Mother's Day Gifts For Every Type Of Mom

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Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Type Of Mom

What better way to show your appreciation for the woman who’s given you so many happy memories than by giving her a gift that suits her interests? Here are Mother’s Day gifts for every type of mom.

For The Crafty Mom

If your mom is crafty, then you should get her something crafty, too. It could be a book of projects, an assortment of craft goodies or a craft kit all in one box.

You could also get her a gift card from a craft store to use on future purchases of what she loves to do. 

  1. Home-made Candles – Candles are a timeless Mother’s Day gift and with a few basic ingredients, it’s easy to make your own candles for her home. Select candle ingredients that are specifically made for fall or winter or a scent that she enjoys like lavender. 
  1. DIY Craft – These are the best gifts for moms who are into crafts because they will be able to do something she enjoys by making some art. Mom can even share her creations with her friends and family.
  1. Home-made Sugar Scrub – This is a great gift that can be personalized with your mom’s favorite scent.
  1. Whipped Soap – You can make this organic soap and add different scents—everyone will love it! Use a recipe from the internet and make it for your mom.
  1. Handmade Candle Holder – This handmade candle holder makes a lovely Mother’s Day gift. It can feature mom’s initials to create a unique, personal keepsake.
  1. Wood Signs – Handmade signs are a fun gift that will be appreciated by mom. You can get creative by making them for her room, the kitchen, or the garden.

Check out our article for more DIY activities you can do with your mom.

For The Gardener Mom

If your mom loves to garden or gardening as a hobby. You should get her gifts that are useful for the garden. 

  1. Customized Garden Markers – Instead of using the usual white or red garden stakes, you can add a little color and personality with these easy-to-make custom markers.
  1. Flower Planter Kit – What mom wouldn’t love receiving flowers year-round? 

For The Baking Moms

If your mom loves to bake, whether it is for her children or simply for herself. Here are some baking items she’ll surely love to get on Mother’s day:

1. Pie Crust CutterIf your mom doesn’t have one of these yet, she needs a simple cutter to make the job easier.

2. Cookies Cuttera cookie cutter is a must-have for parties and family events.

3. Kitchen GadgetsIf your mom loves to cook, she may appreciate having a good set of kitchen tools to use in the kitchen.

4. Handheld Kitchen ScaleThis small digital scale is a great gift for moms who would like to stay on track with portion control while in the kitchen.

For The Health Fitness Mom

If your mom loves to work out, she will be thrilled to receive a gift that is all about improving her fitness and getting fit.

Great gifts for health fitness moms include special gym wear, fitness equipment, fitness accessories, and healthy snacks. 

  1. Sporty Activewear – why not get her some new workout clothes for the gym?
  1. Fitness Equipment – Mom will really appreciate a gift that helps with her health and fitness goals.
  1. Fitness Accessories – Fitness accessories such as straps or body bands, are great gifts for women who like to work out at home.
  1. Healthy Snacks – Snacks like fruit and nuts are great for boosting energy and giving mom a healthy boost. 
  1. Kettlebell – It’s a great option for the fitness buff mom in your life. They’ll have tons of fun using a kettlebell as part of their workout routine.
  1. Fitness Running Watch – Moms love to stay active, and getting her a running watch will help her keep track of everything that they need to know while they’re training.
  1. Subscription plan – this is the perfect gift for a fitness mom. You can choose a fitness center, yoga studio, or gym that she can use at her convenience.

For The DIY Mom

If your mom loves doing DIYs, she will be thrilled to receive a gift that is all about home improvement. Great gifts for do-it-yourself moms include things like screwdrivers, power tools, hammers, and more.

  1. DIY Power Tool Kit – If you’re looking for a gift that will help with a home project, you can’t go wrong with a set of power tools.
  1. Hammer – This is an oldie but goodie tool that can save mom from many problems. A hammer is something that every DIYer needs.
  1. Tool Box – If you know the type of tools that mom uses most often, get her a toolbox where she can store her stuff. This will make the whole project go more smoothly.

For The Fun-loving Mom

  1. Movie Ticket and Popcorn Gift Basket – This is a unique gift that any mom would love, especially if she loves going to the movies. Buy a movie ticket plus popcorn, candy, and soda in one gift basket. 
  1. Digital Camera – This is an excellent gift that will allow mom to document and remember all her family activities and gatherings.

For The Adventurous Mom

Hiking is great idea for the adventurous mom for Mother's day
Hiking is a great idea for the adventurous mom

If your mom is adventurous, she will be thrilled to receive a gift that gets her out and about.

Great Mother’s Day gifts for trips and adventurous moms include things like backpacks, camping gear, hiking gear, and more.

  1. Backpack – This is an excellent way to get your mom out exploring her local trails. It’s also a good item to bring while hiking. 
  1. Outdoor clothing – If your mom loves camping or hiking, she’ll love getting some new outdoor clothing.

For The Techy Mom

If your mom is techy, she will be thrilled to receive a gift that helps her stay on top of her email and social media accounts. Gifts for techy moms include things like portable chargers, headphones, and more.

  1. Portable Charger – As technology advances so do our reliance on our phones, laptops, and tablets. Make sure your mom has a portable charge while she’s on the go.
  1. Headphones – Let your mom listen to her favorite music in style with new headphones.
  1. Laptop Sleeve – Get your mom a laptop sleeve that will keep her new or old laptop protected from scratches and dings. 
  1. Calendar and Planner – Every tech-friendly mom needs a good planner for appointments, events, and vacations.

For The Outdoorsy Mom

If your mom loves the outdoors and nature, she will be thrilled to receive something that will improve her outdoor experience.

Great gifts for outdoorsy moms include things like hiking boots, a waterproof camera, running shoes, and more.

1. Hiking Boots – Hiking boots are an excellent gift idea for outdoor enthusiasts. Your mom will love having a pair of sturdy boots she can use year-round.

2. Waterproof Camera – This is the perfect gift for any mom who likes taking photos while she’s out hiking or participating in other outdoor activities.

3. Running Shoes – These are excellent shoes that your mom can use for a run or just to wear around town on a sunny day.

4. Hammock – Hammocks are typically associated with relaxing so it’s a great gift for the mom who wants to take it easy after a day of hiking.

For The Romantic Mom

If your mom is a hopeless romantic, she will be thrilled to receive a personalized Mother’s Day gift that reminds her of love.

  1. Vintage Locket – This is a personal gift that mom is sure to enjoy. You can make her a locket with pictures of you, your siblings, and other family members. You could even add pictures of your parents as teens or newlyweds.
  1. Candle and Wine Gift Basket – This is an excellent gift idea for moms who simply need a little help getting through the week.
  1. Romantic Flowers – Get your mom a bouquet of roses or even some romantic orchid flowers. 
  1. Jewelry Box – a jewelry box is perfect for women who love their jewelry and want to store it in a safe place.

For more gift box ideas for Mother’s Day, watch this video:

Wrap Up

What type of mom do you have? Whatever type she is, present her with a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.

Whether your mom is a techy, outdoorsy, creative, or fun-loving mom, you can find a gift that will make her feel special. Hopefully, this article has helped you in finding just the right gift idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find presents for my mother who loves to cook for Mother’s day?

You could buy her a cookbook! You could also get her a kitchen utensil that she doesn’t already have.

You may also try these lunch recipes for Mother’s Day.

2. What gifts should I buy for my mother who loves music for Mother’s day?

Do you think your mom would want to learn how to play the guitar? Why not get her a new musical instrument so she can learn from a CD, or teach herself by watching YouTube videos?

3. How do you find the perfect gift for a mom who is always on the computer, checking her emails and Facebook for Mother’s day? 

You could buy her a new tablet, or an eBook reader.

4. What is an excellent gift for a mother that likes to read for Mother’s day?

You could also buy her a Kindle or Nook.

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