Fun Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

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Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day commemorates our appreciation for our fathers’ accomplishments as well as their love and support throughout the years. Here are some creative ways to recognize the event.

Simple Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day

Make Him Feel Important

The majority of dads are not really great at expressing their emotions. But humans as we are, also feel happy when others recognize their contributions.

Fatherhood can be extremely challenging, especially since the fathers are sometimes responsible for family income, including the emotional well-being of the entire family.

Perhaps you can provide a short speech that expresses your love for him or just a thoughtful Father’s Day message or letter of gratitude. You might also suggest a toast and maybe a handkerchief for him in case he gets deeply moved.

Make Father’s Day A Joyful One

Give him an exceptionally personal or creative DIY Father’s Day gift, rather than ones you find in the mall. It will be much appreciated if you make this a celebration. You can bake him a cake, or cook him your favorite dinner.

You can also walk down memory lane by looking at old photos. There are probably many details that have been forgotten which might be the best time to recall all those details with your dad.

Make It A Family Event

The family is not complete without our fathers, so this event offers the best opportunity to appreciate and honor our fathers’ goodness and love.

You may also use this opportunity to get everyone in the family together again. 

It doesn’t matter where! You can go to the restaurant, make him a Father’s Day lunch, go to the beach, a local park, or your family’s favorite spot.

If you choose to stay home with your family, then you can watch a movie together! You can also add or cook some snacks like popcorn, hotdogs, sausage, sandwiches, and other munchies.

As an alternative, if all the activities above are impossible for you, you can help your dad by completing some pending work on Father’s Day. This is the best way to show affection for our fathers.

There is nothing wrong if we celebrate this event in a simpler way. What matters most after all is how we let our fathers know how everything he does for the family is very much appreciated from the core of the heart.

Fun Family Game Activities To Do On Father’s Day

Looking for simple and meaningful Father’s Day activities to take part in with your Pops? These great father-children and father-daughter activities will help you bond with your Pops no matter what your interests are.

Play Golf or Miniature Golf

A game of golf is a great activity for fathers and kids, regardless of whether Dad is an accomplished player or more of a putter. Miniature golf is a good activity for beginners and a driving range can be a fun activity for newcomers.

Go Bowling

If Father’s Day falls on a rainy day this year, opt for bumper bowling to give the little ones an advantage!

Take Him To A Ball Game

Take Dad to a baseball game for Father's Day
Take Dad to a baseball game for Father’s Day

People always seem to enjoy America’s favorite pastime, so if going to a pro baseball game won’t work for you, check out some local minor league and community softball games.

Go Fishing

Casting a line with the kids is a great way to spend Father’s Day. Children’s fishing poles cost as little as $12 and are guaranteed to create some great memories.

Play Catch with Dad

Probably nothing would please dad more than playing catch with his kids, followed by a barbecue with the family.

Visit a Historic Site

If your dad enjoys history or is a veteran, visiting a history museum, war memorial, or other historic site in your area may fulfill his Father’s Day desires. Pack his favorite sandwiches and snacks, and enjoy a picnic nearby.

You may also visit a museum virtually on Father’s Day. if there are restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Go on a Bike Ride

A bicycle scavenger hunt is a great way to make your bicycle excursion even more enjoyable.

Build Something

Spend some quality time with Dad by building a simple birdhouse
Spend some quality time with Dad by building a simple birdhouse

Is dad in the garage or wood shop most of the time? Why not build a kid-friendly birdhouse, or find something else fun to build and DIY together on Father’s Day? If they’re too young to use tools, let the kids paint whatever Dad creates.

Take a Hike

Look for hiking or walking trails in your local area that the entire family can enjoy. Check out trail reviews online to make sure it will be suitable for younger children so that Dad doesn’t have to carry them on his back!

Have a Movie Night

The perfect way to end a fantastic Father’s Day is by ordering or making Dad’s favorite pizza and watching a family-friendly movie with dad.

Father’s Day Activities At Home: Quarantine Edition

Despite the fact that the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine is well underway and many states are starting to ease or eliminate restrictions altogether, the pandemic will surely affect many people’s Father’s Day celebrations.

Though don’t let that ruin your Father’s Day celebrations.

There are so many great Father’s Day activities you can do this year. Whether you’re celebrating in person or virtually, there is something you can do that’ll make your dad’s day. 

It is important that he spends time with his favorite people: his family. That’s the best gift you can give him.


Yes, Dad could easily browse through Facebook and Instagram for family photos. And yes, digital picture frames are a thing too. But sometimes, nothing is better than creating a family scrapbook that highlights your family. 

Dad will no doubt love picking out his favorite memories and writing descriptions of some of his favorite family memories.

Take a Virtual Music Class

Whether your dad grew up playing music in his garage band, or whether he always wanted to play the piano or guitar, if he is the musical type, he would no doubt love to take music lessons or perfect his budding musicianship.

Take a Virtual Cooking Class

A virtual cooking class for Father’s Day

You’re in luck if Dad is a foodie. There are so many virtual online cooking classes you and your dad can join. you can enjoy it from your home, so you and your family can learn how to make Mexican street tacos or pasta from an Italian grandma, right from your home. Bon appetite! On Father’s Day create a dish that he will enjoy after the class.

Plan a Backyard Movie Night

Install a projector and big screen in his backyard to give him the cinema experience. We promise the kids will enjoy this too. Watch movies about fathers to make it more special on Father’s Day.

Have a Family Photo Shoot

The whole family will enjoy these photos and remember them year after year. You can take some sentimental ones and then bring in the photo booth props for some goofy fun.

Dress Up

It’s always a good time to break out the costumes, and whether you would like to get fancy for an afternoon tea party or do a reenactment of your dad’s favorite film — James Bond, anyone? — his inner child will love it.

Have a Dance Party

There’s nothing more entertaining than a good dance party, and Dad will love to spend some time on Father’s Day listening to his favorite tunes.

Have a Game Day

Play your family’s favorite games on Father’s Day

Get some of your family’s favorite games out for a fun game party on Father’s Day. Play something ridiculous and silly like Apples to Apples or Catchphrase, something brainy like Boggle or Chess, or maybe something more strategic like poker or Risk.

Video-Chat With Relatives

Call your grandfathers, uncles, father-friends, and all other father-figures in your life who share their love for you on Father’s Day.

Treat Him to an At-Home Spa Day

Your dad — or partner — clearly deserves some pampered time, so set up some spa activities from a pedicure to a back massage to a hydrating facemask. Men deserve to be spoiled, too!   

Story Time With Dad

This activity is as meaningful for the kids as it is for Dad. Choose a favorite story and have both you and Dad read aloud together. It is the perfect last activity before bedtime after a Father’s Day of fun.

Make a Father’s Day Craft

Enjoy some arts and crafts with the kids on Father’s Day

You can involve Dad in the process of making his Father’s Day DIY crafts. He’ll love the cards and crafts he gets to make with his favorite people.

Make Him a Father’s Day Brunch

Put a smile on Dad’s face by serving him the ultimate brunch, from ricotta pancakes to some savory waffle sandwiches. Bacon goes well with everything.

Perform For Him

Do something creative for him. Sing him a song, stage a dramatic reading, or put together a skit with costumes. It’s sure to be appreciated by him.

Play Video Games

You can play Mario Kart or Fortnite with Dad. If you’re celebrating from a distance, you can get everyone to play a game online. Jackbox Games has a ton of fun choices, and it’s easy to get people to join in.

Serve Breakfast In Bed

Make Dad a hearty breakfast as soon as he wakes up and have the kids help you make one of these delicious breakfast-in-bed recipes.

Have a Barbecue

Make a Father’s Day barbecue in the backyard for your quarantine crew. You can even consider getting him barbecue must-haves for dad while he mans the grill.

How To Make Father’s Day Special: Quarantine Edition

Host A Sports Festival

Have a friendly competition in your backyard for Father’s Day

If your dad enjoys friendly competition, set up some athletic events or obstacle courses in your backyard or on the beach and see who wins.

Attend a Car Show

Get Dad to go to a car show and let him converse with owners about carburetors and trim levels. A lot of towns have been hosting car shows that are socially distant in order to keep people safe.

Check your local newspaper to see when the next one is coming up.

Have A Picnic

Surprise Dad by packing his favorite foods, and reserve a spot at a local park for a fun family meal under the sun.

Go Camping

Camping is the perfect opportunity to explore and bond. Take dad on a camping trip getaway by helping him build a tent, cook s’mores, and do a little stargazing.

Go to a Baseball Game

Go to a baseball game for Father’s Day

As the MLB commissioner has stated, fans will be permitted to attend baseball games this year. Social distancing and masks are likely to be required. If you feel comfortable doing so, purchase tickets for you and the kids to go root for your home team.

Visit a Museum

Your dad might like to learn something on his special day — virtually take him and the family to the nearest museum online or visit one in person. Many museums are re-opening with limited capacity and timed entry.

Go to the Beach with the Whole Family

For Father’s Day, go on a trip he will remember. Take the whole family to the beach and enjoy a picnic lunch outside.

Enjoy a Beer Tasting Session

Take Dad to a local brewery, and toast with him. Buying him a beer flight also serves as a last-minute Father’s Day gift.

Plan a Fishing Trip

Fishing dads would love Father’s Day spent at a local fishing hole. You’ll both enjoy learning new skills while enjoying the great outdoors.

Go on an Outdoor Adventure

Enjoy the outdoors with Dad on Father’s Day

Take time to enjoy the great outdoors by taking a walk through a nearby park, hiking a nearby mountain, or riding a bike through a forest preserve.

Both you and Dad will enjoy the chance to spend some time together without the distractions found at home.                                    

Go on a Weekend Road Trip                               

Take your kids on a road trip to celebrate Father’s Day and see sights he’s never seen before, even if you don’t take a vacation out of it. Just make sure you check COVID-19 travel advisories before you load everyone up in the car.

Visit An Amusement Park                               

Depending on what will be open during the summer, a family might be able to enjoy an amusement park for the day. If you do your research beforehand, you can look up which amusement parks will be open.

Take a Walk & Let Dad Have His Alone Time

Of course, Dad would like to spend Father’s Day with the kids, but we suspect he’d appreciate some peace and quiet while the kids are at school (and yes, maybe some good quality sleep).

Wrap Up

Regardless of what kind of dad you have, these activities to do on Father’s Day are fun for the entire family. Perhaps he wants a fun family road trip or adventure. Perhaps he wants to experience the great outdoors on a hiking or camping trip. 

He may want to hit the golf course, or perhaps he would just enjoy a good movie at home on Father’s Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I do for Father’s Day at home?

Father’s Day is a time when we can all celebrate our fathers and spend quality time with them.

Whether this entails going on an adventure or spending the day watching the game, it is still important to remember that Father’s Day also means spending quality time at home! 

2. What are the best ways to get a gift for a dad who wants nothing?

  • Make it personal, such as scrapbooks you made of years together, printed photos from his favorite vacation spots on canvas, or a sketch he can show off.
  • Consider tailoring a personal experience or outing together instead of an object.

3. What are the best ways to celebrate Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is a day when we honor fathers for all they do, and spend time with them. As such, it is often celebrated in the same way any other holiday would be by spending time together as a family! 

However, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Father’s Day that can still be fun and memorable while being unique. You could take dad on an adventure or have him teach you how to play his favorite sport!

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