25 Memorable Activities To Do On Mother’s Day

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25 Memorable Activities To Do On Mother’s Day

Moms usually tell you that the greatest gift is quality time with her kids, so take advantage of this special occasion and treat her to these Mother’s Day activities.

Sure, you can bless her with Mother’s Day flowers and gifts, but quality time with you is what they really want.

While it may be a little different this year, you can still make Mother’s Day memorable for the special woman in your life—whether she is your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or stepmom

These fun ideas for Mother’s Day include virtual experiences, activities that take you away from your mother, or something simply fun that you can do outside.

Take a Flower Arranging Class

The traditional way to show your mom you care is to send her flowers on Mother’s Day, yet how about making her bouquet yourself this year? 

You may want to take an online  together

Bake Cookies

These butterfly-shaped sugar cookies double as a lovely gift. Plus, baking them together is a great way to bond. The marbling effect may look complicated, but it is much easier than it appears—no piping required!

Enjoy an At-Home Spa Day

Mothers are the ultimate heroes. They do so much for us, but they deserve some time to just relax. Plan a special day for Mom (even if you can’t get to a spa). Make a DIY face mask and set up a manicure station.

Make Breakfast in Bed

A classic tradition is to give your mom the best Mother’s Day breakfast. But the sweet gesture is totally worth it. Ask your spouse to help you and your kids prepare a tray with croissants, scrambled eggs, granola, and cereal.

Take a Virtual Cooking Class

A virtual cooking class for Mother’s Day

Take an online class on Mother’s day and learn some new skills. Regardless of whether you’re next to each other physically or miles apart, this fun Mother’s Day activity will strengthen your bond.

Make a Crêpe Bar

Get her morning off to a great start by creating these fun crepes and following these steps for setting up a Mother’s Day brunch crêpe bar with mix-and-match fillings like strawberries, blueberries, shredded coconut, and lemon curd.

Enjoy a Walk Together

Make the most of the early days of warm, fresh spring air by going for a leisurely walk with your mom. Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen!

Raise a Glass

You can shake up your brunch game with a batch of cocktails. Mimosas are a classic way to say cheers to mom. Or, try something new like strawberry sangria.

Get Crafty

For a fun project that makes a great Mother’s Day DIY gift, try making customized beaded jewelry or construction paper flowers. She’ll love how meaningful it is, even if it’s not perfect.

Exercise Together

Relax your mind and body with a leisurely workout like yoga. Some studios even offer virtual family classes for both parents and children. Whether you choose something gentle like yoga or more intense like boot camp, cool off afterward with a refreshing smoothie.

Host Brunch

Enjoy a delicious brunch with your moms, aunts, grandmothers, and sisters by holding a backyard barbecue. Serve brunch favorites, like eggs benedict strata, coffee cake, and lemon-poppy seed waffles.

Go for a Wine Tasting

Your mom will enjoy a day at a local winery if she’s a lover of wine. Get a taste for some new bottles and pick out her favorite to bring home. Or, enroll her in an online wine class right from home.

Set Up a Picnic

A family picnic for Mother’s Day

The perfect way to spend Mother’s Day is to set up a blanket in the backyard. Pack up a basket full of make-ahead sandwiches and picnic salads 

Visit a Botanical Garden

There’s no better time than May to enjoy a trip to a sun-filled garden. But some botanical gardens require reservations, so check the website for your local garden beforehand. Or color your own flowers at home if you’re not able to leave the house.

Have a Movie Marathon

Put on one of these classic Mother’s Day movies—there are comedies, dramas, and musicals—and you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and most importantly, you’ll spend some quality time together.

Go Out of Town

Making mom feel special doesn’t have to be very far away. However, a weekend Mother’s Day trip to a charming bed and breakfast or a road trip to a new location that she has been wanting to check out is the perfect way to spend even more time with mom.

Make a Family Photo Album

Get crafty. Make a scrapbook using pretty printed paper and stickers. You can work on it together or you can make her one as a gift if you use an online photo album service.

Host a Tea Party

You might want to take your mom out for tea and enjoy munching on sweet and savory treats in pretty tea cups and plates. 

Volunteer Together

There are so many ways to lend a hand with your mom or mom’s friends. Volunteer at a local food pantry, donate to a women’s organization or send a nice note to a senior in a nursing home.

Solve a Puzzle Together

A puzzle is a great gift for your mother this Mother’s Day — you’ll find plenty of shapes, sizes, and designs. Or, customize your own puzzle, then spend the evening putting it together.

Go to the Farmer’s Market

Get fresh produce, taste artisanal products, and plan your Mother’s Day meal in the morning. Get a cup of coffee before you head out.

Let’s Get Grilling

Why not do some grilling for Mother’s Day

So why not give mom a dinner to remember this year with a special grilling session—she deserves it, after all! 

Garden Day

Mother will enjoy spending the day in the garden with you and will always be reminded of it when she sees her plants grow. 

Head to Church

Since Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, why not take your mom to church?  After church, set out a nice family brunch—eggs, bacon, and more.

A Fun Game Night

Family game nights on Mother’s Day can bring back memories of being a kid again, and mom will appreciate spending more time with you as well as making some simple snacks.

This list seems to be mostly for adults but don’t worry, here is a video of Mother’s Day activities to do with kids.

Wrap Up

Whatever your mom’s interest, she may really appreciate taking a yoga class, watching a mother-daughter movie, or having breakfast in bed followed by a spa treatment.

Make her a plate of pancakes for Mother’s Day brunch, then set up a home spa day. Or DO ALL! Mother’s Day should be all about making her happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a mother take the kids with her on a Mother’s Day trip?

Yes! I know that it can be a challenge to find something to do with your kids on this day but there are lots of great ideas to do on Mother’s Day.

2. Should I go to the beach with my mom on Mother’s Day?

This is a great Mother’s Day trip idea! The beach can be a great spot to create memories with family and you’ll get some much-needed relaxation after the chaos of motherhood.

Plus, it will be nice to spend time with your mom without having to worry about taking care of your kids.

3. Is it ok if I do something for my mom on Mother’s Day instead of spending time with her?

Some mothers might prefer to spend this day doing something for themselves. This may include a trip to the spa or just taking time for herself. You can also plan an activity around her interests or take her on a fun, carefree trip.

4. What can I do for Mother’s Day with no money?

You can volunteer to do chores, make a Mother’s Day card, cook a Mother’s Day lunch meal from memory or even try a new recipe together. I would also provide them with something to share with the family and time for quality conversation together.

5. What is the best homemade gift for Mother’s Day?

The best homemade Mother’s Day gift would be a card or poem. The other options are watching old family videos or looking through old photos together.

6. What fun things can you do with your mom?

Here are other fun things you can do with your mom on Mother’s day:

  • Go to the salon
  • Catch up on your TV shows together
  • Make her favorite dish together 

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