fun virtual activities to do on mother's day

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Fun Virtual Activities For Mother’s Day

Because of the pandemic, all your usual and traditional Mother’s day activities and gatherings are put on hold.

Luckily, we have all this technology and devices to get together and connect and still make our moms feel extra special on Mother’s day. All you may have to do is to get a little creative. Despite the distances and social distancing, you can still do something to show that you care.

You may try doing Mother’s Day activities together virtually. All you need is a device like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to host your Mother’s day virtual party. Here are some fun virtual activities for Mother’s Day that will make you feel closer together:

Bake With Mom 

A virtual baking for Mother's Day
A virtual baking class for Mother’s Day

Pick a Mother’s Day lunch recipe together, prop your tablet up, and try out a virtual baking session. A simple moment like baking cookies with Mom is likely to be something you will cherish forever. 

Virtual Happy Hour

Plan a virtual happy hour with mom and make your own favorite cocktails, like a margarita or a gin and tonic. To make this extra special, send her a DIY gift like a cocktail kit before your virtual Mother’s day happy hour. 

Deliver A Self-Care Basket

The truth is, everyone, especially your mom, would love and benefit from self-care and pampering these days plus, it has been proven to relieve stress. Send her a Mother’s Day gift basket full of self-care items—and pick up a few feel-good essentials for you, too.

Watch a Movie Together

With the release of Netflix Party last year, you can watch movies in real-time with mom, and you can chat and discuss your favorite scenes together. You may also check out our article about Top Movies To Watch On Mother’s Day

Chat & Share Some Special Memories

This is a great way to get nostalgic on Mother’s day. All you have to do is prepare a glass jar for your memory jar.

Then video chat with each other and you fill up your jars with special memories you shared together on a piece of paper until the jar is filled up. You may even shed a tear or two while doing this touching activity on Mother’s Day

Donate to Her Favorite Organization

Studies show that giving to an organization or charity makes us happier. Put a smile on Mom’s face and yours on Mother’s day by making a donation to an organization she cares about under her name. 

Send a Party in a Box

These days, it’s not ideal to throw a real party. So what about sending her a Mother’s Day party in a box?

You can decorate it with a banner, some flowers, a handwritten letter, and chocolates—then you can celebrate Mother’s day virtually.

Have a Virtual Lunch

It might not be possible for you to host an actual lunch right now, but you could use the iPad to virtually make this happen. Before your virtual lunch, why not send her a Mother’s Day food basket with all her favorites? 

Here are more online games you can play at your virtual Mother’s Day party:

Wrapping up

These are just a few fun virtual activity ideas you can do on Mother’s day.

Even if we cannot have a big gathering and be together physically because of the pandemic, a virtual Mother’s day party will mean a lot to mothers to make them feel special on their day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of the activities that can be done during a virtual party?

A virtual party is just like any other party, and there are lots of things you can choose to try during your party. Here are fun Mother’s Day activities and games you can do:

  • Question and answer game
  • Online bring me game
  • Quiz game
  • Charades
  • “How well do you know the celebrant?” Quiz game

2. Is it possible to host virtual parties for other days or occasions besides mother’s day?

Yes, you can make different virtual parties for any occasion that you want. 

3. How do you make a Mother’s Day video?

There are a few things you can do to make your Mother’s day video special. You can write her a message or tell her how much you love her in the video.

You can also include some touching memories of the times you spent together as a family.

4. What can I do for Mother’s day long distance?

 Mother’s day is meant to honor the woman who raised us. If she lives in a different country or state, we can still do little things to make her feel just as special on this day:

  • Send or upload some heartwarming gift via email such as a photo, video, or even audio message.

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