The Best Meat Thermometer For the Perfect Grilling Experience

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The Best Meat Thermometer For the Perfect Grilling Experience

About Meat Thermometers  

Do you love grilling food with a perfect crispy golden crust on the outside and tender, juicy, and flavorful meat inside? You need the best meat thermometer for grilling. With this guide, you will find out how to do it right.



?165ft Long Range Model: 100% WIRE-FREE 

? 2 Sensors, 1 Probe

? Dishwasher safe

? Guided Cook System: Walks you through every step of the cooking process.

? Advanced Estimator Algorithm: Can estimate how long to cook and rest your food.

? Connectivity Suite: Monitor your cook from a phone or tablet over Bluetooth.


For the most delicious cooking experience possible, there is no substitute for an accurate meat thermometer. But not all meat thermometers are created equally. The MEATER Plus gives you two easy to read digital interior and exterior temperature indicators as well as professional grade cooking guides to ensure your meat is cooked to perfection. With two simple buttons for instant access to advanced algorithms.


MEATER Plus also features a built-in timer and a guided cook system that walks you through every step of the grilling process. Start by choosing your desired cooking temperature with one button and let the MEATER Plus walk you through its pre-programmed cook cycle. The MEATER Plus is also easy to clean and comes with a dishwasher safe probe.


“The best feature for me is the cooking time estimate which tells you how long to cook your meat and when it is ready to come out of the oven (the app will alert you!). It’s so convenient, I don’t know how I could’ve cooked before without knowing this information.”

“When I found out that an even longer range version of this product came out I had to get it. I love the original thermometer but to get the extra range I needed a second phone, which I do not have. But anyway, having this plus version really helps. It’s really smart of them to put a signal booster for Bluetooth inside the charger!”


✅ Simple to set up

✅ Receives alerts

✅ Estimates cooking time

✅ Monitors multiple dishes

✅ Wireless

✅ Long range


❌ Quite expensive

2. BUDGET FRIENDLY: HAUEA Meat Thermometer


?Smart APP Control with Accurate Reading

?6 Durable Stainless Steel Probes

?Stainless steel probe temp range: 1~380℃/33~716℉

?Food Ready Alert function


A meat thermometer is very important for every household. A perfect grilled meal cannot be achieved without a properly monitoring thermometer. HAUEA have developed the best meat thermometer which is available at an affordable price. The HAUEA Meat Thermometer has 6 stainless steel probes with a range of temperature between 1~380℃/33~716℉. This range ensures that you get the best reading of the meat’s temperature in every situation or place where you plan to grill your meal or steak. The probe wires are made of solid stainless steel, so it is durable enough to provide continuous use and accurate accuracy during grilling.


“This wireless thermometer comes with a storage case which is very practical to keep everything together and have it ready when needed. The size of the lighted LCD screen is large and is specially for those that can’t see well. It displays the food and the temperature, which is most helpful when barbecuing in the evenings.”


“Great digital and Bluetooth thermometer which connects to my iPhone! I got this for my smoked meats on the pellet grill. Used them with a brisket and pork shoulder and ribs thus far. The accuracy is perfect. When I cooked the Texas brisket I specifically set the probe for 180 degrees. Then, I double wrapped the brisket in heavy duty foil and smoked until 190 degrees. I love the constant monitoring rather than manually spot checking with a hand held thermometer like I used to do; I hated opening the pit and losing all the heat to check temps.”


✅ App Alarm

✅ Convenient Winder Design

✅ Large LCD Screen

✅ Storage Case

✅ Six Channels with 6 Probes

✅ Heat Resistant Wires & Accurate Probes


❌ Bluetooth range could be better





? Hands free monitor

? Hassle-free setup: No synchronization required

? Kitchen timer

? USDA preset temperature settings

? Durable and accurate probes


ThermoPro isn’t just a thermometer, but a complete wireless cooking system. It comes with two replaceable probes – the meat probe and the food probe. The meat probe is inserted into the meat and alerts you when it has reached your desired temperature. The food probe monitors the internal temperature of the grill to make sure foods like steak don’t get burnt or overcooked. It also features a handy kitchen timer and gives you visual alert.


“This thermometer is great! I used it today to cook a brisket. I put one probe in the meat and the other in the smoker. Set the alarm to go off at 160 degrees and it worked perfectly. I love having the receiver in the house while it cooks outside. Great product.”

“The sensors work very well and accurately. I have used 2 sensors on a large piece of meat, which allowed me to cook it to precision perfect tenderness”

“I use this primarily with my Traeger smoker. It’s definitely a 5* product. I can put on two different meats/fishes/veggies and know the internal temp of each. Great when you are smoking two different thicknesses of meat too. I’ve also used it on the grill with equally stellar results. Let’s me put the meat on, walk away, and then follow the progress – especially for low and slow cooking.”


✅ High Accuracy & Heat Resistance

✅ Alarm for Programmed Temp

✅ Countdown & Count Up Timer


❌ Material construction is mediocre 

❌ Not waterproof




? 328’ Outdoor Wireless Range

? Smartphone Alarm: mobile app will send push notifications 

? Dual Monitoring: Remotely monitor food temperatures in either Celsius or Fahrenheit and get alerts. 

? Instant Read Digital Display: Large electric backlit LCD display 

? Upgraded Stainless Steel Cable

? Included components: Smart BBQ Thermometer, Temperature Probes, AA Batteries


The Smart Wireless BBQ Grill Thermometer is the perfect meat thermometer for the perfect grilling experience. This wireless meat thermometer allows you to monitor your cooking no matter what you are doing away from your grill. This wireless BBQ thermometer is an essential tool for any chef that wants to achieve consistent results every time. It can help you become a master chef in your own kitchen. The smart design is compact yet powerful. The device comes with a wireless receiver that displays the temperature of food and alerts you if someone goes out of range.


“Being someone who likes cooking in the smoker, and who loves the taste of brisket that is just right, I needed to use a remote sensor thermometer. My previous one decided to retire one of the sensors and this one was an upgrade in that I could get the readings on my phone and not have to keep the remote sensor nearby.”

“These metal head probes seem well built and are accurate. I bought these metal head probes to replace OEM silicone head probes that came with my Tenergy 6 Probe Bluetooth unit. We BBQ several times a week/year round and after 2 years, 3 of the silicone head probes were no longer accurate. I verified the calibration of both the older silicone and new metal probes using an ice water bath in an insulated cup.”


✅ Probes can withstand up to 482 degrees, safe to leave inside the oven or grill for the entire cooking duration.

✅ View Your Temperature History Timeline

✅ Displays Real-Time Temperature

✅ Unique ‘Target Temperature’ Setting

✅ Alarm & Alert Notifications


❌  Bluetooth has limited range, so you can’t be too far away.



? 1-3 second ultra-fast response time with an accuracy better than ±0.9°F.

? Large 2″ auto-rotating ambidextrous backlit display and IP65 splash-proof construction.

? Intelligent stabilization alert and read-out hold function

? Used by professional chefs, BBQ competitors, cooking show hosts, and award-winning baristas.

? NSF certified superior build quality like nothing else on the market.


Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo will enable you to enjoy your grilling experience to the fullest with its vast array of features, and in doing so, help you put fresh taste into your food without sacrificing safety. With its easy to use interface and intuitive touch controls. The Javelin Pro Duo will ensure that your meat is grilled perfectly with amazingly fast response time, accurate temperature read-out, high resolution display and versatile functionality. With the ability to retain steady temperature with an ultra-fast response time. It is arguably one of the best food thermometers on the market today.


“If money is no object, I prefer the Thermapen by a hair. But for half the price, the Javelin Pro does not disappoint. I highly recommend it, especially in Chipotle or Orange. If you are not sure if you want to pony up nearly $50 for the Javelin Pro, you can find other very nice instant read thermometers for as low as about $13. The less expensive ones are not quite as quick, typically have slightly smaller numbers, and shorter warranties, but still do an admirable job.” 


“Small, light, easy to use, can be used in either hand. It has a back-light and with a flick of the wrist it will come on. It has a magnet making it easy to stick to the side of an appliance for a quick grab and test. It will display in F or C as you prefer.” 


“I purchased this thermometer right before Thanksgiving as an upgrade to my old thermometer. I love all the features: long probe, fast read, simple design, big and clear display that rotates so you can always read the number the right way regardless of how you hold the thermometer (super useful for lefties).”


✅ Ultra-sensitive Japanese sensor. And with an accuracy of ±0.9°F, its performance is unrivaled. 

✅ Intelligent stabilization feature 

✅ 100% BPA-free polycarbonate,

✅ Engineered to comply with stringent international food-safety guidelines.

✅ Auto-Sleep & Motion-Wake

✅ IP65 splash resistant construction 

✅ Motion-Sense Backlight


❌  Quite expensive








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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Must I use a meat thermometer for my meat?

Yes! Though these are more expensive than the simple analog versions, their accuracy can’t be beat. They’ll only make your grilling experience better and safer.

2. How long should I cook my meat?

Choose the meat and temperature you desire and times will vary. You can find many of these online or in your grilling guide cook book.

3. What if my meat thermometer starts to beep? Is that a problem?

No, not at all! If it beeps or notifies you (depends on the brand you get) it is telling you that your food has reached its desired internal temperature. 

4. What is the best type of meat thermometer?

Purchasing a digital meat thermometer is a bit more pricey than their analog counterparts but it will be worth it down the road. The digital types are also more durable and show you that your meat has reached that perfect internal temperature, whereas the analog variety will not tell you if there was any sort of error with its reading.

5. What are the advantages of grilling with a meat thermometer?

Using a thermometer will tell you when your food is done and will help to prevent over cooking on the grill. This article tells you about the best and even the most accurate thermometers on the market.

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