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Witch-approved Halloween Party Gift Ideas
That Will Have Them Scream Their Heads Off!

Halloween is just around the corner, and you’re probably trying to figure out what to get for your ghouls and goblins on this spooky occasion. The best Halloween party gifts are those that come in a variety of spooky Halloween ideas and will have them screaming their heads off! 

Everyone has their favorite: vampires, pumpkin heads, witches, zombies, or bats! The more, the merrier, but with a little creativity, you can have lots of fun without spending a lot. You want to go all out for the occasion, but you don’t want it to break the bank!

There are many different types of Halloween party gift ideas. The common ones include sweets, costumes, and decorations.

You can also find some more unique types of Halloween items right here:

Spooktacular Ideas for the Best Halloween Party Gifts For Teens

If you’re looking for the best Halloween party gifts for teens, we’ve got you covered with spooky Halloween gift ideas that are sure to please. Whether it’s a vampire-themed dinner party or just the neighborhood kids trick or treating, here are a few of the best Halloween party gifts that people will be thrilled to receive, and you can even make some of them yourself!

Halloween Themed Candle

Halloween Party Gift - Halloween-themed candle holder for teens

This is something that can be given to teens who love Halloween in order to give them the creeps. If you are not feeling very creative it is a good way of getting your teenager out of the house for a while.

Ghost candles are ideal for decorating your room. These candles can be used to add some spooky vibes to your room.

No, but honestly, these candles are ideal for holiday decor. Perhaps some candles can be lit as you read to help you relax. If your loved ones enjoy candles and Halloween, this is the ideal gift for them.

Halloween would not be complete without these black skull and spine candles! As soon as you light one of these candles, you’ll see the bones begin to melt away as if by magic. It’ll make for a spooky Halloween atmosphere.



???? Each set is unique! Be aware you will receive from one up to three manually broken bones to give you that realistic witchy decor touch you want!

???? Enjoy black home decor all year round with your new Halloween candle set. Your new spooky decor will combine perfectly with your modern or vintage gothic bedroom decor for a great creepy decor-themed house!

???? Awesome gothic home decor! Imagine your black skull candle along with your vertebrae candle together! An aesthetic match for your goth bathroom decor, gothic room decor, or witch decor.

???? This weird candle's skeleton decor is your best option, complement your gothic bathroom decor or gothic wall decor!

???? Long-lasting witchcraft candles! Burning time: Skull candle 12+ hours, Vertebra candle 6 hours, Votive candle 2 hours.


This candle is great for adding an extra spooky touch to your home this season! It's perfect to add some extra detail to the scene in your front window or on your porch. The dark colors and intrinsic detail make these gothic candles make beautiful home decor all year long. This particular candle set is a bit on the small side. The spine candle is 5.5" tall and the skull is 3.5" tall, which may be ideal for smaller tabletop displays. When lit, these candles add a wonderfully captivating touch that can't go unnoticed.


“I’m usually not a review person but these candles definitely deserve it! I have been purchasing the black skull candle from Darware but I gave this product a try. I’m SO glad I did! The details of the candles are way better, true black color, size and a lovely scent. I loved that the skull was complete and not missing the lower jaw as the one I was purchasing. I was expecting to receive the spine (great texture btw) with some broken bones but it arrived as a whole. I liked how they presented it on the website so I will try and break some parts of the bones. I usually do this so I can burn/use them but I will leave this one as a decor (it’s too cool) and purchase more to burn. P.S. the gift box was LOVELY”


✅Smells really good! (Like a pine sage/baby powder scent)

✅Excellent craftsmanship. The detail on these candles is unbelievable!

✅Not just for Halloween! This can be year-round home decor. 

✅Can be given as a present for any type of occasion.


❌The candles are too beautiful to burn! Might need to buy an extra set just for burning.

Halloween Themed Tumbler

A Halloween-themed tumbler is a great option for a cute Halloween gift for friends. It is customizable and you can add names and messages on the outside of the tumbler. A personalized tumbler makes a perfect gift for teens who love the Halloween season.

A tumbler is also highly recommended because they can use it after Halloween at work or in school. This is the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys coffee or tea. Alternatively, you can drink anything else. This will be used for a long time because the recipient will utilize this gift more frequently. 

With thousands of designs to choose from, these tumblers by 64HYDRO will have you sipping your drink in style or make it the most creative Halloween present for family and friends this year!

BEST HALLOWEEN THEMED TUMBLER: 64 Hydro Halloween Tumbler Cup


???? Triple insulation technology: Each 64 Hydro tumbler has double-walled, vacuum-sealed, and copper-coated insulation, which helps keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours & hot for up to 12 hours. 

???? Constructed of 18/8 stainless steel: Known for its strength and purity, our 18/8 food-grade tumbler won’t break, rust, retain or transfer flavors. Unlike other tumblers, our tumblers provide a clean, non-metallic taste. 

???? Each tumbler comes with an Anti-Leak, BPA-Free flip lid. The lid will prevent any accidental spills. Anti-glug holes ensure the smooth flow of water and a comfortable drinking experience. 

???? BPA-free: Sip healthy with our BPA-Free tumblers that are made without phthalates and toxic materials.


This is a nice and durable cup to use at your next Halloween party. The spooky prints make the cup unique and the double-walled vacuum keeps it cold all day long! Great for adults and children alike, this will be an excellent Halloween gift to give to just about anyone on your list! We like that it's a perfect size to take to events with you as well, making it an excellent choice for any holiday event!


“I purchased this for my daughter who loves dragonflies. The color is so vibrant and beautiful and great detail work. She was very happy to receive this as a gift. It's exactly as the picture shows colorful and very well-made and works well with hot and cold drinks.”

“Bought as a gift. Packaging was beyond expectations. The person who received it loved it. The tumbler is even more stunning in person.” 



✅Anti-Leak design

✅The tumbler is very durable

✅Color and design is so vibrant and great detail work


❌A little fragile. Make sure to ask the seller to add extra protection to ensure no damage during shipping

Spooky Halloween Signs

Halloween Party Gift - Halloween-themed spooky sign for teens

A spooky Halloween sign is a great Novelty Halloween gift idea to give to teens on Halloween. The reason why it is a great gift is that it is unique, sends a good Halloween message, and can be customized to their liking.

Perhaps you can put this outside your room to deceive your younger siblings, or simply outside your house to tell people that trick or treating is postponed this year due to the pandemic. So, if you have a loved one who likes disturbing spooky signs, this is a definitely recommended present.

Are you looking to cover more space? These Halloween Gothic Mansion Banners can transform a blank wall into a focal point of your home’s décor in a short amount of time.



???? Large and attractive: The long Halloween Gothic mansion banners are about 180 x 32 cm/ 70.8 x 12.6 inches in size each, and the square Halloween hanging banner is approx. 30 x 30 cm/ 11.8 x 11.8 inches.

???? Create a spooky atmosphere: These Halloween outdoor hanging decorations are printed with related patterns, such as skull patterns, and Gothic-style mansion pillar patterns, as well as Halloween-themed words, making it easy to create a spooky atmosphere for your garden and bring you a vivid holiday feeling.

???? Easy to assemble: The package comes with a rope for you to easily hang our spooky Halloween banner decorations on your door.

???? Where to apply: You can hang the set of Halloween door decoration banners on your door, wall, or at the entrance of your Halloween party.


The Gothic pillar prints in this set are perfect for adding that extra spookiness to your haunted mansion decor. You can use them in the front window or the fireplace mantle. It doesn't matter where you put these Halloween Gothic Mansion Banners; they'll look great at every Halloween party you host and may be displayed practically anywhere in your house. The prints are good quality and very good sized making them an excellent choice for home decoration! They look beautiful when hung together and the thin black rope that’s used to hang the designs makes them easy to use!


“Item is just as pictured. Couldn't be happier with it. Fabric is durable. Will make a great addition to the other outdoor Halloween decor. Would definitely buy it again.”

“The banners held up and were a great accent to the Halloween theme. I won 1st place in our community Halloween door decorating contest.”


✅Fabric is durable

✅Adds a fantastic and spooky touch to your room

✅A great accent for a Halloween theme

✅Easy to assemble


❌Some think it’s a little too spooky for little kids

Spooky Cat Candle 

Halloween is the time of year when people enjoy going out dressed up in different costumes and receiving gifts and treats from each other. With that being said, it may be difficult for some to find a perfect Halloween gift for their lover. One idea is to give them a spooky cat-shaped candle.

A spooky cat candle is a great gift to give to a teen during Halloween because most candles smell great, are unique, and are affordable.

Halloween lovers will adore the look of this candle. Perhaps you could give this to a cat lover. You can, however, send them a black one to bring them a bad fortune. Just for jokes, of course.

This candle we found is both beautiful and functional, the Cat Skull Candle Set makes a fascinating addition to any cat lover’s collection.

BEST SPOOKY CAT CANDLES: Gavia Cat Skull Candle Set


???? Each set is unique! Be aware each gothic cat candle has been manually aged on the surface to deliver the unique and realistic spooky home decor you need!

???? Lovely smell: Filled with a mysterious spa forest scent, your new goth home decoration will exalt all the magnificence of your gothic bathroom decor or witchy decor, and your cat skeleton candle will burn for more than 12 hours! 

???? Awesome Halloween gift: Realistic and beautifully scented cat candle with aged surface texture, highly detailed cranial sutures, bones, and teeth along with two votive candles will shine wherever you place them!

???? Halloween cat decor: All year round with your new black cat candle. Your new spooky decor will perfectly match your modern or vintage gothic bedroom decor for a great creepy decor-themed house!


This candle set is a great choice for those who like a wonderful and spooky centerpiece for their home. The intricate designs on the candles make them lovely and enjoyable to look at. The color combination is great and the black-on-black style is perfect. They will give any ordinary table an extra touch of spookiness! By showing off this bad boy in your house, you can display your Gothic personality and your love and affection for your feline friend at the same time. Realistic and wonderfully scented cat candle complete with finely detailed cranial sutures, bones, and teeth, this guy is sure to make you the belle of the ball.


“I’m always on the hunt for new and unique gothic pieces, and this one fits extremely well. The skull has great detail in it and looks very much like a real cat skull. The black color also means it fits in well with a darker theme, so it is suitable for any sort of gothic or vintage setting.

While I was a little hesitant with the scent without burning it (to me, out of the box, it smelled like grapes at first which I thought was odd), I lit one of the smaller accompanying candles and let it burn for a while. It has a very pleasant rose/peony scent (to me) that, while not particularly strong compared to others I’ve tried, still filled a small bedroom.

The packaging was nice and very giftable, though it took a little bit to get the smaller candles out. I had to push from the bottom of the foam and ease them toward the top so I could grab ahold and pull them from the foam. It’s great, however, to ensure that they aren’t damaged during the shipping process. The addition of the poster inside was a pleasant surprise, as well.

All in all, I’m very pleased with the candles and would definitely recommend it if you're looking for something a little gothic or spooky for yourself or as a gift for someone else!”


✅Very beautifully crafted candles

✅The skull is so detailed 

✅The scent is phenomenal

✅Burn lasts very long


❌It will be hard to burn it because of how wicked it looks

Coffee Cauldron Mug

Halloween Party Gift - A witch holding a Halloween cauldron mug

This is yet another coffee lover’s present. It is, however, in the shape of a spooky witches’ cauldron. Give them this cup so they can brew up their own spells.

Teens would love these cups because they are able to make a little joke about their personality and love of Halloween. They can have a drink from their cauldron-shaped mug and burst out a creepy witch laugh to freak their friends out.

For the more serious-minded, they can enjoy an evening brew while reading their favorite spooky or thrilling books.

Add some magical concoction to your deadly coffee brew with this wickedly designed Witches Cauldron Mug.

BEST COFFEE CAULDRON MUG: Witch Cauldron Coffee Mug


???? Design: Wickedly detailed Witches Cauldron Mug for your coffee, tea, pumpkin latte, or magical brew! The details are amazing, it's very spacious 14 oz / 400ml, and made of black porcelain.

???? Superior Quality: At Rogue + Wolf, we focus on customer care and pride ourselves on producing the best quality products and keeping our fans and customers happy.

???? Style & Versatility: Enjoy your morning coffee or evening cocoa ritual in your Witch Cauldron Mug. It adds magic to every brew and in your space too!

???? Size & Material: Microwave & dishwasher safe. Measures 3.35" high x 4.2" wide. Satin matte finishes with a beautiful luscious feel to it. Black Porcelain that will hold your coffee and tea hot for longer. It's smooth and durable and while not shatterproof it's very durable.


This is a nice and sturdy mug to use at your next Halloween party. The spooky design makes the mug unique and it's great for children as well as adults! Great for both hot and cold drinks, this will be an excellent Halloween gift to give to just about anyone on your list! This durable mug can also be used as a vase for a spooky flower arrangement or you can use it to hold candy or lollipops.


“I loved this so much I bought 1 for myself and 1 for my besty. It is beautifully and sturdily crafted. It arrives in high quality packaging and comes very quickly. I've used mine for drinking my coffee or tea, displayed as a candy bowl, burning Sage for smudging, and I have left it outside with salt or such during specific phases of the moon for energy collecting. So this mug has definitely been put through its paces. You can tell that each one is handcrafted because mine and my best friends are close to similar but not perfectly identical which is kind of a neat thing as well. It's been run through the dishwasher and put into a microwave so many times and has not chipped or shown any sign of distress. Love this product! Love this company! I will be ordering much much more products from this company ?”


✅ Beautifully crafted plus it is handmade

✅ The design is excellent 

✅ High quality material 

✅ It's microwave and dishwasher safe! 

✅ Can be used as a cereal or soup bowl


❌Only holds 14 oz

❌Not shatterproof

Halloween Nail Stickers 

Halloween is our favorite time of the year. It’s the moment when everyone can be anyone, from scary to funny, and what better way to show off your creativity than with a spooky nail look perfect for any costume! Nail stickers are super easy and a lot of fun to use.

This cute Halloween idea will boost your Halloween costume especially when you go to a party. Not only that, but you may also try it out with your family and friends. You can offer this to someone you care about who enjoys doing their nails.

Like these Halloween Nail Stickers by Kalolary, this will add a haunted touch to any manicure.

BEST HALLOWEEN NAIL STICKERS: Kalolary Halloween Nail Art Stickers Decals


???? Halloween nail sticker: 12 sheets of Halloween nail art decals are the perfect accessory, which has different patterns such as spider webs, candy, pumpkins, skulls, bats, witches, crows, ghosts, high heels, cats, spiders, and so on.

???? Unique Halloween nail art - Great to create your unique awesome Halloween nail art. It is fun to DIY nail art with your family or friends at family gatherings and parties, enjoy your own shining nail look and have a good time.

???? Easy to use: Our nail stickers are self-adhesive, and our stickers are free from soaking, so just stick them on your nails, easy and time-saving.       

???? Perfect Halloween Decorations: The Halloween-design nail stickers are perfect for kids, girls, and women, nail art decorations, Halloween theme parties, and cosplay props.

???? Excellent Halloween gift: The best gift for your female friends, your mom, or your wife. Nail stickers are great for your fingernails and toenails decorations.


This is an excellent Halloween gift for all the princesses and witches in your kingdom! The nail stickers are high quality and work very well on their own. They are incredibly easy to apply and they adhere strongly to any nail polish! If you struggle to find the perfect Halloween gift for girls, this is the one for you! This item is also quick and easy to use, making it a great choice for an emergency costume or if you're in a hurry to get dressed for Halloween!


“The designs are cute and there are tons of different stickers!

It's very easy to peel off the paper compared to the older ones I have. I personally like using tweezers and small sharp scissors when I do nail art. Make sure you use light coloured nail polish if you are going to use the words. And if you want the stickers to be super secure, you can stick it on when the nail polish is still a little tacky.

The holidays can't come quickly so I can use them more!!”

“These are great. They came with clear instructions and my granddaughter loves them. Lots of variety”

“I got some of these to keep for myself and the rest to give away for a draw I am doing as stocking stuffers (perfect size) they are super cute (some were not really my style but some hit it out of the park) and fun for jazzing up the holiday nails! I don't really get what some of the words are, or mean, though... not in english and the ones that seem to be a bad translation of christmas carols? not sure... but i wasn't planning on using those anyway. plenty of other varieties to choose from!”


✅ A lot of variety and designs

✅ Easy to place on your nails

✅ Perfect as a gift or Halloween activity


❌ Some designs can be too tacky for adults

Creative Ways To Make Your Own Spine-chilling Halloween Party Gifts

We’ve compiled a list of creative and inexpensive ways to make your own spine-chilling Halloween party gifts. No need to break the bank on expensive DIY projects or store-bought items that may not be as creative as you’d like.

Make these Halloween party gifts with your kids and they’ll enjoy putting together their own special favors for the trick-or-treaters who wander through your front door.

Tic-Tac-Boo Game

Are you looking for a sugar-free alternative to traditional candy-filled favors? Tic-tac-toe is reimagined for Halloween in this simple DIY take-home game. You can make your personalized pieces out of any shape you like. 

A Tic Tac Toe game is perfect for children on Halloween because it’s challenging, fun, and can be used for a variety of purposes. To make your own personalized Tic-Tac-Boo game, check out this link.

Tin Can Mummies

Halloween Party Gift - Halloween mummy tin cans

You will love this craft because it’s relatively easy to put together and doesn’t require any special skills. Plus, it’s cheap. And if you’re one who loves crafting, you may also get a kick out of putting little mummy cans together.

DIY miniature mummies are not only adorable but also useful. The upcycled tin cans wrapped in cheesecloth, and filled with candy, make a fantastic Halloween party favor or surprise for your favorite trick-or-treater.

Make these fun Tin Can Mummies for your little kiddos.

Trick-or-Treating Candy Tubes  

Candy tubes are great Halloween treats to give to children on Halloween because they can be filled with candy and then left for the kids outside your front porch for a no-contact trick-or-treating.

These clear candy tubes are great for parties, not just because they’re cute, but also because they’re so simple to make! You may fill it up with candy or gumballs and add a Halloween gift tag. 

Rock Candy Sticks

Rock candy sticks are great gifts to give to children on Halloween because they are fun and colorful. Children can enjoy these colorful candy sticks and it can be a lot of fun for them to pretend that they are wands.

Rock candy sticks are a favorite among kids. They won’t be able to resist taking one or two for the road. Kids won’t be able to get their hands off these delicious treats. Just make sure that they brush their teeth after a long day of candy-eating.

Boone’s Mill-Rock Candy is an all-time favorite and makes a colorful Halloween gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.


???? Boone's Mill Rock Candy is made in our crystal-growing rooms in Indiana, USA!

???? Perfect for candy buffets and color-coordinating decorations at parties and wedding receptions; brilliant colored crystals show through clear wrappers for color decorating.

???? Flavors Included: Pink Cotton Candy, Red Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Green Watermelon. 

???? Sticks range from 20-35 grams each making them the largest on Amazon!


This is a wonderful Halloween gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. The candy is delicious and it's perfect for trick-or-treating! Each rock candy stick is carefully wrapped to ensure that it stays fresh for as long as possible. Boone’s Mill - XL Rock Crystal Candy has a long shelf life and is heat resistant, making it the ideal treat for a hot, sunny day. There are four great delicious flavors like blue raspberry, red cherry, and more packed inside each colorful crystal!

They can also add a blast of color to your buffet table and make your spread Instagram-ready!


“Perfect. All in one piece and super tasty! These are for a party, and I ate a *few*, so I just ordered more!

*I had to order more because my friend is now obsessed with them and asked me to order her some!

These are fantastic! Always shipped quickly and packed to protect the candy! I was worried, after my first purchase, because they were about $4 cheaper than others listed, but sometimes a deal isn't "too good to be true." You won't go wrong with these!”

“This is THE best rock candy! These are not just colored sugar; they actually have different flavors and they're TASTY. The back label shows the expiration date, but I think it's just for legalities since pure sugar doesn't go bad. // The label does not list any allergens. It would be nice if the manufacturer highlighted -- on the actual tub label -- that these are made in a 100% nut-free facility since this information is only listed on Amazon and not even on their own website. In contrast with the picture shown on the listing, the nutrition facts/ingredients/allergens are not printed on each individual pack. It would also be nice to have this info on each individually wrapped stick since, at least in my case, these are being used as party favors and having this info at hand would give some peace of mind to a lot of parents of kids who have severe allergies.”


✅ Extra large size 

✅ Come in bright colors and great flavors

✅ A perfect Halloween bag filler


❌ Could have more flavors

❌ XL size might be too big for smaller kids

Candy Apple

Halloween Party Gift - Halloween candy apple

Candy apples are a great gift to give to children on Halloween. Candy-coated apples make for a sweet, irresistible treat for kids.

The candy apple has become outdated due to the rise in popularity of other fruity snacks, but many people still enjoy them around Halloween time because they are often served as part of celebrations and festivities that are associated with this time of year.

Candy apples are a great gift to give children on Halloween. They make sweet treats that kids will love plus apples are healthy treats.

If you’re bored with the usual candy apple, or if you’re just feeling a bit extra this year, these caramel apples are definitely worth a try!


???? Two pure milk and dark chocolate-covered caramel apples are presented in our signature "Orchard Fresh" apple crate

???? One pure milk chocolate dipped caramel apple drizzled with white and dark chocolate.

???? One pure dark chocolate dipped caramel apple drizzled with white chocolate and decorated with dark chocolate jimmies.

???? Apples are packed in our signature "Orchard Fresh" crate and tied with a bow.


Take candy apples to a whole different level with Golden State's Chocolate Dipped Caramel Apples. These gourmet chocolate-covered caramel apples are the perfect dessert for any gathering and you'll be surprised at how much your guests will think they're worth!

This fabulous treat will bring delight to everyone on the receiving end. The chocolate is delicious and rich, just as expected from this brand. Aside from the mouth-watering treat, they also come in an elegant wooden crate gift box for that extra touch of classiness.

This is a wonderful Halloween gift for the candy connoisseur. 


“I buy caramel apples all the time, from festivals and many other caramel apple vendors. Caramel apples are my absolute favorite treat and these are incredible. Arrived on time with a cold pack in a darling crate. Keep in the refrigerator for five days before cutting into the first one and then five days later cut into the second one and there is absolutely no difference in the taste. I am so confused by some of the random reviews that these apples are just ok! I will definitely be ordering every time my craving for my favorite treat kicks in and to give as gifts.”


✅ Comes with cold packaging to keep the apples cold

✅ Comes in decorative “Orchard Fresh” crate


❌ Can go bad if not packaged and delivered properly

Skeleton Party Poppers 

To help make your child’s Halloween experience one that they’ll remember for years to come, give them some of the best party poppers! What better way for kids to share in their favorite holiday than with a few noisy pops? These party poppers are sure to send your little girl or boy into a fit of laughter.

Allow the youngsters to start the party off right with these fun poppers that include several small surprises like a temporary tattoo, a party hat, and a Halloween treat.

This Halloween, have a good time with your family and friends by playing with these ridiculously adorable Halloween Jumping Popper Toys Spring Launchers.

BEST SKELETON PARTY POPPERS: Halloween Jumping Popper Toys


???? 24 pcs Halloween jumping popper toys are perfect for kids, boys, girls, toys, gifts, treats, party favors, treat bags, games 

???? 8 Styles: There are 8 styles for the popper toys, 4 styles in big size - black bat, white ghost, orange pumpkin, white eye; 4 styles in small size - purple bat, orange pumpkin, white mummy, green man.

???? Easy to Play: Just press the head down to the bottom, then wait 3-10 seconds, it will jump up to 12" - 20" high (30-50 cm), very funny


You may either push them down and watch them pop into the air or play with them outside and see how high you and your buddies can get them blasted. It is non-toxic and odorless and it is made with high-quality EVA. You can be certain that it is safe and enjoyable for children of all ages! Use these spring launchers for a variety of purposes, including Halloween gifts, school crafts projects and activities, game prizes, party favors, goodie bag fillers, and so much more.


"These little hoppers have a spring that is just strong enough to be exciting-but not scary- for a 3-6 year old.

I've tested them on my grandkids and they are the favorite of all my little Halloween surprises. They consistently 'spring' and even a young child can make them work. I am sure that my trick or treaters will love them. I give some candy, too, but the children really like little toys the best. I do recommend them."


✅ A great addition to your Halloween bags

✅ Small but fun toys to play with

✅ Comes in eight different designs


❌ It might be too small for very young kids

Kettle Corn Bags

Halloween Party Gift - Halloween paper bag filled with candy

Halloween is a fun holiday that allows parents to hand out candy to children. If you are looking for an option to give your child, kettle corn bags are a wonderful choice. The bags contain delicious kettle corn that offers a crunchy and sweet treat for kids and adults of all ages. The best part about the product is that it will be loved by anyone who receives it!

You may also grab a variety pack of creepy-cute monster kettle corn bags and quickly arrange them in a Halloween gift box for guests to grab and enjoy on their way out.

Worried you’d ruin your guests’ appetites? Especially the kids? Well, this kettle corn certainly isn’t something you should be scared of!


???? Contains twelve 5-ounce bags of Angie's Boomchickapop light kettle corn popcorn

???? This Angie's Boomchickapop Popcorn has a slightly sweet kettle corn flavor

???? Grab a bag for a convenient snack that's pre-popped and ready to eat

???? This light popcorn contains 50% less fat and 15% fewer calories than the leading kettle corn

???? Stock up on this whole-grain, non-GMO, and gluten-free snack food


Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP Light Kettle Corn is a treat not just for movie or game night but any time of the year. That said, this is one of the best goodies you can give out as Halloween gifts and treats. Not only is it healthy, but it's also very tasty! This popcorn gives you a full mouth-feel and crunch, while the saltiness and sweet flavors balance each other. The different flavors (like caramel and cheddar) add variety and personality to the mix. Kids and adults won't get enough of this! We know we can't!


“This is the best popcorn ever. I was looking for something to replace regular popcorn as I’m pregnant and had a craving for it. Unfortunately I wound up in the hospital with pancreatitis so I had to start eating low fat, which regular butter popcorn is not. This is the best but you can literally eat a whole bag in one sitting if you’re not careful because it’s so good. Only bad part was one of the bags wasn’t sealed properly in production so it was stale, but the other bags were great!”

“I love this popcorn SO much. Delicious sweet and salty but not overly flavored/seasoned. Perfect snack and low in calories when compared to other bagged popcorn. Love the way this is delivered too - the box is super convenient for storing and easily accessing one bag at a time.”

“These are the best bag popcorn I’ve ever eaten! The box is a good deal. Be warned you won’t be able to stop eating them once you open a bag. I have Ibs and I can eat them , so I’m thrilled that I can get them sent to me at home. Been buying for a few months and hope I can stock up more with what’s going on.”


✅ Gluten-free treats 

✅ Flavorful and delicious 

✅ Great for Halloween bag fillers

✅ A non-candy treat for children


❌ It can be quite addicting

Cotton Candy Spider Web

Cotton Candy is a spun sugar dessert. The strands melt in the mouth and children love this sweet delicacy because it is soft and sweet. You can use the cotton candy as a spider web to add a little fright and laugh for the kids. 

All you need to do is to fill clear cellophane treat bags with white cotton candy and some dollar store plastic spider rings for an extra frightening presentation, and lastly, tie them with black and white baker’s twine and place them in a huge black bowl or plastic cauldron.

Have your web and eat it too! This spider web cotton candy is creepy but it definitely won’t scare off your taste buds.

BEST COTTON CANDY SPIDER WEB: Halloween Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy


???? It comes in a pack of 3

???? Flavor: Sour Apple 

???? Great for Halloween bag fillers

???? Each Bag is 2.1 oz


We love the spider web effect on this spooky candy. The spider web design really makes this cotton candy unique and fun to eat. It almost looks like a spider web made out of real silk. It certainly looks and tastes delicious too! It's one of our favorite spooky treats that we can't stop eating. Fluffy stuff spider web cotton candy is sticky like a spider web yet sweet like cotton candy, making it a wonderful treat for Halloween festivities. Enjoy the tangy, sour apple taste with your whole group of pals! This is a nice treat for kids this Halloween. It can also be given as a party favor or a loot bag filler!


“The kids loved it! Worked good for adult drinks too”

“Absolutely delicious! The boys were thrilled with the fun flavors and had fun eating it as well.”

“The price & amount of cotton candy as well as the flavors make this a win-win!"


✅ Kids and adults love cotton candy

✅ A delicious Halloween bag filler for kids


❌ Not a healthy treat for kids

Candy-Filled Mason Jars 

Halloween Party Gift - Halloween jar filled with candy corn and treats

Mason Jars are inexpensive, easy, and quick to put together. They are not only great for Halloween but can be a fun treat year-round.

Mason jars are a terrific, low-cost option for party favors. You can fill them up with white candy to make a ghost or orange candy to make a pumpkin for Halloween. You can even replace the lid and top it up with a Halloween sticker. You can also create the ghost or pumpkin face with decals, stickers, or permanent markers, then finish with string and a gift tag.

Add your personal touch to these beautiful glass jars that you can use to put all your favorite sweets and share them with your loved ones this Halloween.

BEST CANDY FILLED JARS: Ball Mason 32 oz Wide Mouth Jars


???? 1-quart glass jars that are reusable and come with 12 jars, 12 lids, and 12 bands. Wonderful for gifting, or decor or storage around the house 

???? Made in America by the Ball Mason Jar Company 

???? Great for candles, candies, treats, lotions, jams, and jellies, preserves, herbs, etc 

???? Lid and airtight band included 


Customizable candy-filled mason jars, which may be filled with anything from chocolates and candies to nuts and baked goods, are wonderful presents for any special occasion, particularly when filled with their favorite goodies! Personalized Halloween gifts for a particular teacher, family member, or friend may be made in a matter of minutes. Add stickers to design your mason jars this spooky season with skulls, spiders, bats, pumpkins, and other spooky characters. The mason jars are completely reusable once the sweets run out. They may be used for storage purposes in the bedroom or the kitchen!


“These are the tried and proven Mason Jar system for more than 150 years. I use them to store (long term) dried beans, rice dried fruit. I constantly reuse the jars and rings, but I don't reuse the stamped lids for long term storage or canning.

The wide mouth quart is also great for holding your ground coffee in an airtight container.

They have a million uses. I keep a supply of the stamped lids so I never have to worry about the seal.”

“I love the Ball Mason wide mouth jars. I use these especially for canning soup. They are easily filled and easy to clean. The quality of the jars is top rate. Also ordering them online and having them delivered to my front door is extremely valuable to me.”


✅ High quality and durable material

✅ Tried and proven Mason Jar system for more than 150 years

✅ Airtight containers

✅ Very versatile jars


❌ They can be a little pricey 

❌ Make sure seller packs it up well before shipping because the item is fragile

Halloween Themed Crayons

Halloween crayons are great non-candy Halloween gifts to give to children. You can even give them out in the shape of a bone for a spooky effect. These bone crayons will definitely stand out from your other Halloween favors.

You can make rainbow-colored bones out of discarded tiny bits of crayons from your kid’s craft box. Even kids who haven’t touched their crayons in a long time will be inspired to get creative and try out one of these spooktacular colorful bones.

Take this box of crayons for example! These cute Halloween crayons would make the perfect non-candy gift for Halloween in school.

BEST HALLOWEEN THEMED CRAYONS: Halloween Crayons Fun School Supplies


???? Perfect For: Use these small boxes of crayons for kids' Halloween activities, harvest festivals, trick or treaters, goodie bags, parties, and classroom prizes 

???? Dimensions: The crayon box measures approximately 4.5 x 1.3 inches 

???? Small Pack: Each box includes 4 crayons in total; each crayon measures approximately 3.5 inches in length 

???? 4 Colors: Each box includes red, yellow, green, and blue; perfect Halloween school supplies 

???? What's Included: This Halloween crayon bulk pack includes 30 boxes with Halloween-themed mummy designs


These rainbow Halloween crayons will be especially appealing to the young trick-or-treaters in your life, as they are fashioned in the shape of exciting and scary Halloween patterns. This Halloween season, hand out these spooky-themed crayons as party favors at your Halloween bash. These handcrafted crayons are created from natural materials that are non-toxic and comfortable to grasp for little hands. In addition, they make an interactive and imaginative gifts for return to school, the classroom, boo basket fillers, trick-or-treat presents, a pumpkin patch event, and many other occasions.


“These are great giveaways! We gave them out for Halloween with a coloring book and were a big hit! There are lots of boxes at a great price.”

“I used these for a kindergarten class gift (with a coloring book) and they LOVED them! I thought the quality was great!“

“Perfect for Halloween goodie bags for kids at school”


✅ Great for giveaways and Halloween bag fillers

✅ Quality is great for its price

✅ Can be purchased in bulk


❌ It only includes four colors

Top Scream-worthy Halloween Party Gift Ideas

The party is only as good as the gifts you bring. So if you’re looking for a way to show your friends just how much they mean to you, then check out these scream-worthy Halloween party gifts that will take a little of the fear out of Halloween and make it something to look forward to.

Ghost Ice Cube Mold Tray

Halloween Party Gift - Halloween melting iced skulls with dripping red blood

It’s Halloween! If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your friends, a Ghost Ice Tray is a great way of getting in the spirit of things while also giving something they can use for celebrating Halloween.

Ghost ice cubes are great to use for any occasion or time of day. The best thing about it though is that you can use any liquid to fill them with; cold water, juice, soda, milk, or even mixed drinks! Best of all: once they’ve frozen, they’re little ice ghosts! 

The ghostly ice cubes keep drinks chilled for a while and make them look incredibly fantastic. This would be a great gift for anyone who likes Halloween or knows someone who does – whether it’s a friend or even your parents.

This Halloween season, you could make do with average ice cubes in your beverages, but why would you do that when there are creepy-looking ice cubes available, right??

BEST GHOST ICE CUBE MOLD TRAY: Halloween Fall Themed Set Ice Cube Trays


???? Includes a set of 3 trays! 

???? Makes 8 cubes of each shape totaling 24 cubes 

???? 3 Different Designs: Skulls, Pumpkin, and Fang shaped

???? Perfect for chocolate or candy molds! 

???? Make ice cubes, candy, jiggly gelatin shapes, and other fun treats!


This Halloween ice cube mold tray set is constructed of flexible silicone to allow for easy removal of the cubes. One tray yields 8 ice cubes that are about 2 x 2 inches in size. They melt slowly and realistically with three distinct patterns - skulls, pumpkins, and fangs - and all you have to do is fill the bottom tray with ice cubes and firmly put the lid on top. It takes about six hours to freeze the cubes. If you want to make a large number of beverages with these freakishly cute cubes, you may want to purchase more than one set.


“We used the molds for ice cubes and they looked great. Ice was easy to remove.”

“Great for my Jell-O shots, love them!“


✅ Ice is easy to remove

✅ Great and fun designs for Halloween

✅ Can also be used to make Jell-O or chocolate molds


❌ Not dishwasher safe

Halloween-Themed Tote Bag

It is the best time to show your love for the holiday with a personalized Halloween bag. Show some love for Halloween this year by sending a custom-designed bag filled with all of their favorite things!

A nice and useful tote bag is always on point, especially for individuals who often bring a lot of stuff with them wherever they go!

Even more so when it’s the coolest of all Halloween gift bags! Having images of castles, ghosts, and pumpkin lanterns printed on them for Halloween. The bags are appropriate for both themed parties and everyday use.

Trick or treat in style with these eye-catching reusable Halloween tote bags!



???? Super value pack: This trick or treating tote bag includes 3 unique designs on dual sides that measures 13.75" x 10.25" x 3" 

???? Unique design & easy to use: In search of the cutest Halloween goodie bags for your kids to store all their favorite candies this year. It is decorated with a festively creepy yet friendly design. This festive candy vessel is roomy enough to fit several full-size candy bars and at least a couple of pounds of the standard treat-sized bars. 

???? Endless fun: Give your kids this bag to collect treats with. Kids don’t just settle for pillowcases and plastic buckets these days. They want bags that can hold candy. Trick-or-treat bags are a must and they are fairly cheap. 

???? Premium quality, child safe, and non-toxic. 


Replace your pumpkin bucket with one of these Halloween-themed bags and bring extra treats with you when you go trick-or-treating this year. At your next Halloween party, give your guests a delicious surprise by placing yummy treats in their very own reusable tote bag! When the candy is all gone, they can take this versatile tote bag with them to the grocery store, at work, or the gym!


“These are even better than expected! The colors show vibrant, thick canvas material, nice shape so when full it can sit upright. I love these bags for my three girls for Halloween. Three different patterns is great so we can tell what belongs to who. We love these and highly recommend them! I bought some cheaper ones too but they had to go back when I saw them next to them. Worth a couple extra bucks. “

“These bags are adorable. The size is more than adequate and the colors are very vibrant. I ordered two sets for two children so I can use one pattern each year.”


✅ The color and design are very vibrant

✅ It is made of thick canvas material

✅ It is reusable and durable

✅ It comes in different patterns


❌ Filling up this large bag with Halloween goodies and treats will be quite expensive

Hair Dye Kit

Everyone, regardless of age or preferences, needs a little splash of color! With wonderful hair chalk combs, your friend can color their hair in the most unconventional way. This can inspire them in finding new ways to express themselves. 

A Hair Dye Kit is a great Halloween party gift for your friend on Halloween! On the day of Halloween, people often dress up in costumes and use makeup to express their transformation. Instead of makeup, top up your spooky transformation with a hair dye kit!

Just because few people will see your spooky Halloween costume and makeup creations in person this year doesn’t mean they should be any less spectacular, and hair color may serve as the visual cherry on top of whatever appearance you’ve created in the first place.

BEST HAIR DYE KIT: Temporary Hair Color Chalk


???? 100% natural, non-toxic - Temporary hair dyes are non-toxic and environmentally friendly; non-allergenic and water soluble.

???? This is a magical product. When you use it on your hair, you wouldn’t expect it to be a colored mascara. There is a mascara brush in it, which works well on your lashes and gives you outstanding eye makeup and hair color. 

???? 6 colors included - Dark blue, purple, silver, wine red, golden, green

???? These hair dyes are water-soluble, so they are convenient and easily washes out with water and shampoo.

???? You can use it in any festival and party (wedding, club, festival, cosplay, Christmas, Halloween) and other festivals to create the most unique image for you.


There are a variety of temporary hair colors available for Halloween, ranging from chalks to sprays, but each has a unique impact and may or may not show up on brown hair depending on the brand. Using hair color mascaras to color your hair for Halloween is the safest and most convenient option. Dry hair should be treated with care when using these temporary hair color mascaras, with darker hair colors needing more product to obtain the required pigmentation.


“Love them! These are much better than the last Konjac sponges I purchased. They are the perfect size, about the size of a plum. I prefer their round shape over the last ones I had which were teardrop shaped. They are bulkier which makes them easier to hold onto and use. They are easy to wet and use, and they dry quickly. The texture is perfect and they do a great job of exfoliating the skin in a gentle way. They are of great quality and like they've lasted a lot longer than the ones I bought before, which disintegrated after only using a handful of times. I don't use these daily, maybe only once or twice a week, but I've been using the same sponge for a few months now and it's held up great. Very happy with this purchase.”


✅ Temporary and non-toxic which makes it great and safe for kids

✅ They are easy to use and they are quick dry

✅ Comes in many different and vibrant colors

✅Completely safe for sensitive skin


❌ The comb could be bigger for those who love long and thick hair

❌It doesn't show up as well on darker colored hair

Squishy Brain Toy

Halloween Party Gift - Halloween-themed treats

Brain-shaped splat balls will cause a stir and maybe confusion. Which would be a great addition to any Halloween party gift basket! A squishy toy reduces stress and increases focus while studying when they go to school. Plus, it’s just fun to squeeze. Your friends will love this fun Halloween gift idea because they are unique and can be bought anywhere.

The brain shape will also be enjoyed by your friends who love Halloween and enjoy creepy things.

All of the candy in the world is wonderful, but once it’s gone, it’s gone. Halloween toys and games, on the other hand, help to get children into the Halloween spirit and keep them engaged long after the sugar high has worn off. Like this squishy zombie brain! (Whaaat??!)


???? Latex-free toy: A fun plastic pink toy is fun to squeeze away anxiety and tension; it measures 4” x 3” x 2” inches and comes in a gift box ready for gifting. 

???? Fun for everyone: Whether you are 6 or over 60 years old, this toy is designed for anyone who needs relief; be it the stressed-out employee, frustrated teen, or those with autism, ADHD, ADD, or anxiety or panic attacks.

???? Bigger than others so easier to grip and wrap your hands around; made of a durable plastic that will not crack or break, it is suitable to use as a pressure ball; once squeezed and the eyes pop out, they retract back to their original position; it is also hand-washable.

???? Perfect Halloween gift: If you have no clue what to get your loved one or special person who needs to relax and be less tense.


Flippy Brain Squishy Eye Popping Squeeze Fidget is a Halloween gift for children as it’s a fun toy as well as a great stress reliever. It’s a great way to make your friends laugh and feel grossed out at the same time! For all ages, these brains are soft and squishy, but they do not break or shrivel after they are washed. The squishy brain is made of soft and spongy material which makes it perfect to squeeze. It's an interactive toy with all the features you want in a great stress reliever for children and adults of all ages.


“This squishy brainy googly eye thing makes a great stress squeeze toy. Not sure why the packaging came a bit dented, but the product itself was in mint condition. The eyes seem well in, though I noticed after a squeeze that only one eye goes all the way in while the other goes in but at an angle. But this could be a molding issue, as someone who has worked with plastic and rubber latex molds at one time, this can happen. Above all, it gets the job done when my right arm and fist goes into a nerve-damaged-related fit. And just for stress, it helps. Some of us here get a chuckle every time we see the eyes bulge out. It has also become the unofficial mascot of the coffee area.”


✅ This makes a great stress reliever toy

✅ Washable

✅ Great for kids because they love squishy toys

✅Made of durable material


❌ Can get dirty easily but thank goodness it is washable

Halloween-Themed Travel Mug

This Travel Mug is a great Halloween party gift to give to your friends. This will allow them to take the mug with them wherever they go on holiday or on a trip out. This will be a great item and your friend will love you for it!

With a great concept for a spooky Halloween gift box, you can relieve your friend’s tension to some level. A travel mug is meant for everyday use and can hold a good amount of coffee or their preferred drink. This is a great sustainable Halloween party gift as well because it can be used for a long time – even years!

Because of the Silver Buffalo, the nightmare will never have to come to an end with this Jack Skellington Ceramic Mug from the film Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas.


???? Jack & bones travel mug: Our ceramic travel mug holds 10 ounces of your favorite beverage. The design features the Pumpkin King Jack Skellington alongside his trusty ghost-dog Zero against a background graveyard of bones and Jack's various facial expressions 

???? Secure lid: The snap-on lid fits securely to prevent leaks and spills, perfect for taking your drinks on the go 

???? Durable and sturdy: Our travel coffee mug is perfect for hot or cold beverages, is BPA-free, heat-resistant, microwave safe, and top-shelf dishwasher safe. 

???? Makes a great Halloween gift: This travel mug makes a great gift for all the Disney and Nightmare Before Christmas fans in your life.


This 10-ounce travel mug depicts the Pumpkin King Jack Skellington, his faithful ghost-dog Zero, a cemetery of bones, and Jack's facial expressions. It also comes in a variety of other designs. This mug is made of ceramic that is free of BPA and toxins. It may be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher and microwaved, but the lid should not be microwaved. This is an excellent present for any fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, whether in this lifetime or the next. In addition, you may be assured in the fact that you are buying genuine, fully licensed Disney goods from Silver Buffalo.


“It looks just as good as the photos! I’m so happy it came intact and it’s a good quality. Has a little weight to it so I’m sure it’s durable. I was slightly scared I’d receive it broken but it was very well packaged. I haven’t used it yet and not sure if I will. I honestly don’t use any of my Nightmare Before Christmas mugs, lol. A must buy!” 

“I bought this as a gift for my daughter and the graphics are subtle but impressive. She loves Jack so I think I have a WIN for her gift.“


✅ It is a decent size travel mug. 

✅ Durable, sturdy and BPA-free

✅ A perfect gift for Nightmare Before Christmas fans in your life

✅Leak-proof design


❌ The lid is not microwave safe.

Bloody Halloween Gift Party Favors For People Who Love Zombies

The undead is coming, and they’re bringing friends! Zombie-themed party favors for people who love zombies. These gruesome goodies make great Halloween party gifts for the zombie lover in your life.

Zombie Hand Necklace

Halloween Party Gift - Halloween decoration of a severed hand and fingers

You might think that a Zombie Hand Necklace is just a regular old necklace with a zombie’s hand on it, but this jewelry is so much more than that. What’s even better is that all the zombie lovers out there will really appreciate this Halloween party gift. 

The best thing about giving someone a zombie hand necklace for the first time is the look on their face when they see it. They’re going to enjoy wearing it this Halloween. 

This gruesome necklace features a bloody zombie hand pendant hanging from a chain. This party favor is great for people who love zombies and are attending a zombie-themed party.

Those who are fond of skulls, as well as those who want to show off their personal style, or even just those who want cool jewelry sets to wear, will surely enjoy this.

BEST ZOMBIE HAND NECKLACE: Halloween Punk Necklace Earrings Set


???? Comes with a shiny statement necklace and one pair of gothic drop earrings 

???? The jewelry set is made of hypoallergenic alloy so they do not irritate and are even suited for people with sensitive skin 

???? This jewelry set inlaid with shiny crystal looks like skeleton hands with bone

???? This jewelry set is well made of high-quality alloy making it durable and the necklace lies very flat against the neck in perfect shape 

???? The skeleton jewelry set can be matched with a witchy outfit, dress, night's costume or to attend a party/masquerade or as a gift to a friend.


Halloween is just around the corner! This piece will become your favorite part of the outfit tonight. You will not be able to deny yourself the pleasure of wearing it again and again. As mysterious Halloween gifts are coming in different forms, this necklace is specially designed to let you look your best every time you wear it. This cute piece looks fun and terrifying at the same time. It is made of hypoallergenic alloy. The intrinsic design in the skeletal hands is quite detailed and it will bring out fascination in anyone who sees it. Embellished with Austrian Crystals, each hand has a beautiful gemstone design for your eyes to take in.


“I will make no "bones" about it...these are "hands" down a ghoulishly glamourous set. Well made and such a deal for the $$$. I liked them so much I bought another set to give as a Christmas gift to a skull loving friend of mine. Better than the other sets that are similar on Amazon. Well made and not so cheap looking.”


✅ These are hypoallergenic. Perfect for sensitive skin types 

✅ The necklace is adjustable and lies very flat against the neck

✅ The set is not too heavy

✅It is made from high quality and durable material


❌ Only downside is that the earrings don't come with a backing

Zombie Bottle Opener

A zombie hand bottle opener can be a fun and terrifying Halloween party gift idea to give to those who love zombies. This item is great for someone who loves zombies or just needs a new bottle opener in general.

This creepy bottle opener consists of a plastic hand that has been cut off at the wrist. The hand is severed at the last knuckle, so it looks like there’s a thumb coming out of the end of it. Creepy right?

This is the perfect party favor if you’re having a zombie-themed party. It’s incredibly gruesome and creepy, and it’s sure to be a conversation starter.

If you want to decorate for Halloween, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to just some pumpkin clings to put on your windows and some artificial spider webs to nestle into your railings. No, for real Halloween enthusiasts, there is nothing that cannot be turned into something scary, even drinking.

BEST ZOMBIE BOTTLE OPENER: Zombie Hand Painted Resin Bottle Opener


???? Perfect gift for those that love bottle openers and zombies

???? Measurement: H - 5.75 in

???? Great design and craftsmanship


Whether you're searching for fresh Halloween decorations or you've just broken one too many bottle openers, this frightening Zombie bottle opener is guaranteed to meet your needs perfectly.

This bottle opener, in contrast to the adorable tiny pumpkins that are most likely decorating your house at the moment, is, in a word, frightening! It's a massive, screaming zombie head, replete with holes in their skulls and lifeless, blue eyes that only a brave soul could gaze into. And, despite the fact that this zombie looks terrifying, it appears to be capable of cracking open your drink in seconds. Isn't that really all that counts in the end?


“I installed this on the garage wall over an aluminum pail for the bottle caps to land in. As a zombie fan, I love this and so does everyone that comes over for parties. Great conversation starter! The painted resin is realistic looking so it does startle people, which is what I was going for. Very sturdy so far for only being installed with two screws. Great product!”


✅ Has the finest details and highest quality

✅ Functional 

✅ A perfect gift for zombie lovers


❌ Could get a little messy if mounted indoors 

Zombie Finger Candy Bowl

Halloween Party Gift - Halloween-themed food and drinks

A zombie finger candy bowl is a great alternative to traditional Halloween party gifts. They can use it as a serving bowl for Halloween parties or simply as a centerpiece decoration on their table. This candy bowl is versatile and spooky at the same time.

This candy bowl features a bloody finger coming out of the bowl. It’s the perfect addition to any Halloween party. This is a great Halloween party gift for anyone who loves zombies or horror movies.

No party is complete without a scary Halloween Candy Bowl! Make a festive statement with this Deluxe Halloween Animated Mummy Hand Candy Bowl, which will bring this spooky holiday display to life.


???? Bring the creep factor to your party with this gruesome detail! Includes one sound and motion-activated candy bowl. The hand will move when you try to take candy. Includes 3 "AA" batteries. Approximate measurements: L 8" x W 9". 

???? Includes One sound and motion-activated candy bowl. The hand will move when you try to take candy. 

???? Made of 10% Metal, 20% Electronics, 60% Plastic,10% Latex


The Halloween candy dish is triggered by the sounds and motions of Halloween partygoers or trick-or-treaters (requires three “AA” batteries). Whenever someone reaches into the mummy's hand to get a piece of candy, the mummy's hand comes to life and begins to speak in scary and imaginative ways. This Animated Candy Bowl is a fun way to celebrate Halloween and is perfect for haunted homes and Halloween parties. Another option is to place this colorful candy dish at your front door for trick-or-treaters and watch their faces as they come in. 


“Love this! It’s a replacement for a similar one our family enjoyed for 20 years. It has a great voice to accompany that fast moving spooky green hand. I definitely recommend it. I had checked out newer models of animated candy dishes in the stores but the voices accompanying the moving animated characters were just not Halloween-like to me. This one is spooky but not too scary for little trick-or-treaters!” 


✅ This one is spooky but not too scary for little trick-or-treaters! 

✅ Fun and animated for a spooky Halloween

✅ The bowl also talks when activated


❌ Motion sensor is a little sensitive

Eyeball Keychains

Zombies are a popular topic around the Halloween season so why not get your favorite zombie lover a keychain to celebrate their favorite holiday? Eyeball keychains are fun and creepy Halloween party gifts that will make for an excellent trick-or-treat bag stuffer.

The key chain comes in a variety of eye shapes and sizes. There are ones that are a little bigger if you want to make the Halloween party gift extra scary or ones that are smaller if you want it to be something that can easily fit into a purse.

If you are looking for the most unusual keychain that you can use to add some fun to your keys, then this eyeball will be an excellent choice.


???? The disgusting toy from the 90s is back with a new look and feel!

???? More blood, guts, gore, and fun than ever before!

???? Measures 1.5” in diameter and includes a keychain for take-along fun!

???? Durable, Therapeutic and so GROSS! 

???? Fun for kids of all ages. Recommended for ages 6+. The perfect party favor, Halloween toy, and stocking stuffer!


In this new iteration, the wildly popular Gurglin' Gutz Eyeball keychain from the 1990s has been given a fresh appearance and feel. This time around, there is more blood, guts, gore, and fun than ever before! A keychain is included separately with the World's Coolest Gurglin' Gutz Eyeball, which is 1.5 inches in diameter and provides hours of portable entertainment! Press it, squish it, and gussy 'em up! Remember, if it lacks the GURGLE, then you don’t have the GUTZ! 


“My daughter specifically asked for a "squishy eyeball" for her birthday. This worked perfectly.”

“Very cool. Just as I remember the toy brought like when these first came out.”


✅ A fun and therapeutic toy

✅ Fun for kids of all ages

✅ A perfect Halloween bag stuffer


❌ It can get dirty quick but luckily it’s washable

Scary Zombie Decorations

Halloween Party Gift - Scary Halloween mask of a man with his eye bulging out

The holiday of Halloween has become a very popular celebration. It’s not just about goblins and witches anymore. These zombie decorations are perfect for people who love scary and zombie-themed decorations. 

Any zombie lover would love to receive a Halloween party gift like this because they can hang it up in their room or even use it to prank their friends and family on Halloween. 

Use these scary Halloween decorations for homes, workplaces, parties, and more that will give a lot of scare people who love zombies. They also make great Halloween party gifts to give to people who love anything grossly interesting.

Have your nightmares come to life with this crawling zombie animatronic Halloween decoration!

BEST SCARY ZOMBIE DECORATIONS: Crawling Zombie Halloween Decorations


???? Animated crawling zombie with lights & sound: Zombie’s eyes will light up, he'll wiggle his head and he’ll drag himself forward while making scary sounds; powered by 3 AA batteries (not included)

???? Built-in sensor: Gently touch his forehead to activate. This crawling zombie will stare at you with the LED red flashing eyes and crawl toward you. An animatronic Halloween decoration is sure to give everyone the creeps

???? An ideal addition to Halloween décor: Place this Halloween crawling zombie anywhere around a haunted house, on your porch or backyard to scare the trick-or-treaters; perfect for a Halloween graveyard scene


This is a really fun way to decorate for Halloween. It is a very realistic-looking horror decoration, which means that your guests will definitely get scared out of their minds when they see it. Believe it or not, this display actually crawls towards you while making moaning zombie sounds as it goes. A spooky effect is created by the red lit-up eyes which illuminate when touched for added spookiness! I think this creepy zombie decor will be a great addition to any haunted house or prop display this Halloween!


“Using for porch decoration. Responds well to sound and light triggers. Movement is realistic and scary.”

“Can't wait to display this in my yard on Halloween! It's awesome!”


✅ Looks good, sounds good, and it actually crawls!

✅ A scary and excellent Halloween decoration for outdoor and indoor

✅You can fold, bend and make any shape you want

✅Motion-sensor activated


❌ It’s smaller than expected

❌The battery on/off switch compartment is inconveniently located

Final Thoughts

It is important to give cool Halloween gifts for your friends that will make their occasion special and maximize the amount of fun they have. For example, if you are giving a gift on Halloween night, you should think about purchasing some Halloween party favors. 

There are a ton of different Halloween treats that you can purchase that will make everyone smile when they unwrap them. Whether you want to go with what is being offered already or find something unique, there are Halloween party gifts that will make your friends happy and jolly on Halloween.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can you give instead of Halloween candy?

Here are some of the Best Non-Candy Halloween Treats

  • Temporary tattoo
  • Stickers
  • Notebooks
  • Bubbles
  • Pumpkin Erasers
  • Play-Doh
  • Foam Masks
  • Crayon Packs
  • Glow Sticks
  • Fruits Snacks
  • Homemade playdough
  • Mini Stampers

2. What are some unique Halloween party gifts for people who enjoy zombies?

One of the more interesting Halloween party gift ideas that you can purchase is a Zombie-themed Bottle Opener.

This makes an awesome addition to any kitchen as well as any Halloween party you attend this year. Another option for those who love zombies would be zombie accessories or zombie decorations that can be used as Halloween party decorations.

3. What’s a good Halloween party gift for people who are less likely to have a sweet tooth?

While it is true that many of the great Halloween party gifts out there are candy-related, sometimes people want something that doesn’t include sugary treats. 

For those of your friends who are less likely to want sweets, you can get them something useful but Halloween-themed. For example, a Halloween tote bag or a Halloween-themed mug. These are great Halloween party gifts for those who prefer a non-candy gift for Halloween.

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