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Best Halloween Gifts For Everyone
Who Loves A Scare

The best Halloween Gifts for everyone are those that are both thoughtful and spooky. Costumes, candy, snacks, and other seasonal decorations all make great gifts.

These gift ideas may help find some Halloween gifts that are extra spooky:

People are always looking for the perfect Halloween gift for that someone who lives to scare. But those can be hard to find!

You want something unique and different and something that will knock their socks off. Well, have no fear! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Halloween gifts that will make them scream with delight.

Creepy Halloween Gifts for Men

We all know guys love anything that can be used to scare the kids. And, for obvious reasons, Halloween provides a cornucopia of opportunities from which to select.

There are also many other ways to make an impression on him. Here are some of the best gifts for all the men who love a good scare, from the horror fan to the timidest of them all. You may even find a Halloween gift for your boyfriend.

Gothic Skull Beverage Coasters

Halloween Gifts - Gothic Skull Beverage Coasters for men

Halloween-themed coasters will add a touch of gothic fantasy to someone’s home decor. The coasters are not only decorated with skulls, ravens, and dead flowers but they are also stored in a holder shaped like a skeletal hand when not in use.

They’re also fashionable and functional for everyday use, thanks to their durable ceramic material and cork-back bottom. For years to come, they’ll be a fun way to creep out guests and visitors.

Gothic skull beverage coasters are an excellent gift for men on Halloween because they are fun to creep out guests and visitors. This product also makes an interesting conversation piece due to its style.

So, do you need a “helping hand” with that drink?



???? Need a hand with that drink? The helping hand coaster holder set provides an elegant set of premium quality, ceramic, cork-back coasters cleverly stored in a beautifully sculpted skeleton hand.

???? Each coaster's stunning gothic artwork depicts an ancient skull flanked by two flying ravens, the harbingers of death.

???? Haunting enough to make the perfect addition to your Halloween party decor. Classy enough to display year-round as part of your Gothic collection! 

???? Designed exclusively by in-house artists at DWK. A hand is meticulously sculpted to capture every exceptional detail, and hand-painted in a beautiful antique pewter finish.

???? Made to last from durable, high-quality, cold-cast polyresin.


The Helping Hand coaster holder set is an exquisite collection of high quality ceramic, cork lined coasters neatly housed in a wonderfully carved skeletal hand. The beautiful gothic artwork on each coaster shows an old skull accompanied by two soaring ravens, the harbingers of doom. It's creepy enough to be a great addition to your Halloween party decorations. Elegant enough to have on display as part of your Gothic collection all year! DWK's in-house artists created all of the artwork. The hand is painstakingly carved to capture every unique feature and hand painted in a lovely antique pewter finish. It is constructed from  cold cast polyresin which is a long-lasting, high-quality material, guaranteed to make them last a very long time.


“Loved these for my set up. I bought this coaster holder just for the hand/holder shelf. I saw a few reviews that some had arrived broken but mine came perfectly packaged and all fingers in place.

The coasters themselves were a bit too edgy for my liking. I ordered some blood red coasters to replace the ones they came with and it looks beautiful.”

“Ordered these to do some Halloween decorating and was very pleased with the quality. The skeleton hand is great quality, thick and seems durable. The coasters are ceramic and have quite a bit of weight to them and the artwork is exactly as pictured. Very impressed.”


✅It is made from high quality and durable material

✅A nice decorative piece for the spooky holiday season

✅The design is well made and nicely detailed for its price

✅Perfect gift for your Gothic friends and loved ones


❌The item is fragile so make sure to make the seller pack it well before having it shipped.

Flexible Spider Grip Holder

This smartphone holder resembles a real spider with its eight spindly legs. The good news is that it has the sticky grip of a spider’s web.

The legs are fully adjustable, so you can bend them into any shape you want, and you can use them to stand, hold, hang, pose, or prop up your phone in a variety of ways.

A flexible spider grip holder is a thoughtful gift that would be equally appropriate for a man on Halloween or someone who is afraid of spiders.

It can be used in many ways and has fully adjustable legs. Nothing will fall or slip. The legs of a spider holder are strong enough to hold its prey in a place like your phone.

This will surely be a creepy Halloween gift that you can get for your family and friends.



???? Phone holder material: Core alloy metal + soft touch rubber.

???? Application environment: Car, bike, bicycle, desk, air travel, bedroom, home, outdoor, and eyewear eyeglass holder.

???? Applicable models: Universal, all mobile phones, GPS, digital camera, MP3, MP4, e-readers, books, and all cell phone sizes 6 inches below. 

???? 2-Pack


The spider phone holder has 8 flexible legs and can be folded into any shape or form to hold your phone. This creepy flexible spider mobile phone holder will suit all of your needs whether you're at home, in the car, pushing a grocery cart, riding your bike, or even at the gym. It's made of an inner alloy frame that makes it lightweight and easy to carry, as well as a rubber exterior for traction and grip. The holder may be used with any size phone as well as small cameras and is ideal for taking selfies from a distance. It also clings to the air vents on your car dashboard if you want to use your smartphone as a GPS.


“It mostly boils down to me needing a mount for my phone in my car. I have an LG V20 with a full size case and a pop socket on the back. It is not as slim as it is when "naked" and the case itself will support the pop socket but below the center of gravity, so the pop socket mount does not work for me. This thus far works great. I have a Pontiac Vibe and the air vents are the swivel/flip kind so most of the car mounts available to me are either suction cup with dubious reviews, or designed for iPhone's and cannot support the heft of my phone. This is versatile, solid, flexible and works as described. The plus is that I can adjust it on the fly if I will be using it on a different phone. I got two and intend to give the other to my friend who has the same problem with her equally hefty phone, and her partner has a much smaller iPhone. My other option was to start bending coat hangers, and while I am handy with a pair of pliers, this was worth the saved frustration for the few dollars it cost. I would recommend it to someone else and intend to update later after extended use.”


✅It’s fun to manipulate and easy to use too

✅It is inexpensive

✅An easy solution to hold your gadgets

✅Versatile and very sturdy


❌It won’t be able to hold bigger gadgets such as an iPad Pro

The Scream Mouse Pad

Halloween Gifts - The Scream Mouse Pad for men

The Scream by Edward Munch is one of the most famous works of art in modern history, and you can keep it forever on a mouse pad.

The creepiest part is that if the owner wants to use their computer, they will have to look at it every day. Imagine staring at a screaming guy every day. 

If you’re buying a gift for a man this Halloween, don’t worry about going out and beyond thinking of a gift. You can give him something he’ll never forget: a creepy Scream mouse pad. 

Get your gamer boyfriend this Halloween gift and be prepared to scream!


???? Made from a high quality natural rubber material. The dimension of the mouse pad is 9.5x7.9 inches. 

???? Stitched border prevents the mouse edge from warping or fraying.

???? Vivid printing brings out the most of the original art. 

???? Besides serving its function well as a mouse pad, it is also a nice decoration for your desk.


When it comes to serious gamers, mouse pads are crucial because they provide a dependably flat surface that allows for the detection of any tiny, incremental mouse movements and this mouse pad makes no exception. When used in conjunction with a computer mouse, this can bring a nice personal touch to just about any area in the house that has one. The dull and basic mouse pad has transformed into a masterpiece all thanks to this design.


“I am very surprised at the vibrant color and overall high image quality of this mousepad! The image is perfect, it's very true to the painting. There's no muddyness or anything. Every detail is there. The fabric is soft and silky and it seems durable. It's a little thinner than a standard mousepad, which some people may not like, but it doesn't bother me at all. I'm very very happy with this mousepad and I can't wait to take it into the office tomorrow!”


✅The colors are vibrant and the image quality is excellent

✅The fabric is soft and silky

✅Very nice quality and inexpensive

✅Perfect addition for your work desk


❌It is a little thinner compared to other mouse pads

Bloody Color-Changing Bath Mat 

A color-changing bath mat will make your roommate scream. Because it reacts to water, when they get out of the shower and step on it, their footprints will leave “bloody” imprints right in front of their eyes.

It’ll be the prank of all pranks! It can also be placed in kitchens, bathrooms, pool areas, and other locations where your friend or relative might get wet and set it off. Just be aware that you may be evicted later – Just kidding of course!

It’s a perfect gag gift idea for any guy this Halloween! The mat is so realistic that when your roommate steps out of the shower, it’ll be like they stepped right into a crime scene.

Do you know anyone who gets sick to their stomach at the sight of blood? Boy, do we have a surprise for you!


???? Try the world’s first bloody bath mat sheet, a thin plastic roll that only reacts with water – color-changing wet footprints into blood-red stains. 

???? Experience the only color-changing blood mat sheet by IntroWizard that really turns red when wet.

???? Give your boyfriend or girlfriend the shock of their life as they leave a trail of blood stains out of the shower. An incredibly unique prank that you can hide nearly anywhere. 

???? No other horrible gag gift for your boyfriend comes close to the shock he'll have to see his toilet water splashes and footprint stains turn red. 


What seems to be a perfectly typical white bath mat is transformed into a horrific bloodbath in a matter of seconds.

This gut-wrenching gift for that true crime enthusiast in your life is sure to scare the living daylights out of your friends! Constructed from a thin and elastic material, this could be hidden away almost anywhere in the bathroom.

Get more than one and place them side-by-side and watch as your husband or mom is taken aback by their own trail of blood stains as they emerge from the bathroom.


“We love it. It does exactly what they say. We've only had it for one day so I'm not sure how long it will last. It is not soft, cushy, or absorbent like a regular bath mat. The shower curtain is really stuff. Material is a lot like a thin canvas. Comes in two pieces. They are great Halloween decor. The stiffness of the shower curtain makes it frustrating for that use. But they are tons of fun for Halloween.”

“What a fun item! And it's just as described by the seller. Do as they say, and lay it flat on a table beneath some books for a day or two, and it will stay flat on the floor. Works perfectly, and dries nicely to be used again and again. Hopefully, someday, they can figure out how to make it a bit thicker and softer, but until then have fun pranking your family and friends with this unique product.”


✅It changes color when it gets wet

✅A fun and unique gift to give on Halloween

✅A great decoration to put in your bathroom during your Halloween party


❌It’s basically only used for decoration on special occasions because the mat is thin and not for long usage.

Eyeball Doorbell

Halloween Gifts - Eyeball Doorbell for men

Eyeball-shaped doorbells are a popular Halloween decoration, and many of them can be frightening. This product is one of a kind.

Visitors might be fooled into thinking it’s the real thing, thanks to the spooky and realistic design, especially if it isn’t even October.

They won’t realize they’ve made a mistake until they approach the door and the eyeball comes to life when they press the doorbell.

This Halloween item will put a smile on the face of any man or woman who receives it. The eyeball shape of this doorbell is fun and unique, in addition to being spooky! This doorbell would make an excellent gift for Halloween.

If you want to go all out on your Halloween decorating this year, then you shouldn’t miss out on this!


???? Press the button on the doorbell. The eye will open with green light and turn around, making scary sounds.

???? The eye is incredibly bright, in the dark, it really shines. The animation is very smooth, and the look is awesome and very Halloweeny. 

???? Great for greeting trick-or-treaters or visitors to your haunted house! Install on the door, to scare some candy goblins, and mission accomplished! 

???? Add this to your Halloween collection or use it during April fools or any time of year to scare and prank everyone! It will make a nice addition to your Halloween trail. 

???? Mounting hole on the back for easy installation and one button to push for infinite fun. 3 “AAA” batteries are needed (not included). Dimensions: 7" high, 4.5” wide, 3" thick.


This Halloween, put this terrifying doorbell on your main entryway to frighten your neighbors and friends. If you want to scare trick-or-treaters, place this animated doorbell next to your actual doorbell on your front porch. After pressing the doorbell, a sinister gravelly voice says "Enter at your own risk," "Welcome," and "You rang?", to say a few, while the illuminated 3D eyeball opens and moves side to side when the doorbell rings, like Lurch from The Addams Family. Each terrible phrase is accompanied by the creaking sound of a door opening. This creepy doorbell will provide the finishing touch to any freaky haunted house display.


“If you LOVE Halloween like I do then this doorbell is for you. I hung it right above my regular doorbell so people would be sure to see it. I get such a kick out of it that I go outside just to ring it. I could not wait until October, I had to hang it the minute I opened it. Runs on 3 AAA batteries so have them on hand when you get this in the mail. 6 stars and 3 thumbs up. :)”

“When I saw this I thought this would be a one-time use Halloween thing. After opening, it seems so plastic. But when I use it omg it is so much fun. It's so loud. I’m planning to buy one for my sister. Her boys will love this. It’s not so scary but it’s super cool and fun. It’s made of thick plastic. I definitely recommend this.”


✅The doorbell is loud and durable

✅A perfect accent piece for the trick or treaters to ring

✅The eye lights up with a green glow

✅It is easy to install


❌You might need extra batteries for the constant ringing on Halloween night

Spooky Halloween Gifts for Women

You might not be able to take your mom on a date for dinner or your girlfriend to see a horror film this year, but you can give that remarkable woman in your life something just as spooktacular. Something magical to make her feel loved from across the country — or even the world.

Ceramic Incense Burner

Halloween Gifts - Ceramic Incense Burner for women

With an incense burner, they can transform their home into a creepy underground lair. It’s shaped like a stack of black rocks, and the smoke from the incense will cascade over them like a waterfall thanks to a unique “backflow” design.

Have they always wished to live in the eerie desolation of a villain’s lair? This is the gift that will enable them to do so.

The ceramic incense burner is a great novelty Halloween gift for anyone who loves the spooky time of year. It will create an eerie and mysterious vibe in their home. 

They say that ‘only a calm and peaceful mind gives way to sleep’. Let this next gift give the recipient a good night’s rest this spooky season!


???? The package includes a dragon incense burner, 70 incense cones, 50 incense sticks, 1 mat, and tweezers. 

???? The incense flows backward. It does not have the magnificence of a large waterfall, but it flows as long as thin water, and the white and light smoke is like a tulle, slowly flowing down. All ups and downs, drifting away with smoke

???? Material: Ceramic. Exquisite workmanship, handmade crafts & unique design, beautiful home decor & exquisite gifts. Size: 5.11 inches wide and 7.87 inches high. 

???? Can be used in the living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel, library, etc. When guests visit, it can create a comfortable atmosphere, purify the air, reduce mental depression, and eliminate fatigue. 


We all know that having either a bare or messy living environment allows the mind to drift away from reality and only a tranquil mind can help a person get a good night’s sleep. Well, this backflow incense burner will certainly help in filling that void. It does a really good job emitting exotic fragrances to help create a safe and welcoming environment. Aside from that, its intricate dragon structure evokes the burning of incense in traditional practices, which is incorporated into the design. 


“This thing is awesome. The incense that comes with it may not smell strong, but it does serve the purpose of demonstrating the waterfall effect. Do NOT get this if you are getting it for the cones. Get it for the dragon, get better cones at a smoke shop. 5 stars.”

“It looks just like the picture and it smells great. It took a bit to get the cone started (get it to flow from the bottom) and it changed colors. Absolutely obsessed cannot stop watching it”


✅The design is beautifully crafted

✅Made from high quality ceramic material

✅The incense flows slowly down like thin water

✅A complete set


❌ The smell of the incense is not strong enough.

Tarot Cards 

Halloween Gifts - Tarot cards for women

Do they know how to read tarot cards? Is it something they’ve always wanted to learn? You can give them a beautiful deck of tarot cards to help them hone their skills and capture their hearts.

Each Lover, Magician, and High Priestess in a deck has been meticulously rendered with beauty and mystery.

They’ll have as much fun looking at the cards as they will reading the truth from them. Tarot cards are an excellent gift for women for Halloween because she may be interested in Tarot cards. 

Have you ever been told what your future holds? I have, and it cost a lot more than the price of this Luna Somnia Tarot Deck and Guidebook.


???? The magical Luna Somnia Tarot Deck (Latin for Moon Dreams) brings together traditional imagery inspired by the symbolism of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck, combined with celestial and astrological symbols, to help you connect with your cosmic spirit, channel your intuition, and bring you guidance from a universal source. 

???? Your order will include the complete 78-card deck (Major and Minor Arcana), 2 instruction cards, a tarot-sized mini guidebook (96 pages, includes all meanings for upright and reversed positions), and a matching presentation/retail box.

???? These beautifully designed cards are original illustrations created by Shores Of Moon. The back of each tarot card has a moon phase and starry night illustration. 

???? Suitable for beginners and advanced spiritual seekers looking to develop their intuition. Embrace your spiritual gifts and channel your inner knowledge and wisdom. Make use of it daily to develop your intuition, manifest your intentions, and find guidance. 


This magical tarot card set provides you the ability to do it yourself combined with beautiful celestial and astrological artwork by Shores Of Moon. The elegantly designed box offers mythological lovers a taste of the stunning artwork featured on each card stored inside. These Halloween-themed tarot cards are adorable—not to mention a great way to practice some serious self-reflection. Whether you're a bona fide expert at tarot reading looking for some festive novelty decks to add to your collection or you're just obsessed with Halloween and want a fun activity to do during the scary season, these Halloween-themed tarot cards are magnificent.


“They’re based on classic tarot and the book is simple and helpful. I definitely recommend a more expansive book for beginners on reading intuition etc… but they’re stunning, they're sturdy, the artwork is fitting and they just called to me. I’ve never spent so much money on cards before but this deck will be with me for life. It’s made that clear haha”

“I adore the designs on this deck and felt like they were super high quality. One detail that brought home how intentional the production of this deck was how sturdy the case for housing the cards was. It's like a gorgeous tiny shoebox for the cards that will stand up to the test of time and keep these cards safe. All in all, I fully recommend these cards for anyone looking to embrace the tarot life.”


✅The design on each card is unique 

✅This set is suitable for beginners and advanced spiritual seekers

✅Sleek and minimalist look

✅Complete set with guidebook


❌The deck is not gold-foiled or gold-gilded

❌Pricey but worth getting because of its premium look

Ouija Board 

Halloween Gifts - Ouija Board for women

The Ouija board is one of the most popular board games in history because it’s said it can make contact with spirits.

The idea behind the game is that people try and use their fingertips or move the planchette of a pointer board to spell out words, mainly in English but in other languages too.

There are types of Ouija boards that could be used for real séances, so if you know someone who wants to communicate with the afterlife, this could be the gift for them. 

Ever wondered if your house was haunted? Or feel like your friend’s place gives you the creeps? Then this next gift is for you!


???? Keep yourself and your environment safe while communicating with spirits. This classic antique style Ouija board game comes with cedar sage smudge, cauldron, nag champa incense, wood incense tray, black protection spell candles and a black burlap bag. 

???? About the Ouija Board: In February, 1891, the first few advertisements started appearing in papers: “Ouija, the Wonderful Talking Board,” boomed a Pittsburgh toy and novelty shop, describing a magical device that answered questions “about the past, present and future with marvelous accuracy” and promised “never-failing amusement and recreation for all the classes,” a link “between the known and unknown, the material and immaterial.

???? About the Tarot: Rider-Waite Tarot has set the standard for hundreds of other tarot decks, which follow the archetypal images created by Pamela Colman Smith in 1909.

???? Ouija Board: 15"X12" - MDF material. Tarot Cards are 5"X2.75 standard size. Tarot/Alter Cloth is 36"X36". Candles: 4" tall & burn 2 to 2.5 hours each.


This is a magnificent and resilient board that includes the genuine, and official Rider Waite Tarot Card and book Set, as well as a tarot cloth and a tarot card spread.

This Ouija Board set, which has been named one of the Top Ten Tarot Decks of All Time by Aeclectic Tarot, is an excellent choice for newbies or those who are interested in learning to communicate with spirits and reading Tarot card fortune while also safeguarding their body and house from bad energy and spirits. This kit includes everything you'll need to get started right out of the box.


“Board is beautiful. The tapestry is great quality and size. The cards are awesome. The little cauldron is adorable. ? Such great value for a great price. Would definitely order again.”

“I would get this as a gift for a friend, the thickness is perfect, and for the price it is worth it!!!!”

“High quality items, very giftable.”


✅The tapestry is great quality and size

✅Comes with a little cauldron 

✅Beautifully made and crafted 

✅Premium design and look


❌A little pricey but worth getting because of its premium quality and its completeness

Dragon Skull Trinket Box 

What better way to spook a coworker than with this scary dragon skull trinket box? This is a perfect gift for your adventurous friend who loves anything related to dragons. 

With its curved bones and contoured shading, this hyper-realistic dragon skull of polyresin is already a show-stopper. However, it gets even better when you realize it’s a trinket box. 

The bottom of the box can be opened to reveal a hollow storage space, which your friend can fill with messages, money, jewelry, dried flowers, and whatever else they want. 

The scaly dragon’s eye trinket box is a must-have for dragon fans and makes a wonderful piece of versatile home décor not just for Halloween but all year long.


???? Made out of resin material.

???? Dimensions: 5 Inch (W) x 3 1/2 Inch (L) x 3 1/2 Inch (H). 

???? Features a glass eye design on the lid. 

???? Has a purple and blue thorny scale exterior. 

???? This is perfect for decorating your home.


When a dragon sets its gaze on a prized item, it is impossible to release that treasure from its enormous grasp. Fortunately, this Purple and Blue Thorny Scale Dragon Eye Jewelry Trinket Box is here to serve you in using that trait to keep your own valuables protected. This cold cast bronze box is designed to reflect a fire-breathing dragon's eye. Its protruding scales and thorns give it a genuine reptile look and feel, and the eye in the middle is dark blue with green and purple highlights. Its pupil which forms a slit stares forth, keeping an eye on the things in its possession. The top of this box comes off, uncovering a hollow space ideal for keeping jewelry and other valuables.


“Got it as a gift and the recipient loved it. It is very well made and beautiful”

“Amazing craftsmanship and quality. Good weight. Could be a paper holder as well as a trinket box. A great gift for any dragon fan!”


✅It is very well made and beautifully crafted

✅The design is very detailed and intricate

✅A great gift for any dragon fan 

✅Perfect for decorating your home


❌The price point is on the expensive side but worth getting because of how well it is made

Bewitching Halloween Gifts for Girls

If you have a little girl in your life, this is the perfect Halloween gift guide for you. There are so many beautiful and bewitching Halloween gifts for girls at every age and style level that you may find the ideal gift for just about any little girl in your life whether she loves princesses, mermaids, or anything super-spooky.

Unicorn Candle Holder Figurine

Did you know unicorns weep rainbows when they cry? This kind of candle holder is lovely but at the same time unique.

It is a white unicorn on a fluffy cloud, but the unicorn will cry rainbow tears as candle wax melts through its eye holes thanks to the multicolored candle wax horn.

The final product is both fascinating and disturbing, making it ideal for those who enjoy unique gifts!

This candle is a good gift for girls on Halloween because it’s an exciting and unique item. It’s also appropriate for people who enjoy unusual gifts or want something different on Halloween. 

The unicorn stallion is a proud, noble, and beautiful beast, and this candle holder did its best at portraying it.


???? Perfect gift for those that love candle holders and unicorns

???? Great craftsmanship 

???? Measurement: H: 6.25 x W: 4.75 x L: 5 

???? Material: Polyresin


This Unicorn Head Candle Holder shows this creature in all his splendor, allowing people to not only see but also own their very own unicorn. Unicorns are always amazing to behold, but seldom as close up and as detailed as this. This piece is a realistic sculpture of a mythical unicorn, from the neck up. Bronze metal tones give the animal a stunning display of color. Elegant patterns run over the unicorn's neck, and its flowing mane creates a sturdy foundation for the candle holder. There is a groove right above the horn that may be used with a huge range of tapered and narrow candles.  A candle's flickering light adds to the figurine's appeal. The candle holder is made of resin combined with powdered bronze to give it the sheen and appearance of cast bronze metal. It has also been hand painted to add color and accentuate the already outstanding workmanship. This fairytale candle holder is 6.25 inches high. With or without a candle, this Unicorn Head Candle Holder is a wonderful piece of fantasy décor to have in your house.


“A friend bought me one of these as a half-joke/half-serious gift, since I'm a 30-year-old woman who still likes unicorns in a semi-ironic fashion. Even he said he was taken aback by how nice it was when it arrived. It's very heavy and sturdy, and the carving is extremely detailed—it's tough to see in the picture the etched swirls going up the neck.

It was so genuinely pretty that I risked being rude to ask him where he got it, then I ordered myself a second one so I could use them to hold taper candles on my dining room table. Even non-ironic-unicorn-loving visitors to my home have commented on how cool they are. Definitely a great find!”


✅The candle holder is heavy and sturdy

✅The carving is intricately detailed

✅A perfect gift for the unicorn lovers out there

✅Polyresin is a very durable and strong material


❌You will end up buying another piece so they can be a pair

Boo-Kay of Halloween Flowers

Halloween Gifts - Boo-Kay of Halloween Flowers for girls

Sending flowers is a simple and common gifting idea, but flowers on Halloween? Sounds like an intriguing and unusual Halloween gift idea for girlfriends.

Halloween Boo-Kay is a lovely and a little frightening-looking bouquet of orange-colored flowers. 

Small black bat figures can be placed in these bouquets to give them a more frightening yet fantastic appearance.

It is possible to say that it is the most spooky and sophisticated gift you could ever give to someone on Halloween.

This spooky season, have them shiver with Lovepop’s Disney Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas Bundle, which includes an amazingly creepy 3D flower arrangement and a pop-up card.


???? Make their heart skip a beat with our new love bundles—a beautiful flower bouquet and pop-up card perfectly paired like you and your loved one. 

???? Send them a gift straight from the heart to show just how much you care. 

???? Unique design Halloween card: 3D bouquet has the same intricate detailing as all of our Lovepop cards. 

???? Each Lovepop card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall and each pop-up flower bouquet is 10.25 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide when fully unfolded. The card includes a Lovepop Note, a blank note card that slides away with your own personal message, and one white envelope.


We can't get enough of Lovepop's bouquets, and this dark and crimson beauty inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas is perfect for displaying all throughout the year. You could even use it as a tree topper if you want to keep the spooky feel continuing long into the holiday season.

Tim Burton fans will go bat crazy with this versatile greeting card, it's both a Halloween and a Christmas-themed movie, in our opinion, and the charming bouquet is simple but vibrant enough to liven up any small area. We also like this classic Nightmare pop-up greeting card, which is perfect for hardcore Nightmare fans who want something directly from the flick.


“Can you tell I love them? I bought 3. One for each of my children. Each one is wrapped in cellophane for protection.

See that little red tag. Pull that out and that’s where you write the

To: and From: with sentiments. I’m giving these to my grown kids. I wrote their ancestors' names on their cards.

I’m a crafter and have attempted to make pop-up cards and know it can be complicated. Kudos to this company.”

“I got this card for my Grandkids during Halloween. There was concern that it wouldn't arrive in time. Somehow in all of this COVID stuff it made it in time! The card was beautifully made and popped up easily when opened. My (young) grandkids thought this was about the coolest thing that they had ever seen. I have to agree! I will definitely be purchasing another card for other holidays. You guys do GREAT work! Thank you for the creativity!”


✅The card and bouquet is a pop-up 

✅A perfect gift for the Nightmare Before Christmas fans

✅It will last long since it is not made of real flowers. It can be kept and stored


❌Recommended for fans of Nightmare Before Christmas but who isn’t a fan?

Bloody Meat Cleaver Earrings 

These meat cleaver earrings will turn her into a bloody sensation. They resemble mini-replicas of real butcher knives, with blood dripping from their blades for added realism. 

Despite their appearance, they’re pretty light because they are usually made of plastic, not like a real metal cleaver, so she won’t have to worry about them weighing down her earlobes if she wears them all day.

With these earrings, how many times do you think she can make people do a double-take in the grocery store?

These meat cleaver earrings will give your pricey knives set at home a run for their money!


???? Poseidon's Booty earrings are dainty, subtle, and perfect for day-to-day wear or as a second piercing. 

???? Details: Artisan handmade, small butcher knives (10.5mm x 5.5mm), earring backs included, brushed sterling silver, gift box included, and made in the USA.

???? Our handmade stud earrings will be ready to present as a gift to yourself or someone you care about, arriving inside a gift box and tied with a ribbon. With proper care, your sterling silver jewelry will last a lifetime. 

???? Brushed sterling: To prolong the time your earrings will be free from tarnish store your jewelry in an airtight container and avoid exposing it to chemicals, lotions, or makeup. 


If looks could kill, you'd be an assassin! With these Cleaver Stud Earrings, you may add a little deadly mischief to your Halloween ensemble this year. The earring is made up of brushed sterling silver and is handcrafted with love...and a tiny bit of bloodshed. These cleaver butcher knife earrings will look great on your lobes if you are a seasoned chef or have a gothic, macabre side to your personality. This pair of Cleaver Knife Earrings will appeal to people with a sick sense of humor, no doubt about it!


“Great earrings...arrived as described..great price too!”

“My wife loves them, and has been looking for something like this for a long time.”


✅They are brushed sterling therefore it is tarnish-free

✅They are handmade

✅Comes with a beautiful gift box

✅Sterling silver can last a lifetime with the proper care


❌Improper care of the earrings will result in some damage

Cheshire Cat Throw Pillow Cover 

Halloween Gifts - Cheshire Cat Throw Pillow Cover for girls

This is a creepy Alice in Wonderland-inspired gift, this one features the Cheshire Cat’s grin. His eyes have an eerie neon glow to them, and his sharp white teeth stand out against the black background.

To lay your head on this kind of face, you’ll need a certain amount of bravery, but if you know someone up for the challenge, they might appreciate a new throw pillow cover. If not, at the very least, you’ll give them nightmares!

This type of throw pillow is a funny Halloween gift for a girl with a dark sense of humor. The pattern features bright colors and wacky characters from Alice in Wonderland, making it as whimsical as spooky. 

Your hair won’t wake up from a nightmare until you sleep on one of these.

BEST CHESHIRE CAT PILLOW COVER: Keepreal Cheshire Cat Texture Satin Pillowcase


???? This pillowcase is designed with double-sided printing, which is perfect for all seasons. The satin material of the pillowcase is as cool as silk, which is perfect for the hot summer. This is especially useful for people who sweat every night. Comfortable and soft, it is very suitable for the whole family and helps you relax and sleep better every night. 

???? Pillowcase is super soft & breathable, smooth, hypoallergenic, helps reduce facial wrinkles, prevents dry/ knotted hair and reduces hair loss. 

???? Designed with a one-sided envelope opening design not only makes this pillow cover beautiful but keeps it safe to use.


Wake up from a nightmare looking like a dream with the Cheshire Cat Silk Pillowcase. This pillowcase offers luxurious comfort, whether you're reading a good book or getting a good night's sleep. This pillowcase also makes sure your hair stays silky smooth and your skin wrinkle-free! The high-quality silk may help prevent wrinkles, since the smooth surface reduces skin creasing, especially among side sleepers. Don't ever wake up from a nightmare looking like the Mad Hatter ever again.


“My grandson has to have a satin/silky pillowcase to sleep on. Calls it his “pwill”, and yes I said “pwill”. So I found this for him other than the adult versions. He loves it, need I say more? "

“Great for the hair. Pretty”


✅Wrinkle free and great for hair and skin


✅It helps reduce facial wrinkles and hair loss

✅Comfortable and soft


❌Could come in a set of two

Spell-binding Halloween Gifts for Boys

Have you been looking for a great Halloween gift idea that not only will make your child happy on October 31st but will also make them feel the chilling excitement this holiday brings? There are several things you can get your child that will provide them with a frightful time while also giving them hours of fun!

The Walking Dead Comics Box Set

We’ve all been sucked into binge-watching The Walking Dead, but knowing someone who appreciates comic books will appreciate this gift.

However, if you know someone who enjoys zombies in any form, this expanded edition box set is the scariest, goriest gift imaginable.

It is a collection of all of Rick’s head-exploding drama in 3,000 pages and 144 issues, and it starts at the beginning of his journey.

Are you a fan of Rick Grimes? Or can’t get over Negan? The Walking Dead Compendium 15th Anniversary Box Set is definitely worth getting!


???? This deluxe box set includes Compendiums 1, 2, and 3―with new covers exclusive to this set―collecting the first 144 issues of the New York Times bestselling survival horror series.

???? This limited set also includes an exclusive, Expanded Here’s Negan trade paperback, which now includes the previously uncollected origins of Michonne, Tyrese, the Governor, and Morgan.


The fact that we are having trouble putting this comic book down speaks volumes! As a result, the comic is much superior to the television series in that it provides all of the characters with more depth, personalities, and completed plotlines. We weren't always pleased with how some characters' stories ended up (don't worry, there are no spoilers in this section). However, at the very least, they did not vanish into thin air.

Although the end of each issue is always going to feel like your heart dropped to your stomach, you absolutely will not have any regrets about purchasing this. This became one of our favorite comic book series!


“This compendium anniversary set is incredible! If you're a huge fan of The Walking Dead like myself, or are just looking for the most complete physical way to dive into the comic series, then look no further! I mean, just look at the photos. It's truly a piece of art. Thank you Robert Kirkman and Skybound!”

“OUTSTANDING !!!! Perfect.

When she is done reading them maybe I will get to read them as well.

I received many many many Wife points for getting her this. Woot for me.”


✅This deluxe set is complete and incredible

✅The artwork is excellent

✅The drawings are the original prints from the comic strip

✅The quality of the paper and the overall presentation is perfect


❌Make sure seller wraps the package very well before having it shipped especially if you are a collector.

Broken Doll Head Collectible

Halloween Gifts - Broken Doll Head Collectible for boys

Nothing is more terrifying than a broken doll, especially one that is missing its body. It’s just a ceramic head with cracks running through it and significant bloodshot eyes staring at something.

It’ll make an excellent display piece, but don’t stare at it for too long. It might blink at you.

This type of collection is a extra terrifying Halloween gift for boys because they can use it as decoration in their room especially if they are into scary and gory things.

A scary doll might be seen in every haunted house, and this doll’s head is definitely creepy, but is it haunted? I guess we’ll never know until you bring one home.


???? Somewhere in every haunted home, there is a creepy doll. Sometimes it follows you. Sometimes it just shows up in whatever room you happen to be in. Sometimes it just looks creepy and doesn't do anything. This doll's head is certainly chilling, but is it haunted? We'll never tell.  

???? Includes one plastic creepy doll's head. 


A Baby Alive doll? More like Baby Eat You Alive!! Dolls, whether simple baby dolls or beautiful porcelain ones, often fulfill the protective instincts, intuition, and desires that most children acquire when they are young.

Not all dolls, however, are made equal. This particular scary doll seems to have gone to hell and back. This frightening and terrifying evil child baby seems to want to eat you alive! It's a good thing it doesn't have any limbs. This Horror Block collectible doll from the continuing scary toy series will bring the undead back to life.


“Perfect for my new Halloween decoration”

“Gift for my Son. He loves it! Something about the dead baby doll heads kids love nowadays is beyond me! I guess it is what it is.”


✅A great decoration to give your guests a little spook this Halloween

✅Very spooky and disturbing 

✅The details on this doll are very intricate


❌This might scare the little kids a little too much

Death Moth and Dead Flowers Bedspread

Death moths are among the most creepy creatures on the planet, and they’re a popular design for pendants, rings, key chains, coasters, and other accessories.

But why not take it a step further with a death moth bedspread? With a duvet cover and matching pillow set, their morbid, skull-patterned bodies will be on full display, allowing your gift recipient to wrap themselves in malevolence all night.

This kind of bedspread is a good gift for boyfriends for Halloween because it’s a unique gift that will spice up their bedroom. 

What do you get if you mix bohemian comfort with a goth aesthetic? Check out this next gift item and see for yourself!


???? Material: 100% brushed microfiber. The set includes a duvet cover, two pillowcases.

???? Soft and durable, bright colors and vivid images. 

???? Wash separately in cold water. A durable and hidden zipper offers simple assembly for easy care - No fade, stain shrink and wrinkle. Machine wash in cold. Dries quick on tumble dry low.


It's time to embrace Gothic elegance, luxurious linens, and top-notch materials! It will look great on any bed for Halloween or any other season with this 3-piece duvet cover set! The artwork itself is stunning, and the quality of the product is excellent. We have no words to describe how much we adore this duvet set. A gothic witchy spirit like me could not be happier with this choice.


“I love this print and couldn’t find anything else like it so I finally bought it. The material is nice if you’re buying it just for that though, I dunno, this seems like something you buy for the design and hope the material is nice too. Which it is, and it holds up under my dog who is 35 lbs and not the easiest on fabric. It’s not too thin, to address another review, you can’t put many light colored materials over another pattern without some of it showing through. This is designed to go over a solid duvet insert, and it’s good for that. You don’t want a heavy fabric in a duvet cover since it’s going over a duvet insert. In case you are not familiar with what a duvet is, if you buy it, you should look up how to put it on as well.”


✅Made of 100% brushed microfiber material

✅Soft and very comfortable

✅Comes in different sizes for your bed

✅The graphic design is excellent


❌The sets do not include any comforters or flat sheets

Skeleton Bandana Face Mask

These bandanas don’t have to be used as face masks. Because they’re printed with the bottom half of a skull, they just look fantastic when pulled over the nose and mouth.

However, if your friend doesn’t want to use them as a face mask, the cloth can be used as a headband, armband, hair wrap, neckerchief, and more.

It’s an excellent, spooky accessory that can be used for different activities. A skull bandana is also a unique gift to give as it will make their costume pop.

Regardless of how the skull is styled, it will make a statement.

Do you know family or friends that think wearing a face mask over their Halloween costumes is overkill? Well, we got the solution right here!

BEST SKELETON BANDANA FACE MASK: Skull Face Sun Mask Half Bandanas by M-Young


???? Are you tired of traditional headwear that is boring? Of course, you do! You want something pretty cool and eye-catching

???? Wearing will block up to 95% of the harmful ultraviolet rays from your head, face, neck, and ears to further protect your skin from being overexposed to the harmful rays of the sun.

???? Durable microfiber technology with a lifetime warranty, so the fabric is stretchable, incredibly soft, breathable, and lightweight like a silk luster, it can absorb and wick moisture away very quickly to keep you healthy. 

???? The finishing standard size is LXW 19.7X9.8(inch) Thickness is 0.4 mm.


The Skull Face Bandana Mask will give your skeleton costume a more authentic appearance. A picture of the bottom half of a smiling skull face is depicted on the front of this black bandana mask, which ties in the back. This skull mask may be used with Halloween costumes or even after the holiday season to protect the face from environmental pollution and contagious viruses like COVID-19 while participating in the festivities this spooky season.


“Very happy with the purchase. The fabric is wonderful and easy to breathe through. It was so nice I just bought a second one.”

“Bought this for my wife. She has small ears and the mask will not stay on for some reason so we tried this it is really nice it fits her well she loves it thank you”


✅This bandana is eye catching

✅Block up to 95% of the harmful ultraviolet rays

✅Made from durable microfiber technology

✅Fabric is stretchable, soft and breathable


❌It would have been better if it came in a set

❌It does not include instructions on how to wear the bandana in different ways

Werewolf Bookends 

Every year on Halloween, it’s fun to venture out and find the perfect gift for someone you love. For those of us who are looking for gifts for boys, it can be challenging.

Luckily, we’ve found some great ideas that will make your search a bit easier.

Werewolf Bookends is a great Halloween novelty gift choice! These hand-painted and polished bookends depict a moment of pure agony as a man transforms into a beast!

They’re heavy-duty ornaments that can hold an entire stack of thick, heavy books, but they also have a delicate beauty to them. 

Get rid of their boring old bookends and replace them with this set of Werewolf-themed Bookends. These werewolves are frightening, as they snarl and howl close to a pile of human skulls.


???? These Werewolf Gargoyle bookends are made of high-quality polyresin. It is meticulously hand-painted and polished. 

???? Dimensions: measure approximately 6.25" tall, 5.5" wide, and 4.25" deep each. 

???? Get rid of those old-fashioned mundane bookends you have in your home and replace them with this set of Werewolf-themed bookends.


Featuring the terrifying, bloodthirsty werewolves from our fantasies, literature, and films, this set of bookends is a must-have. These are made of cast resin and hand-painted in a grey color scheme. This set of Werewolf Bookends is both a beautiful item and a versatile piece of furniture. These would look beautiful in the recipient's den, library, workplace, or any other area that might need a little bit of their distinct gothic flair added to it.


“I was excited to get these but was honestly impressed when I got them in. They were so much sturdier than I expected and the detail was unreal! It was even better than the picture and that's not something that generally happens here. I was really blown away by the quality. The packaging was really safe and secure too. They look so cool on my bookshelf. They also do a great job of holding heavy stacks of books. I'd buy these again!”


✅The details on these bookends are exquisitely well made and intricate 

✅Functional decoration for your learning or work space

✅Made from high quality material

✅Heavy and sturdy for large books


❌A little pricey but worth getting because of its premium look

Final Thoughts

Generic gifts can be tossed into the back of a closet, but a mysterious Halloween gift will be remembered for a long time. The recipient will place it with love and fondness for the rest of their lives.

The Halloween gifts we recommended above will ensure that your Halloween celebration is remembered for all the right reasons!

What are your thoughts on the ones that we’ve already highlighted? Is there anything that stands out right away?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some examples of creepy Halloween gifts to give on Halloween?

Some good suggestions for creepy but cute Halloween gifts to give on Halloween are a fake spider, a fake rat, or a fake snake.

Since many people who love a good scare or horror movie are afraid of spiders, you could probably include a fake spider in their creepy Halloween gift. 

A fake rat or snake is also a good idea if you want to give someone a creepy Halloween gift. People who like horror movies or love to scare others would most definitely enjoy getting these plastic scary animals.

If you know someone who fears clowns, then it would be a good idea to give them a scary clown mask for Halloween. 

2. What Halloween party treats should you give?

There are so many different types of Halloween party treats that you can make. Some examples include spiders made out of pretzels or raisins, ghosts made out of cookies, zombies made out of strawberries and whipped cream, and skeletons made out of rice Krispies.

3. What are some excellent Halloween recipes that you can make or buy?

There are many different recipes that you can make or buy. These include pumpkin pie, candy corn, and cookies with teeth marks on them. It is always fun to give people something that they will like to eat on Halloween.

4. What are some super scary horror movies to watch?

There are many different movies out there with a scary theme. Some people might want to watch a scary horror movie on Halloween, so go with some of these ideas: “Halloween,” “Hocus Pocus,” “The Shining,” and “The Amityville Horror.”

5. What are some amazing scary Halloween facts?

You can use many great scary facts to get people talking about your creepy Halloween gift or provide them with a nice little scare. Some examples include: A study has found that the brain works faster than the rest of the body when it is in a scary situation which causes more sweating and chills.

6. What are some excellent Halloween books to read?

Recently, quite a few great horror books have been created that make for excellent creepy Halloween gifts. Some of these include: “The Haunting of Hill House,” “A Dark Matter,” “Gris Grimly’s Frankenstein,” and “Coraline.”

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