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Funny Halloween Gag Gifts
Gifts That Will Get Everyone’s Attention

Funny Halloween gag gifts are funny yet inexpensive and can be given to anyone who will appreciate them the most.

Of course, you could also give these humorous gifts to adults who might have a childlike sense of humor.

Your friends, family, and loved ones will truly appreciate receiving a funny Halloween gift from you, whether you spend a second on finding the right estate or hours.

Halloween is the perfect time of year for everyone to have a good laugh. There are lots of funny gifts all over the Internet that is just right to make someone smile on October 31st, no matter what age they are.

Below are some fun Halloween gifts that you can give to your friends and loved ones celebrating Halloween this year. 

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Funny Halloween Gift Ideas for Kids

These are the most ridiculous, hilarious, and downright absurd Halloween gift ideas for kids.

Halloween is a great holiday, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with the perfect Halloween trick-or-treat basket. If you’re shopping for a kid who has everything, you might be stuck.

Here are some funny Halloween gift ideas that will put a smile on trick-or-treaters’ faces and will make sure that no one goes home empty-handed.

Reversible Ghost Stuffed Toy

Funny Halloween Gag Gifts - Reversible Ghost Stuffed Toy for kids

Is it a friendly ghost or a frightening ghost? Why should you make a decision? Depending on your mood, flipping this inside out will take you from one to the other. It’s strangely relaxing to flip the toy over and over.

The reversible ghost stuffed toy is a perfect gift for any child on Halloween. A cute Halloween costume with this cute little ghost stuffed toy can help give them some comfort.

Children love to play with it and sometimes keep it in their bed at night, so they have a companion when they sleep. Plus, it’s reversible, meaning if your little ones get bored of one side, you can flip it inside out!

BEST GHOST STUFFED TOY: TeeTurtle Ghost Reversible Plush


???? Adorable reversible plushies that hold hands! When these stuffed animals are flipped to their happy side, the magnets in their hands snap together, but they repel if one plushie is flipped to the angry side. 

???? These toys are perfect for stress relief and cuddles, and they can help you show your mood without saying a word!

???? These delightful plushies are always looking for more friends—you can mix and match them and connect as many Plushmates together as your heart desires!

???? This spooky little ghost is perfect for getting you in the Halloween spirit!


The creepiest and cutest Halloween goodie ever! The Reversible Ghost Plushies are cute reversible plushies that hold hands and are being launched by TeeTurtle Plushmates. Whenever one of these stuffed animals is turned to its happy side, the magnets in their hands snap together; nevertheless, when one of the plushies is flipped to its angry side, the magnets repel one another. These toys are great for stress relief and hugs, and they may also be used to express your emotions without having to say anything.


“We use these in my family to indicate our emotional health or our physical health. I’m a chronic pain patient who also has bipolar disorder. If I’m having a rough day with my pain, but still in a good mood, I’ll turn one of my cats to the grumpy side. My daughter and her college roommate each have one for the same purpose. It just helps us to be more aware of when one of us is on the struggle bus.”


✅These toys are perfect for stress relief

✅It helps you show your mood without saying a word

✅Great for kids and even adults



❌You will receive it vacuum packed, which will cause some wrinkles around the plush toy

Pumpkin Push Toy

It is simple enough. All you do is push the pumpkin-shaped bubbles in, and they pop inside out.

A child could use it as a fidget toy or stress reliever, or a pair of children could play a game in which they take turns pushing in a random number of bubbles, with the person who does the last one losing.

A pumpkin push bubble toy is an excellent gift for kids on Halloween because it is funny.

It might also be helpful for kids that are just being silly and need to have a good laugh with their friends. Kids love to touch and fidget with things, and this toy will do the trick. 

Get spooky with this novelty Halloween toy in the shape of a pumpkin – the perfect toy for Halloween!

BEST PUMPKIN BUBBLE PUSH TOY: EXZ 3 Pack Halloween Pumpkin Pop Fidget Toys


???? Stress & anxiety relief: The fidget toy set can help children with ADHD or autism to relieve stress, and also help children with OCD and ADD to improve their concentration.

???? Reusable & washable: This push pop bubble is long-lasting, you can endlessly reuse and clean it after using it multiple times.

???? Best brain game: Layers take turns pressing down any number of mice they wish in a single row. The player who presses down the last mouse loses.

???? Multi-purpose: The decompression toy not only can reduce stress, but also can be used as a small game for parties and friends.


Make this Halloween extra scary with this fidget toy in the shape of a pumpkin - the perfect Halloween fidget toy! At your Halloween party, use this chic push pop novelty toy as a Halloween gift or as a goodie bag filler! When you press the bubbles, you'll hear a relaxing popping sound. It may be used as a coaster as well. It's constructed of silicone that's good for the environment. It's also lightweight, weatherproof, and portable. It's a fantastic fidget stress reliever that also helps to improve focus and calm individuals with ADHD, anxiety, autism, and other conditions. It's a great toy for people of all ages to play with, including youngsters, the elderly, and adults.


“These are good size, good quality, and good sound when you pop them. That makes for a great deal.”

“They loved them! vibrant, sturdy, and cool. 10/10.”


✅It is reusable and washable 

✅It helps with stress and anxiety

✅It can also be used as a game among kids


❌The product is a little hard which makes it hard to press for younger kids

On The Go Monster Toy Kit

An on-the-go Monster Toy Kit would serve as a fun alternative to the typical & boring Halloween toys.

It is a way to have fun and be creative without going out and not worrying about the kids being bored and not having fun. 

This kit is ideal for long car rides or dining out because it allows children to color in wooden pieces and then mix them to create their creatures. They can then experiment with new combinations.


???? Our On-the-Go monster kit has everything your child will need to create and recreate any monster they can dream up.

???? You can keep everything neatly organized in the handy carrying case.


You may use this kit to create your own monsters whether you are organizing a Halloween party or just want to offer something more than candy to trick or treaters this year. It is sure to be a big hit with the kids! With this DIY Monster Kit, you can encourage your children's imagination. Children may design and construct their own monster, as well as make a Monster ID card, write a description of their monster, and complete a Monstrous Character Traits worksheet. Your child may design their own monsters to use as decorations in their room. This activity kit is a great way to spice up your Fall or Halloween activities this year!


“We received this monster craft set and it was very fun coloring the monsters and putting them together. The pens transfer onto the wood well. My only recommendation would be for the wooden slots to fit better into each other. Luckily it is an easy fix if a foot or hand comes loose. I love that it comes with a bag to put everything in after we are done building them.”

“This is a really cute kit to take on the go. It was a hit with my 8 yr old niece but a bit too advanced for my 4 yr old son. It's something different rather than a traditional coloring book and I appreciated the included case to throw everything into easily.” 


✅Made for long trips in the car

✅It will keep the kids entertained for hours

✅Has a lot of different activities and materials included

✅Convenient and portable


❌Some of the pens don’t last long

❌ It would be better if the wooden slots fit better into each other

Halloween Squishies

Funny Halloween Gag Gifts - Halloween Squishies for kids

An excellent funny gift for kids is a Halloween-themed squishie. Squishies are fun and can be purchased in the form of many characters.

Children love the idea of getting something squishy and cute. Squishies are usually non-toxic and safe for children of all ages.

The squishy trend shows no signs of slowing down after all these years. Halloween squishies are the ideal way to add a little spooky fun to your kids’ lives.



???? Height of the toys measures from 3.6 Inches to 5 Inches. It includes cute Halloween-themed characters like Jack-o'-lantern, Dracula, Werewolf, Witch, Zombie, and Frankenstein.

???? Perfect for stress relief for both adults and kids.

???? They’re so much fun! Your kids will not stop squeezing these super soft cute animal toys.

???? These kawaii squishy animal toys are made with high-quality non-toxic silicone.


This Halloween Squishy set is composed of high-quality, long-lasting materials that are both safe and cuddly. These are excellent Halloween goodies this year!

They are available in six scary characters: Jack-o'-lantern, Dracula, Werewolf, Witch, Zombie, and Frankenstein. These scary and charming squishy toys have a wonderful squish to them as they rise slowly, making them an excellent stress reliever! It may assist improve blood circulation in the hands by gently squishing the toy. A wonderful method to relieve tension and anxiety at work while also developing hand-eye coordination, observation skills, and cognitive abilities. These soft and squishy Squishies are the ideal size for both boys and girls to grip and squeeze. This Spooky Squishy set, designed with different Halloween elements, will undoubtedly surprise your children. The perfect complement to your Halloween party.


“Absolutely satisfied with this purchase! These are perfect for Halloween! Or a person who likes cute/creepy stuff. I ordered these so my kids could give them to their friends for Halloween. Now I will be ordering some for us to keep! We love them! Bonus: no rubber/paint smell”

“Kid tested and approved! Great for Halloween bag stuffers.”

“I don't usually do this, but I love it. I work with special needs and this is a great Halloween treat. I know they will love.”


✅ Great for Halloween bag stuffers

✅ Comes in different vibrant colors and cute characters

✅ Kids love all kinds of squishy toys


❌ When used frequently, there will be a few rips and cracks 

Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit 

Children will probably really enjoy painting rocks from a rock painting kit. This type of Halloween gift box comes with glow-in-the-dark paint, which will look fabulous at night.

It will also be a lot of fun to paint with your fingers or a paintbrush, and it is also a good art project for parent-child bonding time. 

You don’t have to make only Halloween designs with this kit, but aliens, rocket ships, and one-eyed monsters are all possibilities.

On Halloween night, place them on the walkway leading up to your front door for a spooky effect. Your trick-or-treaters will love them. 


???? Unleash your kids' creativity & imagination with our stunning glow-in-the-dark crafts kits for children, which will develop your kid's coloring and crafting skills while offering him/her long hours of creative fun.

???? Boost your child's artistic talent: Everything your kid needs to start coloring rocks is here! The paint glaze, transfer stickers, and glow-in-the-dark rock paint will blow your little artist's mind!

???? Lightweight and easily portable, this paint rocks craft kit is ideal for kids' home DIY crafts, as well as the school, summer camp, holidays or backyard birthday party.

???? This stone painting kit will teach young children patience, imagination, and cooperation while supporting their hand-eye coordination, fine motor function, and problem-solving skills.


Creative Kids Glow Rock Painting, which adds a glimmering twist to the popular rock painting craze, allows you to experience a bizarre method to paint rocks. It's simple to use and doesn't require a lot of adult assistance for the little ones. Children may express themselves in a unique manner by painting the rocks with dimensional fluorescent glow-in-the-dark paint that makes them stand out from the others. Also, the paints are extremely simple to clean up. In addition to glowing brilliantly in the dark, the glow in the dark paint dried very fast, which we found to be rather impressive! It's easy to get into the Halloween mood with this Glow Rock painting kit, which comes with everything you need to get started.


“What a fun creative gift! My kids love painting these rocks and decorating with all the different paints, sparkle markers, & stickers! The glow paint really works and the glaze to keep them protected is wonderful. MUST KNOW!!! Tip of glow paint needs to be opened with a pin/needle. My son tried squeezing it hard and it exploded all over our custom cloth window blind that now has to be replaced. Other than that, fantastic creative art craft.”

“Bought this for my daughter who love rocks! It was very easy to use and tons that you can do to decorate or draw. The thickness are perfect although some rocks are very light. Overall we love it!!!”


✅Lightweight and easily portable

✅A fun and creative way to keep your kids busy

✅It will teach young children patience, imagination, and cooperation while supporting their hand-eye coordination


❌The paint tubes are a bit flimsy so be careful while squeezing to prevent any explosions

❌You need a pin to open the glow paint instead of it being built into the bottle cap

Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss

The Pumpkin bean bag toss is a great Halloween gift for kids. It is made out of tiny beans inside an orange pumpkin bag. It can also have a spooky face on it that you can customize with markers and stickers.

It’s funny because kids love to compete against each other to get the bean bag through the hole, and sometimes they end up going too far by hitting other things. 

Set it up in the backyard and have a family competition to see who can score the most points! It’s a game that you can play with brave trick-or-treaters as well.

BEST PUMPKIN BEAN BAG TOSS: Tifeson Bean Bag Toss Game


???? How to tie: First divide the rope into four sections, pass through the four holes, then tack onto doorframe or any frame you can find will do.

???? Washable & reusable material: Made of durable polyester, washable and reusable, installed 4 holes for hanging easily.

???? Great harvest festival activity: It's a great hands-on thanksgiving game for kids, perfect for family playtime or a kindergarten's Thanksgiving party. Kids of all ages (and even the adults!) will love it!


The Tifeson Bean Bag Toss Game Halloween Party Kit is perfect for providing hours of entertainment at your spooky Halloween party. With a jack-o'-lantern board, a traditional bean bag game is transformed for the Autumn season, with the cutout eyes, nose, and mouth of the pumpkins and turkey each worth a different amount of points on the board. The game set includes 3 orange bean bags, which means that the game is ready to play straight out of the packaging. This pumpkin bean bag game is guaranteed to be a success whether you put it up as a Halloween party activity or keep it up all season as a fun anytime game.


“This is a great game we purchased for our fall festival. The game is very sturdy, but we set it up with PVC pipe since we wanted it to be free standing and reusable. The bean bags are very well made and held up to numerous throws. Looking forward to using this many more times!”

“Very pleased with this product. Good quality. I purchased this game for three children and was concerned about it being easy enough for the youngest child. The openings in the banner were larger than I expected which was very appreciated. All three children should have a great time playing this toss game. I did buy additional 3” bean bags for convenience.”


✅The game is sturdy and durable

✅Made of high quality material

✅A fun game for kids and even for adults

✅It is washable and reusable


❌Not suitable for strong winds

Funniest Halloween Gifts for Teenagers

These are the funniest gifts for teens on Halloween. These are ideas that are sure to make them laugh and love you too.

Whether it’s a toy, a decoration, or something practical that they need someday, here are some fun Halloween gift ideas for women that will lighten their spirits and make both of you laugh.

Skull Black Nail Polish

Funny Halloween Gag Gifts - Halloween black nail polish

A skull black nail polish would be a funny gift for teenagers on Halloween. Because the black-painted nails will look like they have just been to a horror fest.

Nail polish is also relatively inexpensive and would be able to go along with many different costumes. Black nail polish is always excellent, but the skull bottle elevates it to a whole new level as a Halloween present.

This would be an ideal gift for those Gothic teenagers who like to boost their sense of style, especially during the holiday season.


???? Up to 11 days of gel-like wear and shine.

???? Easy application and removal.

???? No light is needed.


Whether you've been planning your costume since last year or you're simply looking forward to some scary fun, you may want to treat yourself to a manicure to celebrate the occasion. If you sink your claws into the scary Halloween Black Nail Polish from OPI, they'll bring all of your dreams (and nightmares!) to life.

Don't forget to have a creatively crafted nail design to go along with your scary Halloween party outfit, especially if you've already prepared your mask and costumes for the occasion. Whether you like blood and skulls or pumpkins and cobwebs, OPI has something for everyone.


“I’ve been a long time OPI fan but I won’t use anything other than Infinite Shine since I discovered it. Wow, it literally stays put for two weeks! The color and shine is true from the time of application to when you remove it. I would recommend using the Infinite Shine primer + gloss (can be purchased in a duo pack) to get the best results. No exaggeration, this stays on for a solid two weeks. Simply love it!”

“Love this color! It's more of a gray with a subtle sparkle. The OPI Infinite Shine polishes last for over a week, which I love. Well worth the money!”


✅Premium formula

✅A quick dry formula

✅It goes on very smooth and it doesn't clump


❌A little pricey for nail polish but worth it because of the formula

Rat Shaped Soap 

We all need a good laugh sometimes, even during the most serious of days. With this rat-shaped soap on hand, you can take your mind off the daily grind and hit yourself with pure laughter without going crazy! 

This is the perfect Halloween gag gift for your friends who have a good sense of humor. Just wrap it up in Halloween-themed bags and toss it to them and hope they won’t scream to death. Don’t worry; they don’t smell like rats! 


???? Our mouse silicone molds are designed with only the highest quality materials. These mouse molds are microwave, oven, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe.

???? The mouse mold can be used in many varieties from candy mold, cake topper, gummies, chocolate mold, ice cube tray, cake decorating, hard candy to much more.

???? Our rat shaped mold is designed to bend and be flexible. Our mouse mold allows you to pop out any finished product without any extra work.

???? Our rat candy mold is easy to clean and can withstand extreme temperatures from oven to freezer.


Make soaps and treats in the shape of scary rats with this Rat Silicone mold to give your party guests the creeps. This Halloween-themed mold is a must-have for anybody who wants to create spooky Halloween party goodies. Your rat or mouse-shaped soap and sweets, made using this mold, will certainly bring a playful touch to the table at your next gathering. Make a display of them on your dinner table with other creepy-shaped goodies to complete the look. You may wrap them up and hand them out as Halloween gifts or as goodie bag fillers at parties and events.


“Very Good Product” 

“My wife bought these to make "ice mice" from Harry Potter. They are a good weight and size. As sturdy as plastic molds can be. And the mice came out beautifully detailed. She was very happy!”


✅Designed of only the highest quality materials

✅Molds are microwave, oven, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe

✅Can withstand extreme temperatures from oven to freezer


❌A little pricey for simple molds

Skull Planter

Funny Halloween Gag Gifts - Skull planter

First of all, a skull planter is an excellent funny gift for teenagers on Halloween because skulls are scary and spooky, but it can also be funny to see a plant growing on top of the head.

This is an excellent gift for those plant aunties and uncles who have a green thumb and enjoy the spooky Halloween season. 

You can also package this gift using Halloween-themed wrapping paper and maybe add a personalized gift tag. They will surely appreciate this spooky gift on Halloween


???? The skull pot is made from high strength resin material, strong stability, high wear resistance. 

???? Environmental protection, good heat resistance, good corrosion resistance.

???? Big size skull pot looks quite real and you can grow flowers, grass or other plants in it.

???? Fine workmanship creates good items with clear shape, suitable for bar, night club decoration.

????This flowerpot could also be used as a container for snacks, and it would be a great ornament at a Halloween party.


Your favorite flowers, as well as other plants and decorative items, will look even better in this hauntingly gorgeous GIGANTIC skull plant pot. You may also fill them with succulent plants, such as cactus and other similar species of plant.

Whether you have a gothic side or a green thumb, these frightening Halloween themed pots are excellent gifts for anybody who enjoys plants and home décor. They may be used as plant pots, house decorations such as a pen holder, or even a candy container.


“I wanted to get my friend some venus fly traps for Christmas and wanted to find the perfect potter that fit her personality. And what could be cooler than tossing carnivorous plants into the skull. Drilled a few small holes in the bottom to allow for drainage. It's awesome!! Not gonna lie, it did throw me off a bit whenever I would catch a glimpse of it sitting in the window. I have never seen a real skull, but from what I have seen of replicas, this thing is so detailed.”


✅It is made from high quality and sturdy material

✅It has good heat resistance and good corrosion resistance

✅It can also be used as a snack container or an ornament 

✅It looks very realistic


❌It does not come with drainage holes but still a great looking planter

Gag Fake Scars

If you are trying to complete a scary Halloween costume as someone who got into an accident at a construction site or someone who has been injured during an event like a car accident, a gag fake scar or wound might be just what you need. 

They can come in various sizes, and they are affordable. They can be found in party stores.

The scars can look so real and are suitable for the completion of any frightening character costumes. They have multiple uses, including fun gags for Halloween.

BEST GAG FAKE SCARS: Mehron Makeup Special FX Kit


???? The All-in-one professional special FX kit includes everything you need to create the most realistic SFX makeup

???? Kit includes everything you need to color your SFX makeup: 2 cream makeup palettes, 3 types of blood, setting powder, 2 tooth paints, hair white, fake hair, setting spray, 2 SFX makeup brushes, 2 types of sponges, cotton swabs, and a powder puff

???? The kit also includes everything you need to create and remove 3D FX: Liquid latex, gelatin, spirit gum, rigid collodion for making scars, 3 pre-made prosthetic wounds, 2 types of wax, prosthetic sealer, 2 types of makeup remover, and brush cleaner.

???? Cruelty-free & proudly made in the USA


After you've decided on your Halloween costume, you'll want some extra unique accessories and cosmetics to help you stand out from the crowd. We adore the Mehron Makeup Special FX Kit, which is intended to turn attention and make you appear extremely scary this Halloween. We tested a wide variety of fake wound makeup kits at Gift Wonk, and this one from Mehron is the finest kit for creating realistic-looking wounds and injuries. FX Fake Blood and Liquid Latex Fake Skin are also included in the package. You can finish off your look with blood-splattered accessories.


“I was a little nervous about buying this make-up kit especially with the mixed reviews. My daughter has recently become interested in playing around with special effects makeup and she requested purchase of this kit to help her explore her hobby. We are very happy.

The kit is basic but has a lot of variety in products that will allow for a wide variety of looks. There are adhesives, make up, brushes, guide books and more. The quality certainly isn't professional grade but it also isn't cheap like the make up kits you find in retail stores around Halloween.

I think this is a great kit for those interested in playing around with special effects makeup that wish to have a variety of products but not wanting to pay professional grade prices. 


I am including some photos of the kit and some photos of make-up that my 14 year old did using the kit.”


✅It is great for beginners


✅It has everything you need to make the best special effect makeup


❌It does not include a small steel spatula for easy application

Human Organ Lunchbox

The human organ lunchbox is a good gift idea for teenagers for Halloween. The lunch box is meant to be a “spooky” gift and also humorous.

While the person eats from their lunch box, it makes people wonder if they are eating a bunch of organs from the bag. 

With this fantastic lunchbox, you can go to lunch in style and turn some heads. This is a great gift for those who love to play pranks on people.


???? Fun & functional: Insulated tote will keep your precious goods prepped, and ready to transplant right into your waiting stomach.

???? Quality materials: Every emergency meal transport lunch bag has a foam-insulated water-proof lining, a mesh interior pouch, and an 'organ donor' ID tag.

???? Convenient size: The lunch bag measures 9. 75 x 7. 5 x 6. 25 inches so it fits all your sodas, sandwiches, and snacks while still being easy to store in your kitchen.

???? A unique and funny gift for family & friends. It is perfect for white elephant gift parties that is sure to be a conversation starter.


It will keep your prized bologna sandwich and beer cold and ready for implantation into your stomach thanks to Fred's E.M.T. insulated bag. Please bear in mind that this bag is intended for storing liverwurst, not livers! Each bag is equipped with a foam-insulated waterproof layer, a mesh inner pocket, and an identification badge that reads "organ donor." With this hilarious tote disguised as an E.M.T. human organ carrier, your coworkers will be less likely to steal your lunch.


“I stopped by Walmart to pick up some fruits for my lunch which I packed in this faux lunch bag and when I came out to my car the cops were surrounding it and I asked what was happening apparently an older lady caught eye of the "Human Organ for Transplant" and thought it was suspiciously packed so she actually believed something was inside and called the cops.”

“This is my second lunch bag like this. The first lasted 8 years. Always a head turner. The white exterior will get dirty easily (it's a canvas type material). Eventually the vinyl interior will begin to separate, but we're talking years before that happens. Typically I can pack two sodas/waters, a Tupperware container with a serving of something leftover, a pack of snack crackers, and a fruit cup. Plus utensils, etc. So it's plenty big enough for the average person.”


✅Perfect size and unique design

✅A great gag gift to give to your loved ones and friends

✅Can store plenty of snacks and can fit six cans of soda

✅It is well insulated


❌Since the exterior is white and made from canvas, it can easily get dirty

Pooping Candy Dispenser

A pooping candy dispenser is a fun Halloween gift for teens. It is perfect for teenage boys and girls because the age group has an interest in both disgusting and gross things, making this a fun toy to play with for them. 

This toy can be given to someone as a prank or as an individually chosen gift. It’s a great option because you don’t have to leave your house to find something funny that can be given to someone else!

BEST POOPING CANDY DISPENSER: Dino Doo Mini Candy Dispensers By Kidsmania


???? Set of 3 Dino Doo mini candies Jurassic droppings!

???? Features Dinosaurs Such as Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Brontosaurus!

???? Includes mini candy to fit into each dino!

???? Great for all kids and boys and girls!


The Dino Doo Mini Candy Dispenser is one of the coolest and most entertaining Halloween gag gifts around. This set has several 3 boxes, each of which contains a tiny plastic dinosaur that spews candy droppings when you press down on it while walking. There are a variety of dinosaurs to pick from, and you may begin collecting them all.

This dinosaur candy holder is a really entertaining item to take home as part of a goodie bag from Halloween parties or to give as a Halloween gift to your children or to someone with a terrific sense of humor who is celebrating a birthday. There is candy included with each Dino, but you may refill them with your own tiny sweets after that is gone to keep the fun going. Each Mini Dino Doo is guaranteed to leave your friends and family in stitches.


“Grand girls love it”

“Tiny but fun.”

“Love this product”


✅A great Halloween bag stuffer

✅A cute and fun toy for the little kids

✅Comes in different dinosaurs


❌Can only fit about 5 to 6 candies inside

Gag Fake Blood

Funny Halloween Gag Gifts - Fake blood make up

The gag fake blood might be what they need for a teenager who is not looking to take their jaw-dropping Halloween costume to the next level.

The synthetic blood comes in a small tube, and when sprayed onto someone, it seems like they were wounded. You can even blow up the pipe to make it look like someone was shot in the chest.


???? Incredible realistic and lifelike: Pastaco’s fake blood spray features an incredibly vibrant blood red color that looks and flows like the real thing.

???? Powerful spray perfect for looking like you just got blood splattered on your face. Smear our authentic looking fake blood on your clothes, face or body, creating realistic scars or wounds to produce the most spooky effects at your Halloween event - you'll fool the world!

???? Pastaco's fake blood kit helps create a truly horrific scene that will both frighten and fascinate!

???? Easy to apply and clean up.


This fake blood has a vivid dark red hue that looks and flows much like the real thing. It's amazing for producing terrifyingly realistic special effects. You may also use this fake blood to complete a variety of costumes, such as vampires, zombies, monsters, or scary clowns. Spray fake blood all over yourself, your outfit, and anyplace else for a frightening Halloween party, haunted house, and more. This spray bottle makes application simple. Squeeze the nozzle gently for an evenly dispersed spray that covers a wide area and looks like genuine blood spatter. The spray made it extremely simple to apply, and the mess we created all over the bathroom while doing so was easily cleaned up.


“I should've bought more, but this was the most "real" like blood I purchased. I had 3 I bought from different retailers this being the only one from Amazon and it was the BEST one. Dried perfectly. Used on skin and clothing. I will definitely buy it again!”

“At first the package was really clean. Other products that I’ve used for Halloween really look too cheap. But this is okay and the two types of fake blood contents are really good. I can’t wait to use this!!”


✅It does not stain and it is easy to apply and clean up

✅Looks incredibly realistic and lifelike


❌It takes a while to dry up

Halloween Gag Gifts for Adults

Halloween is a time for trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, and coming up with wacky costumes. It’s also a time for giving (and receiving) gag gifts.

Halloween gag gifts are a great way to have some fun on the spookiest day of the year. These giveaways will be a hit with everyone you know, from squishy eyeballs and fake blood to zombie’s teeth.

Poop Toilet Paper 

This is an excellent, hilarious Halloween Trick-or-Treat Gift. Giving it as a gift to your family or friends is a fantastic idea.

It’s also a funny Halloween prank to do to your friends who are easily fooled. But they would get a good laugh out of it, I’m sure!

This is also great for a Halloween Party. Funny sayings like “don’t scare me, I poop easily” are strewn across each paper sheet to add to the Halloween fun. 

BEST POOP TOILET PAPER: Funny Novelty Toilet Paper by Maad


???? 200 sheets of 2 ply toilet tissue.

???? Quality bathroom paper with no-smudge ink printing.

???? Hilarious message printed on each sheet.

???? A great present for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, white elephant gifts, and housewarming.


If you are a fan of nasty humor, you must get the toilet paper that will make you laugh out loud! Maad's Novelty Halloween Toilet Paper has arrived and is ready to terrorize your bathroom! This hilarious and creepy roll of novelty toilet paper is a great addition to any bathroom as a décor, but it gets much better! You may also utilize all 240 sheets of this smelly roll as required! The "doo doo emoji just got real" is digitally printed on each toilet paper sheet, so it won't smudge, smear, or spread to places it shouldn't! This toilet paper is a great present for anybody with a sense of humour or for anyone wanting to spruce up their Halloween décor. It'll also frighten away the gift contenders at your next birthday, white elephant, work, or Halloween party.


“Got this as a joke after we ended up in the ER with my daughter due to pain from a blockage. It took the edge off the situation and made me laugh. Not super soft but it does the job.”

“Used this as our Christmas game - gift! Seemed to have been a big hit!”

“I purchased this for myself because I like these types of things and its just for show! I like getting laughs out of people when they see it!”


✅This is a great and funny gag gift that will surely bring lots of laugh

✅It contains a hilarious message on each sheet

✅Unique and creative


❌It’s not the softest toilet tissue but it does the job

Zombie Snot Fidget Putty 

The green boogers save the day. This incredible, green, gooey fun will keep the Halloween fun going. Squeeze and squish the putty in your hands until the stress is gone.

If a bad day has killed your mood, pick up some zombie putty and resurrect your good spirits. Zombie Snot Putty is a never-ending source of entertainment!

This is also a great wacky zombie stocking stuffer for adults and kids. Everyone gets stressed out now and then, so Zombie Fidget Putty is an excellent option for anyone at any time.

It’s not only a fun surprise to find in a stocking, but it’s also a great way to relieve stress by playing with zombie boogers – because boogers are fun!


???? Challenging days can really eat at you, but this cool, green, gooey fun can keep you going. Squeeze and squish the putty through your hands until you’ve slayed the stress and are ready for whatever comes next.

???? Stress relief at your fingertips: When a rotten day has killed your mood, grab some zombie putty and bring your good spirits back from the dead.

???? Don’t bite someone’s head off because your tension levels keep rising up. It’s important to keep calm when you feel like you can’t escape the stress.

???? Everyone gets stressed out from time to time, so Zombie Fidget Putty is a perfect choice for everyone on any occasion.


When it comes down to it, zombies have very few redeeming characteristics. They stink, devour people, and constantly leave nasty gooey stuff laying around, like pieces of their rotting limbs, BUT, they do have one big advantage — their boogers! Zombie Snot Fidget Putty by Gears Out seems to have been scraped off an undead nose, and you get to play with it...for therapeutic purposes. It would be a terrible mistake to miss out on never-ending pleasure!

Because the fun never stops when you're playing with boogers, this putty comes in a colorful, zombie-themed tin that will make you smile. It's tiny enough to fit in a desk, handbag, or preferred hiding place at home, school, or work. When you're dealing with stress that won't go away, get out the putty and dump that tension like a bag of potatoes. The problems of the day will squish through your fingers wherever pressure arises, and you'll walk away feeling calm and collected in a manner that can only be achieved by playing with top quality stress relief toys like zombie boogers.


“The kids loved this in their goodie bag!”


✅ A great Halloween treat alternative to give to kids 

✅Can be used as a fidget toy to relieve some stress


❌It is not washable

Potato Chip Snake Can 

Funny Halloween Gag Gifts - Potato Chip Snake Can 

A potato chip snake is a fun gift to give to someone on Halloween. It is a fun gift because it will be the first present you give them and they are going to have no idea what they’ll receive. 

When they open the potato chip can, it produces a spooky spider by surprise. They might pee their pants when they open them. Just make sure they bring extra pants to your Halloween celebration.

BEST POTATO CHIP SNAKE CAN: Blppldyci The Potato Chip Snake Can


???? This is a normal can of potato chips. When you open the cans, the snake darts out of the cans by surprise, giving you a big scare.

???? Can be used repeatedly, even more opportunities to surprise your friends and family.

???? Suitable for Halloween party, April fool's day gifts, party props, party prank, joke trick accessory, used mostly in parties to scare.

???? Package includes: 1 piece trick potato chip can.


With this classic Halloween Potato Chip Snake Can, you can create a scary and entertaining atmosphere in your home this spooky season. This realistic potato chip can (complete with fake nutritional values) is equipped with a long, flexible snake that will leap out once the potato chip can is opened. This is a classic prank that you may play on someone this Halloween!


“Oh my goodness, I have had SO MUCH FUN with this prank!! I first took it to work and scared my co-workers. The first person I tried it on screamed so bad people came running to see if she was ok- I so wish I had a video of that one!! Once it was seen, other co-workers kept borrowing it to go and scare others... Everyone loved it and got such a kick out of it. I scared or tried to scare both my younger children, which didn’t work as well, but was still fun. I do wish that the lid was designed differently, more realistically. The lid gave the prank away to several people. Maybe also add a “chip sound” in the can as well, so it sounds like there are chips in the can? But, all in all, this has been a riot to have, great price, shipped fast. I highly recommend this to help entertain your co-workers and yourself if you need some excitement.”


✅A fun gag gift to give your loved ones and friends a good scare

✅Can be used by kids and even adults

✅This is a great and funny gag gift that will surely bring lots of laugh


❌The can is sometimes hard to open which can ruin the surprise

Shocking Fake Phone

A shocking fake phone is an excellent idea for an adult to give on Halloween because it’ll be a good laugh. This fake phone is a gag gift for anyone.

It looks like an actual cell phone and has a dial tone, except it’s an “electric shock” joke toy when you press the buttons. 

It can have alarm sounds, vibrates, and shocks your arm when you press any buttons. It’s not harmful but makes people jump at first. You can get this in the Halloween sections in your local shop or party store. 


???? The toy is made of plastic (no glass). Black color like the iPhone 7, 7s, and Plus (larger size: 6.5 inches). But it can't open. It’s just a shocking toy.

???? Not suitable for children under 14 years of age. Please use the item responsibly.

???? Three functions: Flashlight, white lighting, and shocking. After shocking someone, they maybe drop it and it may break.


From a gum packet to a pen, cigarette lighter, and now an iPhone, the electrical shock prank has evolved! A fake iPhone 7 that emits an electric shock - a horrible gift idea but a hilarious party prank. When you press the home button, like you would on a regular iPhone, it will send a surprising shock down your spine. Literally!

It's a lot of fun. You may tell your kids that you bought them phones as an early Christmas present. It delivers a good shock, but it's too light to be convincing. It would be more effective if you weighed it down a little. It has a built-in flashlight and a laser pointer, which may be entertaining if you have animals.


“At first I wasn't pleased; just looking at it screams ''fake ``. I was going to open it up and add some weight but trust me, don't. The trick is to place it with the screen facing down. People will still pick it up, and considering its weight they'll think it's a child's toy. But here's the surprising thing: everyone will still push the button. Even knowing it doesn't feel real, even though the screen is wavy cheap plastic and the home-button sticker is off center, even when it's sitting near that office guy who's known for stupid, stupid jokes... people push that button every #$&!ing time! If it appeared genuine I'd have been punched long ago, but the fact that they knew it was suspect from the moment they touched it makes them feel like the payoff is their own fault Perfect little toy, just as it is.”


✅Looks realistic

✅This is a fun and harmless joke to play on people


❌Not recommended for kids younger than 14 years old

Remote Control Spider

Funny Halloween Gag Gifts -Remote Control Spider

This is the perfect Halloween gift for adults. They will have endless laughs when they see this spider scurrying around the house and terrorizing them.

It’s easy to control, and there are some that you can even program to do tricks like backflips and somersaults.

This is the perfect gift for someone who is a big prankster or wants some laughs.

The remote control spider is so lifelike that it may frighten your friends, family members, or even you. This is a fantastic gift for children!


???? Large size and high simulation spider design with real-like skin, glowing eyes, eight moving legs!

???? The tarantula is so vivid which makes you thrilling and scary. It can scare your friends, family members or even yourself. A great gift for kids!

???? Functions: Forward, backward, turn left, turn right, auto demonstration

???? Remote control distance: 6-8 m


Their appearance is unnerving, their movements are unpredictable, and they are fast on their feet. It's difficult to compete when you have eight legs to run on! It's certain that your arachnophobic friends will be terrified by this remote-controlled spider! With the accompanying remote control, you can direct the spider's movements, allowing you to frighten whoever you want... anytime you want! This spider will move back and forth, left and right, and will undoubtedly be the most frightening guest at your Halloween party!


“This is absolutely hilarious. We had the best time driving it around the house.”

“The only thing my nephew asked for his birthday was a remote control spider. I had never heard of one, so obviously I came to Amazon. He loved it! And it came with the batteries, which was a nice plus.”


✅An absolutely hilarious toy to use to prank people

✅It looks like a real spider



❌It can only go 6 to 8 meters far

Farting Poop Pen

The farting poop pen is such a fun gift idea for Halloween. When you press the button on the butt of the pen, a fart noise will come out.

This is sure to bring some laughs and some giggles to your day! This pen has a clip on top of it so you can put it in your shirt pocket, a piece of paper, or wherever else you would like to clip it too.

If anyone asks you why you are carrying a funny pen that farts, act indignantly and tell them to mind their own business.

He’s the ideal companion for making everyone around you laugh! If you like to text your friends and family with the poop emoji, this is the pen for you.


???? 7 different fart sounds: That’s right, 7 hilarious fart sounds are just a pen click away, with no nasty smells! No wonder this fart buddy is smiling - he's the perfect pal to make everyone around you laugh!

???? Welcome home to the funniest friend you’ll ever have from the Land of Emojis! He’s got a great sense of humor, just press down on his poopy head to find out.

???? Got a birthday or office party? Get tons of laughs and snorts when you bring along your poop buddy! Not only is he hilarious when you play him for your friends or coworkers, he’s also great for pranking them!

???? Have kids? They will immediately fall in love with the Farting Poop Emoji Pen and his unbridled potty humor.


With a single click, you may now wield the power of the poop!

That's correct, you can now fart with a single click! It's amazing. No more waiting for the beans to kick in. No more taking risks and finding out it wasn't a fart (no way Jose!). It features seven distinct poopy fart noises to amuse and inspire everyone around you. Fart whenever and anywhere you want. From now on, writing down notes will be a breeze! (Get it? LOL) You can also ask your poop emoji pen a question and listen as it just farts.


“So, I gave this as a birthday present to a fellow teacher and he has had a pooptastic time freaking his students out. He walks around with it in his pocket making "noises." Then he says,"Sorry, I had chili last night," or something like that. He also got our principal pretty good at a meeting. It's been the sh#$! Great present, great product.”

“My inlaw and I have this inside joke about farting and every year I try to send them something different that has to do with farting. I saw this and immediately got them and my wife one for Christmas. I played the video provided and we must have hit play 20 time and each time laughing at this pen. My in-law has a great sense of humor. Many people would think it was not funny to use this as their best present under the Christmas tree. How am I going to top that one for next year. Thank you so much.”


✅A great Halloween bag stuffer

✅It has 7 different farting sounds

✅Batteries are included and are replaceable


❌A bit too bulky for a writing pen

Final Thoughts

Sometimes you need to rethink the notion of a scary and spooky Halloween holiday. The best way to do that is by giving somebody a funny and spooky Halloween gift.

You’ll be able to see their faces light up when they get something that’s fun, like a farting poop pen, funny fake scars, or a pooping candy dispenser. All these gifts will surely put a smile on their faces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. On Halloween night, what do teenagers do?

Some teens still go out and enjoy trick or treating, but some watch a scary movie or watch a TV show to relax.

If you have siblings, you could carve a pumpkin together or bake and decorate a spooky cake. (You could also do those things on your own.)

You could also look up teen Halloween activities in your area on your local events calendar.

2. Do you give gifts to your friends and family on Halloween?

Although Halloween may not be the first holiday that comes to mind when thinking of gift-giving, there are plenty of reasons to surprise someone with a little something during this spookily fun season.

3. What kind of Halloween gag gifts are there?

There are many different kinds of gag gifts that you can give on Halloween. The two most popular categories are jokes and novelty Halloween items.

Jokes typically involve a fake phone that shocks you when it rings or a phony spider that scurries across the room.

Novelty items include farting poop pens, pooping pencil toppers, and fake teeth for your mouth. 

4. Why would I want to give someone funny Halloween gag gifts?

Funny Halloween gag gifts are an easy way to brighten somebody’s day on Halloween without giving them a typical candy bar- a kind of present.

People tend to like gag gifts because they’re somewhat of an inside joke. They are also great to give to friends, family members, and even co-workers on Halloween.

5. What kind of people do I give funny Halloween gag gifts to?

You can give funny Halloween gag gifts to anybody. Most people will appreciate a funny gift instead of something boring or plain.

6: What are some excellent Halloween gifts to give?

One of the best joke gifts that you can give is a fake spider. It’s easy, just put it on somebody’s desk or bed and run before they find it.

Another good one involves a fake phone with an electric shock button. When someone picks up the phone, it will shock them and make them think there is something wrong with their actual phone.

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