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What Should I Wear for Halloween?
Halloween Costume Guide

Halloween costumes this year are all about being creative. There are many different styles of costumes this year that you can purchase or make yourself to fit any budget. 

The most popular Halloween costumes this year are characters from TV series and movies. Let’s face it, Netflix was everyone’s best friend for the last two years

If you’re getting ready for Halloween, you’ll need to start planning now! You could spend all day looking at scary Halloween costumes or searching high and low for the best costume, but it’s only going to take a few minutes if you know exactly what you want!

Halloween is all about having fun, so don’t be afraid to show off your funny side! If you’re looking for some more “non-scary” Halloween costume suggestions, check out:

What Should I Be for Halloween?

With so many people dressing up as a superhero or sexy animals, it’s hard to be creative and stand out. 

To make the most of your costume and impress everyone with your unique look and personality, here are tips on choosing the perfect Halloween costume.

Halloween is quickly approaching, and with midterms, assignments, and papers all falling towards the end of the month, finding the perfect Halloween costume can be a challenging endeavor.

I’ve developed a list of recommendations to help you appear spooktacular this Halloween to help relieve some of your tension throughout this month.

Have a Story to Tell

Classics can appear apparent and dull at times, but they can perform wonders at a Halloween costume party when done correctly! Add a little backstory to a stock costume to make it your own.

Adding a back narrative can also assist in explaining a mismatched outfit or give a new spin on a costume you’ve worn previously. 

Bring Out the Props

halloween costume

Props are an excellent addition to any costume since they can transform a severe look into something more lighthearted, or vice versa. 

Props also allow you to incorporate a bit of your individuality into the mix. So get some wings, a pet spider, or a staff, and just be yourself… in costume.

Be Punny

Are you looking for a way to start a conversation? What a clever Halloween costume! Devilled eggs (like the one depicted above), a French kiss, or Fantasy Football should all provide opportunities to demonstrate your wit. 

Just make sure your costume is simple to understand, or you’ll spend the night attempting to explain it, like Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory did with his Doppler effect outfit.

Give it Everything You’ve Got

Vampires and zombies aren’t required for all Halloween costumes. If you can’t make up your mind, put on everything you can find. And if someone asks, say you’re everything you’ve always wanted to be

Besides, Halloween is the only time of the year you can be whoever you want to be, so why not go all out and have a great night at your Halloween party?

Reminisce About Your Childhood

halloween costume

Did you have a favorite show as a kid? Sesame Street, the Muppets, Captain Planet, and so on. Dress up as your famous childhood figure this Halloween for a touch of nostalgia! 

It’s always nice to dress up as that one cartoon character that sparked some joy in your life once upon a time. 

Just imagine, you could be the next Luke Skywalker or Spock at your Halloween party.

Try A Little Pop

If you prefer sticking your tongue out and spiking your hair, you could be Miley Cyrus, or better yet, put on a suit of armor and a blond wig and dress up as one of the Lanisters from Game of Thrones. 

If all else fails, dress up as a minion for Halloween with a solid yellow tee, blue overalls, and safety goggles.

What Halloween costumes can you wear to the office (safe for work)?

Are you worried that your Halloween costume may be too revealing? Here are a few ideas for what you can wear to work that won’t get you in trouble with the boss and get sent to HR.


A witch is an excellent Halloween costume for the office because it is a simple and easy costume that can be put together with just a few things. 

Costumes like this allow you to show up to work in full character without being too over-the-top. Add a pointy hat, black circles around your eyes, and facial hair to look like you belong in Salem.

There’s nothing quite like being a traditional witch. All you need is a black hat and enchanted makeup to charm everyone who crosses your path.


halloween costume

A clown is a trendy and specific type of costume for Halloween because they are so full of color. A clown costume allows you to paint your face or make other decorations that the public can see. 

People will also think that you are in a fun, festive mood, so you may see some strangers smiling at you on the streets as well. Going as a clown is a classic Halloween costume.

.This clown appearance is for you if you like to wear makeup. You can be as creative as you like but maintain the pointy clown look intact with the eye makeup. To finish it off, add interesting touches to your lips and nose.

Kim Possible

Since Kim Possible is a popular animated superhero, dressing as she is a great Halloween costume for the office.

It just takes some basic looks and impressions to be a Kim Possible. A lot of girls and even guys like to dress as their favorite Disney characters. 

It takes a little bit of effort, but the look and impression can make any Halloween office party lively. 

So, if you want to be exceptional at your next office or school party, you might want to consider choosing this outfit as your costume for sticking out in the crowd.

Beep me, call me! You, too, can look hip with camo leggings and a black long-sleeve shirt like Kim Possible. If you’re cold, layer your attire with a black jacket.


Do you think you’re 80 percent coffee because you adore Starbucks so much? If that’s the case, go for this simple ensemble. 

To complete the appearance, put on a beige dress or a white t-shirt and slacks, then buy a Starbucks sign and wrap it around your waist. 

Make a cap out of a plastic cup and a straw to complete the outfit. You can even go the extra mile and add a checklist with coffee shots and milk boxes to the back to make it look like a natural Starbucks cup.

A Starbucks costume is a good idea for an office Halloween party. It’s easy to make.

Have you seen the latest Starbucks cup? There are so many different ways to make a costume using those cups. You can dress as a barista by wearing a green Starbucks shirt.

Audrey Hepburn

halloween costume
Image from Utopiat

Audrey Hepburn was a famous American actress born in 1929. Her film appearances range from the 1940s until she died in 1994.

She starred in many roles that are considered to be timeless classics of the Hollywood era.

Dressing as Audrey Hepburn is such an iconic Halloween costume for the office because she had an elegance and sophistication that people liked and idolized, so dressing as she did would be appropriate.

Add black shoes, a strand of pearls, a charming tiara, a cigarette holder, and long black gloves to your favorite black shift dress.

Where’s Waldo

halloween costume
Image by Jessica Glover

He is easy to dress up with because you can find all of the clothes in any store. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money finding the perfect Waldo outfit.

He stands around 3 feet tall and can be dressed up as an adult or child.

The hat can be found in any department store. Select one that is black with a bit of a white stripe on it. If you don’t want to spend the money, you could use a tuque or beanie; make sure it covers the entire head.

This classic outfit is ideal for the workplace. For the ultimate Waldo look, wear jeans with a white and red striped t-shirt, a red beanie hat, round spectacles, and a pair of binoculars.


halloween costume

For the truly lazy, the classic ghost costume is all you need: a white sheet, holes cut out for your eyes, and that’s it.

It’s generally best to save this for group shots because it will disrupt your everyday working routine.

The ghost is one type of costume that people may wear for Halloween. It can be considered an excellent way to dress up in the office because it will be enough to scare the people around you without getting into too much trouble.

An Animal

halloween costume

Your co-workers will find it amusing to see you dressed as an animal. This type of costume will spark good conversations and encourage friendly competition for the best costume during the office Halloween party.

It’s simple to pull off an animal look, especially if you want to keep your regular clothes on. If your workplace prohibits full-fledged costumes, a headband is all you need to seem festive. Put your makeup abilities to the test to persuade your co-workers that you’re a lion.

What Halloween costumes are offensive?

Although you can be anything or anyone on Halloween, there are still Halloween costumes that can be seen as culturally insensitive or even offensive. 

If you are planning to dress as a famous person or character, please make sure that responsibility and social compassion are considered when choosing a costume. Here are some tips for choosing an appropriate Halloween costume and avoiding any cultural disappropriation!

A Holocaust Survivor

halloween costume

As unbelievable as it may seem, several celebrities have been chastised for dressing up as Nazis for Halloween. It’s just as awful to dress up as a Holocaust survivor. Several stores have been criticized for selling a little girl’s “Anne Frank” outfit. 

After customers complained, many stores removed it from the shelf, but others continue to sell similar outfits such as “World War II Evacuee Girl” and “Child’s 1940s Girl Costume.” The Holocaust is a historical event that should not be used as a theme for a costume party.

Anything That Involves The Use Of Blackface

It is never acceptable to wear blackface. Never, ever, ever. Under no circumstances will It be acceptable.

However, while the cruel practice entails painting your face a different color than your natural skin tone, it also extends further. 

Blackface is defined as dressing up in costumes that perpetuate racial stereotypes. If you identify as a white person, for example, avoid stereotyping other cultures, even if you wish to pay homage to a specific person. 

That means we should avoid caricatures like Julianne Hough’s “Crazy Eyes” outfit and Luann de Lesseps’ Diana Ross outfit.

Costumes That Are Transphobic

It’s a no-no if your attire makes a mockery of a marginalized group of people. Take, for example, this “tranny grandmother” outfit. 

It was removed from Walmart shelves when customers complained that it not only mocked transgender women but also contained a transphobic slur in its name. 

It’s not a good idea to dress up as someone else’s gender presentation. These costumes aren’t funny, and neither are trans people.

The COVID-19 Pandemic 

halloween costume

A pandemic that has killed over 600,000 people (and counting) in the United States alone isn’t a costume; it’s a tragedy that has thrown many people’s lives into disarray. 

Resist the impulse to dress up in a medical hazmat suit, anything that looks like a virus, or as a viral sufferer. 

This is where specificity comes into play. Go for it with generic doctor and nurse outfits. Not so much when it comes to specific get-ups that mention the epidemic in particular.

Costumes That Are Body-shaming And Objectifying

halloween costume

This outfit gets it wrong on multiple levels when it comes to demeaning women. It not only reduces women to sex objects, but it also makes a joke out of their weight. 

Consider this: If you wouldn’t say anything to a friend’s face, you shouldn’t wear it as a Halloween costume. Outfits that mock people’s sizes, objectify humans, or generally make light of a person’s lived experience are all awful choices.

Stereotypes Based On Culture

At best, it comes off as cultural appropriation or an offensive poke at other cultures when someone dresses up as a member of a culture that isn’t their own, especially in an overdone or “humorous” fashion. 

If you or your child wants to dress up as a favorite Disney character (hint: Moana or Pocahontas), make sure you dress racially and culturally sensitively. 

Focus on the costume that is personal to a character, rather than generic aesthetics that have an exceptional value for underrepresented groups. 

Native American headdresses, kimonos, and grass skirts with a coconut top are alternatives to the mustache and poncho pair.

A Terrorist

halloween costume

Do we need to say it? It’s in horrible taste to dress up like Osama bin Laden, Dylan Roof, or even a generic ISIS member.

Making light of tragedies falls under the same category as this. Let’s cross dictators like Hitler and everything involving the Confederate Flag off the list while we’re at it.

Celebrities Who Have Just Died Are Resurrected As Zombies

We understand that you wish to pay respect to one of your beloved friends who has passed away. 

Make your best Ziggy Stardust impression, a Purple Rain tribute, or even an Amy Winehouse bouffant. But don’t, we repeat, don’t. Wearing a portrayal of someone’s dead body is never a good idea. Period.

Animal Cruelty

Remember that dentist who killed Cecil the lion and donned this hideous outfit as a result? That’s right, don’t do it. 

Costumes portraying big-game hunting, animal shelters, euthanasia, or anything else you wouldn’t want your kids to come across while collecting yummy Halloween treats are also off the table.

Final Thoughts

Happy Halloween! If you decide to make an effort to put together a costume, we hope you have a fantastic time.

Please respect other people and their cultures by viewing culturally appropriate costumes as offensive to some.

Also, remember that it is ultimately up to you how you dress on Halloween night. If you feel like your outfit should be an exception to our ruleset because of its “innocence” or “humor,” keep in mind that some people may not see the humor in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to start Halloween Costume shopping for 2023?

There are three things you can do. First is online shopping, which is great because you have an unlimited selection for kids and adults. 

The second is going to the Halloween store, which can be very expensive if you look for a specific costume. Finally, the third option is to improvise and find old stuff from your closet. 

2. What should I wear for Halloween?

That depends on if you’re taking it seriously or just going as a part of the fun. But it is suggested to go as someone or something that you will be comfortable being seen in. Always make sure that your Halloween costume is appropriate and not offensive to anyone. 

3. Is it okay not to wear a costume to a Halloween party?

It may be a bit strange for some to be the only person in the room not wearing a costume, but it’s okay not to wear a costume to a Halloween party.

Many people choose not to wear one for many reasons. For those who are not comfortable or have low self-esteem, this may be one of the reasons.

If you feel strange wearing one, do it for yourself. It’s your choice, and it can be liberating at the same time.

4. What is an appropriate costume for a Halloween party at the office?

It depends on how serious the costume is intended to be. If it’s for a costume party, then you can be a bit more creative and outrageous. 

But if it’s for a company or organization with high standards, you want to wear something that won’t offend anyone.

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