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Trendy Halloween Costumes Ideas
For Girls This Year

Halloween is a fun and memorable holiday wherein people wear costumes as they go about their business to increase the suspense and enjoyment of the day. 

Typically, Halloween costumes for girls are something related to flowers, such as a fairy princess or a feisty witch.

Halloween is all about having fun, so don’t be afraid to show off your funny side! If you’re looking for some more Halloween costume suggestions, check out:

This year for Halloween, let your little girls know that they don’t have to dress up as a princess or a witch-we will give you ideas for some cute and affordable Halloween costumes and some makeup ideas as well. 

The perfect recipe: girls (and women) love makeup, and their friends will be so impressed by your creativity!

Halloween Costumes for Girls That Are So Cute!

The best Halloween costumes for girls who want to look cute. These costumes are anything but basic.

Whether your little one is dressing up as an adorable animal or a cartoon character, you are sure to find something that will make her feel like a million bucks!

Cactus Costume

halloween costumes for girls
Image by LaurDIY

A cactus costume is a popular choice for girls this Halloween season. There are many reasons why this may be so.

A few of these reasons are the ease of the costume, the cactus’ appearance, and its uniqueness. 

The cactus is a trendy plant among people who enjoy the outdoors and who doesn’t love a cute little girl in a cactus costume? 

A green dress, a headband, and yarn are all you need for a DIY Halloween costume. Make sure she wears comfy shoes for this costume.

Bubble Tea Costume

halloween costumes for girls
Image by Aww Sam

Bubble tea, also known as pearl milk tea, is a Chinese tea-based beverage popular in the United States and other Western countries. 

Bubble tea typically consists of small pearls-of-tea or tapioca balls brewed with black or green teas and served with crushed ice, sweetened condensed milk, and toppings such as jelly cubes (also called “chews”) and fruit flavors. 

In recent years bubble teas have become a popular Halloween costume for girls. So why not dress in one in your favorite Bubble tea flavor? 

Since the scary holiday is associated with spooky Halloween gifts and yummy treats, what better time to dress up as bubble tea? You most likely already have everything you need to put this outfit together at home.

A Slice of Pie Costume

A slice of pie is a favorite costume for girls to wear on Halloween because it is something that everyone can empathize with. 

We’ve all eaten a piece of pie before, and we’re all familiar with the imagery associated with it. The same goes for apple pie, chocolate chip cookie dough, and other different pies.

Not everyone is a huge fan of pumpkin pie, so why not get dressed up as a slice of pie? Whatever flavor appeals to you the most, there’s good news: you can customize this adorable Halloween costume to look whatever flavor you want.

Picnic Costume

Children often like to dress up as their favorite superhero, animal, or television character on Halloween. But did you know that girls can also wear a “picnic” costume on Halloween? 

Halloween is about going bold and unique, and a picnic is a costume that will stand out in the crowd.

DIY Picnic Costume: Can it be creative, quirky, and accessible while dressing up for a picnic?

Yes, this costume takes home the prize for all three categories. All you’ll need is a few yards of gingham fabric and some paper plates to get started.

Popcorn Costume

halloween costumes for girls
Image by StudioDIY

The popcorn costume is suitable for girls because it can be made from household items. It also has a sweet appeal that young children will identify with. The popcorn costume is easy to create and can be used for multiple occasions.

A white dress and some red construction paper come together quickly to form the “concession box” in this DIY popcorn costume. Add a few yellow balloons, and you’ve got yourself a (delicious!) party.

Toast with Butter Costume

halloween costumes for girls
Image by Oh Yay Studio

The buttered toast costume is a trendy choice for girls on Halloween. This is because it’s a funny and exciting costume to wear and because it’s relatively cheap and straightforward to make.

This costume is also great for a Halloween party or any other fun event. For the carbs-lovers out there better rejoice cause this one is for you. 

The cutest food-centric getup is a pillowy slice of bread (made of thick foam!) topped with a yellow pat of butter (made of yellow fabric).

Clever and Funny Halloween Costumes for Girls

The best girl-friendly costumes for girls, from funny to clever, or even a costume that’s both. Prepare for your October 31st party with these easy ideas that will make sure your little girls have a good time!

Burrito Costume

halloween costumes for girls
Image by Aww Sam

The burrito costume is a popular Halloween costume for girls to wear. The burrito costume is such a popular choice for girls on Halloween because of its simplicity and flexibility, and who doesn’t love burritos? 

You can even customize your costume by making a headpiece, making it easy to be dressed up or down.

You should dress up as everyone’s favorite food to make all of your friends laugh on Halloween.

Cher from Clueless

halloween costumes for girls
Image by The BFF Blog

Cher, also known as Cher Horowitz, is a favorite costume for girls to wear on Halloween from the movie Clueless. She is known for her fabulous outfits and her uplifting personality. 

Cher also has a wide variety of clothing items she wears in the film, so you can be as creative as you want with the outfits and still look just like Cher. 

Not only do people love dressing up as her for Halloween, but they also dress up as her for other costume events like pep rallies, school dances, and sporting events.

Girls love to dress up as Cher because, in the movie Clueless, she doesn’t judge anyone for who they are.

With a yellow plaid skirt and blazer, channel your inner Alicia Silverstone in this classic, instantly recognizable costume. Don’t forget to bring your flip phone and tell her famous line. As if!

Emoji Costume

Emoji costumes are commonly worn for Halloween for a wide variety of reasons, including the popularity of emojis in general. Nowadays, emoji costumes are extremely popular and come in many variations. 

On Google, you can search for “emoji costumes” or “texting emoji costumes” and get thousands of hits. 

This kind of costume offers so many options; with options like the Mexican flag, tacos, bacon, and even apples you can find the funny Halloween costume for you.

With the help of your best friend and a few black accessories, you can easily recreate the “dancing friends” emoji. In all of your photos taken at your Halloween party, remember to strike the dancing friend’s iconic pose.

DIY Ketchup and Mustard Costume

Ketchup and mustard is a favorite costume for girls to wear on Halloween because it is relatively inexpensive, and you can customize it in various ways. 

You can change the type of ketchup or mustard that you want to use and dress up with different clothes.

Whether you’re dressing up with a friend or on your own, these condiment costumes are adorable.

Disco Ball Costume

halloween costumes for girls
Image by Studio DIY

Fans of the 1970s, get ready to party in this DIY Disco Ball Costume! In this gleaming, sparkly disco ball ensemble, you’ll turn heads—and turn back the clock.

Many girls love to dress up like disco balls for Halloween because it is a fun and different costume idea. 

To dress up like a disco ball for Halloween, you will need a lot of shiny material, such as beads, sequins, or shiny bottle caps. 

You will also need a large amount of black material. Then take the shiny material and sew it to the black fabric to form a vest. 

Now it can be added with other accessories such as makeup (black lipstick, black eye shadow), sunglasses (colorful sparkly), and earrings (large hoops). Be sure to include some disco music.

Spooky Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

A lot of kids (even adults) are still afraid of the dark, but not enough to be bothered wearing a creepy costume. This Halloween, we want to change that. 

These spooky Halloween costume ideas for girls are perfect if you don’t want to go as a ghost or witch but still want to create a costume that will give you the shivers.

Creepy Clown

halloween costumes for girls
Image by Kori Andersen

It doesn’t take much to make a clown creepy. With a little too much face makeup, the smile becomes a little creepy. Perhaps the costume is a little shabby. 

That’s a little creepy, too. Even the tiniest clown figurine can instill fear in the hearts of those who see it. 

As a result, it’s understandable that children’s clowns can be just as terrifying as adult clowns! Do you have a child who enjoys horror movies? Well, this Carnevil Clown Costume for Girls is right up their alley! They’ll have a blast creeping up behind adults and scaring them.

Skeleton Mermaid

A skeleton mermaid is a perfect way for a beautiful mermaid to usher in the spooky season. Isn’t it amazing?

There are skeletons in mermaid legend (according to a few translations found in sunken ships), so it’s no surprise that this costume has a shimmery skeletal style. 

Even without the colorful shimmer of her tail, this little mergirl manages to be quite lovely. So, if your little one wants to be an actual mermaid on Halloween, this costume is the perfect blend of eerie and ethereal to help her celebrate like her deep-sea merfriends!

Zombie School Girl

halloween costumes for girls
Image by Party City

It doesn’t matter if your dog eats your homework or if you eat your teacher; you still have to attend class! That’s what we were always told as children, and it still holds true today. 

Even brain-eating zombies can look fantastic when they have to go to school these days, and your child can dress up as one creepy zombie schoolgirl.

Fortunately, your child can dress up as a reanimated schoolgirl, so she can enjoy creeping out her classmates rather than fighting the urge to eat their brains. 

This outfit is a classic Halloween costume, but with tattered hems and fake blood splattered all over the costume for a lovely zombiefied twist.

To complete the look, you’ll need to get her some gruesome zombie makeup!

Miss Tween Reaper

Do you think being a teen girl is difficult? Try being a reaper when you’re a teenager!

When everyone is afraid, you’re coming to collect their souls, dealing with classes, friends, and growing up, in general, becomes a lot more complicated. 

You won’t be able to hide your malicious intent for long. Try concealing a sickle beneath your coat!

However, those reapers have some cool gothic styles, such as this Tween Miss Reaper Costume, which is ideal for creeping everyone out on Halloween!

Dark, tattered robes aren’t precisely the most popular fashion statement, but you’re not trying to win popularity contests when you wear them with this costume.

It’s all about scaring the bejesus out of people.

Witch Costume

You’ve probably noticed that witches have come a long way in the last few years. The days of ugly old crones with hooked noses and warts, dressed in tattered robes, are long gone! 

Those kinds of witches still exist, but they aren’t the only ones any longer. Now your little witch can try her hand at witchcraft while looking classy in her Witch Costume!

Looking like a creepy and scary witch not only keeps everyone guessing about whether or not your child can cast spells and curses. 

As a result, she’ll be able to wear it to spooky Halloween events. To complete this modern witch look, add some wicked shoes and a broomstick!

Final Thoughts

Halloween is one of the most magical times of the year. Here are some Halloween ideas for your little ones. For a child, it is essential to maintain a positive outlook and learn how to think creatively. 

Think outside the box and encourage your child to come up with something fun and creative. Remember that Halloween can be an opportunity to be anything you want to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What would you recommend for a child’s Halloween costume?

Kids can be anything they want to be on Halloween. They might dress up as an animal, an inanimate object, a famous character from literature, or even themselves if they don’t feel like getting dressed for Halloween! 

It is always fun to see how creative kids are and what they come up with.

2. What are some costume ideas for Halloween?

The best way to think about costume ideas is to take something they have wanted to dress as or have seen online and turn it into something eerie but fun for a holiday. 

For instance, if your daughter wants a mermaid costume, get a typical mermaid dress and add some accessories such as a seaweed headband and fins that she found during her last vacation at the beach.

3. Why do girls buy Halloween costumes?

People purchase Halloween costumes to be more than themselves for a day and to have fun with others. They can also use the costumes as inspiration for fantasies or dreams.

4. What are good ideas for Halloween costumes for girls?

Girls can wear anything from an astronaut to a witch. For example, they could dress up as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, Wonder Woman, or Dorothy Gale of The Wizard of Oz. 

Girls can also wear something not so traditional such as gloves and a mask if they want to be a robber, or wear sunglasses with their favorite t-shirt and skinny jeans if they’re going to be a pop star.

5. Why should girls wear Halloween costumes?

Girls can wear Halloween costumes to have fun and develop their creativity, and they can also use them as inspiration for their fantasies. 

6. How can I make myself appear spooky?

If you are putting on a spooky costume. To give off a creepy goth vibe:

  • Use dark eyeliner and lipstick.
  • Apply a thin line of dark eyeliner over the top of your upper lash line for a simple makeup look.
  • Apply dark red lipstick or another dark shade of your choice to finish the look.

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