Unplug With These Wireless Charging Stands

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About Wireless Charging Stands

A wireless charging stand is the perfect solution for a messy desk or side table. You can set your smartphone on it and it charges your phone whilst you work. No more long leads and tangles of wires!


1. BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Anker Wireless Charger
2. BEST ALL AROUND: Muleug Wireless Charger
3. MOST UNIQUE: Belkin Wireless Charging Speaker

4. TOP PICK FOR ANDROID: Moing 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Stand

5. TOP PICK FOR IOS: Powlaken Wireless Charging Station

1. BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Anker Wireless Charger 


? 2-pack

? Horizontal or vertical position while charging

? Case friendly design (less than 5mm)

? High speed charging: 10W - Samsung devices / 7.5W - apple devices


Anker’s wireless chargers are very popular. This bundle of two is in a sleek, all-black design that looks great on any desktop or nightstand. The charging coil is completely hidden inside the charger, and the USB-A port and indicator light are on the bottom of the base. Both bases have a small lip on the top that allows you to set your phone vertically or horizontally. The charger is compatible with Samsung, Apple, LG and Google devices.


“Big value getting two of these chargers while they we're running a $10.00 off promotion. I think they'd be worth the money at full price. Every Anker product I've had has been reliable and high quality, and these are no different.”

“My setup: Anker Quick Charge 3.0 charger + this product + iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 has a leather Shieldon flip-phone case. Also, my wife has the exact same setup, but she uses a Luna billphone wristlet case. The result? The Anker Powerwave stand charges our phones quickly even through the cases. The only thing to watch out for is to make sure that the phone is placed right-side up and directly on the charger. The Shieldon is a rather thick case and it's magnetic. As long as you hear the sound and the charger's blue light lights up, you're in business.”


✅ Can charge horizontally or vertically 

✅ Pair makes it great to have a wireless charger in 2 separate locations 


❌ Charges phone only 

❌ Wall adapter not included 


? Charge your phone wirelessly while listening to music or talking on the phone

? Fast wireless charging at speeds up to 10W for Qi-enabled devices

? One-touch pairing via Bluetooth 

? Charge in vertically or horizontally 

? Compatible with iOS and Android devices


Belkin’s wireless charging speaker stand allows you to listen to your favorite music while you charge your smartphone. You can listen to your favorite songs wherever you want, because the stand has Bluetooth 4.1 technology that lets you connect with a Bluetooth speaker. Once connected, simply place your phone on the cradle and begin listening to music directly from the stand! The stand itself is a wireless charging dock that holds your phone vertically and horizontally in portrait or landscape orientation and detects when it’s placed on top of it.


“This is a sleek, beautiful, brilliant gadget. Stupendous sound, an effortless charge, stunning in its simplicity and power. Like Bernstein described the perfect piece of music: “Fresh but inevitable.””

“I wanted something very simple to charge my phone wirelessly while also able to play my music in the kitchen, without taking up any of my precious counter space. This was the best thing I could find that was also in my price range. This works for all my needs. The only downside I see with it, if you use a case (who doesn't), it is fidgety sometimes for putting on the charger.”


✅ Speaker is a plus compared to other charging stands only  


❌ Sometimes not secure when used with a phone case 

❌ Only charges a phone

 3.  TOP PICK FOR ANDROID: Moing 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Stand 


? LED light ring indicator - Breathing blue - charging, Steady green - standby, Flashing blue and green - phone not aligned or foreign object detected

? Designed for Samsung devices

? Qi certified

? Non-slip silicone pads to keep your phone and stand secure

? Vertical or horizontal charging


Moing 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Stand This wireless charger stand for your phone, watch or stand can charge up to 3 devices at once. This device features a built-in Qi charging coil that’s hidden under the charging base. The charger has an LED indicator light that shows green when your phone is charged, and blue when it is ready to be picked up. There’s also a small lip on the top of each base that allows you to set your phone vertically or horizontally.


“I absolutely love, love, love this 3 device wireless charging dock, the size is so small compared to my Samsung dual device charging pad. This works great, no charge disconnecting and I have a medium thickness case on my S10+.

This also charges my galaxy buds live on the 3rd rear charging pad. I like how well this works for my S10+, galaxy watch 3, and galaxy buds live. That not only did I replace my dual Samsung wireless charging dock, that I bought a 2nd one to replace my wifes Samsung dual wireless charger. My favorite part of this wireless charging dock is it takes ulso little space on our night stands.”

“This is a great product..3 in 1 .. and it fits in a perfect spot...and I don't have alot of plugs charging all over....”


✅ Smaller footprint compared to other charging stands


❌ Magnet might not be strong enough for bigger, heavier smart watches

4. BEST ALL AROUND: Muleug Wireless Charger  


? 3-in-1 charger : phone, smart watch, earbubds

? Fast charge

? Qi fast charging design

? Over current and over voltage protection

? Powerful magnet to keep your device in place

? Anti-slip silicone to prevent any movement and keep your device protected while charging

? Vertical or horizontal charging

? LED indicator


The Muleug Wireless Charger is the best wireless charger for iPhones. It’s designed to charge your phone while in either portrait or landscape orientation. The charging dock has an LED indicator light that shows green when your phone is charged and blue when it’s ready to go. It features a hidden coil that charges your device at up to 15W.


“This is the all in one product I have been looking for. It does an excellent job of accommodating all the devices I need. It also charges rapidly.”


“I tried a couple of other charges that didn’t handle all of my devices or were to light weight to charge at a reasonable rate. After returning both charges to Amazon, I decided to take one last try at wireless charging and order the Muleug charger. I’m glad I did. One last thing as you see from the picture it charges through my Otterbox case no problem.”


✅ Keeps everything tidy to charge your phone, watch and airpods 

✅ Best for iOS devices but Android compatible too


❌  Works best with IOS devices


? 4 in 1 wireless charging station - Mobile phone, Smart watch, Wireless earbuds, Apple pencil

? Adjustable and foldable design

? Charging protection: Built-in safeguards against overcharge, overcurrent and overvoltage protection, temperature control. 

? Case friendly: Only need to be connected to the type-c cable and adapter (included) provide power charging for the devices.

? Widely compatible: Compatible with iWatch series 6/5/4/3/2/1, airpods 2/1, apple pencil and iPhone 12/11/11 Pro max/11 Pro/Xs/Xs max/Xr/X/8/8 plus/Samsung galaxy S10/S10 plus/S9/S9 plus/S8/S8 plus/S7/S6 Edge Plus and others wireless-enabled Phones.


The Powlaken Wireless Charging Station, 4 in 1 Charging Dock Station is a charging stand that holds your device in either portrait or landscape orientation. It uses a fast-charging system that can charge your device up to 75 percent faster than other charging stands. There’s a blue ring around the base of the phone that lets you know your phone is charging, and an LED power indicator shows red when the phone is being charged and green when it’s ready to go. The dock is made from high-quality aluminum and features four rubber feet to keep it from sliding around on your desk or table.


“This product was exactly what I wanted! I was getting really tired of having a bunch of different cords for all of my apple products, so I wanted to find something that could charge all of them at once. Most wireless chargers for multiple devices come with a hefty price tag, but this one is totally affordable while also being great quality!”

“The thing that I was most looking for in a wireless charger is one that could simultaneously charge my watch. Many other products that offer charging for the Apple Watch require you to insert your Apple Watch charger into the dock in order to use it, but this one has the watch charger built in which is awesome! I put my phone, watch, and AirPods all on the charger at once and found that in 10 minutes my phone had charged more than 10% which is awesome considering all of the items I was charging.”


✅ 4-in-1 charging capabilities

✅ Adjustable viewing angle

✅ Sleek design


❌ Might take a while to charge all devices at once



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is wireless charging?

Wireless charging is a form of charging where you place your phone on a pad or a receiver to charge it. In order to provide power, the wireless charger sends energy directly from its coils to your phone’s battery.

The best wireless chargers reduce the amount of power that’s used when charging your phone, so you can charge your phone faster than if you were using cables that go into the wall. 

2. What is Qi wireless charging?

Qi wireless charging, also known as Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) or Wireless Power Consortium International (WP-P), uses inductive charging.

The coil converts electricity into electromagnetic waves and it creates a magnetic field that creates a transfer of energy between the coil and the device you’re charging.

3. How do I get Qi wireless charging?

Your phone must have Qi technology built-in to work with Qi chargers or accessories. Samsung, for example, has its own wireless chargers that use Qi technology.

Apple’s iPhones are not compatible with wireless charging pads or stands, but they can be charged with inductive chargers. And you can buy Qi-compatible charging pads and stands from many different manufacturers like Anker, Belkin and Leef.

Wireless charging is now a necessity. Why not gift one to your husband or dad for Father’s Day.

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