Thoughtful Elderly Mother's Day Gift Ideas She Will Love

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Thoughtful Elderly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She Will Love

Some mother’s day gift ideas for elders include a visit from her children and grandchildren in which they could spend the day together, cooking a meal or playing games.

Other great gifts for mothers on this special day to come from their children can be flowers, and artwork made by their children or grandchildren. 

Because of the restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic, some people still want to make Mother’s Day special for their loved ones who live far away and who are currently living in a nursing care facility.

Lucky for you, there are still thoughtful ways to make her smile and feel appreciated on Mother’s day. 

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Mom in Nursing Homes

Mother’s Day is a wonderful holiday to show every mom that you love and care for them. There are many ways to celebrate your Mom on this special day, and one way is with a thoughtful gift.

Getting a Mother’s Day gift for a mother living in a nursing home can be a tough task, but I have compiled an excellent list for you. Here are some Mother’s Day gifts for a mom in nursing homes:

Fidget Or Activity Quilt

For elderly Moms who spend a lot of time sitting down, a fidget or activity quilt is a great present for Mother’s Day.

A fidget quilt is a gift that will keep her warm during cold weather. It is also helpful for those who have arthritis. 

New Cane

Every time mom walks with a new and unique cane, she’ll feel confident and powerful. This will also help with her balance while she walks. 

Lap Quilt

A lap quilt is a great gift for your elderly mom

A lap quilt is a good gift for Mother’s Day because it is useful during cold weather. It will also keep her warm in the nursing facility. It is also for moms who sit a lot most of the day.

Walker Tote

A walker tote is a great gift for Mother’s Day because it is practical and will definitely be used every day. With a walker tote that will make her life easier and at the same time put a smile on her face on Mother’s Day.

Knit Socks

Knit socks make a great gift for Mother’s Day because they are so practical and inexpensive. They are soft and they will keep her warm while keeping her stylish which means mom will love them!

Mother’s Day Gifts for Elderly Adults

No matter where your elderly loved one life, you can make a present for her on this special day. Here are some inexpensive but thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts to get her thinking of you and feel appreciated:

Bouquet Of Flowers

Buy her a bouquet of a variety of bright-colored flowers (make sure to communicate with the nursing home what types are acceptable for bouquets and the visitor’s rooms)

And stick a note or card in them from you saying “I love you” or “You deserve the best” or any meaningful Mother’s Day message you want to include.

Homemade Treats

Make her some homemade cookies, brownies, or fudge; let her enjoy them with some friends or family members on this special day. 

Gift Basket

Give your mom a gift basket of all her favorite things

Bring her a small gift basket filled with lotions, bath items, candy/cookies, and chapstick (make sure to communicate with nursing home staff if any are allowed). A Mother’s Day gift basket with all her favorite things will definitely brighten up her day.

Flowers With A Special Note

Bring her some flowers from a local florist, and stick a note in them from you saying “I love you” or “You deserve the best!”

Make Her Favorite Cupcakes

Make her some homemade cupcakes (make sure to communicate with nursing home staff about any allergies).

Best Tech Gifts for Elderly Mothers

Looking for a thoughtful gift that will give her more than just a practical tool, but will also equip her with a piece of technology she can use to accomplish daily tasks? These are great options:

Kindle Fire

A Kindle Fire is a great tablet if your mom likes to read a lot. It gives her access to thousands of books without having to lug them around with all of her other books.

She’s going to love being able to carry her favorite novels in one gadget. Additionally, she will have access to audiobooks as well as movies and TV shows.


A 16:9 aspect ratio screen on an EZvid tablet will give your mom more viewing space to make her more comfortable viewing it if she has trouble seeing well enough on a regular screen.


A GrandPad is a useful gadget for your elderly mom

The GrandPad is a tablet that allows seniors to play games, listen to music, and video chat with family without any hassle.

GrandPad tablet comes with a private family network, where approved members may add photos, update contact information, and more.

It is a great tech gift for seniors who are not very tech-savvy, but who want to stay connected with loved ones.

Amazon Echo Dot

A smart compact speaker with many features and abilities designed for seniors, the Echo Dot is voice-activated and portable, making it easy to use anywhere.

It can be used to chat, stream music, receive news updates, play games, create grocery lists, check the weather, and set alarms to take medications.

Tile Sticker

Tile Sticker prevents seniors from losing everyday items and helps you find them. The Tile Sticker is small and can be attached to items like remotes, wallets, keys, and other easily-missed items.

The Tile Sticker is an adhesive you can easily stick to remotes or other electronic devices and use a free app to find them. 

Ring Video Doorbell

This product can make life easier for the elderly and help ensure safety by sending real-time notifications to a smartphone when someone rings the doorbell or triggers motion sensors.

You can use a Ring Video Doorbell to monitor doorways at all times and speak to visitors who come to your door, even if you are not home.

You can also set custom motion settings and get notifications for crimes and safety directly to your smartphone.

Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Seniors

The search for the perfect Mother’s Day gift is sometimes difficult. Especially when you’re trying to figure out what to get an elderly person whose interests and activities differ greatly from your own. If your mom or grandma doesn’t want any gifts bought from a store, you can always go for the more personal approach which is making DIY gifts for your mom.

There are plenty of great Mother’s Day gift ideas to consider for your elderly mother or grandmother. 

The key to finding the perfect gift is considering her preferences. Whether you purchase a gift or offer her a gift of your time and service, you want to make sure you get her the ideal present!

Digitize Photos

If mom has photographed over the years, there’s a good chance she has an album or drawer full of them.

If she has a computer, it would be a great thing to teach her how to scan them in and view them on a computer. 

If you have a scanner, then this won’t cost you any money and will provide you with an opportunity to spend many memorable hours bonding with her.

Social Media Tutoring

Teach your mom to use social media for Mother’s Day

Another thoughtful (and usually free!) gift you could give a senior is to help her set up a Facebook profile. This will enable her to reconnect with loved ones and friends. 

We hope she gets some great use out of the photos you scanned for her! But you should also provide some information about how to use the internet safely and how to protect her privacy.

Home Services

Your mother probably doesn’t want to do some chores anymore. Being able to help out can be a great gift to her.

Devote a certain amount of time each month to whatever chores she would like you to take on. 

You can choose what you do each time – whether it’s yard work, moving furniture around, changing light bulbs, or cleaning out the attic. You can even cook her Mother’s Day lunch.

Memory Jar

A memory jar is a nice activity to do on Mother’s Day

All you need is a jar, a few small pieces of paper, and some quiet time to reflect. On each piece of paper, recall a special memory from the past in your life. Fold the papers and place them in the jar.

Photo Bouquet

Make a bouquet of meaningful photos instead of sending a bunch of flowers that last only a few days. You can create flower shapes from construction paper and glue photo cut-outs inside each flower.

If you want to use childhood memories, you can have color copies printed, or print new digital images.

Cooling Pillow

For those with a larger budget, you may want to buy your mother a memory foam pillow with built-in cooling technology.

Best Gifts for Elderly Moms

You probably haven’t seen some of your loved ones in a while due to social distancing.

This year maybe you’ll get a chance to catch up virtually during Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to give them something they will actually enjoy. 

Online Class To Learn A New Skill

Perhaps your mom has been trying out new hobbies lately to entertain themselves. Now, she could learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay or photography from Annie Leibovitz for Mother’s Day.

You may also consider doing some virtual activities on Mother’s Day.

Heated Mattress Pad

If your mom hasn’t been getting the quality sleep they need, consider getting her a heated mattress pad for Mother’s Day. It’s great for those who often complain about being cold at night.

A Face Mask Rack 

A face mask rack is a nice gift so that she won’t forget to bring one before she leaves the house

Masks have become a must-have this year. A rack will ensure they don’t forget one when stepping outside. 

A Temperature-controlled Mug 

Mom can use this temperature-controlled mug when she is having coffee together with her husband. Plus, they can also control the temperature via an app.

Wireless Charger And Disinfectant All In One

This gadget can sanitize her phone’s screens, and they can also be used as chargers as well.

Cozy Herbal Warming Slippers

Get your mom some cozy slippers on Mother’s Day

This pair of soothing slippers will help anyone unwind and keep their toes warm. Just heat them up in the microwave. This is a good Mother’s Day present.

Lemon Citrus Plant To Liven Her Home

You can help bring a tropical touch to your mom’s home by planting a fresh citrus tree close to their front door. Plus, your mom will have her own fresh citrus within easy reach.

Glasses Holder

A glasses holding is great for people who always wonder where their glasses are.

If you want more options, check out this video:

Wrap Up

Even though the pandemic has caused many restrictions, some people still want to honor their moms for Mother’s Day who are far away and who are currently residing in nursing homes.

Mother’s Day is about making moms happy on their special day despite the restrictions and social distancing. We hope this article helped you find that perfect gift for your mom.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I get my elderly mother for Mother’s Day?

We recommend getting your elderly mother flowers. It’s a simple gesture and she will appreciate the thought behind it.

2. What should I get my 80-year-old mother for Mother’s Day?

This is a tough question without knowing what her hobbies or interests are. There are many companies that offer Mother’s Day greeting cards, flowers, and personalized items to choose from.

She may want something tangible that she can hold and look at for special memories of you in the past.

3. What are good gifts for the elderly for Mother’s Day?

A nice gift for an elderly person is a letter of appreciation or thank-you card.

4. What do you get someone who has everything for Mother’s day?

It depends on what they have. It could be an extra set of sheets, a nice dinner out, or tickets to the theater.

5. What do you get someone who wants nothing for Mother’s day?

It’s nice to make a DIY Mother’s Day gift for someone who doesn’t want anything.

6. What is a good gift for someone with dementia for Mother’s Day?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to get for a person with dementia – especially if they have trouble recognizing family members and friends. Here are some ideas: 

  • A photo album or scrapbook that contains pictures of the person and their loved ones 
  • A watch with an alarm that rings at regular intervals – can help make it easier for the person with dementia to remember when certain rituals, such as meals, need completing. 
  • A framed picture of someone special – again, this is useful in helping the person spot people they know on their own each day.

7. Can I throw her a party in his nursing home for Mother’s Day?

This is a good idea! It will be so much easier for you to visit her and you can bring her things that he would not normally have access to.

It might also be a good idea to arrange ahead of time with the person in charge of entertaining the senior citizens in her nursing home so that they’ll know how to keep everyone busy.

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