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Feeling Mischievous?
Trick Them With Non-Candy Halloween Treats!

Non-candy Halloween treats are a great alternative for trick-or-treating kids, and they can be just as sweet. 

Parents may want to consider preparing non-candy Halloween treats during this time of year for their children. Or for adults who just want to enjoy a sweet holiday without having all that sugar.

Halloween is a fun time of year for all the kids–and not just because they get to play dress-up with their friends. It’s also a fun chance to show your creativity and come up with some great ideas for dinner, treats, and other fun activities. 

The trick to making these ideas even better is knowing what kind of non-candy Halloween treats will really go over well and what treats are likely to be totally passé.

The trick that makes this holiday so exciting is taking it in a new direction by introducing non-candy Halloween treats! Nobody ever has any idea what you might have come up with next, so you win twice–by surprising your guests and by making your non-candy Halloween treats something to be remembered!

Something different would be these great options we have here:

That’s why we came up with this list of some Halloween alternatives to candy that children will love and parents won’t have to worry about spoiling their teeth on. Happy Halloween!

Bewitching Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas That Will Make Your Kid’s Halloween Extra Spooky

We all know that candy is a favorite part of this spooky holiday, but there are many other fun ways to get in the spirit as well.

Kids love a good mystery, so here are some creative non-candy Halloween treats that will make them peep-per in their sleep!

Sticky Slime

Non-candy Halloween treats - sticky slime for kids

The most important reason why slime is a good non-candy Halloween treats to give out on Halloween is that it doesn’t cause cavities.

With slime, there is no need for that. They can just squeeze and play with the slime without their parents worrying about tooth decay. 

Slime is also a popular toy among children, and local stores or party stores have a variety of fun options. You could also go for a Halloween color theme like choosing orange and green colors. 


???? This ultimate pack of noise putty for kids by Bedwina includes a premade slime assortment in neon colors including 16 pinks, 16 orange, 16 green mini noise putty containers for a total of 48 and hours of fun for everyone.

???? Kids love playing with our noise putty slime making funny fart sounds, and squeaky sounds, and giving everyone a good fun laugh! Ready to play right in the container.

???? Great for all kids ages boys & girls including any slime aficionados! They are the perfect consistency sludge toy for kids any Slime Master will love!

???? Our noise putty slime is the best party favor that offers a hilarious sound of a gaseous explosion. Perfect funny novelty prank toys for birthday parties, goodie bags, and stocking stuffers.


Because the fun never stops when you're playing with slimy boogers, this putty comes in a colorful tin that will make you smile. It's tiny enough to fit in a desk, handbag, or preferred hiding place at home, school, or work. When you're dealing with stress that won't go away, get out the putty and dump that tension like a bag of potatoes. The problems of the day will squish through your fingers wherever pressure arises, and you'll walk away feeling calm and collected in a manner that can only be achieved by playing with top quality stress relief toys like this Mini Noise Putty Slime.


“Bought these Goodie bags for my daughter's class. It was a hit with the students. They loved it. I have to be honest I even took one and I spent a good afternoon playing with it. The slime does not stick to clothing and hair and it does not get Kulli after playing with it for sometime if left open. Yes it does get hard but if it’s left out of the carpet it will not stick. I haven’t had any issues with it. And generally I am a Strickler when it comes to slime as it can damage clothing and furniture.

Ideal unisex gift for kids.”

“These are so cute and tiny! I used 2 in every goodie bag. They smell good versus some slime that smells really bad. I showed a picture of the original and then one 2 weeks after we played with it. Playing with it definitely takes out the moisture. But kids love it and I have some in my vehicle to play with at any time.”

“I bought these for a treasure box giveaway for my daughter's classroom. How exciting when she came home the other day and she had picked one out of the treasure box. She loves slime and loves to make it and play with it. I love how easy it is to clean up when they are done. Perfect size for the use I had intended!”


✅ 3 Colors : Pink, Orange, and Green

✅ Non-toxic

✅ No odor, no mess

✅ Bulk pack of 48, great for parties and giveaways


❌ Size could be bigger

Glow in the Dark Vampire teeth

You can give children glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth on Halloween because it’s a fun and non-candy treat. 

Glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth are affordable and can be found in most party stores. These teeth glow when you turn off the lights and Kids love anything that glows. This can be a great Halloween spooky basket stuffer.

Even if they didn’t dress up as a vampire, it’s difficult to pass up the opportunity to try out these eerie glowing plastic teeth as a Halloween treat. 



???? Realistic design: The plastic teeth are very realistic, both sides of the top and bottom fangs are just like vampires, these teeth will make your face look like one of a monster and become attractive at the party

???? Glowing dentures: The soft neon teeth can be luminous, turn off the light and watch them glow in the dark, these teeth will make you look very horrific, these fangs give vampire costumes a new look, and you will have an unforgettable party.

???? Soft material: The vampire fangs are made of flexible plastic material, which is non-toxic and odorless, soft and durable, comfortable and smooth to bite in your mouth, durable and will not easy to deform, and can last for a long time.

???? Wide usage: These vampire fangs are suitable for Halloween and masquerade supplies, ideal for adults and kids dressing up as a vampire.


With these Glow-In-The-Dark Vampire Fangs, you can take a bite out of everyone on Halloween night. Plastic vampire fangs are an excellent addition to any Halloween costume. Turn off the lights and see these frightening vampire fangs light up in the dark as you wear them with your favorite vampire or monster costume. You can even give them to trick-or-treaters for a really dazzling treat. Add these fangs as a fun treat to your Spooky Halloween Party celebration this year.


“Bought these for a Halloween project. I created a wreath of man eating plants. My porch was lit with a black light to make all the teeth glow. My family and many passersby loved it. These might be a bit too small for some people to wear.”

“Fun for a party!”

“The kids absolutely loved these”


✅ Bulk pack of 50 pieces

✅ Great as costume accessories, decorations, and party favors

✅ Made of non-toxic, odorless plastic


❌ Might be a bit small for some people

Funny Glasses

Non-candy Halloween treats - funny glasses for kids

Kids love to be silly, and wearing funny glasses is a great way for them to do so. Kids can wear their funny glasses and play with friends on Halloween.

Funny glasses are also fun Halloween novelty gifts for parents who want their kids to avoid sugar during the trick-or-treating season. 

You can get different styles and colors and have the children choose their favorite. Kids will enjoy these for sure.

BEST FUNNY GLASSES: Halloween Eyeglasses by Aneco


???? Halloween glasses set: You will receive 8 different Halloween glasses, respectively are pumpkin, bat, spider web, bat web, skull, glitter pumpkin, bleeding eyeball, bloodshot eyeball; styles are diverse, to meet your multiple needs.

???? Applicable occasions: This suit is suitable for people of different ages; suitable for various Halloween costume parties and can also be used as photo prop.

???? High-quality: The glasses are made of high-quality environmentally friendly PC, safe, non-toxic, odorless, smooth and free of burrs, and will not hurt your skin; you can buy and use them with confidence.

???? Unique design: Each of our glasses has a unique style design, which incorporates many elements of Halloween.


A favorite for Halloween, these Aneco Spooky Shapes Novelty Halloween Glasses are guaranteed to be a success with the whole family. In addition to 8 pairs of plastic glasses, this party favor set includes frames in the shapes of a pumpkin, a bat, a spider web, a vampire bat, a skull, glitter pumpkin, bleeding eyeball, and bloodshot eyeball for an appropriately spooky seasonal accessory. For Halloween, the glasses make a delightful addition to trick-or-treaters' bags for an allergen-free surprise, or they may be displayed on a tray at a Halloween party to assist guests in sprucing up their outfits. Not to mention, these glasses are a fantastic way to finish off your Halloween costume.


“These are of excellent quality and fit adults and children well. Great bright color and not cheap plastic. We were very happy with them and are saving them for next year when we will also be purchasing another package. I was very happy with them.”

“These were great in Halloween treat bags....the children immediately put them on and loved them.”


✅ Fits on adults and children

✅ Fun designs

✅ Great as costume accessories or party favors


❌ Some designs may be a bit tacky

Hair Scrunchies

It’s always stressful to think about what to give as gifts for the kids on Halloween. It can be difficult to find a non-candy gift that they can use for a long time. But if you’re looking for something you know they will use long after Halloween, try giving them hair scrunchies! 

It’s best to find non-candy gift ideas that are both fun and practical. Candy and chocolate are great but sometimes kids just want something unique and different. 

Giving them something like hair scrunchies is not only a useful item but can be quite handy. 

Halloween hair scrunchies are affordable and can be found in many stores and are both practical and cute gifts for Halloween.

BEST HAIR SCRUNCHIES: Halloween Scrunchies by Willbond


???? Reliable material: Our Halloween beautiful scrunchies are made of cloth, designed with a rubber band and with good texture, durable and elastic, soft and comfortable to touch, can fix your hair in place and are not easy to slip.

???? Delicate design: These hair bands are designed with plaid styles and printed with pumpkin, skull, ghost, spider, spider web, and bat.

???? Multiple occasions: You can wear our elastic hair scrunchies for various occasions, such as Halloween, weddings, birthdays, costume parties, ceremonies, and other activities, also can be applied for daily wearing.


If you enjoy everything trendy or vintage, you'll like these freakishly cute Halloween scrunchies! With a vintage Scrunchie, you can transport yourself back to the 1990s! Designed to be worn in ponytails, pigtails, or to keep a tiny bun in place. Use these at any time of year, but particularly during this scary occasion! Match your hair accessories to your spooky costume, or use them as Halloween gifts or goodie bag fillers for your Halloween party this year.


“They're so cute:) they're slightly small but only slightly. I got all the prints pictured. Satin type material. They're definitely worth it.”

“My daughters want to make Halloween bags for their friends and I figured for the girls instead of just including candy we could do cute accessories! These are adorable. They are assorted which is nice because you can choose who gets what. :-)”

“Very very cute, silky material but not very stretchy. Some are too small for me to use but they work great for my daughter. I absolutely love the patterns though”


✅ Velvety silky fabric glides smoothly on hair and reduces hair breakage

✅ Good elasticity

✅ 20 different patterns

✅ Great for Halloween and dress parties


❌ Quality could be better

Spooky Face Painting Kit

Non-candy Halloween treats - spooky face painting for kids

This would be a good gift to give for Halloween because it is interactive and funny.

Kids will absolutely love having their faces painted into spooky or cute designs. 

With this type of kit, you can make it easy for even the youngest children to enjoy the fun by following simple instructions and pictures.

The best part about this gift is that it can be used all year long, and kids would love to see their faces transformed into their favorite Halloween characters. 

BEST SPOOKY FACE PAINTING KIT: Face Paint Kit for Kids by Zenovika


???? All you need for a perfect face paint makeup: Zenovika face paint kit was special designed for kids and adults and includes the best 15 bright and vibrant large colors with very good coverage, 60 reusable stencils, 3 brushes, 2 glitter powders (gold and silver), 2 sponges, 2 chalk hair colors (orange and green) and a facepaint book with over 30 step by step instructions.

???? Safe and gentle for sensitive skin: Our face paint set use water activated face paint colors and are suitable for every kid or adult with sensitive skin.

???? Easy to use & apply - Our face paints colors are water activated and works the same way as watercolor paints. Add a few drops of water to the desired color to make the surface soft and pasty then use the brush or sponge (for larger areas) to apply it smoothly on the skin.

???? The kids will enjoy having their faces painted and will be a hit at every event: birthday parties, carnivals, school events, Halloween makeup party, festivals, prime sports, theatre play, theme costume makeup parties, or cosplay character!


Once you've decided on your Halloween costume, the makeup is generally just as important as the costume itself. This makeup kit has it all: a plethora of skin-safe hues, a variety of brushes, and lots of glitter. You may design simple appearances for children's costumes as well as more exotic looks for adult costumes. In addition to having a pleasant, lotion-like feel, it is also simple to remove. For a realistic look and bright colors for your party, this face painting kit is perfect whether you're aiming for a frightening or funny ook.


“This face paint is great for beginners like myself. The colors went on smoothly and had good coverage. I would definitely recommend it. Nice quality face paints and very easy to remove.”

“One of the best amazon purchases ever made. The kit comes with two brushes and a great selection of various paint colors. Painting is easy, goes on like watercolors and washes off easily (water on a paper towel or washcloth will remove everything). If the paint gets on furniture it can also easily be removed with water. We use this kit all the time, the kids love it and it makes for a fun activity. The kit comes with a nice selection of stick-on stencils, which can be used a few times. The stencils are great for beginners. The kit advises not to use near eyes however we have not noticed the paint causing any irritation. Additionally, the paint adheres over sunscreen, if you plan on going out into the sun after painting.”

“I got these to help a friend and do face painting at her daughter's 6th birthday. They were great! Nice and bright, easy to apply, and held up and stayed on despite a very hot and sweaty July party! One trick that helped was to have the kids quickly stand in front of the fan for a minute or less to let one layer dry for adding details with other colors. We managed to get great face painting on 10 6-year olds quickly and they loved it!”


✅ 15 colors

✅ 60 stencils to use

✅ Step-by-step design guidebook

✅ Easy to apply and wash off


❌ Quality of paint could be better

❌ A bit difficult for some kids, best used with an adult


If you’re trying to give a kid a non-candy Halloween gift, it’s important to understand what they like. 

This will make the gift more likely to be received well and appreciated. Giving them a stamp is a good idea because stamps allow kids to get creative and have fun.

Stamps are also inexpensive and will fit any budget! Also, it’s never too early to introduce kids to arts and crafts, and these Halloween stampers are sure to do just that.


???? Popular design: Halloween stamps with 24 different designs, includes pumpkin, popular character stampers (ghost, mummy, skull, vampire, bat).

???? Nice colors: Orange, purple, blue, black. Each of the trick or treat stamps has its own ink, without the need of an extra ink mat.

???? Safe material: Halloween theme self-ink stamps are made of plastic, which are non-toxic and odorless, safe for kids to apply.

???? Pre-inked stamps: These self-inking stampers have colored ink built-in, each stamps for kids can make a clear and distinctive imprint.


Use these creepy Halloween Stampers to add some festive flair to your Halloween festivities! This  Halloween party favors young ghosts and goblins that are both spooky and fun! Cute designs include a variety of spooky characters and elements such as ghosts, spiders, cobwebs, monsters, and other Halloween-themed creatures. These Halloween Stamps may be used as gift basket fillers, Halloween Party Favors for kids, Goodie Bag Fillers, and a variety of other purposes. Use the stamp on greeting cards, or use frightening stickers to decorate a notebook! This product is perfect for use as an accent in Halloween crafts projects or for giving out as non-candy alternative goodies to trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.


“Given as a birthday present. Recipient was very happy.”

“Kids loved this item at Halloween”

“Grand kids love these and still play with them in Feb 2021”


✅ Multiple designs

✅ 4 colors: orange, purple, blue and black

✅ 24 piece bundle

✅ Great for parties and events


❌ The stamps may dry up fast

Healthy Non-Candy Halloween Treats Vampires, Skeletons, & Ghosts of All Ages Will Enjoy

Halloween is drawing closer, and even though you’re excitedly planning the party with your kiddos, you might still have that late-night candy craving (or two). 

Don’t worry! These non-candy Halloween treats will fill the need while keeping Mom happy.

“Boo”-nana Popsicle

Banana Popsicles are a tasty Halloween treat that you can make with just a few ingredients and in minutes you will have a fun treat for everyone to eat. 

Perfect for your Halloween parties, school, and any other party where you need a quick treat.

Even though it’s made with a bit of sugar, it’s a much healthier Halloween alternative treat and a fun frozen Halloween snack for the kids! They’ll also enjoy being your little kitchen helper.

Ghost Bananas

Non-candy Halloween treats - ghost banana treats

It doesn’t get any more straightforward than this! You can serve this for breakfast or as a snack during trick or treating. 

It’s nutritious and delicious! Unlike candy, bananas are good for you, filled with the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

They’re also easy to make! You don’t have to go out and buy a lot of ingredients for these non-candy Halloween treats: all you need are a few bananas, and a few round and tiny candies for the ghost’s eyes and mouth.

Plus, they’re easy to carry! You can put them in a plastic bag since they are solid and then just toss them into kids’ Halloween treat bags for them to eat. 

Spider Crackers

Halloween is a fun holiday with lots of candy, but that can be bad for kids. They can put on some weight and can get sick. Or even get toothaches. In light of this, these spider crackers are a healthy alternative for little ones. 

They’re just crackers designed with very thin pieces of toast as spider legs. They are easy homemade Halloween treats to make as well. 

You can choose from different spreads such as cheese, peanut butter, or jam. These crackers will definitely be a hit with the kids.

Fruit Cups

Non-candy Halloween treats - fruit cups

Kids usually love getting fruit cups on Halloween. Kids can eat the whole fruit cup and at the same time feel nourished. Food that is in a fruit cup is easy to eat on the go and they are healthier for kids. 

You can also decorate these fruit cups by drawing some Halloween characters on the plastic lid such as a pumpkin face, bat, or even a cat. 

If you don’t want to draw, you can just print out Halloween-themed stickers and put them on the fruit cups. Kids will surely love these non-candy alternatives.

Non-Candy Halloween Treats That Aren’t Candy

Whether it’s their first Halloween or the hundredth, make sure everyone on your list gets a goodie bag for the holiday. There are lots of fun alternatives to candy in this list, and they’ll get anyone excited about the upcoming days of tricks and treats in costume.

Plastic Creepy Crawlies

Non-candy Halloween treats - plastic creepy crawlies

Some non-candy Halloween treats and gifts that you can give out are Plastic Creepy Crawlies. These things are really cool. 

They are perfect as Halloween party favors for kids who are too small for the normal candy that most parents give out. 

These bugs which actually look very real, are made of plastic and can be used as party or Halloween decorations. 

You can put them on top of your desk, fridge, or on your sister’s bed to give her a spook. They are a great toy for kids who are too small for candy worms or bugs.


???? Realistic and scary: Great little realistic insects, lifelike novelty mischievous items. Perfect for pranks and jokes or as party funny props, especially in Halloween trick-or-treat offerings.

???? Multiple assortments: Pack of a total of 169 artificial insects total, including 6 centipedes, 20 white worms, 20 black worms, 12 scorpions, 48 cockroaches, 6 geckos, 24 small spiders, 12 large spiders, 1 large snake, and 20 ants.

???? Cool party decor or prank your friends and put them in your co-worker's desk drawer, coffee cup, etc. Hide them around the house, in random shoes, under the soap, and let the kids find them.

???? Party Favor: Perfect for party decorations, stage props, Halloween party toys, or favor bags. There are plenty to use as party favors for your next theme party.


They seem so realistic that they send chills down my spine, which I find very frightening. Each of these insects was meticulously crafted to be an exact copy of the real thing. There is no need to be concerned about the safety of your children since they are non-toxic. They are excellent for use as Halloween decorations, party favors, and April Fool's Day pranks, among other things.


“I got these for my boogie boogie costume. They were light enough that I used fabric glue to adhere them to burlap. There were enough ants to be able to make an ant trail up one side of the dress. The scorpion was a bit heavier, but still light enough to use. The snake was a soft rubber and much heavier, but I was still able to use it as a "necklace”

“I love this my army is going to be unstoppable and plus I can scare everyone you can use them as Halloween decorations too but I rather use them as toys buy this your prank is going to be very good on April Fools’ Day”

“Fantastic bang for your buck! Awesome packaging and fast shipping. I'm using these bugs for some Halloween Decor. Very pleased.”


✅ Super value pack - 169 pieces

✅ Different kinds of crawlies 

✅ Great as Halloween decor and party favors


❌These are too tiny for younger kids

Halloween Design Face Mask

The main reason for wearing a face mask on Halloween is to protect from illness with all the people that are crowding in close spaces. 

In addition, these masks also serve as a great disguise and costume. 

A face mask is a creative and smart non-candy gift to give out because children and adults will have a great time showing off their creative face masks but at the same time protect themselves while trick or treating on the streets.


???? The quick-dry fabric keeps you cool. UV and dust protection, windproof, comfortable, easy breathability. Foldable and easy to carry, suitable for everyone's daily use.

???? Universаl fitted еlаstic ear loops, which can be used for a vаriety of users for instаnt prоtеction. Perfect design, when you wear it, it fits seamlessly into your face. The elastic ear loop is easy to wear and has no pressure on the ears.

???? This disposable cover is made of 100% cotton fabric, which has a nose bridge strip that perfectly fits the face, and a comfortable extra-soft elastic ear loop that eliminates pressure on the ears and creates protection.

???? Excellent choice for outdoor activities in summer: motorcycles, bicycles, bicycles, hiking, fishing, etc.


We've enjoyed a typical summer, but it's clear that the COVID-19 epidemic will be with us until Halloween 2021. Even if your Halloween party is now a small gathering and trick-or-treating is more difficult than ever, we can still make the most of the scary occasion.

This year, one benefit—possibly the only one—is that face masks make excellent costumes while reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Want to get freaky this Halloween? We've discovered the best one! Make a frightening statement this Halloween with these Halloween-Themed Disposable Face Masks. This mask will undoubtedly spread the spooky spirit everywhere you go and not the virus!


“These are a fun way to get festive and encourage each other to wear your mask“

“I work in a pediatric office and my patients love the different patterns.”

“My son asked me to order these & we love them!”


✅ Fun Halloween designs

✅ Keep yourself and everyone safe in these unprecedented times

✅ Universal fit for different users

✅ 100% cotton fabric and nose bridge strip for a proper fit


❌ Quality could be better

❌ Disposable

Drinks & Snacks

Non-candy Halloween treats - drinks and snacks

Some good non-candy gifts for kids would be drinks and snacks. Drinks and snacks are nice gifts to give on Halloween

The snacks are usually small and easy to carry, and the drinks are cold and refreshing for the long hours of trick-or-treating on the streets.

Fruit snacks are a great alternative to giving candy because they are healthy for you. These snacks can come in small bags or plastic containers. 

Fruit snacks also don’t have too many calories, so they make an excellent choice for most trick-or-treaters.

Playdough Treat Bags

Halloween is a time for festivities and candy. This can sometimes lead to children being over-indulged in sugar and other unhealthy treats. 

Non-candy gifts are always needed, such as non-food gifts that promote health and even entertainment, so giving out playdough treat bags is the perfect option for a Halloween gift.

You can buy playdough from a store or make your own at home. You can also buy Halloween plastic bags in stores and fill them up with scoops of homemade or bought playdough. These bags will be perfect for trick-or-treating this Halloween.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t always necessary to give candy on Halloween. Sometimes giving non-candy Halloween treats like fruit snacks or popcorn will be just the right thing for kids in your neighborhood on Halloween.

While some parents still give their children Halloween candy and chocolate, more and more people are beginning to use alternatives.

Children are often denied the opportunity to enjoy sweets because they have a diet or might be diabetic. It is also very important for them to stay healthy but also have fun on Halloween Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do people celebrate Halloween without candy?

Here are some family Halloween traditions that encourage time together!

  • Spooky and Fun Movie Marathons
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Making Monster Pizzas
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Fall Coloring & Learning Sheets
  • Play games as a family

2. What kind of non-candy alternatives do you give out on Halloween?

Many parents will not allow their children to eat cupcakes, cookies, or other sweet treats. 

If you give out toothbrushes, pencils, and erasers instead of candy, expect a few groans and sad faces because most kids want candy when they go trick or treating but at the end of the day sometimes non-candy Halloween treats are better than sweets.

3. What are other Halloween alternative snacks to candy?

Here are some healthy and delicious alternatives to candy

  • Fresh fruit
  • Dried fruit
  • Homemade popsicles
  • Yogurt Cups
  • Frozen fruit
  • Fruit and veggie chips

4. Instead of trick-or-treating, what can I do with my kids?

Instead of trick-or-treating, try these equally entertaining alternative Halloween activities.

  • Go on a family picnic
  • Make dessert
  • Host a family movie night
  • Decorate pumpkins
  • Do a scavenger hunt

5. What do you say when someone says trick or treat?

Despite the fact that the phrase “trick or treat” poses a question, the socially acceptable response is to give the person candy. 

There is no official verbal response to it, though most people respond with something along the lines of “Happy Halloween,” or a compliment if the person’s costume is nice and scary.


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