The Best Shaving Kits For The Perfect Shave

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The Best Shaving Kits For The Perfect Shave

About Shaving Kits

A shaving kit is a collection of items intended to be used during the shaving process and preparations, including shaving soap or foam to create a lather. When preparing for a shave, you need three types of items: shaving brush, safety razor blades (useful for men or women) and shaving cream.



? This elegantly packaged shaving kit is the perfect gift for men, with Pre-Shave Beard Oil, Shaving Cream, Shaving Brush, Aftershave Balm. Each step is made to provide a close and comfortable shave while promoting healthy skin. 

? The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave gives you noticeably-improved skin & helps with ingrown hairs & razor burn. 

? Prepare with Pre-Shave Oil, Lather Up with Shaving Cream & Shaving Brush, Shave, & Moisturize with After-Shave Balm.


The Art of Shaving Shaving Kit for Men The Art of Shaving Shaving Kit for Men is a shaving set that is designed to be used by men. The set has the following items:

The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil is a lotion designed to soften the facial hair for an easier shave. This lubricant can be applied anywhere that your body hair can grow, such as your legs or arms. It is a non greasy oil that is designed to moisturize the skin while providing an overall soothing effect.


The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream is concentrated high-tech shaving cream. The product has been proven to be an effective alternative to hard soaps as it leaves the skin less irritated. It can be used on any part of the body that grows body hair, such as your legs or arms. There are two sizes available: 3 oz and 6 oz. 

The Art of Shaving After-Shave Balm is an alcohol free, after shave balm that reduces redness, soothes irritation and leaves the skin feeling moisturized. The lotion also helps the growth process by ensuring that your next shave will be smooth and clean.


“Art of Shaving is the best product (I have tried other brands, not an uninformed boast). The sandalwood fragrance is masculine, but not "Meathead". The pre-shave oil is tremendous for those of us with sensitive skin. The shave cream is thick/lushous but not gloppy. You can use the Shave Cream without the pre-shave oil and your blade will still glide nicely and remove hair/beard well.”


“I am a fun user of The Art of Shaving products for my sensitive skin. I travel a lot so I bought this set. I am very satisfied.”


✅ Sandalwood fragrance is fantastic 

✅ Pre-shave oil is great for those with sensitive skin 

✅ Shaving cream can be used without pre-shave oil just fine


❌ Post-shaving moisturizing balm could be bigger 

❌ Brush could be better for the price of the kit


? Includes everything you need for a cleaner, smoother shave that reduces bumps, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation 

? The Bevel Starter Shave Kit makes for the perfect mens gift for your father, husband, son, or friend, for any holiday 

? Bevel products are designed to provide a high quality and premium grooming experience 

? Bevel products are clinically tested to help prevent razor bumps and irritation


Bevel Shaving Blades are the tools used to shave with a safety razor. The blades are designed to be used on all parts of the body, including the face. This set comes with 20 pieces that are designed to last for at least 6 months. Their sharpness lasts as long as the blades do.


Bevel Shaving Brush is a shaving brush that is utilized to apply shaving cream to the face for a close, refreshing shave. The brush also creates a rich lather that softens the facial hair and leaves it ready for the razor. The brush has a rubber bottom to secure it to the sink and prevent it from slipping during the shaving process.


Bevel Shave Cream is a shave cream that is designed to be used with the Bevel Shaving Brush. This product softens facial hair and creates a lubricated surface for easy blade moving. The cream also contains aloe juice, which acts as a natural skin conditioner. The product can be used on all parts of your body, including your face. 


Bevel Shave Oil is a product that softens the facial hair and creates a lubricated surface on the skin for easy blade moving. It can be used on any part of your body, including your face. The product contains aloe juice, which acts as a natural skin conditioner. The oil is formulated to increase the life of your razor, saving you money in the long run. 


Bevel After-Shave Balm is an alcohol free, after shave balm that soothes the skin after a close shave. It moisturizes the skin and helps the growth process to prevent future irritation. The hydrating lotion also softens facial hair and creates a lubricated surface on the skin for easy blade moving.


“Awesome. I shave every day. It reduced my shaving bumps to barely any. Great product for people with curly hair, black, white or whoever. ” 


“Great safety razor. Have used it many times, and its hard to beat razors like this since the replacement blades are so cheap. This razor seems to be very high quality, and would recommend to anyone looking to get a safety razor, or looking to upgrade. I have friend, men and women, that love this blade as well.”


✅ Top quality razor blades

✅ Complete kit

✅ High quality materials


❌ Packaging could be improved

 3. BEST FOR WET SHAVE: Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit


? Each of our products have been curated to deliver the finest shave at prices that will not break the bank. On top of this, quality shave products last much longer as than what you are used to. The days of 2 use shave cartridges and foams that only last for a month are over. Welcome to Gentleman Jon. 

? This kit includes 6 carefully curated items to deliver the full experience, right from the start 
Safety Razor
Badger Hair Brush
Alum Block
Stainless Steel Shave Bowl
Shave Soap
5 Astra Razor Blades 


Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit for Men is a set of shaving products that have the following items:

Gentleman Jon Safety Razor

Gentleman Jon Safety Razor is a double edge safety razor that is made out of carbon steel. The razor has two blades, one on each side. Each blade can be exchanged for a new one by simply sliding the old one off and sliding on another new blade.

Gentleman Jon Badger Hair Shave Brush and Bowl

This badger hair shave brush is made out of pure badger hair. It is designed to apply shaving cream or soap to your face, leading to a closer, more comfortable shave. The brush also creates a rich lather that softens the facial hair and leaves it ready for the razor. The brush has a rubber bottom to secure it in the sink and prevent it from slipping during the shaving process. The brush is paired with a stainless steel shave bowl. 

Gentleman Jon Shaving Soap

Gentleman Jon Shaving Soap is a grooming product that helps prepare your face for the razor. The soap contains aloe vera gel, which acts as a natural skin conditioner to help treat inflammation from shaving without having to use alcohol.

Gentleman Jon Alum Block

The Gentleman Jon Alum Block is a product that is used to soften the beard and help it grow back softer. The block includes an aluminum disk that contains alum. When this metal comes into contact with water, it will produce heat. This is then applied to the beard to help soften it for easier shaving.

Gentleman Jon Astra SP Razor Blades 

Gentleman Jon Astra SP Razor Blades are a razor blade cartridge that is a professional quality, single-blade razor. The blades fit any standard double-edge safety razor. The blades are coated with chromium for a smooth, clean shave. These blades are not made with animal products and they do not use animal testing.


“I bought this for my boyfriend as a Christmas present, but after hearing him complain multiple times about how long it takes to shave with his cheap disposable razors I decided to give him this gift early. He absolutely loves it, and it gives him a super clean shave (which means his stubble isn't irritating my face when we smooch, so it's a win for me as well. Haha). The sandalwood shave soap smells really nice, and the bristles on the brush are soft. The razor itself is very durable and high quality. The packaging and label designs are really nice and give the kit a fun old-school feel. I'd definitely recommend this set — everything you need for a great shave. ”  


“Got this as a present for Christmas and it looks great! Update: Boyfriend has been using this to shave his face and neck and he is blown away. He says it's his best shave ever. The block stops bleeding right away and he never gets razor bumps which use to be a big issue everytime he shaved with normal razors..”



✅ Very soft bristles on the brush 

✅ Sandalwood shave soap smells great


❌ It does not come with a bag


? These shaving kits are formulated to provide your shaving experience like no other. It has been designed to help with the closest smoothest shave with irritation, nicks, & cut free experience. 

? WHO NEEDS IT: Men of any age or skin type, from rigid skin & hair to most sensitive skin, our pre shave oil works equally great to protect your skin from razor burns, red bumps, ingrown hair, nicks or cuts. 

? SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our shaving kits are designed with all-natural ingredients, no additives or harsh chemicals.


The Henna Guys Lemongrass & Eucalyptus Shaving Kits For Men is a grooming product that helps prep your beard for the razor. The shaving kit contains a pack of natural ingredients that provide additional conditioning to the beard. The shaving products are designed to help soften, condition, and moisturize your beard.


“I got this kit for my boyfriend for Christmas. He shaves his head at least once a week with it. Products have lasted him almost 5 months now... a little goes a long way. I love when he shaves his head it smells so good after and so smooth. He has sensitive skin so products are perfect for him. Will be buying him another one soon! I do wish the kit came with the after shave tho, I’d say that’s the only downfall. ”


“This shaving kit is a great starter set for a young man, and even for an older man who is still trying to find something that won't bother his skin. Even though the seller has a couple of scents to choose from, we chose the "unscented" kit because of sensitivities with other brands. None of the products in this kit bothered his face, and they helped to give him a soft feeling smooth shave! I think we found a winner!”


✅ Scent is amazing 

✅ Great starter set for younger men 

✅ Comes with a pouch to keep everything together or bring it along while traveling 



❌ No razor 

❌ Shaving butter is thicker than other shaving products like soap and gel, so there is more effort when washing it off 

❌ Shaving butter does not foam up too much


? Great gift and stocking stuffers for Dads, husbands, sons Teens and Boys or mens gift

? The finest kit with the best value on amazon so far with the complete shave kit.

? All natural ingredients, no additives or harsh chemicals. 

Shaving cream and aftershave balm & pre-shave oil are designed for you shaving your beard & leaving you with smooth shaved skin.

? Kit includes: Double Edge Safety shaving Razors, 10 replacement blades, shaving Brush, Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Butter, After Shave Balm, Shaving Apron Bib, Portable Linen Bag for traveling


The Leoponix Shaving Kit for Men is one of the most popular and well-reviewed shaving kits for men. It comes with a stainless steel razor handle, a shave brush, and 100% pure badger hair shave brush. The shaving kit also includes other items such as a safety razor, pre-shave oil, shaving soap, aftershave balm, Sharpie fine point marker, and more. It is an all-in-one kit which you need to have to get that perfect shave.


“Surprised my husband with this gift set and he loved it. The smell is fantastic and the shave job is perfect. My husband always used just regular Walmart razors and that always left him with razor bumps. These razors are so affordable and work so so good. Plus the set was so cute ” 


“This shaver does a super job. Leaves my skin soft. Love the shave I'm getting and the erase of use. I send one to my friend as a birthday gift!”


✅ Good quality for the price 

✅ Sandalwood shea butter aftershave is best part of this kit 
✅ Includes a travel/storage pouch


❌ Razor might not be strong enough for some cases


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make a shaving kit for men?

You can pick up a pack of razor blades, a shave brush, and some shaving soaps at your local grocery store. You can also get many of these products online at many different websites. You will get the choice of different colors and styles to choose from for your shaving kit. It is best to find one that matches your personal preferences.

This kit could also be a great present for your dad or husband for Father’s Day

2. How do I get a closer shave?

A closer shave is achieved by using a brush to apply shaving cream to your face. This will soften the beard, making it safe for the razor to move across your skin. You can also use an aftershave balm to soothe your skin after shaving. The balm also moisturizes the skin and helps prevent irritation when you next shave.

3. How do I shave with a safety razor?

Safety razors have multiple blades on them that you can change out for a new one when your razor gets dull. The safety razor is held in the same way as a regular razor, except that you hold it at a 30-degree angle to your skin. You then move the blade from side to side across the skin, instead of moving it up and down like you would with an electric shaver.

4. Why is it important to get a close shave?

A close shave helps to prevent ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and skin irritation. This will help to keep your face looking young and fresh for many years.

5. What is the difference between a safety razor and a regular razor?

Safety razors are made in such a way to protect the blades from rusting, so they last longer than regular razors.

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