Halloween Decor

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When To Setup Halloween Decor and Tips For The Scariest Decorations

Halloween is the yearly celebration of ghosts, witches, and monsters. It typically takes place on October 31. Halloween decorations are set up throughout the late summer and early autumn months.

Halloween decorations are not set up the day before Halloween. They are set up a few days to a few weeks before Halloween as neighborhoods prepare for the holiday. It’s not just the neighborhoods that get ready, but Disneyland goes all out on Halloween!

You can also add a few not-so-scary Halloween items such as fall leaves, mini pumpkins, or, string lights. For more ideas, you may check out these articles for fall decorations:

Some houses begin decorating even earlier because they have to buy, make, or order the decorations.  

You may be reading this near October, which means the leaves are changing colors, the air is getting crisp, and most importantly—it’s time for Halloween!

Whether you love or hate this holiday, there’s no denying that it can be a lot of fun. 

It gives you an excuse to decorate your home for the season in all sorts of mysterious ways. And in this post, we’re going to show you how to do it and other fun activities that will help you get into the spirit of Halloween. 

Halloween Decorating Tips

Halloween Decor

When Should You Begin Your Halloween Decorations?

The first two weeks of October are the most popular time to start decorating for Halloween.

Halloween decorations, on the other hand, can be put up as early as late September. When choosing a schedule, keep in mind the size of your Halloween decorations.

If you’re turning your house into a haunted house, start decorating in late September to get a jump on the season.

Make every effort to begin complicated Halloween set-ups as early as possible. If you want to keep things simple for Halloween, have your decorations up in early October.

The timing of your decorations is also determined by how ornate you want them to be. If you’re going to win the haunted house contest, you may need to get a head start. However, if you want to keep your decorations modest, early October is a perfect time.

Another element that could affect the time it takes for your installation is your neighbors. Is Halloween a big deal among your neighbors?

Do they decorate their home to the nines and get the entire neighborhood into the holiday spirit?

If that’s the case, consider joining their timeline to help set the tone for the block and add a little more magic for the local youngsters to enjoy.

Ideas for Halloween Decorations

There is a multitude of ways to decorate your home with Halloween-themed decorations to create a one-of-a-kind place. Here are a few Halloween decorating ideas to help you create a photo-worthy space:

Consider a theme: When selecting Halloween decorations, choose a common theme to connect everything. A unified theme can help you buy decorations, from vampires and mummies to scary clowns and witches.

Incorporate easy crafts: To round off your decoration selection, include a few craft projects that the kids can help with. Decorating for any holiday is always enjoyable, and involving your children makes it even more so.

Scare factor: If you want to build a dramatic display, don’t forget to incorporate a spooky Halloween staple to make your decorations stand out. Halloween decorations, from artificial spiders to skulls, are all about scaring people.

How To Make Your Halloween Decor Perfect

When it comes to Halloween decorations, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Do you only wish to decorate your door with an orange wreath? Or make a giant spider out of PVC pipe for your window? As you strive to pick out the perfect Halloween decor, here are some fun, easy decorating techniques.

Involve your children: This year has been a roller coaster. It’s possible that virtual school, masks, and not playing with peers have taken a toll on your children. To improve emotions and get everyone involved, go for Halloween family projects. 

Tootsie pop ghosts, carved pumpkins for your porch, and pipe cleaner spiders for your indoor cobwebs are all fantastic ways to add a unique touch to your decor while keeping the kids occupied!

Make use of what you already have: Halloween is the ideal reason to light all of the candles in the home, build bats out of black construction paper in the laundry room, or decorate your table with hundreds of zucchini and other squash from your garden.

Make it a little frightening: If you have older children (especially those who enjoy scary movies), you may want to add a little more creepiness to your Halloween decor. With some ghosts in your yard and a skeleton on your front porch bench, send shivers down your neighbors’ spines.

Scary Halloween Decor Must-Haves

Spiders and Cobwebs

Halloween Decor

Spiders and cobwebs are often found displayed in every house on Halloween. These decorations will create a spooky atmosphere for all the guests that visit your home.

If you are looking for some simple but spooky Halloween decoration ideas, cobwebs are just perfect. You can use stretched-out cotton to hang from the ceiling and add them to any corner of the room. 


At first glance, this simple design appears to be a decent option for people who wish to decorate for Halloween without going overboard and frightening the local youngsters.

However, if you’ve seen Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” the scenario appears to be far more sinister. 

The best part is that it is simple to set up. Collect some fallen branches from your yard and attach imitation birds to them.

Painting the pumpkins instead of carving them gives them a more refined appearance. Consider tying the branches to the porch in some way for safety. The sticks may easily catch on a child’s Halloween costume and fall on them otherwise.

Wicked Witch

With a few items from your garage or storage shed, you can create a scary scenario. Simple wooden cutouts on long metal poles and painted black will bring a creepy touch to your sunsets. 

Place these silhouettes on a side of your home to enjoy the breathtaking sunset views with these outdoor Halloween decorations.

With this fantastic and terrifying decorating idea, add some ambient backlighting to these outdoor decorations so you can continue to creep your visitors out long after the sun has set.


Halloween Decor

Create a fun atmosphere in your yard by adding this ring of ghosts to your Halloween house decorations.

Simple items like foam mannequin heads, old sheets, metal rods, and a Sharpie can be used to make these adorable little playful ghosts.

It’s as easy as forming a circle of ghosts with covered poles and tying the sheets’ edges together to form the “holding hands.”

You’ll have a group of pleasant ghost youngsters “playing” in your yard in no time.

Zombie Dolls

Halloween Decor

These types of dolls aren’t the same dolls you used to play with as a kid. The dolls are painted with various colors to produce this unique and highly eerie version of Barbie. Color the Barbies’ garments a muddy brown color with a clothing dye. 

To give the dolls a “dead” appearance, spray them with white and gray spray paint. Make the Barbies’ freshly fed bloody mouths and black eyes with paint pens and paint.

Redress your zombie Barbies and place them in your outdoor Halloween decoration ideas once they’ve dried.


This is the perfect solution for people who want to incorporate thanksgiving and Halloween decorations.

For those who aren’t keen on carving pumpkins: create a Halloween entrance arch made of jack o’ lanterns. However, there is a catch to this design concept. 

Real pumpkins would be far too heavy and unstable to construct the arch safely. Instead, one homeowner carved hollow foam pumpkins from a hobby store and hung them on a frame.

Because the foam pumpkins are so much lighter, you can stuff them in a lot more. You’ll be able to save the decoration for the next year as well.


Halloween Decor

A mummy statue will look great in your yard or landscaping. Various wooden construction pieces, a base, polyester fiberfill, muslin, a dowel, a foam head, and spray paint make this easy to make. 

The body of a mummified creature is made from wood, which is then covered in batting and wrapped in muslin.

A few splatters of grey, black, and green spray paint will add some color and intrigue to your fossilized shape.

Make many of these simple mummies to add interest to various aspects of your outdoor Halloween decorations and landscaping.

Final Thoughts

It can be challenging to know where to begin your Halloween decoration quest with so many options in mind.

Whether you’ve never gone this far or you’re new to decorating for the holiday, this guide has helped you select an excellent selection of Halloween decorations for all conditions.

At first glance, these Halloween decorations may appear harmless. However, as is always the case with Halloween, there’s a little something hidden in every scary decoration: a little touch of gore.

These designs will not only spook your friends and family but also make it impossible for you to walk through your hallway without getting startled.

With Halloween just around the corner, now is the optimal time to make these designs come to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the best way to combine fall and Halloween decor?

Aim for simplicity if you want to combine fall and Halloween decorations. Small side tables, garden benches, or apple crates can be used to create different levels for pumpkins, twinkle lights, and foliage on your front porch.

They’re also ideal for displaying jack-o-lanterns or candy bowls on Halloween night. 

2. Which Halloween decoration is the most popular?

Halloween’s Jack-O-Lantern 

The Jack-o-Lantern has long been one of the most popular, traditional, and long-lasting Halloween emblems.

3. What are Halloween colors?

The color palette for Halloween has long been thought to be orange and black. The color orange is associated with the harvest, while the color black is associated with death. 

Because Halloween’s beginnings celebrate both the harvest and the honoring of the recently deceased, it seems natural that orange and black would be the perfect colors to reflect the celebrations.

4. What kinds of Halloween decorations are there?

In today’s market, there is a wide variety of Halloween decorations to choose from. The sorts of decorations you can buy vary greatly depending on the type of Halloween display you’re putting together and who will be viewing it.

 Halloween decorations range from adorable and whimsical to pretty gruesome and downright sickening, so there’s something for everyone.

Hanging Decorations: When generating an eerie and ghostly effect, Halloween decorations that hang from various structures are incredibly effective. 

A hanging prop can appear floating, almost like an apparition, or it can be placed in an unexpected location to add a more fearful effect. 

Hanging props may easily be hung at eye level to ensure that your guests can visualize them more efficiently, resulting in a more significant impact.

Wall Decor: With a little bit of quick wall makeover, you can easily create a terrifying Halloween atmosphere.

Scary, ghostly, and ghastly images can be substituted for stock photos and pictures. Spider webs can be stretched and suspended from narrow places and corners. 

Wall coverings that seem like posters can suddenly convert an average space into a mad scientist’s laboratory or a scary mansion.

Gory Details: Only the most morbid and grisly Halloween decorations will do the trick when creating a frightful or terrifying Halloween atmosphere. 

Haunted houses, ghost alleyways, and other similar locations are anticipated to have some rather gruesome looking, not to mention terrible decor pieces strewn about that are intended to both startle and send shivers down the spines of practically everyone. 

Fake body parts, monster beings, rodents, ravens, bats, horrible zombies, mummies, black cats, or even an insidiously creepy clown or two—all of these and many more Halloween decor items may be a big part of generating those extra gruesome special effects that everyone enjoys at Halloween time.

Yard or Outdoor Decor: It’s equally as vital to decorate the outside of your home for Halloween as it is to decorate the inside. 

There are various Halloween decorations available these days that are specifically made for outdoor use and will rapidly turn the look of your typical home into something much more frightening and frightful. 

Tombstones and coffins can turn your yard into a makeshift cemetery. At the same time, large and bright inflatable decorations can create a bold and whimsical statement for Halloween that your entire neighborhood will enjoy.

Light Halloween Decorations: Using light to decorate your home for Halloween is a popular choice. Imagine a corridor lined with lit skulls leading up to your front door.

What about a pair of spooky, luminous eyes looking back at you from the face of one of the most terrifying monsters you’ve ever seen? 

Lighting is an effective technique to create a different scary kind of Halloween fun, from lanterns, light strings, and lamps to ghastly lighted freaks that are meant to startle, or even the use of black or strobe lights to generate that perfect terrible Halloween vibe.

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