Keep Your Cords Tidy With These Cable Organizers

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Cable Organizers – Keep Your Cords Tidy With These

About Cable Organizers

Do you have a messy office with tangled cables in every corner? You’re not alone. This is one of the most frustrating things to see when you return from vacation. Well, no more! Check out these cable organizers and keep your cords tidy whilst reducing clutter around your house.

Cable organizers can help to keep wires organized and untangled from tight bends so that they don’t trap each other or wear through your charger or mouse lead.


1. BUDGET OPTION: D-Line Cable Management Box 
2. BEST AT HOME: HomeBliss Bamboo Large Cable Box 
3. BEST FOR THE OFFICE: DMoose Cable Management Box Cord Organizer

4. ON THE GO – FIT EVERYTHING: Bagsmart Electronic Organizer

5. ON THE GO – PREMIUM: Nomatic Premium Tech Organizer

1. BUDGET OPTION: D-Line Cable Management Box 


? Conceals/protects cords and power strips, making them less accessible (to pets and infants)

? Hiding Power Strips and cords makes surfaces easier to clean. 

? 3 cord entry / exits in the rear for easy cable routing

? D-Line – Small Cord Management Box dimensions: 12.75” (L) x 5″ (W) X 4.5″ (H)


D-Line Cable Management Boxes Hide and Conceal Power Strips and Electrical Cords This is a fantastic cable organizer that can hang around your house and keep your cables neat and tidy. It has a sleek black or white finish and makes it easy to hide in the background or behind your desk or tv console. It has 3 cord entry and exit points making it easy to route cables however you need.


“I ordered a couple of these Small size cord management boxes that arrived yesterday, and ordered an additional 3 of the small size and one of the larger ones. It helps so much with getting rid of some of the cord clutter, especially this time of year with all the holiday decorations. Two things that I really like about this particular brand is the small vent holes on the top and the opening in the back as well as the two ends for running the cords.”


“This product really streamlined and cleaned up the full size power strip and six chargers required for our AV set up. The cut outs accomodated all the power, coax and network cables. This will also make dusting a sigle smooth surface, easier to keep clean.”


✅ Electrically-Safe Material 

✅ Entry and Exit Slots: Three rear cable entry and exit slots enable cables to be routed to left-side, right-side, or vertical. 

✅ The smart tech design of D-Line cable management boxes blends with modern surrounds.


❌ Macbook pro charger doesn’t fit with the cover.


? Keep wires organized and access cables easily and quickly.

? Keep wires, cords, cables and plugs out of reach from kids and pets. 

? Designed to not disrupt the flow and design of the room

? Made of 100% bamboo 


The Homebliss cable box organizer is great for organizing all the wires that come from your devices in one area. They are also great for keeping your desk clutter free and help to organize all of those cables.

This cable organizer is made out of bamboo so that it is eco-friendly and will last for years to come. The best thing about this product is that it is a lot cheaper than buying other types of more expensive cable organizers.


“Got WAY too excited about this cable organizer box!” 


“My partner and I have a lot of smart home devices that use direct wired internet access, so we have many things plugged into a surge protector near our modem/router. This creates a rat’s nest of cables under our little media cabinet. As any good pet owner knows, cables are a giant hazard for dogs and cats, of which we have plenty!“

 “As a pet owner, I bought this to keep cat hair from collecting in my cables. With multiple openings and accessories to organize cables, it did the job of managing my cord jungle. Simple, easy and quick. This wire hid away my wires perfectly for my wall mount shelf setup, super happy with the purchase my shelf looks very clean.”


✅ Eye catching design 

✅ It makes it easier to organize your devices. 

✅ 100% handmade, which makes it a great home decor. 

✅ It helps you to save space on your table and floor. 

✅ An affordable good-looking box to create a clutter-free life.


❌ Not compact



? Cable management tray with a lid helps hide away power strips, USB cables, surge protectors, TV and video game console games, adapters, and more for discrete home or office use. 

? Can help prevent power strips or electrical equipment or cords from touching carpet or flooring which can reduce tripping or access by kids or pets for better safety

? Practical and Safe Storage Space 

? Convenient Charging Station


With the DMoose cable management box cord organizer, you can easily organize your extension cords and power strips. It can easily be mounted to the wall or any other vertical surface around your home.

It has three entry-exit points for wires that are capable of holding power strips and extension cords. It is easy to install, It is made out of a durable metal material, and helps to eliminate clutter all over your home.


“As someone who buys a LOT from Amazon, this is literally one of the BEST products I’ve ever found/purchased. I hate clutter, but I have a ton of stuff, and organization is a must for me. I have seen a million tricks for hiding cords and cables before, but none of it was really that appealing. This thing is amazing. Just amazing. It holds my power cord, all my cables, it’s so spacious, and neat looking,and a million times better than having a heap of cords laying on the floor next to my bed.”


✅ Large Cable Management Box 

✅ High-Density Fireproof ABS Plastic 

✅ Four (4) Accessible Cord Passthroughs 

✅ Sleek and Stylish Design  to find smaller items if you’re using this while camping


❌ A bit pricey compared to other cable box organizers


4. ON THE GO – FIT EVERYTHING: Bagsmart Electronic Organizer 


? Upper compartment for small items – cables, SD cards and flash drives

? Lower compartment for bigger items – longer, larger cables, adapters, power bricks, hard drives and more

? Adjustable dividers allow you to customize the layout of your organization depending on what you need

? Padding also keeps your tech safe and secure

? Made out of durable and water-repellent polyester 

? Dimension: 10.8″L x 8.3″W x 3.7″H; Weight: 0.34kg/0.75 pound, with handle to carry, portable but not bulky, fits in your suitcase or backpack 


This travel organizer is another great cable organizer that you can bring with you on your vacation. The best thing about this travel organizer is that it has a cord wrapping wire organiser which will help keep all of your wires together in one place. This travel organizer has 2 layers of storage and is really affordable so you don’t have to worry about spending too much money on a cable organizer. The bag is durable so it will last you for years to come.


“WHERE has this been all my life? I ordered this prior to a weeklong trip, and I feel like an idiot that I’d never invested in a cable bag. I got myself the version in black, and the finish on the outside is more like a very dark charcoal wool suit. I actually think this is nicer than a full black for travel, since the color is going to hide dirt from planes and the airport much better. “


“I used to keep all my cords and chargers in ziplock bags in my briefcase. They got all tangled up and it was not a good solution. I knew there had to be a better answer….so to the internet! Found this on Amazon. It is very high quality but remains thin enough for my briefcase. It swallowed up a Mac Air charger, as well as lots of cables, adapters and other odds and ends.“


 ✅ Separately-zipped sections and adjustable dividers 

 ✅ Dual zipper 

 ✅ Water-repellant fabric 

 ✅ Big Capacity

 ✅ Companion for Travel

 ✅ Keep All in One Place


❌ A bit bulky especially when filled up



5. ON THE GO – PREMIUM: Nomatic Premium Tech Organizer 


? Organize all your tech things on the go

? 3 large zipper pockets, pen holders, mesh pockets for hard drives or other small items

? 3 elastic holders for chords and other small items and a deeper pocket to hold power banks and other electronics. 

? An easy grip handle to give you full control while accessing your tech & a hanging loop for easy storage in the office or on the plane. 

? SPECS: Weight 0.57 lbs | Outer Dimensions: 9″ H x 5.75″ W x 3″ D



The Nomatic premium tech organizer is designed to help you organize all the small and important things that you may need to bring around on a daily basis. It is capable of storing all of your cables, chargers and more. It has 3 large zipper pockets, mesh pockets for smaller items and 3 elastic holders for cords or cables. It also has a deeper pocket for power banks, power bricks or any bigger electronics. It is small enough to fit in your purse or backpack and use when you are traveling.


“I think picking out an organizer is a tough experience. Some people are looking for super slim bags, while others really need the space. I’ve been using a combination of an Encase and Bellroy tech bags for my needs. At the end of the day, it comes down to what you really need to carry. This bag falls on the thicker/more space side, for sure – which is what I want. When I compare it with my Bellroy, it’s nearly the exact same size – it isn’t taking up any more space, so it’s a non-issue for me.”


✅ It has a 3 large zipper pockets,

✅ Pen holders 

✅ Mesh pockets for hard drives or other small items, and  

✅ 3 elastic holders for chords and other small items.  

✅ It’s built to last with durable, water resistant materials  

✅ Easy grip handle

✅ Premium materials


❌ Not as intuitive on lighter loads 

❌ Needs a carry handle 

❌ Compressible zipper design would make this more versatile  


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do cable organizers work?

A simple cable organizer is great to get your work done and prevent messy wires from getting in your way. The best thing about a simple cable organizer is that it has the ability to hold several cables, bind the cords, or wrap them up into one place. This helps keep things neat and organized and makes it easier to find what you are looking for when you need it.

2. How long will it last?

Everyone’s home has different cable needs and uses. It’s important to get a cable box organizer that you will be able to use for many years to come. Some wire organizers are made out of durable metal, which can last several of years or more. Other organizational tools are created out of plastic and have the ability to last you for around one year before needing replaced or upgraded.

3. How much does a cable organizer cost?

Most cable box organizers are really affordable. You can get some for as low as $10 so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a cable organizer. Some wire organizers can be around $50, but you can find many for as low as $20 so that you don’t end up spending a large sum of money on your new organizational tool.

4. How many wires can a cable organizer hold?

Cable box organizers are adjustable to fit different types of cords. Most wire organizers are capable of holding 18 – 32 power strips, 6 – 8 extension cords, and 4 – 6 USB. Some can hold up to 32 power strips, 18 power outlets, and 16 length extension cords.

There is a variety of sizes and types of wires that you will want to organize so that you don’t have any hassle while doing work in your house or office.

5. How many cable organizers do I need?

This is a question that only you can answer for yourself. Everyone has different needs in their home and office. The best thing about cord organizers is that they are able to be upgraded so that you always have enough room for more devices or wires.

Some people prefer to use one large wire organizer and fill it up with all of their cords, while other use multiple small cord boxes so that they don’t end up with more than they need. You can also partner your cable organizer with a charging stand for all your gadgets.

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