Perfect Gifts for The Gin Lover Both of You Can Enjoy

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5 Perfect Gifts for The Gin Lover Both of You Can Enjoy

About Gin

Trying to find the perfect gift for your fellow Gin lover? We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list of the best DIY gin kits that are perfect for adults of all ages with a little spirit. The kits range from beginner to intermediate, so your favorite drinker can choose with their skill set in mind. These kits come beautifully packaged, so they make great presents! 



? ONE-OF-A-KIND HOMEMADE DRINK – Make 3 bottles of small-batch craft-gin at home, easy enough for anyone to learn in an evening.

? CREATE WITH NATURE – 12 exotic botanicals sourced from all over the world for your best gin-making experience!

? FAST, EASY & FUN – Infuse alcohol-base with ingredients and get a full-flavored mix in under 2 days!

? HIGHEST QUALITY, EARTH-FRIENDLY – a zero-waste product made in America with 100% organic, recyclable, biodegradable materials. 

? PERFECT GIFT-BASKET FOR FOOD-LOVERS – Warm up their cold Christmas and their hearts on birthdays or Valentine’s Day with a gin kit that allows them to invent their personal gin character and taste. 


Infuse alcohol-base with the ingredients and get a full-flavored mix in under 2 days, using a recipe that’s designed so you can impress even your snootiest friends. With more attention to detail than most gins on the market, and none of the extra sugar or additives, this DIY gin kit is perfect for anyone who’s looking to set up their own micro-distillery at home. As well as being able to customize your flavor profile by choosing from a range of botanicals including juniper berries, angelica root, and orris root to create a truly unique product that can appeal to anyone. 


“Easy to make. Be sure to use 750ml of vodka to make a batch. The card included does not refer to volume. I initially thought that the included 350ml bottles were for soaking the botanicals. I did that and the gin was way too strong. Diluted by half with plain vodka to get the perfect taste. Otherwise, top shelf gift for a gin drinker.” 


✅ The kit is well put together to get you started 

✅ Provides a good amount of botanicals to get a few batches done 

✅ The directions provided and the descriptions of each ingredient are very informative 

✅ The result was a tasty unique gin 

✅ Perfect gift for the Gin lover 


❌ You only get to do a few batches.  


? Perfect gift for dad, mom friends & family

? The most fun you can have inside a bottle or your monet back

? Great for beginners & professionals

? Includes one of a kind personalized stainless steel flask

? Next level botanicals, spices & essentials – this deluxe edition comes with a larger selection of herbs you need to transform any ordinary vodka into your one of a kind extraordinary artisanal gin.


Ever tasted homemade gin? If you haven’t and you have a little bit of interest in something fresh and new then the Real Gin Kit is what you should be looking to pick up. The juniper berries used in this kit is one of our personal favorites. The Real Gin Kit is made with all-natural botanicals, including fresh Angelica root. This kit comes with an abundant supply of botanicals and spices.  


“It was so much fun and so interesting walking through the steps of making gin at home (it was easy) 
“Great product and will be buying it again very soon (still have to drink what we made! haha)”


✅ A lot more ingredients and items in this kit as compared to DIY Gin-Making Alcohol Infusion-Kit. 

✅ Perfect gift for the Gin lover 

✅ The entire process was enjoyable. 


❌  Needs better and more secure packaging 






 3. MODERN AESTHETIC: W&P Homemade Gin Kit 


? The Homemade Gin Kit contains everything you need to transform a bottle of vodka into a unique home-blend of your very own gin 

? A perfect gift for gin-lovers or anyone who can appreciate the art of creating their own unique craft cocktails 

? Great for beginners and professionals alike, the Homemade Gin Kit is easy to use and can turn anyone into an at-home bartender 


The Homemade Gin Kit from W&P is our next pick. W&P has created a unique gin recipe that they’re super proud of. They’re eager that you should make it and share their creation with your friends and family, so they package it up in this handy kit. 
The packaging is simple, elegant, and premium. It can easily be passed off as a gift to someone else or to yourself! First, you open the box and you instantly win them over with the beautiful smell of juniper berries inside the box. The box is wrapped in a cloth, which also adds to the premium feel. 


“I bought this kit in the past and I was so satisfied with the results that I bought 2 this year. The gin came out delicious and my friends and I enjoyed it very much. I love this gin kit and I definitely will buy it again. It’s so awesome to make your own gin. I even bought the refill packs that offer different flavors too. Can’t wait to see how good those come out. Looking forward to it. If you like gin then I would definitely recommend the homemade gin kit.” 


✅ Contains everything you need to transform a bottle of vodka into a delicious home-blend of your very own gin.

✅ Makes a lovely gift for anyone who enjoys gin 

✅ Something you and your loved ones can enjoy doing together 


❌  Only has a few ingredients in the package 






? MAKE TEN BOTTLES OF YOUR OWN GIN: Yes you heard us right. With this kit you’ll be able to turn boring old vodka into delicious artisan gin in under a week.

? COMPLETE STARTER KIT: Includes instruction booklet juniper berries, botanicals and spices, metal strainer, silicone funnel, kraft paper bottle tags, testing pipette.

? MORE THAN JUST A RECIPE: Includes printed booklet with a easy to follow recipe, but that’s not all! There’s also a little history of gin, cocktail ideas and a guide to the different types of gin. 


The Ultimate Gin Maker’s Kit from Sandy Leaf Farm is the ultimate gift for any serious gin lover. The kit comes with everything you need to get started – your choice of juniper berries, including some different varieties that are included. 
This kit includes ten different recipes including citrus, chocolate orange, and Christmas. And with this kit alone, you can make TEN 700ml bottle servings of the good stuff!  


“Making Gin with this kit was so much fun!! Tasty flavors, easy to follow instructions and loads of fun! Recommend! The biltong and cheese kits are fun too!” 


✅ The kit can make 10  700ml bottle servings! 

✅ It has everything you need to make your very own Gin concoction 

✅ The kit comes packaged in a big presentation box so would make an amazing gift for the gin addict in your life. 


❌  Could have added more botanicals into the kit 





? This Gin and Tonic premium box contains vanilla pods, pink pepper, quilling Ceylon cinnamon, cardamom, juniper berries, ginger cut and star anise, all selected with the aid of top botanists to present you with the perfect range of flavors to augment your gin and tonic. 

? This Gin and Tonic box comes with a braided spoon and a handy dispenser. 

? Perfect gift for Gin and Tonic lovers. 


The Premium Gin kit from Samarkand contains everything you need to make the perfect batch of gin, infused with a complimentary selection of spices. They step you through everything from choosing the ingredients to preparing the list of recipes, so all you have to do is add water and enjoy! 
This mixology kit is perfect for anyone who likes mixing drinks – not just gin and tonics. The pretty box contains vanilla pods, pink pepper, quilling Ceylon cinnamon, cardamom, juniper berries, ginger cut, and star anise, all selected with the aid of top botanists to present you with the perfect range of flavors to augment your gin and tonic.  


”This is a great, unique gift. It’s beautifully presented, and provides an interactive experience. Mixing and tasting specialty cocktails is fun for the whole family (21+ of course)!!!!” 


✅ Gin Lovers will enjoy this! 

✅ Perfect present for someone “hard to buy for”  

✅ All the herbs and spices were of the best quality 


❌  It is a little expensive, and you have to use a lot of the product to get a distinct flavor. 

We’ve got you covered with more of these amazing gift lists:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of gin should I make? 

The best kind you can make! It’s up to you. If you have a recipe that you want to try, go for it. There are hundreds of recipes online or check out a book on the matter. Or, if you’re the adventurous type and just want to experiment, go for it! 

2. What is the difference between gin and vodka? 

They both come from plants but gin gets fermented in a barrel while vodka skips that step and is distilled in a column still at lower temperatures. See this page on Vodka vs Gin here. (LINK EXTERNAL ARTICLE) 

3. What are the best botanicals used in gin? 

The flavor of juniper is so intense, that it seeps into the vodka or gin so much that it gives you an amazing taste. Other ingredients include citrus, some other spices such as cardamom, pink peppercorns, and vanilla pods. 

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