The Top Grill Lights for Your Outdoor Barbecue

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The Top Grill Lights for Your Outdoor Barbecue

About Grill Lights 

Grilling out is one of the most popular ways to entertain, and with this article you can find a light that will help to keep your grills looking great. Why do you need lights on the grill? They are needed for safety!

Grill lights are often high-powered LED lights that provide ambient lighting while cooking. Plus they’re really easy to install and don’t require any power cords or electricity!

This article will provide you with great grill lights that have been tried and tested to make sure you get your money’s worth. So what are you waiting for? Check them out today!



1. TOP PICK: KOSIN Grill Light
2. BUDGET FRIENDLY: Merajab Grill Lights 
3. BEST QUALITY: Cuisinart CGL-310 Grilluminate Torch Light


5. MOST COMPACT & PORTABLE: Weber 7661 Handle Grill ‘N Go

1. TOP PICK: KOSIN Grill Light 


? Outstanding Led Light: powered by 12 Super bright led lights 

? Waterproof & Heat Resistant Tech

? Magnetic Base & Adjustable Screw Clamp: powerful magnetic base design allows BBQ grill lights to be safely and securely stuck to the magnetic surface of most grills. 

? Flexible Neck: 22.2 Inch Steel Frame Goose Neck is 20% Longer than most of our competitors’ products


Lighting your backyard barbecue shouldn’t be a hassle. You shouldn’t have to worry about where you’re going to find a reliable light for your grill (not to mention one that’s bright enough to actually illuminate the area you’re grilling in).

Fortunately, there is such a light and the Kosin Grill Light is it.

This 12-LED waterproof grill light features an aluminum casing, steel frame, and flexible neck so that it can shine its light in any direction you wish. And with its adjustable screw clamp you can easily secure it to any surface as well (though most customers prefer securing it directly on their grill).


“Just purchased this Kosin grill light and I love it. It can be mounted using the clamp design or using the magnetic base. Given my grill doesn’t have any surfaces that could utilize the clamp I opted to use the magnets to attach to the hood. The long neck of the light comes in handy to focus the light on the areas needed. My photos are during the day because the night photos didn’t look too good but this light is nice and bright. The light itself has some weight to it and doesn’t feel cheap and lightweight. I’m loving this light so far.” 


“FINALLY a grille light without BS gimmicks. Strong magnets stick firmly and stay stuck until you remove them. The 22″ gooseneck guarantees you’ll have light even in the furthest recesses of your grill. For those of us with real stainless steel (not magnetic), it has a built in clamp to secure to the grill.”


“Highly recommend this grille light. Batteries instead of chargeable is perfect as I generally do not know my flashlight is gonna go out until it doesn’t light up!!!”


✅ Easy To Install & Use

✅ Waterproof & Heat Resistance

✅ Ultra-Strong Magnetic Base

✅ 360° Rotatable Gooseneck


❌Not Rechargeable (But some actually prefer battery operated)

2. BUDGET FRIENDLY: Merajab Grill Light


? 24 super bright LED lights

? Powerful Magnetic Base And Flexible Gooseneck: This feature allows you to easily mount your top of torch without any installation tools or technicalities. 

? Portable and Multi-Purpose

? Durable Construction: Made of durable light weight aluminum for easy maneuverability and long lasting use

? Waterproof design allows you to grill in any weather.


The Merajab Grill Lights are perfect for outdoor barbecues. So, why are they so popular? Well, for starters, they’re super bright. With a total of 24 super bright LED lights. You can have enough light to completely illuminate your grill without having to use any other lighting sources.

Not only that, but they’re also portable and multipurpose. There’s no need to worry about wind or sun damage with this product. With a durable construction made of light weight aluminum, you can easily maneuver the top of the torch without any installation tools or technicalities.


“We’re enjoying our bbq lights. It’s always been difficult cooking in the evenings because our outside lights don’t shine towards the grill. I like that they are magnetic and can be moved. No more attaching them with flimsy attachments.”


“I am surprised and delighted by this grill light. I got it to use for grilling at night and it’s perfect. I even used it to clean the grill by turning it down into the deepest part of the stick, which attaches right to the metal and twists down. It comes with a great case for both lights.” 


“It is very bright and works as it should. Now, I’m able to see all meats on my grill even in the dark 🙂 recommend it. It comes with nice gift!” 


✅ 360° Rotatable Gooseneck

✅ Powerful Magnetic Base

✅ Heat Resistance

✅ Super bright and durable


❌ Does not include batteries




? Bright COB LED Lights: Bright COB LED lights are energy efficient and super bright.

? 360 Rotating Arms: The Grilluminate features 360 rotating arms 

? High/Low Settings: The Grilluminate’s LED lights can be adjusted to a high or low brightness setting.

? Clamps To Most Grill Handles: The light is designed to clamp to most grill handles


Grilluminate is a LED light specifically designed to illuminate your backyard patio area. The Grilluminate is perfect for your outdoor barbecues, tailgating parties, or dinners with friends and family.

The Grilluminate features 360 rotating arms that can be adjusted to your desired position. 

The light settings are adjustable so you can choose how bright you want your grill lights to be. The high setting maxes out at 60 lumens and the low setting maxes out at 40 lumens. The high setting is bright enough to light your grill from outside of the backyard and the low setting is bright enough to light your grill in a more focused area.


“Powerful magnet holds light securely. Bright and long-lasting. Perfect for my Cuisinart outdoor grill. Lights are not designed to work on non-magnetic surfaces and will fall over if not held in place by the strong magnetic base.”

“Really bright light and it holds to the metal pretty good. I just tried only one light since my grill is the cheap Walmart ones, but for you guys that have big grills, two lightlightsll be enough. 100% recommended.”


✅ Two super-bright light sources.

✅ Perfectly portable

✅ LED lights will illuminate your entire grill surface.  

✅ Adjustable Light Setting


❌ Quite pricey

❌ Does not include batteries



? Upgraded Waterproof & Heat-resistant Material: RVZHI barbecue light with a stronger heat-resistant glass fiber nylon structure.

? Outstanding Brightness & Long-lasting: This BBQ light is powered by 10 ultra-bright LED lights with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

? Flexible Rotation & Easy Control: The BBQ grill light can be rotated 360-degree.

? Easy To Install & Use

? Practical & Multi-purpose: The small portable design allows this lighting accessory to be used in indoor and outdoor activities.


RVZHI Grill Light is a design that offers more than a BBQ light, it also functions as a table lamp. This barbecue grill light is made of high-quality glass fiber nylon and has a 5-star heat resistance. It can be used for many years. The LED flashlight can be rotated 360 degrees, making it easy to control the direction of lighting in any direction. 


“Very happy with this product. Easy to attach. Bright light that is perfect. It does stick out a bit, so if your grill cover is tight, then it might be an issue. Comes in two levels of brightness. It does need to be manually turned on.”


“This light is a life changer! We often grill later in the day and it’s hard to see what you’re doing.”


“With this light I have no issues seeing what I’m doing! It’s very bright and holds on to the handle tight!”


“Exactly what we needed. Our grill is on an unlit deck and we were irritated trying to grill under the light of our phones. This is super bright and fits perfectly on the hood handle to light up the entire grilling surface.”


✅ Super Bright LED BBQ Light

✅ Easy Operation

✅ Strong and Durable Material

✅ Waterproof

✅ Heat resistant


❌ Not rechargeable 

❌ Pretty bulky



5. MOST COMPACT & PORTABLE: Weber 7661 Handle Grill ‘N Go


? Led illuminates the entire cooking surface

? Easily attaches to the grill handle

? Detachable to shine extra light where you need it

? Motion sensor with an on/off switch saves battery life

? Fits Current Spirit, Genesis and Summit grills


The Weber 7661 Handle Grill ‘N Go is a bright LED flashlight and grill light in one. This super-lightweight, motion-sensing light is powered by three AAA batteries that are easy to access from the back of the handle and will last you about 250 hours, no matter how much you use it. The compact beam gives you the option to adjust your light spread for whatever you need at the time.

This grill light has several great features that make your outdoor grilling experience more convenient. The grill light is detachable so if you just want to illuminate a certain area of your grill or focus on a specific food item. Additionally, you can adjust the light spread to shine where you need it most.


“I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the light is actually motion-activated. When you close the grill with the power on it actually shuts the light off. when you open the grill it turns the light on.”

“Awesome product that works well even on my Napoleon Prestige 500 and on my kettle charcoal Weber. Ample brightness but I preferred to put two of them on the rail so I could slide them all the way down to the sides of the handle this way the grilling area is perfectly illuminated as well as the side shelves where the food is going or coming from. Plus it leaves the handle open and free to grab from the middle where it’s natural to grab. It easily detaches to be a portable light if your cell phone isn’t near by. I love them!” 

“Overall, this is a really good product and I highly recommend it to any cook.”


✅ Compact and portable

✅ Automatic Coffee: Place brewer on carafe to start draining

✅ Brewer and carafe nest for easy storage. 

✅ Carafe stopper has a silicone seal to keep the concentrate fresh

✅ Ultra-fine, reusable stainless steel mesh filter prevents grounds from escaping into your brew


❌ Pricey 

❌ Does not come with batteries

❌ Fits best for  Current Spirit, Genesis and Summit grills



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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most important features of a grill light?

The most important factors to consider when purchasing a grill light are:

Brightness – Bright enough to light up your backyard and the food on the grill. The majority of outdoor grills come with really nice LED lights that illuminate well without an additional source of lighting. If you see that your existing lights are not bright enough for your needs, then get an additional source of lighting. 

Size – Portable and lightweight so you can take it anywhere you go. The last thing that you want is a bulky light that feels heavy and suffocating when you take it along with you to your next grilling event. 

Versatility – Be able to change the lighting direction and spread. The majority of grill lights allow their users to adjust the spread of light and where they want it to shine. This makes grilling so much easier, especially if you are grilling in multiple areas or using multiple burners for cooking at once.

2. How do I know which grill light will best suit my needs? 

That depends on what features are most important to you, so let’s go over some of the top features of a grill light listed above and see which one will work best for your needs.

3. What grill light is best for outdoor barbecues? 

There are a few grill lights that are designed specifically for outdoor barbecues and grilling. These are lights that are waterproof and can withstand the occasional splash of rain or water from a garden hose. Since most outdoor grills are located outside, it’s important to have a grill light that will not get damaged by the elements of nature.

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