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Halloween Costumes Ideas for Adults
Ultimate Guide

The internet is filled with costumes that will wow any crowd, but coming up with the perfect one can be difficult. The best place to start is by thinking about what you’re passionate about.

Is it a favorite book? Favorite movie or TV show? What’s on your bucket list? Would you like to be a less traditional, more obscure character?

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start planning your costume! Millions of people all around the world are scouring the internet for their perfect Halloween costumes.

Need some more costume ideas? We’ve got you covered with more of these amazing and spooky costume lists to level up your Halloween game this year:

Many people find it super overwhelming, but we’re here to help! We’ve put together a long list of ideas to make Halloween easier and more fun.

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

This year, find the perfect sexy Halloween costume idea for adults. Whether you plan to be a naughty nurse or a femme fatale, you’ll find all the best adult Halloween costumes for just about every occasion.

Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey

halloween costumes
Image from Halloween Costumes

It may seem like Harley Quinn is a popular sexy Halloween costume every year, but thanks to the release of Birds of Prey in 2020, you’ll see even more of this DC Comics character on October 31st this year.

You’ll need many bright pieces to look like her, including a pink sports bra, a frilly moto jacket, and blue or denim shorts. The look is completed with a mallet accessory.

Sandy from Grease Costume

One of the sexy costumes that have become popular for Halloween is Sandy from Grease. This costume is a favorite because it’s simple, comfortable, and attractive to the girls wearing it.

It’s simple to make and easy to understand. So, here is the Sandy costume step by step:

You will need a pair of high-waisted black spandex pants, pronounced gold earrings, and an off-the-shoulder black top.

For the hair: Curl your hair with a curling iron; it should be short on the sides and left down in front.

Tie your hair back, and then curl the rest of your hair with a curling iron. Put some makeup on. Add a touch of gold glitter to your collarbone for the best result. For extra detail, use clear glitter on your collarbone, shoulders, legs, and arms.

Put on the off-the-shoulder top and pull aside one top strap to reveal more skin in a very seductive way.

“Bad Sandy” from Grease is one of the most iconic Halloween costumes. You’ll be able to pull it off in minutes with the help of this blogger.

Tinkerbell Costume

halloween costumes
Image from Halloween Costumes

Tinkerbell, the little pixie fairy of NeverLand, is a favorite sexy costume for girls to wear on Halloween. This costume is from Disney’s popular Peter Pan movie.

The costume includes a shirt, skirt, bloomers, and shoes. Wear it on Halloween to be a star of the fairies.

Tinker Bell is brought to life in no time with pom-poms, nude pumps, and a mint green dress. Make sure to have a smile on your face with this beloved figure.

Beauty Queen Costume

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many people. It is the one day a year when you can wear anything, and anyone can dress up like anything they want.

One of the most popular sexy costumes for girls on Halloween is a beauty queen because it makes them feel confident and assertive.

What could be more glamorous than being Miss Universe for Halloween? That’s what it’s all about: making people laugh while you play the part.

You’ll have everyone laughing with a tiara, a sash, and the entire solar system emblazoned across your outfit.

Top Scary Costumes For Adults

Whether you’re a horror movie buff or want to walk around scaring small children (LOL), these are the top scary costumes for adults this year!

Leather Plague Doctor Mask

Leather plague doctor masks are perfect for a men’s Halloween costume because they portray the idea of a “monster” doctor that would scare any child.

Whether or not you are aware of the origins of this costume, it is impossible to deny that it exudes a genuinely creepy vibe. According to legend, doctors tasked with treating the bubonic plague designed and wore this creepy bird-like mask. 

This Leather Plague Doctor Mask is sure to give people the creeps on All Hallows’ Eve, mainly since we all just survived our plague.

Is it appropriate? Perhaps not. Is this a genuinely terrifying Halloween costume? There is no denying it.

Ghoulish Infected Adult Mask

Dressing up in a ghoulish infected mask can be fun, creepy, and scary all at the same time. A ghoulish-infected mask is not just for adult men; young boys can also wear a ghoulish-infected mask as well.

“Ghoulish” is defined as frightening or causing terror; “infected” means filled with germs that cause illness. Now, can you imagine the look of this mask? 

There’s nothing scarier than a zombie with a voracious appetite for human flesh, and this ravenous mask is downright terrifying.

The bloody full-face cover looks like it was made by a Hollywood effects studio, complete with lifeless black eyes, bulging veins, and a bloody mouth. Everyone will flee their lives when they see you in this costume.

Adult Demon Reaper Costume

halloween costumes
Image from Halloween Costumes

This is a classic Halloween costume that can also be worn for Halloween. It has all the elements of a regal yet intimidating costume by bringing back the spirit of the grim reaper from centuries ago.

It features a robe with long sleeves in full length. Plus, it includes a hood to suckle on your cloak of death! 

This means you’ll get to wear this awesome demon reaper costume all year round. So if you want to make an entrance at any Halloween party or need an excuse for cosplay, this guy’s perfect!

A priest should be summoned because this costume may require an exorcism. A hooded reaper robe and a blood-splattered, pointy-eared mask complete the demonic look, which will make even the darkest creatures of the underworld growl.

Morphsuit Mask

We’re sure you’re familiar with the Morphsuit look by now. You don’t even have to say “Boo!” to give someone a scare if you creep up behind them wearing this terrifying Halloween mask.

This blank white mask is a remarkable and unsettling way to throw together a last-minute Halloween costume, even if you don’t see many people wearing it during Halloween anymore. 

You don’t have to do much with this one; we recommend thrifting an old-fashioned suit and briefcase and remaining utterly silent throughout the night.

We guarantee you’ll startle a few people.

Werewolf Costume

halloween costumes
Image from Mask World

There are several advantages to a werewolf costume. First, it is easy to wear; the werewolf needs to wear a pair of pants and a torn-up shirt with long hair (a wig can also help).

Second, this scary Halloween costume is not expensive because all you need is a pair of shoes so that your feet do not make an imprint on the grass. 

Third, werewolves are scary animals, and wearing this costume on Halloween will scare people.

Fourth, wearing this outfit on Halloween will be a thrill for boys because they get to pretend they’re an animal while getting some Halloween treats and hanging out with their friends.

Funny Halloween Costumes For Adults

Funny Halloween costumes for adults are a staple of the holiday. You can find inspiration in film, TV, and popular culture for outfits that will make you the life of the party.

Emoji Costume

Although there are many reasons as to why one would wear an emoji costume for Halloween, it appears that the most common cause is due to the popularity of emojis in general. 

This is a trendy Halloween costume nowadays with many variations for different emojis. Searching for “emoji costume” on Google yields thousands of hits, and searching for “texting emoji costumes” yields over a thousand as well.

There are so many options to choose from with this kind of costume; whether you want to dress up as the Mexican flag, taco, bacon, or even an apple, you can be whatever emoji you want.

DIY Emoji Costume With your best friend and a few all-black accessories, you’ll be able to recreate the “dancing friends” emoji in no time. Just remember to strike this iconic pose in all of your nighttime photos.

Bubble Tea Costume

Bubble tea, also known as pearl milk tea, is a Chinese tea-based beverage popular in the United States and other Western countries. 

Bubble tea typically consists of small pearls-of-tea or tapioca balls brewed with black or green teas and served with crushed ice, sweetened condensed milk, and toppings such as jelly cubes (also called “chews”) and fruit flavors.

In recent years bubble teas have become a popular Halloween costume for girls.

Bubble Tea Costume Since Halloween is associated with sweet, delectable treats, what better time to dress up as bubble tea? You most likely already have everything you need to put this outfit together at home.

Inflatable Dinosaur

halloween costumes
Image from Halloween Costumes

Nothing grabs people’s attention like a dinosaur strolling into the room. You’ll undoubtedly be the life of the party in this inflatable costume, which is sure to generate some laughs.

What you want to know is which dinosaur you are. T-Rex, Triceratops, or Velociraptor are your options.

Enlist the help of a few friends to dress up as the other dinosaurs or as characters from the Jurassic World movies.

Borat Mankini for Men

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that the film “Borat” is getting a sequel. It’s happening, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your movie preferences. 

So, of course, we’ll need to dress up as the Kazakhstanian king himself in the effortlessly hilarious, infamous-as-hell mankini from the first film.

While we wouldn’t recommend walking down the street in this sultry one-piece, it’s perfect for any adult-only party you’ll be attending this year.

Borat’s iconic look is impossible to achieve without hair, stache, and sunglasses. Don’t forget to add those to your cart to complete your hilarious Halloween ensemble!

Alien Inflatable Hold Me Costume

halloween costumes
Image from Party City

In this hilarious alien abduction costume that we can’t stop laughing at, your mini-me will be the talk of the town.

With this funny Halloween costume, he can even practice his acting skills by pretending he’s being kidnapped for the entire night while trick-or-treating. It’ll be a hit with the crowd.

You must dress up as the alien. There are no ifs, and, or buts about it.

Chicken Fight Costume

Cluck cluck, baby. Replace your horse with a feathered companion and ride this chicken to the finish line. 

This hilarious take on the classic chicken pool game will bring tears to the eyes of both children and adults for the right reasons.

Ride-on costumes are always a blast to look at, especially when they’re done right. A cowboy hat is a perfect complement to this outfit.

Inflatable Pumpkin Costume

halloween costumes
Image from Amazon

Sometimes all you want to do is stick to a simple, kid-friendly Halloween costume that won’t give your kids nightmares. Consider this Pumpkin Inflatable Costume if that describes you.

It’s quick and straightforward to put on, will make your friends and family (including children) laugh, and can be kept as a great go-to option in the future if you forget. 

Can you think of anything cuter or funnier than an adult pumpkin and its pumpkin children strolling down the street?

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest reasons people celebrate Halloween is because it’s fun. While that holds throughout the entire holiday, there’s something about Halloween costumes that makes them extra enjoyable.

There’s a thrill to wearing a costume for adults on Halloween as well as costumes for children.

You can go all out in your costume, which will likely make you feel even more invincible and adorable.

The possibilities are endless when choosing a Halloween costume, and you have plenty of opportunities to wear them too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find a costume that suits me?

Online you can find many costumes according to size, theme, and color available for purchase. These days you can get anything you want online.

Therefore, online shopping is an excellent option for those who want to buy costumes at affordable prices. In addition to this, it offers a lot of options according to the designs and quality so it is very convenient.

2. What are the different types of Halloween costumes?

There are many types of Halloween costumes. They include simple costumes like the classic white rabbit costume to other fancy and complicated ones like the zombie costume.

All these costumes are designed according to the particular themes and colors that come with them. Therefore, such decorations make it more interesting to wear a specific costume on Halloween.

3. What are the most popular Halloween costumes?

The most popular Halloween costumes include the princess costume and the cop costume. These costumes are best for women.

Since one of them is a beautiful lady, it is even more appropriate for many women to wear it on this day of the year.

In addition to this, they both look fantastic on women in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, these two types of costumes are the best among all others in terms of popularity.

4. Where can I find a Halloween costume according to my body shape?

You can find any Halloween costume according to your body shape. All you have to do is search for it online.

However, the most important thing is to choose a particular theme for your costumes, such as a zombie, lion, superhero, or any other article. This theme will give you an idea about what kind of costume you should wear.

5. What are the best places to buy a Halloween costume?

Many places sell different types of costumes. However, the most popular ones include Amazon and eBay. These two websites are excellent for buying costumes at affordable prices for Halloween and other occasions.

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