Most Stylish & Convenient Toiletry Bags for Travel

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Most Stylish & Convenient Toiletry Bags for Travel

About Toiletry Bags

This is your place to learn about some of the best toiletry bags out there for your next trip. We’ll also provide some tips for packing and staying organized on-the-go.

Traveling is great, but one downside to it is that you can’t bring all of the things you love with you. Your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, or body lotion are just a few of the personal products that are easy to overlook when packing for a trip.

A toiletry bag can be the perfect solution to this problem. A good toiletry bag will help organize your items and keep them within reach when you need them. This could also be a great gift for your loved ones.



? Sophisticated styling

? Patterned cotton interior

? Waxed duck canvas and full grain saddle leather exterior

? Full-length YKK zipper to full open

? Handmade 

? Inherently waterproof waxed canvas and leather


Duckworthy Waterproof Dopp Kit is a beautiful and practical carry-on bag designed to keep all of your toiletries organized. They are also available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. It is made from full grain saddle leather with a waxed canvas interior lining. The exterior features an intricate pattern of woven fabric, providing both style and function for a stylish carry-on travel bag. The full-length zipper opens to the front or back with ease, giving you plenty of room for packing items safely inside the speedy carry on bag.


“Excellent product. One of my better purchases from Amazon. Sturdy, functional, and durable with plenty of space for travel toiletries.”


”Love the material! The way it opens is perfect! It accommodates a lot of toiletries! Great gift for any man!”


✅ Sophisticated look

✅ Good quality zippers 

✅ Can accommodate a lot of items



❌  Expensive


? Superb organization in a compact size

? Velcro strap sears it to easily fit into your luggage 

? Made with ballistic nylon outer fabric that resists wear, moisture, dirt and abrasion. Includes a middle zipper pocket with water resistant lining to protect dry items 

? Lifetime Guarantee: We’re the only luggage company that offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee. If your bag is ever broken or damaged, we’ll repair it free of charge, no proof of purchase needed, no questions asked


The Briggs & Riley Baseline-Compact Toiletry kit is a lightweight toiletry bag that has a number of useful features. It is made of 100% polyester and features a zippered interior pocket, an exterior zipper pocket, and two mesh pockets on the exterior of the bag for storing smaller items such as cosmetics or medication. This bag also comes with neat little rubberized straps for comfortably carrying it on your shoulder. It weighs approximately 1.2 lbs.


“I’ve been using for a month now, and really like this kit. It’s sharp, well made, and the compartments are perfect. ”


”I travel for work every week and was using the Executive Toiletry Kit  Briggs & Riley Baseline Luggage Executive Toiletry Kit  for the better part of a year. I was trying to limit the amount of stuff to carry each week and looked into this. I love the velcro hook that I can attach to the bathroom towel rack and just hang all my toiletries in one place. Yet another awesome Briggs and Riley product!”


 ✅ Excellent quality and construction

 ✅ Good compartment size for multiple items


❌ Velcro strap is not as secure as a hook 

❌ A bit on the pricier side

 3. MOST ORGANIZATION: Thule Subterra Toiletry Bag


? Conveniently hang at your destination with an integrated hook and Trifold design 

? Contain spills in the water-resistant mesh pocket 

? Easily locate contents thanks to see-through pockets 

? Organize Travel-sized necessities in three zippered pockets and one slip pocket 

? External dimensions: 10. 2 x 1. 6 x 7. 1 in


The Thule Subterra Toiletry Bag is a simple, lightweight bag that has a dual-sided zipper compartment that can hold everything from deodorant to a toothbrush. This bag is made of nylon with two exterior pockets and a secure pocket on the interior which can be opened to access smaller items. The exterior pockets are designed so that you can quickly grab one item and keep your other items from spilling out.


“I have a couple of toiletry bags but always looking for more since I travel a lot. I mostly travel by train or car so need a compact toiletry bag that can hold a lot of things. This one is good if you don’t carry a lot of bulky stuff. It is very well made of sturdy material–but should be–it’s expensive! Way more than I would ever pay for a toiletry bag.”


”That’s the last (and the best) toiletry bag you will buy. Sturdy construction, perfect finish and proper size, working for day by day use or even a long travel. That’s what is expected from Thule.”


✅ Sturdy Construction 

✅ Yellow interior makes it easier to find smaller items if you’re using this while camping


❌ Yellow interior color might be odd for some 

❌ Regular hook might have been better instead of an integrated hook


? 900D Poly/Nylon 

? Zipper closure 

? nternal packing compartments 

? Internal wetpak pockets 

? 5.5x11x13.5


A toiletry bag can be more than just for cosmetics – this one by Samsonite is large enough to hold a full-size hair dryer, a pair of jeans, and some small gadgets. It features mesh panels on both sides, an exterior pocket with interior organizer panel for toiletries, and a luggage pass through to slide over your suitcase handle. The interior elastic straps help keep things in place and prevent spillage and leakage during travel. It weighs approximately 1.05 lbs.


“I bought this bag for my husband. It is a very large toiletry bag that replaces the two bags he was using. He loves it because it fits all of the items he uses while traveling. It is good quality and will last him for a long time. He likes that he can hang it up for easy access. !”


“Just received my bag and it’s perfect. I’m using it as an overflow bag for shoes, jacket, etc to go with my samsonite small wheeled underseater. It’s the exact width as the other bag and fits over the handle with the trolley strap. Very clean looking and easy to manage when traveling. Can pack for 4-5 days no problem, no checked bags…perfect!!!”


 ✅ A lot of storage space

 ✅ Fits bigger items like hair dryers and curling irons

 ✅ Luggage pass through adds versatility to carry this on your suitcase instead of inside it


❌ Might be too big for some users


? Zippered front and back pockets for loose items and organization

? Spacious main compartment 

? Easy-to-clean, water resistant lining 

? The Parcel is perfect for keeping toiletries organized while taking up minimal packing space. 

? Full unzip makes all items inside main

compartment accessible


The Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Parcel Zip-Around is the perfect toiletry kit for the traveller who needs to pack light. This bag comes with a pouch that can separate your items, and a second pouch on the exterior of the bag which can hold toiletries, medications, or other small items like hygiene products or cosmetics. When you need a toothbrush but only have one, your kit should be able to handle that situation. This bag is easy to open, with the dimensions of 8 inches long and 6 inches wide. It has an interior zipper pocket and plastic handles which can be detached for carrying convenience. The Victorinox Lexicon 2.0 Parcel Zip-Around has a polyester lining and is machine washable.


“When you order anything from Victorinox, you expect only the best. This is no exception. Love it. Could have been a little smaller maybe.”


“Overall Great Quality that you would expect from Victorinox. My only gripe would be that it is just a hair too large for the normal toiletry kit. With that said, I am a bald man that doesn’t travel with much in terms of hair treatment products or the normal amount that a female counterpart may pack (makeup, brushes, etc. )”


✅ Water resistant inside lining 

✅ Huge space to throw anything inside 

✅ Exterior pockets are great for everyday items 

✅ Mesh pocket inside is very useful

✅ Clamshell style opening allows for easy access to items inside


❌ Not as intuitive on lighter loads 

❌ Needs a carry handle 

❌ Compressible zipper design would make this more versatile  


We’ve got you covered with more of these amazing gift lists:

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How often should I wash my toiletry bag?

This is a good question! The answer is: it depends on the kind of bag you have! Some bags are water resistant and can be washed many times without any damage or issues. The material used to make these travel toiletry bags is mostly nylon or polyester, which can be easily machine washed with fabric softener and a little soap.

2. What if my toiletry bag has a plastic zipper?

Plastic zippers are actually quite easy to clean. You would just have to apply some soap and water with a soft sponge, or some mild detergent. It’s not advisable to use an industrial-strength cleaning solution on these zippers, because you might damage them in the process.

3. What is the best way to store my toiletry bag?

The best way to store your toiletry bag is to keep it in a plastic bag with a zipper. If you put your travel toiletry bag in a plastic bag with a zipper, that can help keep the scent of your perfume or cologne fresh.

4. What is commonly put inside a toiletry bag?

Most people place their deodorant, toothpaste, and body wash inside the toiletry bag. You can also put some hair products (shampoo, conditioner, etc.) inside a toiletry bag.

Whenever you travel by plane or train, you must use a small toiletries bag. Otherwise, you might spoil the other passengers! So if you keep your toiletry items in this small plastic or metal case when you are not using them all, that’s great!

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