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Warm Places In The US To Visit During The New Year

The new year is approaching, and we’re still here. That means it’s time to celebrate the New Year and blow off some steam! If you think that it’s becoming too stuffy at home, head over to one of these warm places in the US to visit during the new year.

  • Naples, Marco Island & the Everglades, Florida
  • Orlando, Florida
  • The Floriday Keys
  • Pensacola Beach, Floriday
  • Miami, Florida
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Austin, Texas
  • Oahu, Hawaii
  • Kauai, Hawaii
  • Maui, Hawaii
  • St. Thomas Trunk Bay, St. John, Virgin Islands
  • Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Sedona, Arizona
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Death Valley National Park, California
  • San Diego, California
  • Palm Springs, California
  • Joshua Tree National Park
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • New Orleans, Louisianna
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Puerto Rico
  • Las Vegas, Nevada

Winter is coming! And now is the time to think of an escape plan. There isn’t anything that compares to a warm beach or a sunny desert.

The New Year is coming around and we have some great suggestions on how you can celebrate it:

Warm Places In The US To Visit During The New Year

But why the need to travel overseas when you can find paradise right here in our very own motherland? Here are some of the best warm places to visit during the New Year:


Want to spend the winter months in the tropics? Visit Florida, where the sun shines brightly and the days are still long and warm. A visit here will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the remainder of the winter.

Florida Paradise Coast

Image from Alicia Tenise


If you are searching for a location to really relax and unwind, the Florida Paradise Coast is the place to go.

When it comes to wellness, this region of Florida was named the happiest in the United States. Naples, which is located on the southern, Gulf Coast of Florida, with daily temperatures that seldom dip below 64 degrees in December.

Marco Island

Image from Marco Escapes

Marco Island is located south of Naples. While staying at one of the hotels on Marco Beach, you may unwind and enjoy the view of the water. 

Every December, the region celebrates Sizzle Restaurant Week, which is a fantastic opportunity to sample the local cuisine while also contributing to a worthwhile cause.

The Everglades

The dry season is also the ideal time to sail through the verdant Everglades National Park, which is particularly beautiful during the winter. December is considered to be a component of the dry season. 

As a result, temperatures are more bearable, there is more fauna, and there are fewer mosquitoes. Take advantage of ranger-led tours to visit this region with a knowledgeable guide or go exploring on your own.

Orlando, FL

Image from Agoda

While Orlando is a renowned winter vacation destination in the United States, many people are unaware that it is located in close proximity to many magnificent natural outdoor areas and hidden cultural treasures. 

Consequently, if you want to travel beyond Disney World and the many other amusement parks that Orlando is famous for, locations like Wekiwa Springs State Park and Weeki Wachee Springs State Park are great options.

The Florida Keys

Image from Forbes

Do you wish you were on a tropical beach vacation in the Caribbean? Another one of the finest warm locations to visit in December in the United States has the sense of a Caribbean vacation in the making. 

These islands, which stretch from Florida’s southeastern coast to the southernmost point of the country, are known as the Florida Keys. December marks the beginning of the tourist season in the Florida Keys, so you should expect to see a lot of other people throughout your vacation. 

A genuinely local experience may be had by sleeping aboard an Airbnb sailboat or yacht during peak season is less expensive and more accessible than a traditional hotel room.

Pensacola Beach, FL

Image from Pinterest

Pensacola Beach is generally regarded as among the most beautiful beaches in the United States, with fine white sand and clear crystalline water in a setting of natural beauty. 

Spend your vacation near the pier in one of the BnB’s so you can be close to all of the restaurants and pubs that are within walking distance of the pier. Pensacola is a great destination for both families, couples, and adults!

Miami, FL

Image from Cruise Geo

Miami, the southernmost city in the United States, is among the warmest cities in the United States during the month of December. 

In Miami, the daily high temperatures reach well into the upper 70s. The days are also lengthy, with 10.5 hours of direct sunshine each day. 

Miami is one of the most pleasant warm locations to visit in the United States during the winter season because of these circumstances.

Spend those lengthy days relaxing at Virginia Key Beach, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, and, lastly, South Beach. While in Miami, stay at one of the luxurious, beachfront hotels that the city has to offer.

If you have the opportunity, you may also take a breathtaking drive from Miami to Key West.


Because of the warm temperatures in Texas during this time of year, winter is one of the most pleasant seasons to go on vacation. 

You may spend valuable time exploring Texas culture while eating and drinking local cuisine, or you can go outdoors to take part in unique treks, bike routes, and kayak expeditions that are only available in Texas.

San Antonio, TX

Image from Hotels

San Antonio was established as a Spanish outpost and was previously a part of the Mexican state of Texas before becoming a city.

Evidence of this cultural heritage can be seen all throughout the city, which is really breathtaking. 

It is possible to enjoy this throughout the year by following the San Antonio Food Trails. Make your choice between the Taco Trail, the Barbecue Trail, or the Margarita Trail, and support local businesses along the route.

Austin, TX

Image from Solo Trips & Tips

Do you have a strong desire to spend time outside this socially distant holiday season? Visit one of the many swimming holes in the area around Austin, Texas, such as Hamilton Pool Preserve. 

Otherwise, hike the trails in the area around Austin. Explore the 227-acre Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve or take a walk through Barton Creek Greenbelt’s almost 13-mile-long network of paths.

While riding on the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail, you’ll be able to take in views of the Austin skyline.


The fact that Hawaii is one of the most pleasant warm destinations to visit in the United States during December comes as no surprise to anybody. 

Visit any of Hawaii’s eight major islands for a tropical paradise holiday in the sun! Alternatively, you could travel to Honolulu, which is one of the warmest cities in the United States, in December. Heat indexes will be in the mid-80s, and flowers will still be in full blossom.

Due to the high cost of air travel to Hawaii, it is recommended that you book your tickets 40-50 days before your departure date. December happens to be the busiest month for tourists in Hawaii; thus, tickets may be extremely costly at this time. 

However, you will not want to miss out on the opportunity to go hiking in the jungle and relax on a Hawaiian beach while it snows back home.

Oahu, HI

The island of Oahu is home to the state’s greatest population and its most populous metropolis, Honolulu. 

Thus, this island provides visitors with the best of both worlds: western and non-western culture, contemporary and ancient influences, a busy metropolis and quaint natural marvels, and a booming city and charming natural wonders.

Kauai, HI

Image from Journey Era

With the nickname “Garden Island,” Kauai is renowned for its beautiful rainforest, which occupies a large portion of the island’s terrain. 

Kauai is also Hawaii’s fourth-largest island, and as such, it has a diverse range of attractions and activities to offer visitors. Its lush valleys, craggy cliffs, rivers, and waterfalls are not to be overlooked.

Maui, HI

Image from Travel Pulse

Volcanoes, verdant valleys, waterfalls, and distinctive black sand beaches overlooking stunning vistas are just a few of the natural marvels that can be found on the Hawaiian island of Maui. 

After Honolulu, it is the second most visited island in the United States, thanks to its microclimates and plenty of recreational and cultural activities that may be enjoyed while traveling the Road to Hana. 

Visitors looking to experience the local culture will have the opportunity to do so in Maui, which was once the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii. 

While there are numerous resorts and commercial hotels, travelers looking to connect with the local culture will have the opportunity to experience centuries of rich cultural heritage in Maui.

Virgin Islands

St. Thomas Trunk Bay, St. John

Image from Viator

Surely you are familiar with the beach shown on postcards or your PC’s screen saver? With its beautiful white beaches, captivating clear blue seas, and towering palms, what’s not to love? 

Trunk Bay is located on the island of St. John. And, yes, this is still considered to be a part of the United States of America. As a result, you will not be required to translate, convert money, or get a SIM card.


Arizona, one of the warmest areas in the United States, is a popular vacation destination for many people during the harsh winter months.

It is possible to find a variety of activities in any region of Arizona, ranging from summer heat to simple winter getaways.

Sedona, AZ

Sedona is the ideal location for resetting and refocusing the mind. Yoga may be practiced amid the beautiful red rocks, or you can relax in one of the numerous spas available.

Besides beautiful paths that follow rivers, travel deep into nature, and lead to spectacular viewpoints, Sedona is also home to many more attractions. 

Taking a walk in Sedona during your winter vacation is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your time since the temps are ideal for raising your heart rate outdoors. 

Keep in mind that trails often fill up and that you may have to wait in line for a permit or entry to your chosen park if you don’t prepare ahead of time.

Flagstaff, AZ

Image from Lonely Planet

Flagstaff, located just 24 miles from Sedona, is one of the most popular winter holiday destinations in the United States. As compared to Sedona, Flagstaff is located at a considerably higher elevation and offers more opportunities for warmer activities nearby throughout the winter months. 

As a result, you may spend your nights in a cold lodge while your days are spent exploring a warm desert.

One of the most enjoyable day trips from Flagstaff is to Montezuma Castle National Monument. You may have a look at the 20-room high-rise residential complex that Native Americans constructed over 900 years ago.

Phoenix, AZ

Image from Ottawa University

It is one of the most pleasant places to spend a warm winter vacation in the United States because of the temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona, which are among the country’s hottest. 

The weather is also ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities, including swimming and hiking. There are many hiking routes to choose from in this area, including the following:

  • Papago Park
  • Camelback Mountain
  • Yavapai Point
  • Peralta Canyon
  • Piestewa Peak

Other winter holiday activities in Phoenix include ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo and Las Noches de las Luminarias at the Desert Botanical Garden. As is usually the case, make sure you have a face mask on hand and use proper social distancing procedures.

And the greatest part is Phoenix is conveniently located near a number of other lovely and pleasant places in the state of Arizona.


Do you feel that the Pacific Coast is the greatest place to escape the cold? Or do you want to go away to the desert during the winter?

Southern California and the surrounding regions are among the most popular warm-weather vacation destinations in the United States.

Los Angeles, CA

Image from Timeout

During the winter months in Los Angeles, you may experience some rain, but the sun will also shine often, bringing with it the pleasant temperatures you seek.

Los Angeles is one of the hottest cities in the United States, and as a result, there are literally dozens of inexpensive and entertaining activities to do in the winter, such as the following:

  • Winter Glow at Grand Park
  • Holiday Festival and Market at Union Station, as well as,
  • The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade takes place every year in December.

These are excellent options for seeing iconic Los Angeles tourism sites while also taking advantage of the holiday season and the pleasant weather.

Death Valley National Park, CA

Image from Visit California

While temperatures in Death Valley National Park may reach above 100 degrees in the summer, the highs in the winter are much lower. 

Take advantage of the lower weather by traveling to distant locations that may be too difficult to access during the summer heat of the country. Continue your visit into the evening to take in a new type of icy light show: the starry night sky. 

Don’t forget to pack a jacket since, although deserts are usually considered warm environments, the dry air can be very cold especially at night. It’s one of the hottest locations in the United States to visit throughout the winter months!

San Diego, CA

Image from Study in the USA

Many people consider San Diego to be the ideal warm winter vacation in the United States, thanks to typical high temperatures in the upper 60s. Walk down “The Strand” between La Jolla and Mission Beach, or watch surfers at Tourmaline Surfing Park, one of Coronado Beach’s four parks.

The San Diego Bay Parade of Lights and Las Posadas in Old Town are two examples of winter festivities that may take place throughout the holiday season. Check the COVID-19 rules for the most up-to-date information before arranging a trip to these events.

Palm Springs, CA

Image from CN Traveler

Do you like shopping for the upcoming winter holidays? Palm Springs’ retail culture has plenty to offer everyone, from the Art District to downtown boutiques to the River in Rancho Mirage and all in between.

The ideal 70-degree temperature in Palm Springs makes it a wonderful location to enjoy the area’s natural splendor as well as its cultural attractions. 

You may also go horseback riding in Indian Canyons or hike the Cactus to Clouds Trail for terrific exercise while taking in the views of the city. Alternatively, have a look at the stunning Mount San Jacinto. 

Take a 48-minute trip out of town to visit Joshua Tree National Park, which is another great warm destination (mentioned below).

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Image from Lana Law

There are several gorgeous locations to visit in the United States this winter, and one of them is located in California. 

Joshua Tree National Park, which is suitable for social distancing, offers plenty of outdoor space for oneself and is a convenient location for planning a Joshua Tree day trip. 

In southern California, this protected region is distinguished by unusual rock formations, desert ecosystems in the Mojave and Colorado deserts, and the bristling Joshua trees, which are known for their distinctive bristles.


Savannah, GA

Want to see and explore Georgia during the winter months? Savannah, Georgia, is one of the nicest winter vacations in the United States, and it has a plethora of activities to do while on vacation. 

Because travel in Savannah is at its lowest point during this time of year, you can expect a decrease in hotel rates.

Visiting the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens, for example, is one of the many entertaining things to do in Savannah during the winter.

From Thanksgiving through Christmas, this attraction transforms into a holiday winter wonderland during the December Nights and Holiday Lights Festival. In addition, take a stroll along River Street, where you may enjoy live music or see the New Year’s Eve fireworks display.


New Orleans, LA

Image from Hotels.com

Louisiana is a wonderful location to come to during the winter months. The city of New Orleans, located on the Gulf of Mexico, has some of the state’s hottest weather. 

Winter is the best time to go since temperatures are in the 60s throughout the day. The winter months bring little to no traffic to what is often a highly crowded location. 

As a result, you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy all of the festivities with little to no trouble. Visit the Krewe of Jingle, take part in Christmas Eve bonfires, and stay in the colorful French Quarter while on vacation in New Orleans, Louisiana.

New Mexico

Santa Fe, NM

Image from Select Registry

Even though New Mexico isn’t really the warmest location in the United States during the winter, it is one of the best winter destinations in the country. 

Those seeking culture and art can find it in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is the perfect holiday destination. There are many more seasonal activities to look forward to throughout the winter, including:

  • In the Santa Fe Botanical Garden, there is “Glow,” a winter lights event.
  • Santa Fe’s Winter Indian Market is a must-see.
  • A walk along Canyon Road in Farolito

Christmas at the Palace is one of the finest things to do in Santa Fe during the winter holidays, and it is free to attend. Locals gather here to enjoy cider, live music, and the stunning Palace of the Governors, among other things.

Puerto Rico

Image from Planet Ware

If you are searching for the warmest winter holidays in the United States, go no further than Puerto Rico. 

While the weather in Puerto Rico is usually warm, there is much less rainfall at this time of year. As such, spend your time island hopping, kayaking through bioluminescent bays, hiking, paddle boarding, and other outdoor activities on the island.

Moreover, from the middle of December until the beginning of January, Puerto Rico comes alive with Christmas feasts, events, and celebrations. 

Keep an eye out for the Festival del Petate, which takes place in the Plaza Publica de Sabana Grande and features local artists who celebrate the petate palm in a spectacular traditional way. 

Viewers may take part in the Hatillo Masks Festival, which has been taking place since 1823. Lastly, during La Feria, pay a visit to Hiram Bithorn Stadium, which is home to the biggest carnival on the island.


Las Vegas, NV

Image from Bluegreenvacations

Are you looking for the finest winter vacation spots in the United States for adult couples? What better location to have a good time in the winter months than Vegas, where you can bask in the warm glow of the lights? 

Even though the evenings may be cold, keeping active on the Strip can keep you warm and comfortable. Make your way through the Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway or pay a visit to the Vegas Festival of Lights for a festive evening.

Hiking in Red Rock National Conservation Area or Valley of Fire State Park is a great way to make the most of the sunny days while in Vegas. Even better, take a walk to Arizona Hot Springs and bathe in the mineral-rich waters there. 

Keep in mind that if you like both culture and the outdoors, you should check out one of the finest hikes from Las Vegas or take one of the most interesting day excursions from Las Vegas.

In addition, you may go a bit further north and explore some great Utah national parks during the winter months.

Final Thoughts

The United States is just a short flight away from world-class natural marvels and comfortable winter vacations.

These breathtaking warm winter travel destinations in the United States of America are not to be missed whether you like everything from hiking to shopping for holiday gifts, celebrating the holidays with family and friends, to refreshing the mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to travel somewhere warm this year, why not just travel during the spring or summer?

When you travel during a different time of year, you get a different experience each time. And also, more people crave the warmth of the sun during the winter season. The climate in warm places is more bearable compared to colder areas but there would be fewer people since the winter is considered off-season.

Should I travel overseas during winter?

If you are seeking an escape from the cold temperatures of your hometown, there is no better idea to look for places to go for the new year in America. Cities like San Diego, Miami, and Las Vegas are popular destinations to visit during the winter months, which means that you can find all of your favorite hot spots without having to deal with their typically heavy traffic and dropping temperatures.

Where are the warmest places to go during winter?

The best warm winter vacation spots in the United States are generally located along the coasts, where there is a consistent temperature of 60 degrees or more.

Such as Miami, Florida, Palm Springs, California, and Honolulu, Hawaii, are all great locations to spend your holidays this year.

If you are searching for something a bit more inland, you may want to visit New Orleans or Las Vegas.

What are some great things to do in the wintertime without having to travel?

There is a world of great activities to take part in during winter that most people would never consider. 

For example, home improvement projects that don’t ordinarily get done may be completed during the cold season. If you love spending time with your family on New Year, you can do plenty of things together without having to be outside.

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