National Boss Day: Edible Alternatives To Sending Flowers

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National Boss Day: Edible Alternatives To Sending Flowers

Flowers aren’t the only thing you can send on National Boss Day, but there are a few edible alternatives.

Have you arrived at work to find a Happy Boss’s Day balloon on your boss’s desk…

An edible gift basket can be your last-minute present for Boss’s day! It is the ideal gift for you if you have the best employer ever. The best boss ever gift package is what it’s called. Isn’t that helpful?

Also, are you fed up with sending flowers?

People have sent a lot of flower bouquets as gifts to friends and family as a way of saying “thank you” or “congratulations.” However, we have just discovered several excellent flower substitutes that are equally spectacular and well-received.

Everyone enjoys a sweet treat now and then, so send your boss on National Boss Day something unique.

Here are five favorite flower substitutes listed below. 

Cookie Bouquets

Send them edible flowers made out of cookies! You’ve been missing out if you’ve never delivered or received one of these delectable treats. The main idea is to bake gourmet cookies on stems and then arrange them in a vase like flowers. 

You can make cookies shaped like genuine flowers, such as tulips. Cut-out cookies come in a variety of shapes, including baby bottles and residences for a housewarming party. You can often customise the middle cookie with a special message, such as “Happy National Boss Day”

Cookie bouquets are also available from a variety of other businesses. If you’re searching for a unique way to celebrate an anniversary or Valentine’s Day, consider giving long stem cookies in a vase or a floral long stem box. 

There are so many businesses that sell cookie gifts that include exquisite chocolate chip cookies wrapped in colorful cellophane and put in inventive containers such as pots and ceramic letter holders. If you have a recipient with certain dietary restrictions, they even make a sugar-free version of their chocolate chip cookies.

You can make your own cookie bouquets to give as gifts if you are a baker and want to save money. The YouTube video below shows how to make your own cookie pops to put in a jar at home.

Snack Basket

Instead of sending flowers to your awesome boss, consider sending a gift basket filled with delicacies and some items to keep your boss entertained, such as cards or Sudoku puzzles. 

You may get gift baskets for just about any occasion and subject, from sports-themed presents to watering cans stocked with food for a gardener to thanks a million baskets for a business customer, in addition to conveying a get well soon message. The options are truly limitless.

Fruit Arrangement 

Edible Arrangements specializes in fruit bouquets that are cut and arranged to resemble floral arrangements. These arrangements, like gift baskets, are suitable for almost any occasion or season.

The fruit arrangement is delivered in a compact watering can container or anything you like making it an ideal Boss Day gift.

These arrangements are perfect for use as centerpieces on a buffet at a wedding or baby shower, in addition to sending them to recipients.

The only disadvantage is that because the fruit is already peeled and cut, it does not survive long, so bear that in mind when picking what to give and when to send it.

Here’s a video on How to Make a Fruit Bouquet at Home

Bouquet of Candy

If your boss has a sweet tooth, they’ll adore receiving a candy bouquet. These bouquets, like the cookie bouquets that were discussed earlier, comprise candies on floral stems or wooden skewers that are then elegantly put in a unique container. 

You may also see candy bouquets in toy train banks, balloon boxe, flower pots, and other unusual containers. You can also put them in edible bases made from boxed sweets such as Junior Mints or sugar babies, with the entire bouquet being edible. 

Candy presents are fantastic since, unlike flower bouquets, they usually endure a long time.

Strawberry Roses

Chocolate-dipped strawberry “roses” are the final option for flowers. For presenting to your boss, these scrumptious morsels are placed in a long stem box. The one real disadvantage of this present is that it is exceedingly perishable (much more so than flowers), so unless you think the recipient will share, I recommend getting only a half dozen. 

These roses are also perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or simply to make your boss’s day on National Boss Day. If you give them on one of these occasions, you’ll almost certainly get a taste of the chocolate-covered delights. 

Here’s a video on how you can make your own chocolate covered strawberries

Final Thoughts

Your employer is an important aspect of your life, especially if you enjoy your job, therefore having a boss that is competent at managing people and treats you well is something to be proud of!

And the greatest part is that your supervisor will never know you laced the order at the last minute, and you’ll end up looking like employee of the year. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Boss’s Day all about?

Although many people believe that the greeting card industry launched Boss’s Day, it was originally started by a secretary in 1958. Patricia Bays Haroski first registered “National Boss’ Day” with the US Chamber of Commerce to express her gratitude to her boss, whom she believed merited it. 

Another fascinating tidbit is that Boss’s Day is celebrated on October 16th, Patricia’s father’s birthday! Finally, Haroski believed that Boss’s Day was a good idea since it might assist foster corporate culture by strengthening relationships between managers and employees.

“Boss’s Day (sometimes spelled Bosses’ Day or Boss Day) is a holiday celebrated in the United States on or around October 16th. The objective of designating a special day at work was to express her gratitude for her supervisors, which she believed they deserved. 

This was also a tactic to try to strengthen manager-employee interactions. Young employees, according to Haroski, “may not realize the hard work and dedication that their bosses put into their work, or the obstacles that they confront.”

2. What is the significance of Boss’s Day?

Your Boss, Too, Deserves Appreciation!

Positive reinforcement is valued by bosses just as much as it is by everyone else. If your supervisor goes above and above, they (like you) deserve to be recognized! 

Consider all you’ve learnt from your supervisor. Boss’s Day is a fantastic time to express your gratitude for their mentorship, whether it’s for their business knowledge, recommendations on how to assimilate into the workplace culture, or how to improve and grow in your career.

It helps to bring the team together.

Use Boss’s Day to get together with your coworkers and determine how you’ll commemorate the event.This is a terrific time to get everyone together to demonstrate your gratitude and appreciation, whether you hold a party, give your employer a present, or handwrite an unique note.

Your boss will be blown away (and touched!) by the fact that you gathered together as a group to honor them. We at Edible believe in celebrating ordinary events, and Boss’s Day is the ideal opportunity to convert a one-time celebration into a team-building exercise!

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