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Great Gift Ideas To Give For Easter That Are Not Chocolate

For many people, Easter is a time to indulge in chocolate and sweets, but there are other options out there that are not just chocolate!

There are a lot of people wondering what other gifts are there without resorting to the usual sweets and chocolates. The answer is below: we’ve got great ideas for you, and not one of them is chocolate.

A Nice Gesture

A nice gesture is a good idea for Easter because it is something anyone would appreciate. You can buy them coffee or lunch, or even a movie.

It’s amazing how much better they’ll feel when they receive a nice and thoughtful gesture.

Something Useful

Practical gifts can be great for Easter because they can give them something that is useful. A practical gift can be small such as a wallet, multi-tool or a gadget that will actually save them time.

An Interesting Book

Books are perfect for all the book lovers out there. It can teach people new things and there are many types of books out there to choose from.

Books are great gifts because they’re inspirational and imaginative. They also come in a variety of lengths and genres to meet anyone’s interest level and reading ability – from children’s books to self-help guides. 

A Gift Card 

A gift card is a perfect gift to give on Easter because it can be something they can use. A gift card is an easy way to save time and money and will take all the thinking out of the present.

Gift cards are a standard part of any holiday, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give one as an Easter gift.

Gift cards are great because they don’t have to be something that’s personalized! People often find it difficult trying to choose the right present for someone, especially if they’ve never met before – so this takes all the pressure off.

A Gadget They Don’t Have

Giving someone an Easter present that’s new or different is always exciting. A gadget they don’t have would be perfect, especially if you know what the person needs it or has been wanting to get.

Here are some of our favorites: A desktop charger for their phone or tablet, a strip of portable nightlight, or even an air purifier. 

Something For Their Kitchen

Get something they can use for the kitchen

If they like cooking, get them something they can use in the kitchen. Having the best kitchen tool can make their kitchen experience better.

You can get them a place setting for their kitchen, a recipe book or even some cooking utensils – if they need them.

Favorite Food

Food is perfect and simple for Easter. It can be something that they want to eat or something that they’ve never tried before.

Buying them their favorite type of food will make them happy and feel loved which will put a smile on their face.

You can never go wrong with buying your friend or relative their favorite food. This is one of the easiest gifts to give.

An Essential Item

An essential item is a good gift to give on Easter day because it will make their everyday life easier.

You could get something they would use everyday such as a coffee maker, bath items, a desk lamp or even a power bank are good essential gift items. 

Gift Basket

A great gift basket should contain things that the person likes. You can put a bunch of things in the basket that are going to make them feel special such as flowers, a candle and even their favorite food and wine. It’s all about personalizing the gift basket.

If you want to give your kids an Easter basket too, this article is for you.

An Experience

Go on a dinner date for Easter

Experiences are much more meaningful than material gifts. This can be a dinner date, a movie or going to their favorite band concert.

Spending time together is sometimes better than getting something from a store. It’s all about making the day extra special by doing something unique and different.

Cool Or Funny Gift

A funny and cool gift is a great choice because it can make someone’s day on Easter. Trying to find the perfect present for people can be hard and so getting them something that will make them laugh or smile will do the trick.

You can get them a mug with a funny saying on it or get them a pack of What Do You Meme game cards. 

Bath Gift

This gift is perfect as an Easter gift for someone who loves spending long hours in the bathroom. You could get them anything from a cool looking soap to some sponges or maybe even their favorite brand of shampoo, soap, bath bombs or even body oil.

It’s all about making this person feel special by getting something that they will use every single day. 

Sentimental Gift

A sentimental gift is a good Easter gift idea because it’s something that they will never forget. It can be something small like a drawing or even their favorite stuffed animal, but either way, it will make them feel loved. 

When it comes to gifts, what matters more than anything is the memories they have from the gift.

They may not be materialistic, but if you let them know how important they are, it will mean so much more than anything else.

Fitness gift

A fitness gift is perfect for Easter because it’s good for their well-being and health. It could be something like a new gym bag or even some weights.

You could also get them a membership to their favorite gym if they don’t have one yet. 

It’s all about making this person feel special by getting something that will contribute to their health and that will help them achieve their body goals in the future.

Magazine Subscription

One of the best gifts that you can get someone for Easter is a magazine subscription.

People love reading magazines and this present will keep them entertained for hours. It is also something they would never think about buying themselves. 

An Item They’ve Been Wanting To Get

If you’re looking for ideas on what to buy people for Easter, you should think about an item they’ve been wanting to get.

Maybe it’s something they’ve wanted for a long time, or something that was talked about and they always say they wish they had it. This is a great gift because the person will actually appreciate getting it. 

A Trip

You can go on vacation for Easter

A trip is a good idea for Easter because it’s something they can share with friends and family.

You could take them out to dinner or even go on vacation with them. If they like to gamble, take them to Las Vegas. If they like exotic foods, take them out to eat at an Asian restaurant

If you want something you can do together, try getting a massage for two at the spa.

It’s all about spending time together, so this means that the person will be able to spend Easter Day with people that they love and care about.

If this list is not enough and you want to give something hand-made, watch this video:

To Wrap It All Up

Easter tends to be a time for chocolate and sweets but there are other options out there besides chocolate.

There are a lot of people out there wondering what else they can give to their loved ones without going for the typical sweets and chocolates. Hopefully our gift guide helped you find the perfect present. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Easter and what does it mean to celebrate?

Easter is a holiday that has been around for thousands of years. It is a time when the Christian church remembers the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and His triumph over death during His crucifixion.

The resurrection is sometimes referred to as Easter Sunday and you can also get out your Easter basket and decorate it with beautiful flowers!

To learn more about Easter, check this article.

2. What should I give adults for Easter that is not chocolate?

Here are some Easter gifts for adults:

  • A bottle of wine or champagne 
  • Tea: scented, fruited, loose leaf 
  • Cooking oils and other condiments for cooking 
  • A cookbook with a recipe they’ve been dying to try 
  • Spices and herbs if they are into that sort of thing

Check out our article on Easter Gift Ideas for Every Type of Adult (ADD LINK)

3. Why are chocolates popular for Easter?

Chocolate eggs and heart shaped candies are popular because during the Easter season, there is a lot of focus on happiness and life.

The colors on these sweets are associated with springtime, renewal, hope, joy, love and new beginnings. Chocolate has also been linked to wealth and a better tomorrow.

4. What other gifts can I give someone for Easter without giving them chocolates and sweets?

There are many different types of gifts that can be given on Easter without resorting to giving chocolates or sweets.

  • A basket with a card
  • A bouquet of flowers
  • A teddy bear
  • Breakfast in bed
  • An experience, like a day at the spa

5. What do you do at Easter? What are some fun ideas?

You can have an egg hunt on Easter Sunday, which is simply a hunt for the colored eggs that are often set out around the home and backyard.

This is often done with children and there are usually prizes for finding the most eggs, because they sometimes make it a competition. You can also go to church or even brunch with friends to celebrate Easter!

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