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Funny Gift Ideas For Bosses With A Good Sense Of Humor

Add humor to the workplace with these funny gift ideas for bosses. Explore unique and lighthearted presents to bring laughter and smiles to your office.

With the office holiday party plans already in motion, you may be considering small funny gifts for your cubicle friends, water cooler work acquaintances, and… your boss.

Whether you’re closest friends with your employer or are a bit scared by him or her, getting a hilarious present for your boss is always a good idea. If you haven’t already, think of it as a method to break the ice!

Funny Gift Ideas For Bosses: Adding Humor to the Workplace

A job can be a stressful one at times. Deadlines loom, and meetings might be the kind of constant public speaking gigs you despise. This time of year allows coworkers to unwind by participating in Christmas office games such as White Elephant and simple gift exchanges. 

The topic of conversation in the break room shifts to how you’re converting screen savers into real-life vacation days. A few cubicles may even be outfitted with lights. The office has a general good, welcoming atmosphere going on. Bring your employer along for the ride.

Whether they buy happy hour rounds for the firm or not, your boss deserves the same gratitude you show your cubicle buddy who helps you get through the day with that steady stream of meme exchanges. 

After all, you do have a job. And a gift for your employer doesn’t have to be extravagant, such as a pre-paid meal for two at TGI Friday’s. It may be anything that makes them giggle. They probably need it more than you realize, especially with end-of-year obligations to meet. Get your boss in on the fun with amusing presents that will not get you fired.

Expression Socks

If your boss wears loafers, they’ll need some fashionable socks to go with them. It’s not that evolution is amusing in and of itself. It’s not your normal argyle sock design that goes with loafers.

 You’re not just giving your boss socks; you’re giving everyone in the company a reason to smile. This is like a gift for your boss has a great sense of humor. It not only works in the office, it can be perfect for parties or other get-togethers that take place after work. 

Plus, it’s one of those gifts for your boss that shows you’ve been paying attention. Unless you don’t know what a sock puppet is, or the meaning of waggle dance.

 If you don’t know what they are, then this is something that will obviously leave them scratching their head and wondering what it was they did to deserve these socks in the first place.

Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight

In an oh-so-clever way, it’s funny. It also helps to keep all of the paperwork piling up on your boss’s desk for approval. Appreciation and a chuckle at the same time. It’s a gift for your boss that’s both practical and funny at the same time. 

It also serves as a reminder that your boss is imperfect, and even though she may try to make herself seem perfect, she isn’t. This is the perfect addition to their office decor when they think they have everything covered from the ceiling on down. 

It doesn’t matter if they’re young or old, male or female… It will fit in perfectly with their desk decoration all across the board. You’ve got something special lined up for those who can appreciate it…

Witty Desk Plaque

Are they a little grouchy in the morning when they get to work? This gift for your boss will serve as a reminder to just relax. It will also serve as an ice-breaker at meetings where everyone is feeling a little tense, to break the tension. 

It’s sometimes hard to laugh at yourself, but when it’s so damn funny, why not? This can include your boss’s name…. The wording can be customized if you like; there are enough options that you’re sure to find one that fits your boss perfectly.

Picture Perfect Paperweight

This gift for your boss is sure to bring a smile to his face no matter how stressed he may be feeling. This is a gift that’s not only nice, it feels great and looks beautiful. It also shows the recipient that you’re aware of what’s going on in their personal life.

You know what most paperweights look like — well, most of them are boring! But this one is anything but.

You can have a desk plaque facing your office visitors and one facing you. You know, to remind your boss who is in charge.

Adult Award Ribbons

This is a gift for your boss that is practical, but funny at the same time. As a matter of fact, it’s hilarious! Especially if your boss tends to take everything in life seriously. This is one of those gifts for your boss that they will treasure, with humor in mind. There are lots of ribbons available, and you can build them into a little display on the desk or break them down and frame them as an award display. 

The best part about these awards is that they will bring a smile to his face every time he looks at them!

Accoutrements Mallet Pens

These fun, novelty pens are unique and one of those gifts for your boss that is perfect for your boss who really likes to keep everything organized. He’ll love these pens more than the standard ones because of the packaging. 

And if you don’t have an idea in mind, you can get them custom engraved with a fun message!This gift for your boss is practical and it makes him or her laugh aloud. Give some credit to your boss. 

You may believe that the grass is greener on the other side, but putting on pants and commuting to work for your boss is just as much of an accomplishment. Give them some real-life achievement awards to display beside their Ph.D.

Card Case

A conversation starter in the form of a business card case. You know how your boss gets real serious during office meetings and needs that one hand free to wave his or her finger around? 

This is the perfect credit-card sized case for your boss to grab ahold of whenever he goes off on one of his rants. It’s funny, it’s memorable — it will also open up a conversation with colleagues about the gift you gave your boss and why he or she chose that particular one.

Tree Stump Footstool

If your boss is really into nature, this is a gift for your boss that will speak to him or her on two levels. You’re not talking about the “dead tree” on the nature shows that never die. 

You’re talking about something that has a real life purpose; something that will bring comfort and reassurance to someone who works in a very dangerous profession. It’s environmentally friendly, too!

Adam J. Kurtz “You Tried” Trophy

The office environment can be stressful at times. Lighten the mood with a trophy commemorating some failed agreements and the hard work that is constantly put in.

An appreciation award can be given as a simple token of thanks. Whether you are giving it to your boss at the company Christmas party or just saying thank you for his support when you were going through some tough times with your job, getting an appreciation award can brighten his day and even make him blush.

Donut Warming Mug

Is it customary for your employer to hold a mug in one hand and something to eat in the other? This mug acts as a balancing act, freeing up your boss’s hand for other business-related tasks such as writing checks.

Toilet Golf Potty Putter

Once your boss receives this gift that takes restroom breaks to the golf course, he or she may take more “meetings” in the future. It’s one of those gifts for your boss that will be a hit at the company holiday party…

For all you golf lovers out there — this is a perfect gift for your boss who loves to play during his or her lunch break! This is one of those gifts for your boss that shows him or her how much you appreciate all they do.

Cat Butt Push Pins

Your boss may be a closet nerd, especially since we all know that cats are just in it for the attention. This gift for your boss is sure to get a laugh from your boss, even though it’s not intended to. Your boss is certain to like this gift because it’s one of those gifts for your boss that makes them feel special (and even cultured!).

Mug with the inscription “The Customer Is Always Wrong”

Yes, your boss will probably have a mug in his or her desk already, but this is one of those gifts for your boss that comes in a cup that is more useful than the average mug. 

With all of the items named above, you’re sure to bring a smile to your boss’s face everytime you see him or her use it.

Fuzzy Frog Pencil Pouch

This is a truly practical office-gift idea targeted at the desk and desk accessories niche. If you are stuck for something to get you through the day, this product will provide the perfect pick-me-upper with just enough zing to keep things interesting.

It makes no difference if your boss likes cats or not. They’ll be using butts to pin vital documents to the conference room board. We may all be grownups here, but who doesn’t laugh at cat butts? 

Budget Your Hire Personal Business Cards Holder

With so many different items available on the market today, it can be difficult to find something unique. This budget-friendly holder may provide just that and more! It’s one of those gifts for your boss that no one has ever seen before.

Yes, the consumer is always correct. But you’ve complained about clients or customers, and you’ve heard your boss gripe about them. With a mug that says it all, you can let them know you’re “in” on the joke.

Shot Glasses with a Bad Idea/A Good Idea

Whether it’s a Christmas gift, a birthday present, or just an excellent idea, one of the gifts for your boss on this list should get them giggling.

Are you having a drink with your boss? It does happen. If you have, these shot glasses can get you a good laugh during the gift exchange. 

Everything Is Fine Paper Pad

Give your boss one of these paper pads with the words printed on it. Do you think that you will be left alone in the future? 

Well, your boss should feel better after you give him or her this gift. It’s one of those gifts for your boss that is a bit of an inside joke, but never leaves them wondering what it means. Sometimes your boss just needs a friendly reminder and a good laugh.

Essential Oils & Oil Diffuser Set

Funny Gift Ideas For Bosses With A Good Sense Of Humor

How thoughtful are you? You may observe that, laugh-out-loud, the office has been insanely busy. With that acknowledgement comes a great deal of thanks for the gift of making your boss’s office smell like a spa. Your supervisor may scoff at how badly they needed this.

Miniature Office Footrest

It’s just another piece of practical office-gift ideas that don’t cost the earth. It’s one of those gifts for your boss that will be put to use by itself, and also works well with other items on this list.

Your boss will also appreciate this item in his or her desk or in the office as a whole.

Inform your supervisor that it is acceptable for her to take off her heels and work with her feet up.

E-Cards Desk Calendar

This is one of those gifts for your boss who doesn’t miss a day at the office. We all know that your boss is a very busy man or woman. There’s no better way to say thank you for their hard work than giving them something funny to brighten up their day.

Way before memes and aggravated joke Instagram accounts, these witticisms were making the internet laugh. As the months pass, have your boss begin each 9-5 day with a laugh.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I give my boss something funny for National Boss’s Day?

Some bosses might not appreciate a funny gift for National Boss’s Day, so this is certainly something you want to gauge before giving it. If you think your boss would get a kick out of it, then by all means go ahead and give them a gag gift.

2.  What gifts would I like to buy for my boss?

You may prefer to give your boss flowers or even chocolates! They are more personal than just giving them a greeting card and they usually don’t cost much either! It is easy to find the perfect gift for your favorite boss by doing a little research online.

You can find what kind of flowers that they like as well as their favorite color and feeling in this article

3.  Do I need anything special for National Boss’s Day?

It is not required to dress up for National Boss’s Day. Some people decide to wear business casual attire. Other people wear their best suit or a new set of clothes they just bought. It is usually the boss’ choice to dress up for this special day because it is a day of honoring their hard work and dedication.

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