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Gag Gifts That Will Have Everyone Question Your Sanity

Given the opportunity, if you want to leave a lasting impression on anyone, try giving them one of these gag gifts that will have everyone question your sanity! In quest of the strangest and most unusual curiosities? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got everything from body parts to the most judgmental map that can make anyone LOL. These one-of-a-kind gifts are really unique, and chances are you were unaware that half of the things on this list even existed until reading this article. The fact that you didn’t is a blessing in disguise because once you do, you’ll find yourself laughing as you’ve never laughed before.

Offensive Crayons

Image from Amazon

These crayons are unsuitable for those with delicate sensitivities. The crayons will insult you, they’re every sort of -ist you can imagine, they will get you sent to HR and have your kid thrown out of school. But you know what else? They’ll have you giggling up with every stroke of the hilarious hues.

Judgmental Maps Book

There are two distinct categories of people. People who judge residents of other parts of the city based on ridiculous but understandable criteria, such as the assumption that everyone who lives there is a liar and has a dumb mustache and talks about the latest scientific developments in oat milk formulations. With the help of the hilarious book Judgmental Maps, you may become one of the people who speak the truth about your city while also getting to know it better.

World’s Lightest Solid Matter

You can take up the world’s lightest solid matter and use it as a doorstop, you can use it to prop up a bookshelf, or you can pick up the world’s lightest solid matter and start a geeky AF debate with your friend. Graphene, a kind of carbon molecule, is used in its construction; this material is completely risk-free, very resilient, and as lightweight as a feather..

But… You’re a Horse Romance Novel

In point of fact, he is not even a centaur, which would mean that he is comprised of equal parts human and horse. That could seem less peculiar, but the fact remains that everyone ought to be loved, and this book ought to be the focal point of every bookshelf.

World’s Smallest Dancing Jesus

You have to climb to heaven before you can get down with Jesus, but once you do, any area on earth with the World’s Smallest Dancing Jesus in it may be considered paradise. Participate in the holy spirit’s divine dance with his movements.

Radioactive Uranium Ore

You could be interested in powering a time machine, or you might be planning to stir up trouble on the world stage; in any case, you can achieve your goals using radioactive uranium ore. You have easy access to the potentially hazardous but very eye-catching glow-in-the-dark component, and you may make an effort to learn how to produce it.

The Worst Alphabet Book Ever Made

Everyone who has ever spoken English, whether it was as a first language or as a second language, has at some point been stumped by terminology like Pterodactyl. Your pal should be scratching his head in bewilderment after hearing about the worst alphabet book ever. Why? Simply because none of the letters make a sound.

Self Sustaining Ecosphere

Image from Amazon

Because you will never, ever need to water this plant, it will be the easiest plant for you to care for that you will ever encounter. Seriously. After removing the ecosphere from its packaging and placing it on a shelf, you can witness it transform before your own eyes into a fully functioning aquarium, complete with a variety of plant and algae life. Because it is based on technology developed by NASA, this realm of wonders may be trusted to be genuine.

Netflix Binge-Watching Survival Kit

You need to be mentally prepared for the fact that using Netflix is more like a marathon than a sprint. The night before, it is essential to lay out all of the stuff you will need for your remarkable accomplishment, and the only way you can do so is by opening this survival kit for Netflix binge-watching. You’ll be able to cross the finish line like a champion if you have socks, coasters, eye drops, and other items with you.

Ultimate Witchcraft Kit

Your former partner had better bippity-boppity-back-the-f*ck off from sending those booty call texts or else you are going to hex his ass with The Ultimate Witchcraft kit. The big chest contains all of the ideas that are required to produce potions, all of the stones that are required to heal chakras, and all of the sage that is required to eliminate those bad vibrations.

Grown-Up Play-Doh Scents

Image from Amazon

When you were younger, the smell of Play-Doh would make you completely lose your mind. However, as an adult, you have more refined tastes than when you were younger. Don’t be concerned; grown-up Play-Doh is still available to you, and it comes in a variety of scents, like sizzling steak, newly cut grass, freshly washed pants, and frappuccino coffee.

Kevin Eating Broccoli Wall Clock

What is the precise time right now? When all of your numbers are represented by Kevin’s head, it is time to eat something that is not breakfast at six in the morning. You may choose from a wide variety of options. This humorous clock is just what you’ve been looking for to fill the void at work recently. That, in addition to a camera crew, to record all of your hilariously disastrous exploits.

Pet Rock

Everyone should have pets, and if he or she is the laziest person you’ve ever met and can’t even move to take care of themselves, then this pet is perfect! This pet rock is so “hardy” (no pun intended), it doesn’t matter if they forget to give it food or water for many days in a row since the rock will still be OK. Having pets is essential for everyone.

Liquid Ass

Image from Amazon

This hilarious gag gift is known as Liquid Ass, and it stinks horribly. Once it is let out, this power-packed, super-concentrated liquid immediately starts to evaporate, infusing the air with a true, horrible butt–crack scent that has traces of dead animals and fresh poop. With every spray of this soul-destroying substance, the Ass Genie will come to your aid and manipulate your senses. You will find yourself giggling till it aches as you see people’s faces contort in disgust and listen to their remarks about the smell that will make you gag and separate your hair.

Impossible Clear Puzzle

If you thought the last problem with all the flowers was challenging, you should do this one first. It will blow your mind. The puzzle may have up to 500 distinct parts, and it is available in four different sizes. It will drive you up the wall. And when you do eventually put everything together after months of hard work, you won’t have anything to show for it because you won’t have anything to show for it.

World’s Greatest Mullets Wall Calendar

The results are in, and the jury has spoken: the mullets shown on the pages of this World’s Greatest Mullets Wall Calendar are the very greatest examples of this hairstyle that you will ever come across in your whole life. Because it strikes the ideal balance between a night out and a day at the office, you should never pass up the chance to show off this hairstyle to its full potential.

Creepy Baby Head Succulent Planter

Image from Amazon

With the help of a frightening baby head succulent planter, you can keep children, animals, and even the mailman off of your yard and away from your home. Even better, get one example of each of the many types of pottery and display them on a windowsill with either a backlight or a spotlight shining on them. It’s possible that others may believe your home is haunted.

Winter Trapper Hat

Taking this winter trapper hat with you if you intend on traveling beyond the Arctic Circle can help you blend in with the locals and make you feel more at home. Insulated fabric, a number of snaps, and eye holes that you can see through give the impression that you merely want to go for a brisk stroll rather than that you are going to go on a rampage and steal people’s organs. It gives no indication whatsoever that you are about to go on such a rampage. You won’t be unprepared for anything that Ol’ Man Winter may throw your way when you have this winter trapper hat. No matter how chilly it gets, your face, head, and neck will continue to be guarded against the weather and kept warm thanks to this four-in-one piece of gear that gives protection from the elements from all 360 degrees.

Celebrity Prayer Candles

Image from Amazon

There is a celebrity prayer candle designed to help you bring into your life whatever it is that you want to bring into your life, whether it be friendliness, good energy, kindness and generosity, or craziness that is strangely attractive and yet completely pure. This pack includes numerous celebrities that are designed to look precisely like the candles that are often used during the Day of the Dead celebration.

Ingrown Toe Nail Correction Tool

This peculiar item, which may seem to be a device for inflicting pain on the user, is in fact the solution to the problem of having toenails that are suitable for a pedicure once again. After utilizing this ingrown toenail treatment tool, you won’t be embarrassing yourself in front of the aesthetician with your toesies. It is an excellent option for runners as well as those individuals who insist on wearing high heels on a regular basis.

Stressticles Squishable Balls

If you’ve ever pointed at some truck bolts and exclaimed, “balls,” then this is the stress toy for you. If you’ve ever accidentally hurt yourself and shouted, “balls,” then this is the stress toy for you. The de-stressticles are nothing more than a squishy bag filled with jingling nuts that will make your stress drop (get it? like balls).

The Fart Vacuum

When you accidentally drop an SBD, use The Fart Vacuum to pick it up before anybody else’s eyes start watering. The ingenious tool taps into the strength of your hand to scrub the stench of your putrid egg ass explosion out of the surrounding air.

Wall-Mounted Rubber Lips

Image from Amazon

What a gaping hole there is in the wall. These Rubber Lips are simply aching to be poked or prodded with anything, and they are waiting for you to do it. The only additional criterion required of these wall-mounted rubber lips is that they are able to start a conversation. They are hand-made from high-quality materials but other than that, their sole qualification is that they can.

Your Face on a Potato

Sending someone a Potato Parcel is like serving them food with a side of laughter. You have the option of adding a message or a photo of a buddy that will be printed on the potato itself. After they are given to you, you have the option of eating them or planting them in the ground to produce another potato.

The Poop Knife

If you don’t want to have to acknowledge that it was your massive poop that blocked the pipes, you should probably cut up your toilet snake into little pieces. After a night of drinking or after eating entirely too much bread, you will need the poop knife in order to maintain some kind of self-respect.

Jar of Pickled Boobs

There is never a sufficient amount of boobs in one’s life, regardless of whether or not they are pickled. This jar of pickled knockers is the perfect gift to add to a friend’s collection of titties. Unfortunately, the handcrafted boobies that are included inside the jar of cans are not edible. 

Teeth in a Can

Because this container is almost the same size as a can of cat food, the person to whom you offer it could assume that it is the latter. After all, who would offer another person a jar full of teeth? Who does that? You do, that’s who, and as soon as they see these teeth in a can, they’ll realize that you’re up to no good and play practical jokes on people.

Pimple Popping Toy

With this Pimple Popping toy, you can pretend to be Dr. Pimple Popper without having to spend a lot of money on a degree (or a YouTube channel, or a TV program, but we digress). Because it is packed with actual creamy ooze, it gives you a genuine sensation whenever you burst a pimple.

Bocarina Nose Flute

When you start playing this Bocarina nasal flute, Link and Zelda are going to Awaken in order to tell you to shut the hell up and get out of their way. It’s all in good fun, despite the fact that the noises it creates are wicked and will definitely call out a demon from which you won’t be able to free yourself.

Look At This Photograph Picture Frame

It makes you chuckle each and every time you come across it. This magnificent photo frame with a Nickelback motif is the ideal piece of decor for exhibiting a treasured memory since it has the band’s name.

Ear-Shaped Earrings

These are perhaps the strangest earrings you’ll ever see or hear about, if not the strangest overall. The skin of your delicate earlobes will not be EAR-itated since the handcrafted ear earrings feature a pushback for added comfort.

Nicolas Cage Gift Wrapping Paper

Image from Etsy

Could you choose a more appealing face to put on your friend’s newest and most treasured possession? You cannot even come close to doing that. This derpy face is all the evidence you need that Nicolas Cage, who is a genuine god among men, has the most astonishingly attractive face known to mankind, and Mr. Nicolas Cage is a real god among men.

Butt Shaped Pillows

You go ahead and lie down during the night, keeping your heat on the booty flesh. These pillows in the form of buttocks will help you forget that you live in the basement of your mother’s house or in the flat where your ex-partner removed her name from the lease. They are little and vivacious, and they are dressed in leggings that make them seem and feel as fine as can be.

Dwight Mask Sequin Flip Pillow

Even though the sequins on one side of this cushion are black, you could want to leave it that way even if it doesn’t go well with the rest of your vibrant design. The opposite side has the face of Dwight Schrute when he is disguised, which is…surely something…

Human Fetus Soap Bar

Even while it’s possible that your wife won’t agree with you that this is the most ideal favor for the baby shower, it doesn’t mean you can’t give it out as a prize at the diaper party. Get inventive, since a bar of soap in the form of a human embryo offers a multitude of hilarious possibilities for practical jokes.

Croc Balls

The manliest of automobiles, pickup trucks, are equipped with nuts; now, the manliest of footwear, Crocs, may get their very own phallic accessory. These Croc balls are available in a number of colors that match one another and dangle and swang from the rear of your favorite foamy footwear.

Dad Bod Fanny Pack

Suns out, front-buns out, amirite dudes? With this fanny pack, you can flaunt your beer bod while while concealing the dad bod you’ve been working on all summer. It has the same characteristics as dad’s stomach in that it is covered in hair, very large (you can really put beer in it), and adjustable.

Christmas Light Charging Cable

Desk Christmas trees have become so overused; if you truly want to get into the holiday spirit, power your phone with a set of lights that are bright enough to provide Santa Claus a landing strip. This USB to lightning charger will provide some festive cheer to your holi-desk with its array of colorful lights in addition to providing plenty of power for your phone.

Portable Urinal Golf Club

While you’re out on the course, do you feel the desire to take a quick whiz? Bring some sophistication to the sand trap by using this portable urinal golf club. The sand trap is not a litter box. Pretend that you are practicing your swing by taking a few swings, and then place your load inside the hollow club. Just make sure you don’t lose track of which iron holds your gold.

Denture Shaped Ice Tray

Denture-shaped ice cubes are provided so that you may chill your whiskey in something that looks like your little sister’s nightguard. The gums have a pink tint, and the silicone tray, which makes it even simpler to remove them from the mold, is available in the color pink.

Ask Me Why I’m Lazy Sloth Flip Shirt

If someone were to ask you why you’re such a slacker, you wouldn’t even need to use your own words to explain it to them. Simply pull this shirt up over your head and secure it there. After that, slip away stealthily. You are a sloth, and you should go back to sleeping in your amazingly comfortable cotton shirt.

Poop Like a Champion Cereal

When you’re over the age of 35, staying regular is of utmost importance. With this cereal in your bowl every morning, the guys at the office will be able to set their watch by when you leave your desk to take a dump. Thanks to a hefty helping of fiber, you might wanna bring the Reader’s Digest.

Thor’s Hammer Toilet Paper Holder

The hammer of Thor can only be removed from the toilet bowl by someone who is deserving, but the lucky person who has used the toilet enough times to earn the right to do so may still remove the roll of toilet paper from the weapon. This two-roll holder will be there to rescue the world when the toilet has reached the stank level known only as Endgame.

Framed Tweets

Your buddy may believe that he is humorous, but the real question is whether or not he is funny enough to have his funniest Tweet assessed by everyone who swings by to see him. Discover the answer by having a printed and framed version of one of his most popular internet knee-slapper videos.

Writhing Ball of Worms

You may not be four years old and running around the backyard chasing after females like you did when you were, but that does not mean you can’t behave like you are. These earthworm-like balls, which were produced by hand, have an incredibly lifelike texture, even down to the slime that they produce. What makes this even possible? To really believe them, you’ll need to put your hands on them.

St. Louis Scented Candle

Is that the scent of traffic, tourist traps, and barbecue that believes it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread but isn’t even close to what you can get in Texas? There must be something in the air in Saint Louis. The fortunate Larry who ends up with this candle will have the pleasure of inhaling the aroma of America’s most famous frontier crossing for many hours.

Stress Relief Squishy Face

When you stare at the strangely grinning face of this chubby, squishy toy, you’ll find that all of your worries vanish into thin air. There are many variations available of the face that is uniformly cream in color, and all of them are prepared to have their features compressed, squeezed, and thrown across the room.

The “Moon” Ring

Image from Amazon

Your sweetheart wants you to buy her the moon, right? This ring, which is shaped like the moon, symbolizes that you may offer her the moon. If she doesn’t reject you when you go down on one knee and open the ring box that only shows a man’s cheeks in full view, then you’ve got a keeper on your hands. She could reject you when you get down on one knee and open the ring box that only shows a man’s cheeks in full view.

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

Before you take your shot, you are required to shout “FART” rather of the more common “FORE.” The sole regulation that differs from regular golf in toilet time golf is this one. This teeny-tiny set provides laugh-out-loud entertainment, and it will make you go to the bathroom even if you don’t really have to “go.”

Deluxe Dutch Oven Fart Blanket Kit

This Dutch oven is not a Le Creuset, and your girlfriend won’t put it on the register if she has anything to say about it. However, regardless of whatever choice you choose, she will be damned since the fart blanket kit is intended for you to expose her to the full stench of your masculine power farts. Oh, and there are stickers included for even more goofy fun.

Rooster Willie Warmer

When it comes to style options, this rooster willie warmer is a complete and utter cock-a-doodle-doo. Even on the coldest days, the gentleman who wears this crocheted type pinnacle on his dong will never whine about having a cold popsicle since it will feel like heaven to him.

Huevos Rancheros Print

It’s possible that this qualifies as contemporary art, given how people are going to react to it by tilting their head to the side and saying “huh.” The handcrafted huevos rancheros print is both cute and peculiar in its own way, making it the ideal decoration for any house.

Weird But IDGAF Walrus Patch

You came, you’re odd, and you came because you heard there were snacks. You don’t give a flying fish about how unusual you are, and with this 3″ handcrafted patch, you can proudly show off your strangeness and how little you care that you are the way that you are. You can also express how little you care about how strange you are.

Vintage Medical Drawing Hip Flask

This hip flask will clear up any question over where a hip flask is intended to be stored for you, in the event that there was any such uncertainty. The old medical illustration that is etched onto the stainless steel flask’s lid is, on the one hand, somewhat unsettling and, on the other, quite educational.

Crocheted F-Bomb

You can still drop an f-bomb due to this crocheted f-bomb, even when there are children around or when you work for a supervisor who doesn’t like it when you use grown-up terms with four letters. This small little is a terrific way to convey how you actually feel without having to worry about getting in trouble with human resources.

The Original Bag of Poo

What looks like sh*t but tastes like delicious goodness? The First and Only Garbage Bag! It’s brown, much like what you see in the bowl of your toilet after a heaping bowl of oats, but it’s really cotton candy that’ll get your blood pumping and get you riled up.

Classic Rubber Chicken Toy

There are certain presents that go beyond being strange and become classics or even symbols, and the rubber chicken is one of such presents. Which happened to occur first? The universe, or the chicken made of rubber? You were just intended to possess one and join the crowd of people who already have one; no one else knows and you weren’t meant to know either.

David Attenborough: The Activity Book

While you watch BBC’s Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Pizza Planet, or whatever, you may enjoy even more David Attenborough with this activity book. David Attenborough is perhaps the eighth wonder of the natural world. The book is fun to read for both children and adults since it has coloring pages as well as puzzles to solve.

Giant Lemon Pillow

When life hands you lemons, it’s time to catch some Zs! Especially when the lemon in question is the size of a football and has a pound’s worth of fluff stuffed into it. You’ve been on the hunt for the perfect statement item to add to your collection of throw pillows, and this adorable bright yellow cushion checks all of the boxes.

Unicorn Finger Puppet

With one of the strangest finger puppets ever seen by a human, you may gallop across the table wielding the power of unicorns right at the tips of your fingers. The one and only catch is that before you race across the table, you have to provide a name to the magical beast that you control.

Plush Pickle

Participate in the holiday custom of playing the game “Find the Pickle” with a good friend who you’ll want to track down. Get rid of the elf on the shelf and replace it with this cuddly companion that you can conceal all throughout the home. The one who finds him first will get to unwrap a gift before anybody else.

Guy Fieri Pin

Go look him up on Google if you’re not familiar with how honest Guy Fieri is. If you are aware of how genuine Guy Fieri is, then you should take a trip to Flavortown to pay tribute to his work and demonstrate how much of a fan you are by purchasing this handcrafted pin that will welcome you to his most beloved location on the planet.

Doll Feet Soap

Not only do these feet not stink, but you can also use them to wash your own feet. You may use them to wash any portion of your body that smells bad. The feet are crafted with premium components, and no detail has been overlooked; in fact, they even feature toenail accents.

Blobby Lightbulb Holder

After you light your Thanksgiving table with these blobby lightbulb holders rather than with those janky cliché candles, the appearance of your Thanksgiving table will not be the same. If you look at the holders in just the right way, they take on the appearance of gold and silver turkeys, which are the ideal size for tiny light bulbs.

Lego Head Earrings

They have always stated that having two heads is preferable than having one, but what about having three heads? When you are wearing these Lego head earrings, you will be able to open your third eye (and your fourth eye, and your fifth eye, and your sixth eye) while also experiencing the pleasure of being a kid again.

Eye in a Bag Pendant

If you decide to wear this around your neck the next time you go to the optometrist, you may seem a little bit cruel, but you’re probably going to scare at least one child, and that will be hilarious, won’t it? Enjoy yourself to the fullest with this piece of jewelry, which will ensure that all eyes are on you during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are gag gifts okay to give to co-workers or bosses?

Here are some questions to ask yourself for enjoying (and surviving) workplace gift-giving:

Is it appropriate?

Make sure you consider your business setting before purchasing a present. If you’re afraid about anything crossing the line and being deemed improper, then you probably should skip that present. If you have a wonderful connection with your colleagues and you all operate in a very liberal setting, then you can be a bit looser with your decisions.

Is it funny?

If you are in the market for something to make your colleague laugh, clearly you want the present to be amusing. Think of inner jokes that you share with your team or recollections that make you giggle. Gifts may be a terrific way to lock in memories and help deepen your connection.

Is it anything they will use?

Even gag gifts may be useful. It’s up to you whether you want to waste your money on something that could be swiftly tossed once it’s opened. We suggest choosing something out that can be utilized in the future. Whether it’s merely decoration on a desk or truly serves a use as an office product, the finest presents have some purpose for the receiver.

Fun, thoughtful presents can go a long way in developing enduring connections with your employees. This gift guide is a terrific way for you to get started.

To whom, and on what occasion should You offer a joke gift?

Oftentimes we think of Birthdays and Christmas for gag gifts. But at the same time, the funniest gag gifts you’ll ever receive is the one you don’t anticipate!

And to whom should you give this gag gift? Well, there’s a broad variety of choices: your close relatives (father, mother, brother or sister) and your pals will frequently be the most forgiving, while others you’re less familiar with (such your boss & colleagues ) can be more than humiliated. But hey, if you have a tight connection with them, then good luck to you!

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