a way to signal everything from "I want to get down," to "snack please," to "hey, look at the doggie," to "is gravity still a thing?" We were going through pacifiers like nobody's business, since we'd only sometimes spot the toss, and even when we did, sometimes it landed somewhere that made us say "nah, going to let that one go. Used one of these clips to attach the pacifier to one of the stroller harness straps. It paid for itself in a month in terms of reduced pacifier expense.”


✅ They are made of plastic, so they won't rust or tear clothing or blankets

✅An elastic loop allows for easy attachment to pacifiers/toys

✅There are no baby prints, just solid, classy colors


❌A bit long

Halloween-themed Nesting Dolls 

Not sure if Russia celebrates Halloween, but Russian dolls are the inspiration for world-class wooden Halloween toys. Each professional nesting doll painter adds their unique touch to the finished product. So there’s a painted nesting doll for every artistic preference, from cute and goofy to dark and spooky, just for the Halloween theme.

Looking into the wide selection of hand-painted wooden nesting dolls is recommended, whether you’re looking for a dark Halloween decoration or a fun Halloween play toy. Here are a few personal favorites.

Ghost-themed Nesting Dolls

Ghost nesting dolls made of wood. Do you believe in the existence of ghosts? You will, after playing with a set of friendly ghosts.

Nesting dolls are not only a fun toy, but it’s also a parent-approved feature for decoration. These ghosts will conveniently vanish after Halloween is over, taking up very little storage space (until next year’s haunting return).

Pumpkin Family Nesting Dolls

halloween gift

Pumpkin family nesting dolls made of wood. If you come from a family of pumpkins, Halloween is almost certainly your favorite holiday.

A father in a business suit, a mother in a formal black gown, and three small children — each with a friendly smile on their pumpkin faces — make up this type of set.

Black Cat Mummies Nesting Dolls

Wooden nesting dolls of black cat mummies. We all know black cats are unlucky, but these cats are so unfortunate that they’ve become mummified, just like an Egyptian pharaoh’s prized pet!

These mummy cat nesting dolls could very well become a cat lover’s most cherished Halloween keepsake, given that it’s just a toy and the cats have adorable facial expressions.

There are so many Halloween-themed nesting dolls to choose from but if you are a skeleton lover, this set of nesting dolls might interest you. 

BEST HALLOWEEN THEMED NESTING DOLLS: Russian Nesting Doll The Nightmare Before Christmas


???? Authentic wooden Russian nesting Doll "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

???? Hand-painted in Russia

???? The largest outer doll is 10 cm in height

???? Set of 5 pieces


These stunning Halloween matryoshka dolls have been meticulously hand painted to depict your favorite scary characters from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas film. The artwork is of exceptional quality, and it seems much more stunning in person. This would be a wonderful Halloween or Christmas present for someone with a bit of a dark side.


“Bought as an anniversary gift for the wife, who's into TNBC things. Was a good buy, and an old school idea that ya never really see much of anymore. She really likes it. And having high mileage myself I thought the thing was pretty cool myself”

“Bring it out each Halloween as decoration!”


✅Cool skull pattern, which is hand painted. 

✅Ideal gift for Halloween

✅You can grow plants inside and gather your pens, collect your jewelry or in other ways you can imagine.



❌Because they are brand new, you might need to wait a while before they open and close smoothly

All-Time Scary and Spooky Halloween Gifts for Kids

It can be easy to get kids excited about a holiday with the right gift. Halloween is an enjoyable time for children, and they love being scared, so hunting for the perfect Halloween gift that scares them is not as difficult as you might think. We’ve compiled a list of spooky gifts that will undoubtedly get your kids begging for more this Halloween!

Halloween Cut-Outs Crafts

halloween gift

What could be more fun than Halloween? A Halloween filled with family-friendly crafting activities. When the clock strikes midnight on October 31st, crafty parents and kids know it’s time to get crafty.

Why not start with wooden cutouts if you’re new to wood-painting crafts? They’re kid-friendly (with adult supervision) and a great place to start for new wood-painting parents.

You can make your wooden toys and decorations with some simple acrylic paints. There are a wide variety of Halloween-themed wooden cutouts available. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Wooden cutout of a Jack-o-lantern. The most common color for pumpkins is orange, but you can choose any color you want with a paintbrush in hand. Take a look at how powerful hand-painted wooden crafts can be!

Wooden cutouts of trick-or-treat letters. Because Halloween is the holiday when candy reigns supreme, make sure you’re well-stocked with delectable sweets and treats.

Wooden cutout of a skull. Fill in the blanks with your version of this unfortunate soul’s demise. He’s missing his crossbones, so if you’re so kind, you could make him a pair.

Wooden cutouts of the letters “Boo.” For you, a slimy font emitted a chilling ghostly murmur! Have you heard that noise? It was most likely the wind.

Wooden cutouts of spider webs. Make your creepy crawlies with paint. The teeny-tiny spider scaled the water spout.

This next Halloween gift item will get you and your friend’s creative brain juices flowing this Halloween season.

BEST HALLOWEEN CUT-OUTS CRAFTS: Halloween Wooden Pumpkin Cutout by Yookeer


???? Halloween hanging ornaments are made of quality wood, smooth in surface and fade and crack resistant and well polished in both surface and edges, which can be applied for a long time, making your holiday time more pleasant 

???? Wide range of usages: Halloween wood cutouts can give you many decoration choices

???? Size information: you will get 10 pieces of Halloween wood slices in 2 different sizes, including 6 pieces of large pumpkin cutouts measuring 28 x 28 x 0.2 cm/ 11 x 11 x 0.08 inches


This Halloween Wooden Pumpkin Cutout Set eliminates the need to carve pumpkins for years to come! Instead, use your imagination to come up with some creative Halloween decorations for your pumpkin. A fun activity to do with the family or during a Halloween party. These Halloween-themed DIY projects will appeal to both children and adults. Leave the pumpkin carving to the experts and get in on this haunted pumpkin decorating fun!


“Perfect little craft item to complete with the family! Can definitely be used to decorate wreaths, centerpieces, etc or just for the kids to enjoy!”

“Kids enjoyed painting them, they were pretty durable.”


✅These Halloween wood cutouts can give you many decoration choices

✅Exquisite pumpkin pattern

✅Ornaments are made of quality wood

✅Smooth in surface and not easy to fade or crack and well polished in both surface and edges


❌Make sure seller packs these wooden cutouts well before shipping

Halloween-themed Memory Game

Halloween memory game made of wood. A matching game with 24 pieces of wooden cards featuring caricatures of cute, friendly monsters on each card — and a matching pair for each monster.

It’s a fun Halloween activity for preschool, kindergarten, or homeschool where your child can meet fun Halloween monsters while practicing cognitive skills like focus and concentration.

Get the little monsters away from their gadgets and show them how we had fun back in the day!


???? These pumpkin faces are designed in 12 different patterns that teach emotions. The creative designs with vivid expressions will enrich the Halloween atmosphere for you. You can use them for emotional learning and fun. 

???? Boys or girls match the toy pumpkin silly face and name the emotion. Matching cards for each facial feature is perfect play for 3 year olds & up!

???? Cute indestructible pumpkin memory game! The pumpkin matching game toddler toy is adorable and great for a small kid, preschooler.

???? These toddler stocking stuffers are small enough that you can easily take with you on airplanes.


These pumpkin faces come in 12 distinct designs that teach emotions. The imaginative drawings with vibrant emotions will enhance the Halloween mood for you and your children. You may use them for emotional learning as well as for entertainment. Kids can match the pumpkin's facial expression and provide the emotion that represents the matched pumpkins. Overall, it is a great Halloween game for kids to keep them away from their gadgets once in a while.


“These cards are very durable and sturdy - I was actually surprised by that aspect. The reason that I was interested in the cards is because my daughter is autistic, and the faces have different emotions on them. So they could be helpful for her to be able to label emotions, both in herself, and just seeing them on the cards. The benefit for her was that she could also use them to play a matching/memory game. I could see these being a great tool for teachers and therapists. The only suggestion I have is that maybe they make different themed ones for other times of the year.”


✅A fun addition to fall seasonal décor 

✅The set comes with 24 pumpkins, 12 different designs to play matching games

✅Perfect for young kids

✅Educational game to role play with parents and learn emotional language in a fun way


❌Would be better if there were more cards to play with

Wooden Pumpkin Puzzle

halloween gift

Wooden puzzle of a pumpkin A fun six-piece wooden puzzle in the shape of a pumpkin for children aged two and up. It’s a fun way to practice shape recognition and motor skills, and it’ll go great with any Halloween toy collection.

Are the kids getting restless at home? Keep their hands and brains busy during the spooky holiday with this creepy pumpkin puzzle set.


???? The Halloween theme pumpkin-shaped jigsaw puzzle is a challenging puzzle game. It is composed of 200 unique shapes.  

???? The jigsaw puzzle is a charismatic game. It can exercise adults kids' hand-eye-brain coordination, improve imagination, critical thinking, and exercise memory capabilities during the puzzle. Enjoy the fun of puzzles, enhance parent-child relationship. 

???? The wooden jigsaw puzzle after completed final size is 0.4x10.2 inches. You can use it to decorate your living room or bedroom. A perfect gift for family, friends, lovers on Halloween Christmas, or birthday. 

???? Each puzzle piece adopts high-precision laser cutting technology.


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, kids would insist on going to the pumpkin patch to get their own pumpkins every Halloween. Unfortunately, due to quarantine and social distancing protocols, not everyone will be able to pick up their pumpkins this year as they would want. As an alternative, why not build your own pumpkin? This brightly colored pumpkin-shaped jigsaw puzzle can be a fun Halloween project for both children and adults alike this spooky season.


“Goes together rather quickly, not too difficult. Loose fit makes it a bit challenging but this is the nature of this style of wooden puzzle. The finished product is cute.”


✅ It can exercise adults and kids' hand-eye-brain coordination

✅It can improve imagination and exercise memory capabilities

✅Made from high quality wood therefore it is long-lasting

✅Can be used as a gift or decoration


❌This might be a little hard to do for younger kids. Recommended for 6 years old and up

Personalized Name Puzzles for Halloween

What could be a more memorable gift for kids with October birthdays than a personalized Halloween-themed wooden puzzle that spells out their name?

It’s a considerable accomplishment when a child learns to read and write their name. Learning letters is a lot of fun with this toy. I can’t think of anything more motivating than that.

One thing to keep in mind: if you need it by Halloween, double-check the time it takes to be custom-made and shipped.

Personalized wooden name puzzle with a Halloween theme. This is a fantastic Halloween gift for kids that provides both a rewarding learning experience and the thrill of the season. 

You’ll find that these personalized wooden puzzles for kids are the perfect solution whether you’re searching for Halloween gifts for your kids or a charming Halloween decoration to put in their room.


???? Both a learning tool and long-lasting heirloom, this puzzle is more than a toy. It’s the perfect custom keepsake to help babies and toddlers learn their names, colors and letters. 

???? With 11 different whimsical characters and 4 sports icons to choose from, you will certainly find a puzzle to bring a smile to your child’s face! 

???? Those sturdy wooden pegs help little hands to grasp the letters and practice the pincer movement, which is important in the next step of holding a crayon or pencil.

???? We make each custom-made wooden puzzle with the best materials and a water-based non-toxic, worry-free finish, fully tested by a division of Underwriters Labs.


This personalized puzzle set is intended to provide your children with a fun and engaging game that spells their name and provides them with an educational tool that will aid in their learning process. You can choose a selection of creepy characters or objects like a bat or a pumpkin to go with the puzzle design. It's a Halloween toy and room decor all in one.


“This was a gift for my grandnephew. The letters are perfectly formed and painted on both sides so that symmetric letters can be reversed and still look the same. Letters fit nicely into their space and are removed easily. The stand is a nice option for display when not in use or even as the child grows older but still likes to see his name on display. Overall excellent product and customer service. It arrived within days of ordering.”

“My baby loves her letters but I wish there were photos for the options of choosing the character that will accompany the name. I chose the unicorn and it's cute but if I saw the options I would have been able to choose better. Also the coloring on the letters is chipping a little. Wonder how long it will stay colored. I was hoping it would last. I've had it for maybe 2-3 months”


✅You can have your name puzzles personalized 

✅Great for motor skills and hand and eye coordination

✅Made from water-based, and non-toxic materials

✅A great gift for your children


❌It is smaller than expected

❌It would be better if it came with pictures of the characters to get a better idea of what it would look like

Creative & Spooky Halloween Gift Ideas for Adults

These gift ideas are perfect for those who want to do something different and fun this year. If you’re looking for a mysterious gift for a teenager or an adult, this is the list for you. But don’t worry, just because they may not be candy doesn’t mean they won’t love it.

Haunted House Popup Card

This delightful 3D popup card is sure to make the recipient’s day. The intricately detailed haunted house is both adorable and terrifying.

It would be an excellent Halloween gift idea for your girlfriend or boyfriend if they like unusual popup cards or are into horror movies. This card is the perfect way to let people know you’re thinking about them! For more great popup cards, check out the poster above. 

Are your friends and family located in a different state and won’t be able to spend the spooky holiday with you? Well, like psychics, we know exactly what you’re thinking!


???? Wish friends or family a hauntingly happy holiday with a spook-tacular 3D pop-up design. 

???? Cover features bats flying in front of a full moon and foil "Happy Halloween" lettering. Inside features an impressive pop up of a haunted house, filled with spooky details, and the message: "Hope you find magic and mischief everywhere you look today." 

???? The perfect accompaniment to a Halloween gift or a memorable stand-alone offering for anyone who loves this holiday. 

???? Halloween card measures 7.2" x 5" and comes with a coordinating envelope. Crafted with high-quality paper materials, Hallmark's eco-friendly greeting cards are made with paper from well-managed forests. 

???? Paper Wonder greeting cards are mini masterpieces featuring three-dimensional scenes made of layers of intricate laser-cut paper that create a moment of wonder and lasting celebration.


The front of this pop-up Halloween greeting card has a matte black cover with metallic silver foil bat shapes, a full moon image, and a "Happy Halloween" inscription. Simply open the card to see the 3D pop-up surprise inside—no assembly required: a detailed, laser-cut Halloween town scene enhanced with sparkling glitter and shimmering foil bursts out. The interior of the card is embellished with haunted homes, a full moon, a witch, and other scary creatures. This Halloween card, made from the finest card material, is a piece of art that your girlfriend will be proud to display all year round, giving it a memorable way to greet your special someone a happy Halloween wherever they may be.


“I bought this for a friend who loves Halloween. She decorates her house and her entire landscape. She is featured in the local news every year. She loved this card and has kept it so she can display it every year. This is a beautiful and well designed card.”

“We love the detail of this card and sent it to our nieces and nephews. Just wonderful detail. Very captivating for little eyes!!”


✅Spook-tacular 3D pop-up design

✅Perfect accompaniment to a Halloween gift

✅Crafted with high-quality paper materials

✅Very detailed and intricate


❌Could have been better if the card was a bit bigger

Horrible Halloween Mug

halloween gift

This mug is an excellent gift for someone who enjoys a fun “how awful!” pun on the holidays. It would be perfect for that friend or family member who loves cracking jokes and making people laugh! This funny Halloween gift is ideal for the office, a holiday party, or hanging on your door for Halloween. 

Don’t forget to add some gummy candy for a fun garnish! It’ll also make the drink extra delicious.

Depending on your mood, this mug will either attract other like-minded goths or frighten the weak.


???? High quality: The inner mug is made of 304 stainless steel. The outer part is made of high quality resin. Food grade, non-toxic, safe, durable and hygienic 

???? Creative 3D realistic skull and octopus design, perfect medieval gift and skull collection, the best gift for friends and family 

???? This mug has a wonderful exterior because they are individually hand painted and polished. It is not only a cup for drinking but also for the bar and home decoration. 

???? You can use it as a milk, cocoa, coffee, beer, whiskey, cocktail, and cold drink cup


This is unquestionably a one-of-a-kind mug. Designed to convey a tale of a shipwreck on the deep blue sea's unfathomable depths. When a massive octopus chose to create a new home out of a dead pirate's head by slowly rupturing it from the inside out, as if it were a parasite. The stainless steel cup is made up of intertwined tentacles that stretch from the handle to the eye sockets and nose of the skull. This piece is a great icebreaker for a party and a funny conversation starter for your family and friends.


“Exactly as you see it on Amazon. Wow! Such a beautiful mug. Details are amazing. I absolutely love it. The only question is if the resin used to design the skull is okay to drink from. It does have a weird taste initially. So I would love to know if it's safe for human consumption. Otherwise LOVE IT”


✅Made from high quality material

✅The mug is versatile because it can be used for cereal, beer, or a cocktail

✅The design is great and realistic


❌It doesn’t really keep drinks warm

❌Has a weird taste initially

Horror Picture Frame

A picture is worth a thousand words, but if you choose the right one, you could make someone faint with fright! A horror picture frame is a perfect gift for the unrealistically fearful person in your family. 

It has a glass front for a close-up of the gory scene and a sturdy back for standing. It’s perfect for someone who loves suspenseful horror flicks and pictures of bloodthirsty creatures. You can even purchase additional gruesome images to fill this frame with more fright!

Looking for goth gifts? This unique piece is designed to look creepy yet stylish!


???? Dravira's coffin picture frame is a unique piece, designed to look creepy yet stylish! 

???? This creepy picture frame will be a hit! Its witchy aesthetic meets the expectations of fans of the unusual. 

???? 2 in 1: Can be used on a tabletop or hanging to display your goth wall art, creepy oddities or small witchy stuff. 

???? This coffin picture frame is designed to hold a 4x6 photo

???? Front is made of high definition plexiglass (not real glass) which ensures a longer life and less chances of unfortunate accidents!


This eerie picture frame is sure to be a deadly hit with everyone! Its witchy presence is in keeping with the expectations of die-hard fans of the strange and odd. Alternatively, it may be given as a unique Halloween gift to a friend who already has everything. It may be displayed on a tabletop or hang it on the wall to showcase gothic artwork, spooky curiosities, and other tiny witchy trinkets and accessories.

Talk about adding some fear factor to your Gothic vanity table!


“So I took a chance on this after an Instagram ad reeled me in, and this frame is really nice! I feel like it's easy to find hokey looking goth stuff all over the place but finding nicer, classier looking decor pieces sometimes is a challenge. This frame is sleek, simple, and cool. The packaging is really nice too. I'd definitely buy this again - I'd love to see this in other sizes too!”


✅A great and spooky gift to give to your friends who love Halloween

✅Made from high quality material

✅This frame is sleek, simple, and cool


❌There is no protective film on the plexiglass. It is best to ask seller to add extra protection

❌More available sizes would make this item better

Skull Head Decanter

halloween gift

A spooky and well-made decanter that will turn heads and elevate your parties to a new level. You can even include four skull-shaped shot glasses to make it extra special.

A skull-shaped decanter is an excellent gift to give your boyfriend on Halloween. The great thing about the skull decanter is that you can use it for years and still receive compliments.

You’ll shiver to the bone with this Creepy Skull Decanter set!


???? The Savant skull 750 ml decanter and 3oz glasses experience: Entertain with the daring and dramatic. Our outstanding glass decanter adds a unique accent to a home bar. 

???? This is a hand blown globe decanter with a detailed skull head on the inside. This set includes 1 decanter, 4 skull whiskey glasses, and skull whisky stones.  

???? Handcrafted: To add a unique design element to the home bar crafted from solid glass, each liquor decanter contains an intriguing floating glass skull for an eerie feel. 


Using this decanter and shot glass set, you may sip and serve in frightening fashion while sparking interesting discussion about the intricate detail that was put into creating this mesmerizing skull design. Each piece is as clear as crystal should be, solid, and has a great weight to it. Your guests will be talking about this set long after they've finished drinking. Don't be afraid to include a touch of Gothic into your home decor!


“It's a wonderful gift.. the glasses are fun and it came all together but it's a lot smaller than it looks... it's a bit bigger than a baseball but still pretty neat.”

“Father's day was a success with this gift. Thank goodness it was intact upon delivery. It is a beautiful set and the decanter holds 750ml perfectly."


✅This set also includes skull whiskey stones 

✅A beautiful and unique set for the Halloween season

✅Crafted from solid glass, each liquor decanter contains an intriguing floating glass skull for an eerie feel


❌Since the item is fragile, it is best to ask for extra protection before having it shipped

Chocolate Tower Halloween Gift Basket

From fudge to chocolate-covered popcorn, this Day of the Dead-themed gift basket has it all.

The brightly colored and elegantly designed boxes are a sophisticated adult alternative to traditional children’s fare.

A chocolate tower Halloween gift basket is a great gift to give an adult when it comes to Halloween. This chocolate tower gift basket will help celebrate this holiday, and the person you’re giving it to will enjoy all of its chocolatey goodness.

You can add fudge, chocolate-covered popcorn, and other sorts of goodies. 

Make sure you use brightly colored boxes to make them more attractive and contemporary while still elegant so that they are appropriate for adults.

You even have the option to add a personalized message to them if you would like! If you’re looking for a gift that will delight any chocolate-loving monster, this is one of the best options around.


???? A Halloween treat perfect for kids and adults of all ages! 

???? Bring this to the Halloween party or send to your co worker in the office and use the boxes are Halloween decor! 

???? Trick or treat yourself or your favorite ghoul with our bestselling Halloween gift tower. This colorful Halloween themed box is brimming with over a pound of spooktacular candies and chocolates.


It's a 5-tier gift box filled with Halloween-themed gourmet chocolates from Godiva, Ghirardelli, Lindt, and so much more. Each layer is more delicious than the last, and anyone will definitely love this as a gift.

As mentioned, this is for the chocolate lover. If you're looking to give them a gift that will make them smile and enjoy something delicious, this is one of the best you can get — especially because of its variety — and the fact that each layer is separated and wrapped individually


“Adorable, the reusable boxes were awesome. Contents were tasty too. Image makes the boxes look bigger. This is a small tower compared to the average sizes.”

“It was a gift, but I got a picture of it. It looked really nice!”


✅Boxes can be reused

✅Contains Godiva, Ghiradelli, and Lindt chocolates

✅A great gift to give your loved ones on Halloween


❌The gift box is smaller than expected but still contained great treats

Skull Ashtray

halloween gift

This spooky stylish skull ashtray will add a gothic touch to your home. Perfect for a focal point at your Halloween party or as a unique gift. The hand-crafted skull will appeal to smokers, as it is a practical item that can be used long after Halloween.

A skull ashtray is a unique gift to give an adult on Halloween. They make for great decoration and are practical as well. You can use them long after Halloween, in your home or office.

It would be a nightmare not to have one of these displayed in their home, smoker or not!


???? Metallic look skulls and crossbones, completely surrounded and engulfed in flames, encompass every inch of this stunning decorative ashtray. - See full description below. 

???? Dimensions: 5 1/4" x 5 1/8" x 2" high. Weight: 0.82 lbs. 

???? Individually hand-crafted from cold cast resin. 

???? Because our polyresin products are individually hand-crafted works of art, colors may vary slightly from what is pictured here.


Every inch of this beautiful intricately carved ashtray is adorned with skulls and crossbones in a metallic finish that is fully besieged and consumed in flames. Designed to appear like a shining black volcanic stone, this breathtaking Halloween decoration or Gothic home décor is accentuated by an unsettling sheen that draws the eye to every frightening feature on its surface. If you know someone who is interested in fantasy and medieval art, this is the perfect gift idea or decor piece for them.


“This thing is AWESOME!!! As other reviewers note, it doesn't necessarily have to be used as an ashtray--it doesn't even look like one. But, that's what I'm using it for and it's perfect. It's made well and has some good weight to it. The detail is amazing from the center skull to the flame/skull wall. I was pleasantly surprised with its size--it's big. Highly recommended!”

“I bought this as a Christmas gift for my brother in law who loves anything with skulls. I worried it would be cheap or plastic like. I could not have been more wrong! Excellent quality and design. It was a very sturdy ashtray and looks even better in person than it does in photos. His comment was that it "was too nice to use as an ashtray". He currently has it sitting out as a decoration.”


✅Hand-crafted from cast resin

✅Stunning decorative ashtray

✅Very sturdy and durable

✅Premium look and design


❌Since it is a bit fragile, make sure the seller packs it well before shipping

Pumpkin Spice Natural Soap 

For the past few years, it has been popular to give people Halloween gifts. One idea for a Halloween gift is a pumpkin spice natural soap. 

The delicious aromas of pumpkin spice soap will be challenging to resist. A delightful vegan soap, made with fresh spices, pure essential oils, and plant oils, would make an ideal

Halloween-themed gift or added fragrance to your bathroom would make an excellent addition if you want to spruce up your bathroom or give someone a delicious-smelling Halloween gift! Try this set from Michel Design Works Scented Gift Set.


???? Foaming Hand soap and 1 package of decorative hostess napkins tucked into an elegant chrome caddy 

???? Includes 17.8-Ounces scented foaming hand soap and package of 15 hostess napkins (sized 4.38 x 7.88-Inches) 

???? A scrumptious mix of Spiced Pumpkin cake, Pumpkin Pie, and Pumpkin Souffle. 

???? Combine with coordinating home decor and body care items to create a unique gift


This pumpkin spice natural soap will be the best buy for your bathrooms this holiday season. It will not only make your hands smell like pumpkin spice but it will also leave your hands oh so soft and fresh.


“I put this set in my restroom. It looks, smells and is a nice seasonal item that I am glad to offer my guests. I've received many positive comments."

“Smells great. Beautiful dispensers for the fall!”


✅It looks, smells, and is a nice seasonal item

✅Beautiful dispensers for the fall

✅Made from all-natural bath and body products


❌It is a seasonal scent that some may not enjoy the smell of pumpkin spice but still a great product for the fall

Final Thoughts

The kind of gifts you get at Halloween are not the kind you receive every day. Gifts like these are more fitting for the Halloween season.

Among them is anything from bone and skull decorations to bloody slasher films or props that look like dead bodies but there are other gift options out there that don’t have to be scary but instead useful and fun for kids and adults.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to put Halloween makeup on a baby?

Finally, it is possible to do Halloween makeup with your children safely. If you’re going to put makeup on your baby for Halloween, make sure it won’t irritate their skin first. As KidsHealth suggests, test the makeup on your child’s arm before applying it to their face.

2. What is the minimum age for trick-or-treating?

Many people believe that the trick-or-treat age should be limited to children aged 12 and under. Some cities and towns even have a trick-or-treat law in place, limiting trick-or-treating to children under thirteen.

3. What characteristics distinguish an excellent spooky basket?

Spooky baskets are Easter baskets with a Halloween twist. So, instead of bunnies and eggs, you put pumpkins and ghosts inside while keeping the candy.

4. On Halloween, what do you do with a newborn?

My baby’s first Halloween bucket list includes the following items:

  • Arrange for a photoshoot.
  • Distribute candy with the baby.
  • Pay a visit to a pumpkin patch.
  • Make a monster mash with a baby monster.

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